GEON Emotions: Feel it today on PSN

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Arrrrgh … your messing with my emotions!!!!

Today sees the launch of an emotional rollercoaster in arcade gaming. GEON Emotions comes to the PLAYSTATION Network and includes trophies.


Bliss, rage, envy or fear … use the power of your 8 emotions to compete against your opponent and master the unique sport of GEON. It’s a game of strategy, and mine was to strike fear in my opponents by unleashing a blitz of rapture and speed.

In the world of GEON, energy is king, small pellets called E-motes hover above each side of the grid surface. Each player races to collect their E-motes and the first to score 5 goals is the winner. It sounds easy, but it’s not, especially when you harness the awesomeness of the Powerballs as a recipe for success.

GEON offers a few different ways to play, including single player where you master your skills in Head-to-Head, Face the Challenge and Time Attack. Then when you’re feeling lucky try the multiplayer modes where you can battle against 4 of your most emotional friends in a dual or team game.

GEON Emotions also supports PSN trophies, so ride the emotional rollercoaster and feel rewarded!

GEON Emotions will be available on the PLAYSTATION Store later today for $9.99.

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