Resistance 2: The Latest

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If you’ve read updated (and glowing) impressions of Resistance 2 this week, it’s down to the fact that Insomniac Games demonstrated all 3 modes (campaign, online co-op, competitive multiplayer) in LA and New York over the past few days.

I’ll leave the commentary to the professionals, but with the open beta on the horizon, I asked a few questions on behalf of those of you who haven’t yet gone hands-on with the beta (you know, 99.98% of you).

In this video, Insomniac’s James Stevenson explains what’s going into R2 during these final few weeks, what to expect in the upcoming public beta, and why your input is still very important, even in the late stages of development.

You heard him, the Insom team will be talking community soon, look for more details here.

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