Mega Man 9 arrives today on the PSN!

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What a big day, huh? It has got to be the best week ever for the store. (Ro Hernandez told me to write that.)

I am honored to announce that Mega Man 9 will be available today on the PLAYSTATION Network for only $9.99. Our beloved Blue Bomber returns to his 8-bit roots in this 9th adventure of the original storyline. Here’s the rundown:

In the year 20XX, after the events of Mega Man 8, multiple riots have sprung up all over the world. Many people suspect that this is another plot from Dr. Wily. Dr. Light is stunned to recognize that some of the robots rioting on the TV screen are his own creations. Even more stunning, Dr. Wily appears on television to proclaim that Dr. Light is the evil mastermind behind these latest catastrophic incidents. Now, Mega Man must set out to stop the rogue robots and discover the truth behind the attacks. *SPOILER ALERT* (It really is Dr. Wily’s evil plot to rule the world. Shhhh!)

This project has really been a labor of love for all the hard core Mega Man fans. When I first read the game design doc for this project, I though this was some kind of joke. 8-bit graphics in this day and age? Intentional flickering and tearing? Extra difficulty levels? Whaaaat? When I started to really delve into this assignment and talk to hundreds of Mega Man fans, I began to understand that there is a certain affinity, a passion for this character. People would tell me their experiences with Mega Man 2 and how they had to sneak in play sessions to avoid their mom yelling at them for spending too much time with their NES. I started to feel better.

Inafune-san got it right with this game. This is his baby. He knew the importance of living up to the original series and how introducing “9” meant high expectations. He recruited a large team (yes that’s right), with the talent to pull this off. A team that knew what a pixel perfect jump meant. A team that understood the intricacies of classic level design, on how placing a certain enemy at a certain place would affect a person’s speed run strategy. A team that could compose an epic musical score within the limitations of 1980s technology. Try to pull off a Picasso with 4 crayons and you’ll understand that creating an 8-bit classic in this era is not an easy task. Play the game, or just try out the demo first, and enjoy the little details that scream “fan service”.

If this is the first time you’ll play a Mega Man game, you’ll understand why older gamers complain that games these days just aren’t as challenging anymore (Damn kids, jk). Be patient though and don’t throw your DualShock through your screen. I bet you’ll have a sudden itch to go back and try the level again. You’ll cuss, you’ll kick your dog and pick fights with your girlfriend. When you finally complete the level after the umpteenth time, you’ll finally realize the magic that is Mega Man.

On a side note, I know you’ll have a lot of questions, and I expect this thread to be pretty active. If I don’t get to your answers right away, it’s because I’m at the Age of Booty party introducing for the first time to the public, playable Proto Man (Horse armor, he is not). Talk to you soon!

Your friend from Capcom,
John D

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  • No word can define my feeling right now. All i can is thank you.

    By the way, since you’re at CAPCOM, i thought i could ask you something:
    Where is ONIMUSHA 5 ??? And please make it PS3 exclusive!

    • Hi lifeRPGs. I haven\’t heard a word about ONIMUSHA. If it does come out, I expect it to be multi-platform. Have fun with MM9 today, go play it for 30 minutes, then come back here and give me your first impressions. Actually, why don\’t you all do that? I want to hear from you. What did you like about the game? Where does it rank? Better than 1 but not as good as 2? Is it really that damn hard?

      Also, for all the old folk. Go ahead and share your old Mega Man stories.

  • will pick this game up soon. i have that megaman collection on PS2 that i wanna actually finish first lol.

  • wow mega man thanks capcom you should bring the x series to psn plz

  • Wipeout HD AND Megaman IX, that’s a hell of a weekly update !

  • Mega Man 9 is the best game ever.

  • The JPN demo was enjoyable from start to finish. Sign me up.

  • Too much stuff today…even though I assume this game is going to kick my butt and be unfinishable (for me) I’m really looking forward to it!

  • I can’t wait! Huge Mega Man fan since i was a little kid! Never played the original, but i remember dad playing it on the NES!! Awesome huh. Gonna show Dad this one haha

    Hope it comes out today in the Australian store!

    • This is a great game for Fathers to compete with there Sons. Mothers and their daughters as well. And all permutations too.

