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Please note, this week’s Video Store Update, typically posted on Friday evening, will follow this post in a few hours.

Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers

Insomniac - FullMoonShow

Courtesy of Bryan Intihar – Community Manager, Insomniac Games

This week’s post includes a recap of the recent media events for Resistance 2 along with a quick update on some of the game’s features (such as split-screen support and customizing Chimera in competitive multiplayer. Also, I sit down with a longtime friend of mine who currently works in our QA department. If someone has ever thought about joining the industry via QA, this interview is a must-read.


Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

  • ISA Engineering Tool – This week we examine the ISA Engineering Tool – what it does, how it was designed, and what it does for Killzone 2’s online gameplay.

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  • Man I can’t wait to see more KZ2 stuff posted. Betas are going out pretty fast from what I can tell, lucky Europe! :'(

    By the way Jeff, since it seems like every gaming site out there is having these ‘LBP Beta code giveaways’, You think the blog would have anything similar? I know this is the ‘official’ PS Blog, but a nice contest would be cool.

  • I’m in the LBP, but I don’t have a PS3 to play it :P

  • I’ve tried a thousand sites and have yet to get into the beta. I gave up a long time ago I’m just gonna wait for the game.

  • hey jeff, when is the WipeOut HD patch coming out? The game is broken…freezes all the time.

  • Good week IMO, thanks for the catch up Jeff.

    On the topic at the edge of everyone’s tongues though, in lieu of conversation, I have NOT had the WipEout crashing issue, BUT I do have a couple other small quirks I’d like to question about (which I will do so to the right people, as well as here) for WipEout HD, why does the game’s trophies need to be labeled as “WipEout HD trophies”? That seems unnecessary to me really, also, I need to shoot an email over to Criterion, inquiring as to why my PSN version of Burnout Paradise needs to be labeled by it’s version number, which isn’t really annoying, just sort of pointless. I don’t really think it should matter that I’m playing Burnout Paradise v1.5 on the XMB. Just seems superficial.

  • @ #2

    I can take that off your hands for ya if you want ;)

    psn is same is my name here ;)

  • When is North America getting the Killzone 2 beta. The Europeans already are playing it.

    Where is the Burnout team gone? They decided not to show up on the blog here regarding the awesome trophy news. I wonder wahhyyyy?

    I hope Qore 5 got an awesome demo or a beta or something. I didnt pay for annual sub for watching few videos.

  • awesome news that R2 has split-screen for the co-op mode. that’s more than i expected.

    sony, do you have anymore lbp beta codes? i am missing out from all the fun

  • Thanks Jeff.

    One of the best weeks yet.

    Just hope a fix comes out soon for Wipeout HD and the friends list, as currently, I can only play this game offline.

  • I have had Wipeout HD crash on me, i have had to disconnect from PSN to play it..

    Also Life With Playstation always freezes up my system whenever i actually click on a story and it launches into Google news..

    If i try to type anything, it freezes up!

    Hopefully someone is aware of these problems and is working on it!

    Nice article about the Killzone ISA Engineering tool!

    peace, have a great weekend everyone!

  • I’d like to cast my vote in agreement with the first post. Maybe the Top 50 (or Top 10 is fine with me too) posters on the site. :D

    I don’t know if I say it enough, but I love this site. Thanks for all the great content, Jeff & Co. :D (By the way, I know you, Jeff, work at the Blog, but is there anyone else that is a constant? Or are you all by your lonesome most of the time? )

  • @ Life_Rpgs

    If you want to play Wipeout HD with no lockups at all and you have over 50 Friends in your list, SCEE suggests to play it offline while the team behind Wipeout HD make a patch to fix this.

  • cant wait for R2. the G4 interview that was linked from bryans blog to the forum post made me want the game alot more. the chimera running down the street and blowing up looked crazy. felt like big moment from a movie but it was just regular scene from the game.

