PLAYSTATION Store Video Content Update

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Hi again! The weekend’s here – time for your weekly update of new movie & TV shows on the PLAYSTATION Store.

This week we’ve added new video content from the following television series:

  • American Chopper, Season 3
  • Black Gold, Season 1
  • Dice: Undisputed, Season 1
  • Prison Break, Season 4
  • Robot Chicken, Season 3
  • Rumbling Hearts, Season 1
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Season 1
  • The First 48 Hours, Season 7
  • The O.C., Season 4
  • Witchblade, Season 1 (anime)

We’ve also added the following feature films to the Store:

  • Deception
  • Gun Shy
  • Kung Fu Hustle
  • Mad Max
  • Mama’s Boy
  • Ocean’s Twelve
  • Patriot Games
  • Sex and the City Extended Version
  • The Brothers Grimm
  • The Godfather
  • The Godfather Part II
  • The Godfather Part III

And, finally, here are our top 20 movie and top 20 TV downloads for the week:

top 20 tv

top tv

Have a great weekend!

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  • Hmm damn just bought Kung Fu Hustle on BR

  • God father! THANK YOU!

  • Grace what are you favorite movies. I’m not really into movies, so you could advise me some good stuff ^.^

  • i really would love to rent some of these movies- but until you can actually “watch” them more twice within our rental period, then i can’t really see the point for the price..

    sorry to be so negative, i WAS REALLY EXCITED FOR MOVIES on PSN..but the pricing strategy is really out there..

    so to reiterate, i think the store’s policy of only being able to watch/download the movie twice in 24 hours is ridiculous, and the price should reflect that shortcoming.

    I say charge us $14.99 a month to be able to download one movie at a time and watch it as long as we want as many times as we want. When we “return”/delete the movie, we can download another one.

    For $19.99 we could download 2 movies at time, and for $24.99 we could download 3 at at time.

    it would be like a membership at a video store!

    just ideas…if digital downloads are really the future, you better start trying to lure in as many customers as you can to the PSN fold…because it pains me to say this, but in some of the online areas, LIVE really is better than PSN..

    of course LIVE costs $$$, and PSN is wonderfully free!



    so i’m just giving ideas to make the service better!


  • Wow, The Last Dragon just will not quit being in the top ten. You guys keep it up. We might just see Taimak in the inevitable “Last Dragon” remake (w/ Busta Rhymes as the Shogun of Harlem).

  • you made a typo there are only 3 seasons of the OC

  • opps my mistake there are 4 seasons xD

  • Any chance we would be able to download them more than once? If I ever want to upgrade my HDD I am totally screwed and would have to purchase it again, which is something no one likes to do.

  • i apologize for not purchasing any movies yet guys. im not going to until i upgrade my hard drive. I need at least 320 gigs. my 60 is packed pretty tight right now. when are we gonna be able to buy HD movies?


  • nice but like that one guy up there said, i dont like the way you rent out your content

  • Love the video store, but you REALLY need to look to compete with other video services. The ps3 video store has potential to crush other services, it would be another feather in the cap for SONY!! You’r not going to lose blu ray buisness from downloadable movies…. not in at least 10 years i’m sure of it, what is scaring sony from having the best service?? SONY Pictures could release there movies with exclusive content on the psn also. Come on sony, I want to rent my movies off the psn instead of blockbuster, and I will always buy movies I love on blu ray, give me more of a reason to use the psn movie service!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t ignore this.

  • Have forgotten completely about your neighbors to the north???

  • See what happens when you forget to add service to Canada, you make Mike Myers feel like he might still be funny.

    But really, whats with the lack of news on this.
    Its not like we don’t have credit cards up here.


  • Can you guys add the new 007 Quantum of Solace trailer please! that movies gonna be awesome!!!

  • Canada is more tight on Copy right materiel. So it’ll take some time, actually, ALONG time before Sony can offer the video service to Canadians.

  • When is this comming to Canada? or how about a release date on Grand Tourismo 4 mobile…..

  • i live in MEXICO, why we can see the video store, even worse why we can buy in PNS, mexico is not even in the menu when u create the account, i buy the PS3 in the that not fair , i wanna get games from PNS …………that wack !!

  • Whoah. They put Rumbling Hearts on there? That’s an amazing anime. Very different from the other stuff already on PSN.

    Good job.

  • Does this mean that the final episode of Burn Notice Season 2 was put up there?

  • Where is War of the Worlds? I want it :-)

  • Whatever happened to X’amd these past weeks?….Thats like the only thing I buy from PSN movie store =P

  • CANADIANS i suggest you stop bragging and share USA account to buy movies thats all

  • Assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford please.

  • @ 23, Canadians cannot download from the US video store bud.

  • @23…

    The movie store is IP blocked…

    GRACE: For the THIRD week…can you please, in your posts, address users concerns over the limitations of the DL when buying a movie. Having it tied to your machine instead of your PSN idea is awesomely awful.

  • Thanks Grace.

    Like the other Canadians here, I’m still waiting for it to come to Canada.

    Sure would be great if we got it this winter, cause we could download instead of going out into that cold weather that I’m sure is coming.

  • Please bring the service to Germany/Europe!

  • any rumours on things like skype for ps3, or the community website thing for psn.. what about uploading photos from your mobile phone onto home???

    i would like these things very much..mostly the home on mobiles and uploading photos. i would even buy a new sony ericson if i had to.