  • I’m going to be BROKE this weekend!!

    LOL It will be great though.


  • Does this game support trophies?

  • yo John:

    1-Does this game HAVE vibration SUPPORT?

    2-Does this game HAVE SOME support for Sixaxis motion controller?

    3-Does this game HAVE Remote Play SUPPORT?

    4-will this game support in game custom sound track?

    • Sorry, no, no, no and no. Why would you need in game custom sound track support when the music of this game is freakin\’ fantastic?

  • any news on Monster Hunter for the PS3? If not, then I will pass on this game

    • What\’s up Hater? The news is that it still not on the PS3. That\’s news right? Now you have to buy the game.

      Just kiddin. Good to see you again. Try out the demo at least, sheesh.

  • @12

    No Remote Play
    No Youtube
    No Trophies
    Paid DLC out of the gate

  • Worst day to come out with WipEout…especially since WipEout has trophies and Mega Man doesn’t.

    • I think there\’s a little difference between the two games. I\’m a fan of WipeOut. I\’m curious to see what\’s going to happen.

  • I know you said this won’t have trophies, but does the 360 version have achievements? If so I’ll be extremely pissed off, but if not I’m good. :)

    • Of course, all XBLA games are required to have achievements. Again, I\’ve said this many times. The specs came way too late in the development cycle for this game to have trophy support.

  • @16 001
    yeah the xbox 360 version have achievements

  • wow no trophies *sigh*

  • I REALLY WANT TO BUY THIS I REALLY REALLY WANT TO BUT alas, no PSN cards for CANADIANS for at least another 6-8 months. Hey John, can you see who’s been dropping the perverbial ball on that situation? I know ur a dev but man someone out there has to do something.
    I LOVE MEGA MAN/ROCK MAN but as per usual I can’t enjoy. Sheesh give me a beta of anything right now please…………………………………………

  • Okay now that I got my other question out of the way, I’ll let you know that I’m still buying the game regardless of your answer since bionic commando gave me joygasms. But if you answer that question wrong I’ll throw darts at my street fighter poster.

  • Buying for my wife… trying to get her on the PS3. I’m sure I’ll regret it soon…

  • @16

    Okay, darts will be thrown.

    Ugh :( That’s so unfair. It doesn’t make any sense, why put in the effort for the 360 versions, but never the ps3 ones?

  • An awesome day …
    So many games !
    Also i think that the intentional 8-bit bugs and limitations are really the best idea i ever heard.
    Props to the guys at Capcom.

  • @John
    Oh, I will try out the demo, and I know I will love it because Megaman is one of my favorite classic series of all time. And I would love to buy this game, but the Monster Hunter fanboy in me is tell me otherwise.

  • OH and I have a question. When will you guys make a good modern day Megaman games? It seems that every Megaman games that is release today is average at best.

    • Inafune-san has heard that request many times. I think he\’s thinking about how the Blue Bomber makes that leap and wants to make sure it\’s absolutley right for the series. Not every game has to be 3D and may franchises fail attempting just that. Go look at…uh, not gonna name names, but he\’s also blue.

  • definitely, as you said, a big day for the PSN store. Thank you for adding a lot more into this post than the last, it truly encourages my purchase :)

    • You didn\’t like my \’nuff said post? I wanted to make the shortest post ever with the largest impact. Guess I didn\’t succeed.

  • @Fersis:

    Not so awesome, BO Paradise trophies are non retroactive.

    Are you really going to buy an 8 bit game with no fancy graphics, no 5.1 sound, no trophies, no remote play, no nothing??

    Sorry, I cannot even stand PsOne games in my Full HD Plasma and my Full HD system.

  • Sorry to beat a dead horse, but trophies might have made this a buy for me. As it is, I’ll go for Wipeout. BTW, I got Bionic Commando (despite lacking trophies) because there I felt the experience (video / audio) was upgraded while preserving the old school gameplay (perfect!). I know the goals were different for this project, but they don’t match my expectations.

