NBA 09 The Inside: Become the Franchise

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Hi all. I am Steve Bolender, a producer for NBA 09 The Inside for the PLAYSTATION 3. This year we are introducing Franchise Mode. All us hoop fans love to grab a quick game of video b-ball, but when you’re ready to invest some time and really dig in, our Franchise mode delivers.

There are few considerations you should ponder before starting your NBA road to glory. Do you want to play within the NBA salary cap guidelines and base your personnel decisions on real world economic constraints or would you prefer to play fast and loose with the signing cash? Do you want to be in the game? You can create yourself as a character, drop onto the team of your choice and lead your team to the top.

One tip here, if you want to bring a Progression Player into the fray, it pays to build him up in the core game before you start the journey. You can actually bring up to five Progression Players onto your Franchise roster. Progression Players inside a Franchise are subject to the same advancement and regression mechanisms as all the other players. That said, the stronger the player is when you initiate your Franchise, the greater player he will eventually become.

Another tip that will help you win it all is to set the team strategy sliders to match your personnel. If you build a team that likes to run and puts up a lot of 3’s, then make sure you set your strategies to take advantage of your players. Also the better you know your upcoming opponent, the more effectively you can set up your defensive strategies to counter their strengths. You’ve got a game-by-game chess match on your hands and attention to detail can prove to be the edge you need to carry the day.

There is a ton of other stuff I’d love to address here, but a blog is no place for a novel so I’ll wrap it up by telling you I am having a lot of fun playing Franchise in NBA 09 The Inside. Give it a play, I bet you’ll come to the same conclusion. After you get a chance to play it, let us know what you think. We’re listening!

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  • awesome!!!
    oct 7 hurry up!

  • @ 2 Modnarking


  • Hello Guys, first off, I admire what you guys are bringing with The Life but there is one thing that bothers me about the series that I hope will be addressed in the future. It looks great, the fact that you are running in 1080P is something I think you should be commended for. However, I do not think the authenticity is in place. I feel as though the players are pretty much “the same” throught the game and among the various teams. For example, I don’t see Billups doing what Billups does; instead, I saw him come into the paint and slam in down as if he was Lebron. Once things like this have been addressed, I think you will have a real winner on your hands. In the meantime, I will check it out and keep up the good work.

  • Thanks for the info about the game.

    Will there ever be PSP and PS3 versions that can share the same stats so that you can literally go ‘on the road’?

    What I mean is, have game stats and game saves shared between the 2 versions so you can continue your progression on your PSP when you are away from your PS3.

    • While we are not offering this feature in NBA 09 we’re looking into bringing some connectivity between the PS3 and the PSP in the future. Without going into a lot of boring detail, there are some complexities that make this a difficult task, but we are certainly interested.

  • @5

    Amen. This is a big miss IMHO for a lot of Sony titles.

  • You guys need to fix the gameplay for this game. I mean, when do you see Tony Parker dunking? Hell, it seems that all point guards are able to dunk in this game. You need to fix the shots animation, and the overall gameplay. There is so many little, and big things wrong with NBA 09, that it isn’t even funny. Why don’t you put in as much effort as MLB The Show, because that like the best sport game this year.

  • thanks for the info!

    haven’t played a b-ball game in alooong time, since NBA JAM was in the arcades…remember that game?

    you could dunk from half court and fire would shoot from beneath ya..

    I know my friend is debating whether to buy this one or the other nba one..


  • Gutsy move releasing a demo for this on the same day as NBA Live 09 — when clearly NBA Live 09 is a vastly superior product.

  • that great news for thou peeps, that love sport… thanks for the recap

  • I hope that full version of the game (i downloaded the demo last thursday) will have more sounds, like more exciting crowd and court commentator. The gameplay is nice, but the ambientation of the match is really boring.

  • Nothing EA makes is ‘vastly superior’ but feel free to limit your options to what they half-ass out the door each year.

  • No thanks, you guys and EA can both keep your yearly re-hashes of the same game.

    Innovate, make something completely NEW then you might get my $60.

  • This series is ok a best, but 2k hands down has everyone beat. It tough trying to give any other BBall game a chance. The others do it so well.

  • agree with IceCold. 2K are the king of NBA and NFL( well until EA with their deal with the NFL). Sony are the kind for MLB games.

  • @ 12 -13 SantanaClaus89

    This is not the EA NBA game. This is NBA 09 The Inside. Not NBA Live 09. Guess you didn’t read the post…LOL

    Last week I downloaded both NBA 09 demos. I’m still undecided about which I should buy. Every night I give them both a try to see which move the scale. NBA Live 09 has that new DNA feature. I also really like the mini shooting game while its loading the main game. That’s definitely a plus. But, I think the graphics looks a little grainy. NBA 09 The Inside seems to be a lot sharper graphically.

