The Punisher: No Mercy – Your Questions Answered

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Yesterday, Zsolt Kigyossy of Zen Studios introduced the upcoming PLAYSTATION Network exclusive The Punisher: No Mercy on the PlayStation.Blog. Knowing our readers, we expected that you might have a few questions for him about the game…

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Today, Zsolt sent us the answers to those questions from Hungary(!) I hope you find the answers you’re looking for below – I know his response on Trophies will please many of you…

Q: What kind of graphics can we expect from The Punisher: No Mercy?

    A: With so many great looking First Person Shooter(FPS) and Third Person Shooter(TPS) games available, we simply can’t afford not to give gamers the same kind of high quality. We’ve licensed great technology and we’re pushing it to the limits.

    With the overall feel of The Punisher: No Mercy, we’ve included dark, smoky / hazy levels with realistic characters and environments, but we’re still keeping several comic pages impressions that truly capture the essence of what fans have come to expect from the Punisher franchise.

Punisher Action Shot

Q: Why is Zen Studios using the Unreal Engine to build The Punisher: No Mercy?

    A: Unreal Engine is one of the best in the industry, perfect for a multiplayer heavy FPS / TPS game. It was exceptional at the time we licensed it, but over the last months the Epic engineers made drastic improvements for the PlayStation3 code with tons of new special technologies and features. We are working very hard to make sure you see some of these improvements firsthand in The Punisher: No Mercy.

Q: Is there going to be a trophy system?

    A: Yes, the Trophy system is fully supported.

Q: When can we expect to see a trailer?

    A: The first trailer will be available within the coming weeks.

Punisher Character

Q: Is there a single player mode?

    A: Yes, there is a single player story mode where players need to beat hordes of bad guys in different challenging game mode to unfold the original story and unlock all elements of the game.

Q: Is there going to be character customization?

    A: Yes! Players can select special abilities before the battle that can give you tactical benefits on the field if you exploit them cleverly. We’ll have more details at a later time.

Q: How many different weapons will be in the game?

    A: Creating an impressive arsenal in The Punisher: No Mercy has been one of our top priorities. We’ve included different categories of weapons that players can choose from (close quarters, long range, and special weapon). As players collect more and more frags or weapon power-ups, the arsenal becomes more and more lethal.

Q: When can we see the first screen shots?

    A: The first screenshots are currently available on Gamespot, and many more will be available in the near future.

Punisher Barracuda Character

Q: Any idea of how big a download this will be?

    A: Hopefully below 1gig, but it may be difficult as we want to include all the cool graphics and environment that we are currently working on.

Q: Will there be Hungarian subtitles? (from EmThor in Hungry!)

    A: The game is localized to German, Italian, Spanish and French, but unfortunately not to Hungarian. However if you are around Budapest feel free to visit our studio, and we can provide some real time narration :o)

Q: Will the game output at 30 or 60 FPS?

    A: With this kind of huge GFX data only 30 FPS is realistic.

Q: How do you pronounce “Zsolt Kigyossy”?

    A: “Zs” is one letter, same as in Zsa Zsa Gabor. Pronouncing anything in my language is simple: one just needs to try to pronounce each letters (like in German), and it is done :o) thank you for asking.

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  • thank u for all sony, but i hav a question, how did this game end un beeing an exclusive. isnt this the game to that punisher war zone movie? o well, another thing. we need a game like gears of war, and we need u to release home already.

  • You didn’t answer the most important question.

    Is there going to be a physical copy or not?

    If the answer is not, then don’t bother wasting my time Sony!


    And yes, I’m going to continue making these posts in every relevant thread until the point gets into your thick skulls.


  • Still… no news on the estimated release date… When will it be released?

  • Wow, this caught me by surprise! Can’t wait to play it!

