NBA 09 The Inside: Become the Franchise

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Hi all. I am Steve Bolender, a producer for NBA 09 The Inside for the PLAYSTATION 3. This year we are introducing Franchise Mode. All us hoop fans love to grab a quick game of video b-ball, but when you’re ready to invest some time and really dig in, our Franchise mode delivers.

There are few considerations you should ponder before starting your NBA road to glory. Do you want to play within the NBA salary cap guidelines and base your personnel decisions on real world economic constraints or would you prefer to play fast and loose with the signing cash? Do you want to be in the game? You can create yourself as a character, drop onto the team of your choice and lead your team to the top.

One tip here, if you want to bring a Progression Player into the fray, it pays to build him up in the core game before you start the journey. You can actually bring up to five Progression Players onto your Franchise roster. Progression Players inside a Franchise are subject to the same advancement and regression mechanisms as all the other players. That said, the stronger the player is when you initiate your Franchise, the greater player he will eventually become.

Another tip that will help you win it all is to set the team strategy sliders to match your personnel. If you build a team that likes to run and puts up a lot of 3’s, then make sure you set your strategies to take advantage of your players. Also the better you know your upcoming opponent, the more effectively you can set up your defensive strategies to counter their strengths. You’ve got a game-by-game chess match on your hands and attention to detail can prove to be the edge you need to carry the day.

There is a ton of other stuff I’d love to address here, but a blog is no place for a novel so I’ll wrap it up by telling you I am having a lot of fun playing Franchise in NBA 09 The Inside. Give it a play, I bet you’ll come to the same conclusion. After you get a chance to play it, let us know what you think. We’re listening!

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