  • One more thing, I forgot to add to the last comment. It’s really nice to play something that’s not a shooter for once. Once I make the decision both my older brother and I can play online. Just like the old days when we use to play Double Dribble in our room. Good times, good times I tell you. Lots of trash talking!!!

  • It’s looking great! Is the camera from the last two years going to be in this version? I prefer the behind the player view, but I guess i could get used to the side view.

    • Yes, the default camera from last year is in NBA 09. You can select it in game from the Pause Menu > Settings > Camera Settings. Once you select your favorite camera view it will be saved to your profile when you exit the game. Every time you hit the court thereafter, your preferred camera will be automatically loaded up.

  • wow, i’m really hoping that trailer was for the ps2 version cuz that looked like CRAP…

  • I guess this will be the best 09 Basketball game. Not because it has trophies support but because of it’s unique graphics and gameplay. I loved the Demo!

    Keep the hard work guys. :smileywink:

  • meh
    not really worth it
    rather get littlebigplanet
    and socom

  • The online just sucks for this game. Really surprised being a first party title.

  • I would like to get this game, but i have a deep pocket, since i have to save for SOCOM(with headset), Resistance 2, and LittleBigPlanet. I would like to buy it, but like i said i don’t have money to spend.

  • @ 15 Ghostm

  • @ 15 Ghostm

    I guess you didn’t read MY post.

    I said you guys AND ea, not you guys at ea.
    READ before you post, people.

  • I guess some people havent heard the saying that if you dont have something nice to say is better not to say anything.

    Keep up the good work Steve

    • Thanks for the support. Honestly I have to credit our whole team with this year’s accomplishment. What it boils down to is a lot of good folks doing good work.

  • Gotta love some of the jerk comments here.

    I played the demo last week, the game does seem tighter than last year’s version. One thing that I’d like to have is the pacing of the game slowed ever so slightly. I still get a hint of an arcade game rather than a simulation while playing the NBA series.

    As I mentioned, it’s much better this year and I’m looking forward to giving the game a full run. Thanks for the blog entry.

    ps. I may have missed the answer to this, does the game support custom soundtracks?

    • Yes, NBA 09 The Inside does support custom soundtracks! Our new Jukebox feature allows you to take any MP3 or WAV file that is on your PS3 and use it in the game. You can assign songs to Menus Only, In Game Only or Both. You also have to the option to turn off any songs you wish. I really like this feature.

  • cool, I would like to see trophies in a basketball game sometime!

    ill be getting NBA 09 anyway though

  • Yay! Sounds good to me. Thanks for the quick response Steve.

  • I’ve played the last years demo and it from what I’ve played in the demo and a little gameplay here and there on the actual game. NBA series still doesn’t even come close the greatness of the NBA 2k series.

    Just a little nitpick of mine, but I don’t like that shot circle thing around the ball to let you know if you’re close to hitting a shot. I don’t know if you can turn that off in the main games, but you couldn’t in the demos. Yeah and some of the guys don’t really feel like themselves as someone already said above.

  • I would love to see you guys just work on the PS3 version to make its the best Basketball game ever created, doing the PS3 and the ps2 and psp versions only make the PS3 version less Next gen. Also, i think it your studio should work on a different kind of game for once (like a RPG or something), because im sure you get pretty bored making basketball game after basket ball game each year.

  • @Fallen_Guardian

    I totally agree. By focusing on three different platforms, I feel that you are limtting yourself.

    I’ve been playing the demo and the realism is still not there. They game is better than last years but I don’t think is truelly competing with Live or 2K.

    But keep up the good work.

    P.S. Look at integrating the PSP and PS3. Here is just a though. If we own both copies, all you need to do is pass the Created Player info (name and stats, he can look generic), team stats, next three to five up coming season games and those teams stats.

    Once you play those games, upload the results to your ps3 and BAM!!!!!!!

  • man…the Life aspect is really cool. kind of like Madden’s Superstar mode but for a basketball game. it seems like a lot of time went into it and it could be enjoyable but it’s like Madden…

    even though i do play Superstar mode and enjoy it…i buy sports games to enjoy with friends more than anything. playing one another and getting some trash talking done.

    the problem is that overall the NBA franchise just hasn’t been that great. i think it could be. but right now they’re 3rd in graphics, 3rd in gameplay and 3rd in player authenticity. NBA Live tries to do some of the character specific move stuff but even they fall short.

    i think you guys should look at the best hoops game out there (NBA2k) and try to innovate and improve on what they’re doing. but you have to at least match it first. i want the Life but i can’t buy two basketball games and right now there’s just a better hoops game out there.

  • I’m a big fan of the NBA series. I bought 07 and 08 for the PS3 and I’m looking foward for this year’s version as well. Got really excited with the demo. Nice overhaul on the player models. I have two questions:

    1) There are no replays during the gameplay in the demo. Will the full game feature replays?

    2) There’s any way to edit the players acessories? I mean, you can only edit your created player. I’d like to have the ability to edit every player in the game.

