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If you’ve read updated (and glowing) impressions of Resistance 2 this week, it’s down to the fact that Insomniac Games demonstrated all 3 modes (campaign, online co-op, competitive multiplayer) in LA and New York over the past few days.

I’ll leave the commentary to the professionals, but with the open beta on the horizon, I asked a few questions on behalf of those of you who haven’t yet gone hands-on with the beta (you know, 99.98% of you).

In this video, Insomniac’s James Stevenson explains what’s going into R2 during these final few weeks, what to expect in the upcoming public beta, and why your input is still very important, even in the late stages of development.

You heard him, the Insom team will be talking community soon, look for more details here.

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  • I’ve got my code

  • when do we get the qore beta code and is there offline splitscreen in the game at all??

  • Hello jeff. Cant wait for R2. Do you know if the resistance beta will be handled a little better than socom. I bought the june episode 1 of qore and still havent recieved my code for socom. I’ve emailed “POLITELY” several times to sony and still no code. Will we have the same problems with the resistance beta, or are things being done differently? My psn Id: explosive78

  • This is the 2nd time today this was posted. LOL

    I have my copy pre-ordered but haven’t received my beta code yet.

    I can’t wait for 60 players online at once.

  • looks so cool… definitely getting this… loved the first one.

  • I bought the Qore Annual Subscription starting with Episode 3 mainly for this beta so hopefully I get in day one of the beta starting. My PSN ID is Nick212004

  • I’m looking forward to the community features. We are entering an era of gaming 2.0 people. Embrace the community.

  • Wow im so excited but I have a question. Offline Coop was the main thing I played in the first one and I was wondering if there is still offline coop in R2 and if it is the same as online coop but with 2 people.


  • Nice store update. Just purchase Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords for my PSP ;/

  • yeah, jw when we get the qore beta codes, thanks. KEEP IT UP PSB!! WOOT

    1) update ps3 web browser and flash player or just put in google chrome/ firefox instead.

    2)in game chat/ cross game invites.

  • R2 is one of my most wanted games this year.
    (Afer MGS4)
    Im gonna play sooooo much of R2 online.
    So guys ,whoever wants to play co op.. just add me.

  • man, this is going to be a busy, busy fall…I may just have to clone myself to be able to play all these great games!

    any word on how long the single player game is supposed to take to finish?

    is this game longer/shorter than the first one?

    just wondering, i have to purchase wisely!


  • @10 outkast

    I was just thinking the same thing-
    with all the great games, it would be great to have cross game invites and in game chat with no microphone feedback…thanks!

  • If I end up broke in 09 I blame sony, and no that is not a bad thing. Sony is really exciting this year and besides resistance 2 I am getting 2 other games in nov. not including psn titles but once those are included then i go broke lol. keep it up sony, you’re doing a phenomenal job this year

  • off topic-
    i heard a disc-based spyro game comes out october 7th for ps3
    is this true???

  • @10 good ideas there on firmware update :)

  • Upped my hype a wee-bit more!
    Looking forward to this beta :D.

  • fix mic drop.

  • Can’t WAIT to play this :D
    Still gotta get Supreme Commander on R1 though (very close!) ;)

    Hey, maybe when it comes out we can have a bloggers vs blog-commenters battle :)

    Cool shirt btw :P

  • Thanks Jeff.

    Waiting for this one too.

    Lots of games lately, we’re all goin broke, but loving every minute.

    Keep up the great work !

  • Don’t even need to watch the vid (can’t anyway; put Google Chrome on the PS3!!). R2 is day one buy!

  • Loved Girl with a stick beta! It sold me on the game… then again, I enjoyed RFOM enough to buy R2 without hesitation.

  • thanks i bought qore and am eagerly awaiting
    so do i get in automatically or what?
    please tell me or someone else

  • @23

    You get e-mailed the code which you take to Account Manager > Transactions > Enter Promo Code > “Enter it here”

    Not sure if that’s what the labels are, but it’s something like that :D

  • (sry for double posting)

    Oh yeah, forgot to ask.

    Do you play R1 online Jeff?
    Cause I’m addicted! And as I said up ^there^, I’m almost Supreme Commander now! :D

  • I never played RFOM, but I will definately play it before I buy R2 :D

  • Pre-ordered the collector’s edition, and I CANNOT wait until I get my hands. I’m really interested to see how the plot progresses.

  • No questions here- I’m not spoiling anything for my experience- just looking forward to this. :D

  • Great interview! i didnt like FPS before resistance 1 and now i cant wait for R2!

  • Wait I thought it was a Public Beta where a bunch of people could just sign in but oh well. I guess not. I hope I will be able to get a code.

  • plz i want to play the beta!!!!!

  • is there going to be HOME support at least game launching cause it works great with Warhawk

  • I was in the “Girl With A Stick” Beta and was blown away. If they made it better than that R2 >> COD any day!

  • that was great make another, this nov 4 will b the greatest day of 2008

  • PLEASE JEFF!!!!!

    Can you pull some strings and get me in the beta?? LOL

    But really that was some SICK footage i love the real time xp read out.


  • I got two codes, and plus my Qore subscription code. So I am set for next month

  • If you want in on the Beta THAT bad, you can just pre-order the game. :/

  • sexy game can’t wait.

  • i preordered it yesterday, got my code from gamestop

  • Can you find out from them if you can play 2 player co op on the same console, and whether this means through the main campaign or just the other co op? Me and my friend played through Fall of Man, and we’re both looking forward to this, but I don’t know if I’ll buy it if we can’t play on the same console.

  • My god, James Stevenson talk really fast!!!

    PS: I’m wondering if there is an opening to explain the story of the 1st one a bit or you absolutly need to play it to understand resistance 2?


  • So really, could there be any better time to own a PS3??? I’m up to my ears in goodies this week. Let’s see, first I got 34/64 of the Burnout Paradise trophies in my last sitting, still haven’t bought WipEout HD (Which is killing me btw!!) but do plan to… I should have an LBP beta key headed my way soon, Home is due to go open beta any day now, Resistance 2 is inching closer to that same status, and let’s not forget about Killzone 2 in February! I better accumulate some massive funding soon… :D

  • R2 is the Biggest SHOOTER OF 2008

    poor Epic games and their queers of war 2

  • that chain gun looks soooo sick! Its good to know that you guys are listening to the beta testers and tweaking what you can. I cannot wait for this title. Collectors edition here i come.


  • I hope capture the flag is still online I know bout 300 or so players that wont play if it isn’t in there. CTF FTW

    I have my SE pre-ordered already can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • 60 players online, will redefine AWESOME.

  • Incredible!


  • Yes it has co-op offline split screen, I think it may even support dual online split screen (don’t quote me on that)…
    Between this and LBP, and a splash of Socom… life will be little else but a dark room, coffee, and creepy grinning face lit by a large screen tv…

  • Can’t wait for this gem….a classic in the making.

  • Thanks for listening to your fans, Insomniac. And the game sure looks great, though all the focus on online multi-player personally isn’t my cup of tea.

    I still miss a fact sheet with information like local co-op split-screen, local+online co-op split-screen, and being able to choose from your friends when starting a network co-op game instead of just random fights.

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