  • R2 and K2 ,two of my most wanted games.
    Lovely week…

  • @10: Man I thought I was the only one having that issue with LwP! Thanks for confirming that I’m not.

  • I attended the Valkyria Chronicles event, and I had a lot of fun. Although a bit cramped, it wasn’t hard to find a demo station and try out the game, which looks beautiful and plays very well. Nonaka-san was nice, and I was surprised to see an Alicia cosplayer and a virbrating grenade squeeze toy. I’m definitely hyped for this game now, and I’ll be playing the demo a lot once it comes out.

  • @ XxBigP123xX give me your beta code…lol

  • @10 and 15: I’m having the same issue with LwP :(

  • Thanks for the recap Jeff. How was Florida? pics? also, would be great to throw some betas this way, you know for LBP. also, how come sony/media molecule isn’t advertising that much? I mean, except for sony fans and some others, people don’t know what I’m talking about when I say LBP. And if I have to explain it, forget it. I get a strange puzzled look on peoples faces. It isn’t a game you can explain! Anyway, thanks for all your hard work Jeff. Still waiting for you to show up in NYC!!! Im from Jersey but that would be the most obvious spot to go to on the East Coast. But be prepared for the outpour of support! Better bring plenty of goodies, lol…

  • @18: Good. One is a chance occurrence. Two is a coincidence. Three is a trend.

    It needs to be fixed!

    Oh yeah…..and put Google Chrome on the PS3!!

  • @18 and 20

    about Life With Playstation sluggish and freezing-

    looks like another pesky bug- I guess it’s good to get these problems out in the open, so that they can fix em..

    maybe it’s because Folding at Home is always going in the background? Maybe it’s searching for work units and makes google news freeze up?

    I tried making some searching for some news and making some personalized news sections on google news like i do on my computer, but whenever i have to type something, and the PS3 chat/predictive dictionary screen comes up with the alphabet to type, it gets REALLLLYY SLOOOOW or just locks up altogether..

    I’ve also heard people having problem with music streaming while on LWP, but i haven’t tried that yet-

    anyway, glad to hear it’s not just my system..

    Hopefully since Sony and Google have a partnership, Google Chrome can be our new browser!

    (i know i can boot into linux and do that, but cmon- LWP is supposed to be able to handle this!)

    happy gaming this weekend everyone!

  • @artb013

    Already entered it in through the PC store, sorry.

  • Resistance 2 is coming down the pipe now. its soooo close i can almost taste it! thanks for all the info Jeff


  • Slant Six, why did you ruin the Beta? Sure you updated but now most of the rooms are full of dead shooting people. Some fun that is…

    Don’t drop the ball.

  • Exclusive RPGs please.

  • ah boy, i love wipeout hd so much… ;)

  • LWP is ok for me….it is slow, but that’s a lot to do with it accessing the internet.

    It’s kind of hard to see, but in the top upper right corner is a circle kind of thing, when it is doing it’s searches…Wait until that finishes before trying to do anything else.

    It’s kind of like on your pc, when it takes a bit to get to certain sites.

    Other than that it work fine for me.

    Folding@Home actually had some of these issues previous to LWP.

    As for the music…mine plays well, but LWP as far as I’m aware, doesn’t stream the music, it plays your HDD music from the PS3.

    I use TVersity to stream my music from the pc, as well as Internet music, podcasts and videos.

  • i have an idea.. why don’t you upload the insomniac podcasts and soccom stuff onto playstation store?? or maybe have special “shops” in home where we can go listen.. and download them.
    atm im in the lbp and socom betas.. both excellent games.. i would like a home lobby so i can find people to group with though. rumours are home is comming out with little big planet.. this would be awesome.. im not sure which i would spend more time with.. lbp or home.

  • btw wipEout is way better than i expected it to be. GG
    i have the psp version but this is 100x better.

  • also if you play wipeout. then this is a must get.. its very good to play with and suits the game perfectly

    no chemical brothers but its getting there.

  • Buzz is very fun.

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