    Thanks and keep up the nice job.

    • Thank you for your continued support and the kind words. Both are appreciated.

      1) Yes, NBA 09 The Inside supports replays. You can jump in and take a second look at any action you’d like to view!

      2) As you noted, you can edit Progression Player gear, but we are not supporting editing of NBA player accessories this year.

  • ITS maybe to late but i think next year to revolutionize yourselves from nbalive and 2k basketball. next year yall should think about adding the WNBA to the game.

  • Hello, Sony

    It’s me, the6one…….

    I just wanted to tell you guys that I am in full support of project Playstation 4. I hate to say this, but PS3, though a good system is maybe too far behind to win this generation. PS3 is technologically ahead of its time and perhaps too far ahead of its time. The best things you can do is continue to upgrade/improve the Cell technology and implement it in the new PS4. Other suggestions are a much more powerful GPU. It’s one of the main things that continues hold the PS3 back because most of the system’s performance is programmed around the Cell, which at this point, is still difficult developing for. If you guys want to reclaim the #1 spot, you are going to have to inovate and keep things simple this time around. Go back to being computer entertainment as opposed to being tech savvy and a multimedium entertainmnet system. It’s simple, continue the PS3 and continue to use it to its strengths which are primarily blu-ray and it being a multi-media device. With PS4, make it primarily a games machine that will reach to a larger demographic in a way that showcases our brand of computer entertainment and inovation. If you want a model for what this would be, simply just look at the genious that was PS2. It seems PS3 tries to fulfill all that you guys aspired for the PS2. Though the PS2 failed to meet aspirations for the company, it still “won” and was the fastest selling console in the history of this industry. Also, I cannot strees this enough, work on effective marketing campaigns beginning now so that you guys are prepared for the launch and marketing of the system. No more serious themes SONY, instead we need more inviting user-friendly adds. Remember, your brand is “play” station. Key word, “play”. Let’s pretty much do what nintendo did but in a very SONY type way. It’s not copying, rather its improving upon an already great idea. Wish you the best on the new console. It would be probably best to launch sometime in late 2010 in order to beat Microsoft to market. Sony…..PS4 has more of a ring to to it than say PS3. Sorry, but I believe this to be true. Anyway, goodluck on the PS4, can’t wait!!!!!!!



  • What’s up Steve,

    I recently played the demo for NBA 09. I thought it was a decent experience (more so than NBA live 09’s demo). I liked the concept of “The Life” and the game play felt ok. But, I don’t believe it will sway me from the NBA 2K series. Reading through the comments here, someone mentioned point guards dunking in your game. I haven’t tried this myself but that’s a big red flag if you’re looking to attract and reel in new gamers like myself. I look for the best simulated sports game in the market. 2K has provided for the most part. It would be disappointing to have players in the game not replicate the actual players in real life. And the AI has to be extra competitive, but not so much that it will provide unrealistic gameplay, stats, or outcomes of games.

    I like the fact that you have a franchise mode, but would like to know more about what’s included in that mode. I think your game (based from the demo) is definitely heading in the right direction. I’ll keep my eye on this game and hope that the full game provides the NBA experience that we all would want.


    • Hey Mazin’,

      Thank you for your input. Just to set the record straight, in NBA 09 The Inside, Tony Parker can’t dunk. Since San Antonio is not one of the selectable teams you can play in the demo, I am interested to know where this thought that he could dunk, came from. We do work hard to make the game as realistic as can be.

      What is it you would like to know about Franchise beyond what was covered in the video? I don’t really think this is the place to run down a long laundry list of Franchise features, but I’d be happy to answer any specific questions.

    • I think I figured out where the thought Tony Parker can dunk came from. In the movie at the top of this page we show a Progression Player who happens to be #9 for the San Antonio Spurs throwing down a dunk. He was mistaken for Tony Parker. Take a close look and you’ll see in fact he is a created Progression Player.

  • Can I lay waste to the dark hulking beasts with my 60 cal. I’ll pass

  • Wow great job on the game, I really do prefer this one over ’07 (sorry ’08 was a bit of a letdown) anyway can we delete the characters in the full game?

    • I am happy to hear you like our new game. If you are asking about deleting the Progression Players, then the answer is yes. The NBA players are not set up to be deleted.

  • I’m sorry but the other NBA games this year knock you out of the competition. All I can say is, my friends and I are not getting your NBA game, but a different one instead. I feel the game didn’t deliver what most basketball game fans want to see. For example realistic player models, good player animations, etc. I saw them gliding around, passing in the most impossible and unrealistic ways. I’m not being a harsh critic because I want to upset someone, but to improve. Good luck.

  • But I gotta admit, I saw the A.I. doing very smart plays, which I haven’t seen in the NBA games.

  • steve hear me out!!! you all should make a college basketball game since all of them suck!! plz comment back

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