  • A quick question:
    Capcom is gonna make remakes like this (8-Bit retro) or like Bionic Commando (HD) ??
    I would love to see some other remakes

  • Back in my day… no, wait, this IS from back in my day! Mega Man 9! I have both collections for the PS2 and now I get to play MM9 in it’s 8-bit glory! MM2 was my all-time favorite, especially the Metal Man level ’cause of the music! BTW John, you had posed a question about Atari graphics and their bit count – I want to say they were 4-bit max due to the 256 limit of instructions used to create a character.

    • Wow, thanks for the research. Oh, tell me which music stgage you like the best. I\’m kinda diggin Galaxy Man. A lot of people don\’t care for it, but I think it\’s pretty cool.

  • This has got me sold. MM9 is now a do want on my collection list (Was having a conflicts within myself, comtemplating should I get or not get MM9). Unfortunately, I won’t get off work until 8 tonight, so the purchase is still a little ways off, but alas Capcom has my 10 dollars for MM9 :D (MM9 and BCR FTW).

  • Thanks for the post John.

    Wow, and you’re already answering questions….great !

    • You\’re welcome. I have to because I\’ll be gone for most of the day setting up for the Age of Booty party. I also get to show Proto Man. woOhOo.

  • @John
    I see you are talking shots at Sonic I see. But Megaman fail just as much, if not more, than Sonic did in 3D since the PS2 days. Megaman Legend was a good series, but every game after that fail. But the new Sonic game that is coming out look to break away from the pass Sonic 3D games, and is now a blend of 2D and 3D. Which make it look actually fun. Now Megaman need to so something in the same nature.

    • Not taking shots. I used to work for them and love the franchise myself. Actually, I remember failing classes because I couldn\’t stop playing the first one.

      Believe me, you don\’t have to tell me that many of the MM games that came out were, uh, less than stellar.

  • I know i’m talking like a gamer/user and not the like the programmer I am. But if the x360 version of a game has archievement support, isn’t half of the work for trophies already done?
    * you know what to name them
    * what the conditions are
    * And where to place them

    I know things are never that easy but the question still stands. I’m asking because I don’t really care for the xbox’s archievements but for some reason I’m really interested in the ps3’s trophies.

    • The in-game system can be made to support trohpies and achievments. Making implementing the support is a totally different story. Plus, if it wasn\’t in the plans in the beginning, then there\’s some retro work they need to do that takes up even more resources. It wasn\’t in the plans in the beginning because, well, none of the devs really knew about the support, only heard speculation.

  • Wait there’s a demo?! I heard there’s gonna be a wipeout demo from playstation lifestyle, there’s also a mirrors edge demo coming.It’s gonna be great playing a brand new 8bit game though. I don’t really need to try the demo since I’m buying it anyway. And I understand, just for the love of God patch it in later like you’re doing with BC. I don’t need them to enjoy it, I’ve just been trophy whoring lately and it’s been hard finding games that support it.

    • Yeah, you\’ll start to see trophies slowly being implemented. It\’s such a new feature. Give the devs some time.

  • I can understand the no trophy support since it did come late in the development process (even though other games have been patched, but ok) but why no remote play? This feature has been around long before the development of this game has it not? And surely our little psp’s can handle 8 bit graphics and simple controls right?

    • Because, and I\’m gussing here, remote play often will lead to lag. Lag is a big no no when you need pixel perfect jumps.


    *till I throw my DS3 at my TV*

    sup John! age of booty will be the next digital release from Capcom or will it be SFHD?

  • @ 28-

    I agree about BC being great, but you’re right, the point of this project was to recreate the NES experience so it’s unfair to compare the two. I would have preferred an update similar to BC but I’m sure the use base is strong for those who want this type of game as well.

    And I’m not buying the “late in the cycle” no trophy excuse. Why not issue a patch? Work on it after release? And is it really THAT hard to take a list of achievements that already exist for xbox and translate them to trophies?

    In reality, developers are cutting their own throats here b/c gamers who are into trophies will be more likely to pick up games that have them. If Uncharted, Burnout, Pain, Super Stardust, etc can patch them in, then anyone can, period.

    • Give it some time. Creating a patch and retroactively implementing trophies is not as simple as it seems and does take resources that was unaccounted for.