  • I am Canadian and I love to come on here every week to see how many fellow Canadians I can see asking about the PSN Store. If any of you have credit cards and are Canaadian then try Rogers Video Direction. Then you won’t have to go out in the freezing cold to a video store and get it right in your mail. As much as I am starting to dislike Rogers they really are the only movie mail in service in Canada I think right now. Also it beats digital downloads if your on an Bandwith Limit per mont thanks to Rogers >_<.

    Anyways, as for everybody asking about the PSN Video Store in Canada, it takes time and rescources and money for Sony. There is so many Tom, Dick and Harries that Sony has to go through just to get the movie service here. It took XBL to get the XBL Video Store in Canada and its not even the complete store because it doesn’t have the TV Shows.

    I was dissapointed too when it didn’t come here but that was shortly before Rogers made a bandwith limit on all their customers and then after that I could careless. For this reason I say digital downloads are not the future.

  • Add more anime!!!! :)

  • Couple of comments in general about this video service on the PSN:

    * As noted above, prices are incorrect for this type of service, especially given the limitations imposed on consumers (see below) and the lack of features present on the physical DVD/Blu-ray release. A new movie should be (to purchase) $9.99 or less. An HD purchase (NOT rental) should be $12.99 or less. Rentals should be drastically cheaper considering that you must wait to download the movie (whereas I can drive to a video store and rent it in far less time than it takes to download) and the time/viewing restrictions that are put in place.

    * According to a recent news article I read, once you download a movie or TV episode from the video service you’re done; you can’t download it (should you delete it or reformat your PS3 hard drive) again even though you purchased it. Sure, you can contact technical support/customer service and be given a “courtesy” download should you need to, but this situation seems silly. If I bought it, I bought it. What do you care if I download it once or one hundred times? If it’s a bandwidth cost issue, then limit the number of times it can be downloaded per day/week/month. But don’t artificially cripple your service by only allowing one download.

    * All I’m seeing in the HD department is rentals, no purchases. I should be able to purchase a movie/show in HD, not just rent it. Again, note the pricing issues above if you consider adding HD purchases.

    To be absolutely clear on this: I’ll never use your service while the issue of single downloads remains unresolved. The pricing issue is bad, but the limited downloading is a complete show stopper.

  • Re:16 That isn’t half the problem Masterofallz, its the fact that unlike the US we have a series of different studios releasing movies up here due to the laws requiring English and French(packaging, subtitles, dubs).

    Atliance Atlantis is one of the bigger ones(they have been responsible for the release of Lord of the Rings, even CSI I think).

    Many studios that publish works down there rely on other studios to release it up here. More paperwork has to be signed, more contacts have to be involved. MS has been advertising its upcoming movie service for quite some time, thing is that its not likely gonna be up here any time soon either.

    I want to see someone openly say that they are trying to do something. Is it that hard to try?

  • I’d like to ask, why doesn’t my Playstation@Store has this “video contents”?
    Can anyone guide me please. Thx! =D

  • Hey F0xh0undX, whats the country your in.
    I ask as this is just for the USA sadly.

  • I’m from Malaysia. But during registration, I put my country US & also typed in a US address. Hehe! It is cause of my IP address or something like dat?

  • Yes. It’s IP locked.

  • @33…read 26 … it answers your question

    @31…I’ve been saying the same thing almost weekly since launch … Grace has NEVER addressed us here or in emails I’ve sent.

    I’ve never been anything but polite in my enquires and we get dead silence. I’ve also asked Jeff to please have ANYONE from Grace’s dept step up and address us…nothing.

    I will never buy anything, and I advise everyone on my blog forum to not buy anything, SONY unless you fix this issue.

  • any update on when the Video Store will be available for Canada? it’s odd since we share the same Network as the US yet we don’t have access to the Video Store


  • TV show season Passes… Why has this not happened yet?

    Also… why are some TV show seasons not complete?

  • @38…no, it actually would be odd if we DID get the same access.

    Please look up the CRTC and Canadian Department of Heritage:

    Even when/if Canada DOES get the video store the content WILL NOT be the same.

  • Do movies get removed from the VID store? I was “searching” for Hitman unrated and nothing showed up. I looked in the H’s and no Hitman? Where did it go? If it’s gone, then where do movies go when they die?
    PSstore bargain bin anyone?

  • dont, worry guy all of the video store problems are going to be fixed, thats probably why no one else but the US has it, we are the beta, so im sure once it gos world wide these problems will be fixed

  • You guys better add the rest of those Metalocalypse Season 2 episodes. Cause that would be brutal if you only added some of them!




  • I wanna that store in Europe :(

  • yahoo! witchblade… that anime rocks thanks peeps… also thanks for the hard work

  • Try to release at least the movies of DBZ.
    Maybe the movie of Broly and more.

  • great update… to bad they didn’t have a new xam’d lost memories episode i had to watch part 11 again, cause there was no new one… but keep up the good work

  • I totally agree with #32. The DRM agreements Sony signed were way too restrictive to the point of being deal-killers for consumers.

    Apple has enough muscle to discourage DRM on the iTunes downloads. When will Sony have enough muscle to do the same for the PSN? When/if that day comes I might consider purchasing movies, because then I’ll actually “own” the movie, not a license to watch it.

    BTW the movie and TV show prices are much too high. When my local DVD kiosk charges $1 per rental, and I can get it 100x faster, the PSN video store doesn’t look very attractive.

    One last weird thing about PSN movie/tv downloads: lack of HD content on tons of shows that are already HD. I can’t for the life of me figure out why Deadliest Catch and others that are regularly broadcast in HD aren’t available in the same format from the store.

    I understand if you guys are having growing pains but between the glaring omissions, DRM and pricing structure I can’t bring myself to spend a dime on it.

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