Geon Emotions: Questions Answered

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In answer to the various comments regarding “Geon” PSN (in no particular order):


The game took so long to port because it wasn’t a port. We spent time redesigning and coding key elements of the game in response to feedback we got after launching the XBLA version so that the PSN version has a much better single and multi-player experience. These include:

  • New goal scoring system which encourages player interaction (it’s essential to stop your opponent from scoring);
  • Redesigned single player maps.
  • Introduction of a new League mode.
  • Players have attack and shield as standard (instead of only via a power-up) allowing for greater interaction with (thumping the hell out of) your opponent.
  • Redesigned power-ups, with the introduction of new ones such as Bliss’ ghost cubes (which collect pellets for you) and Rage’s extra attack.
  • Improved AI to handle the new gameplay.
  • 1080p High Definition visuals.
  • Did we mention the trophies? ;)


Comatoes asks, “What the…? I sincerely hope there’s a demo or at least a video to check out… this sounds completely odd.”

Answer: Yes Comatoes, it certainly is odd. The best way to describe the game is that it is like playing Numberwang with a sledge hammer and a bag of rodents. What do you expect from an English game development team based in an old train yard?

The how-to-play video is up at
It is the tutorial video so it takes things slowly, compared to the actual game. Other game play videos will follow shortly.


StalkingSilence asks, “Multiplayer online or offline? Saw a trailer and will probably pick this up.”

Answer: It has multi-player on-line and off-line (split screen). The multi-player modes include:

  • Multi-player – Up to 4 players.
  • Duel – Go head to head against a friend and inflict some pain!
  • Last Man Standing – Up to 4 players battle it out – who will be the last man standing?
  • Team Geon – Team up with a friend to battle your enemies in this 2vs2 mode.

Screenshots ….

Yep that’s the UK Playstation site.

Hope that clears a few things up.

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