  • Mega Man 3 was the pivotal Mega Man for me. I was about 9 or 10 and I didnt stop playing that game with my friends till we beat it. No saves No continues you had to beat it in 1 sitting. I’m really hoping my skills have since improved and I can give it to Mega Man 9 a little bit. As none of the series captured me the way part 3 did, I am ecstatic about part 9 and know it’ll bring back that joy. So thank you! Also any news on the press kits you guys said you woul be selling?

    • Thanks for the share. So you\’re a 3 fan. If you want a chance to buy a press kit, you\’ll need to comment on my Capcom-Unity blog. Those who comment will have first crack at them. Just to let you know, they are limited and won\’t be that cheap. It\’s going to be an instant collectors item (or an ebay money maker for some unfortunately)

  • Ahhh, Megaman back in his full glory (and on the same day as wipeout (OMG!)) – the best PSS update ive seen (and can imagine)! Hope Capcom would make more “real” megaman games and not some StarForceblabla ;-) Im overlly happy bout this one, cant wait to get my fingers that charge shot :-D

    PS: It’s very nice of you to reply to almost all comments here! Feels good to see such devs!

  • Im glad to know that more remakes are comming … let me tell you something :
    FINAL FIGHT …. yeah FINAL FIGHT of course 2D.
    With online co op,and you have pretty much a huuuuuuge game on your hands.
    (Im a GUY player myself)

  • Omg john you are one of hell of a comedian! Don’t stop with the replies lol
    Anyhow, i’ll be back tonight after an hour or so of MM9. Till then, have a good day.

  • @John

    Can you tell someone at Capcom Street Fighter IV team to please make a better cover art than those. Those Cover Art is actually very lame, and doesn’t really provide that WOW factor that Street Fighter 4 is

  • I have never actually played a MM game. I had an NES as a kid, but somehow missed them.

    I am picking this up tonight though!

    • Come back and tell me what you think. Be patient with it though. I guarantee, it will be one of the most rewarding gaming experiences that you\’ll have (that is if you\’re TV is not broke from trhowing your DualShock at it)

  • ill pick it up soon has i get a psn card

  • I am intimidated. It seems too difficult.

  • i just hope there is a demo so i can plya that until i get a psn card or what ever they r called

  • @27: At least in my opinion, 8bit/16bit games are better looking than PS1/Saturn/N64 era games. The 2D graphics seem to stand through time better than the early 3D stuff. I could play the original Street Fighter 2 all day and be perfectly fine with the graphics, but Virtua Fighter 1 hurts my eyes. If you were a mega man fan in the past, I’d say try it.

    As for me, I may have to take a rain check on this one. I just picked up Buzz last night and I’m still trying to finish 1942: Joint Strike, Bionic Commando Rearmed, and SIREN. When I’m not doing that, I have the Socom Beta taking up my time. I bought Quest for Booty and haven’t even played it yet, so I will probably hold off on new games for a few weeks. In any case, I’ll probably pick this up sometime before LBP comes out.

    Oh, and John, is there any news on the longest video game acronym in the world? SSF2THDR

  • Wow! Congratulations to Sony & Capcom! You have officially earned my first PSN purchase. I remember going up to a local store here in Oklahoma & renting MM1 practically every weekend (I was only 5 years old). I don’t know how many billion times I beat that game. I’ve been looking forward to this game for a while & I really appreciate the cover art for the game. Great job & keep banging out those classics!

    By the way…I own a Wii & I purposely waited for the PSN version…nothing like Mega Man on an HDMI cable!

  • The DLC is expensive don’t you think John? I mean $2 for Protoman? charge that for a full level.

    • Well, this game is for the hard core fan base. We have the base game at $10, which in itself, is a lot of content for that price. DLC takes a lot of resources, and is not cheap. We could\’ve easily priced the game at $20 dollars with all the DLC and it still would sell really well. By doing that, we alienate any new gamers to the franchise. The DLC is soooo hard core and fan service that casual fans wouldn\’t really understand. I mean, who\’s Proto Man right? We\’re giving gamers a choice and not forcing you to buy an expensive game. Buy the game at $10 which is by no means incomplete and an instant classic. Or choose the various add-ons that will extend the replayability of the game. We didn\’t want to force these things to the public with a high price tag.

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