  • @52

    people do not want just physical games… Some people may want games from the PSN. Simply downland based games cost less because there wont be packaging, shipping and other costs.. So in the future expect every single game to have a downloaded version.. And Sony has ALL the right to promote PSN to better levels and making games exclusive for PSN. As you will never have hard copies of Pixel Junk Eden, or Pain, or whatsoever, it means you will not download those great games as well? I suppose Wipeout HD is also off your radar…

    Please be logical. DLC means ownership. You can even activate those games upto 5 consoles.. Come on. If you buy a game you will always need a disc to play it but if u get a game from the PSN 5 of your friends can play it at the same time.

    Go sony. I hope you bring more downloadable games in the future. The main complaint here is that people might have the 40 gb version. Well thats a big concern yes but i advise those people to switch their HD to at least 250gb like i did…

  • +1 Arda82, agree with everything you said (except ‘whatsoever’, etc. would have sufficed).
    I don’t understand some of the people’s big complaint about the U3 engine, it’s a well tested and accessible one for small(ish) development teams. And are those same dissenters saying Gears1&2 aren’t very good TPSs?
    Infinite Ward and other such development houses don’t retail their engines, and if they do it’s for a far steeper price. I agree w/ the decision to go w/ the unreal engine.
    The game has promise, just need to see more of it.
    >last point: PEOPLE spell check! I understand the occasional misspelling, but a lot of posts have to be deciphered, and NYC did you mean impotent or important?

  • good timing with the PSN cards are out

    but is there are any chance this game to come on Blu-ray??????

  • Thanks Jeff.

    Looks interesting…..I’m hoping there’s a demo…read this quickly today and didn’t see a mention of demo…but I’ll be keeping my eyes open for it.

  • I don’t see anything special about this game. It looks like another shooter, if you were to put a another super hero skin on thre you can call it ghostrider or whatever. What makes this game “the punisher” besides resembling it.

  • I was hoping this was going to be 3rd person shooter type. Oh well guess I’ll pass, I hope the rest of you like it though. I just think that there really is only one FPS and that is doom and every fps since then is just pretty much a copy of doom. There I said it, again.

  • @55 You are 100% wrong. The number of posts I’ve seen on the Wipeout HD thread suggests otherwise.

    As for DLC, it is *not* ownership. Can I take it with me on a plane? Can I take it to my friend’s house? Can I sell it or trade it if I grow tired of it? The answer to all of those is a big fat NO.

    DLC IS NOT ownership.

    Stop blathering on about something which you know nothing about.

    These posts are going to pop up in *EVERY* thread until Sony and the gaming companies finally get the point and give people what they want.

  • @61 wuggyboobeaufuf.. You are way wrong than a person has ever been wrong before. Anything that you pay is called OWNERSHIP… Which you have the right to do anything you want with it. You can not take your car to an airplane too but still you own it. I assume your friend would have a ps3 too, since u can not take the game to the house you can go and DOWNLOAD IT and give the favor of your friend to play the game WHEN YOU ARE gone as well. Again I am a finance major and i see that anything you pay for with taxation means OWNERSHIP. You pay the game’s price plus tax and guess what you OWN the game.

    Also you should welcome yourself to the upcoming and changing world. In the future digital purchasing will be the ONLY way of getting your hands on a game. Noone will ever be bothered with hard copies of games ( maybe in 10 years but this WILL happen ) so these PSN only games are a step forward for this evolution..

    Honestly do not blather about something you REALLY know nothing about.

    Wait a minute. Something just came up to me. Can you take your PS3 and plasma to the plane as well? What are you going to do with a hard copy PS3 game on a plane anyways?

    Plus somegames are so small that they do not even need a half of a DVD. So PSN will always be the best way to buy these games…

  • Seeing now that im very happy to see some of the most important questions are answered, however I would love to know if there’s an Online CO-OP campaigne or Story mode? Which is why Online games are important from the first place! what multiplayer modes will be provided with this game?

  • Oh man!! I went to Budapest this summer! If I knew you guys were from there I would have dropped to see the works :P

    Amazing city, very nice with lots of stuff to see! I recommend it :)

    I will make to keep my eye in this game! I wish you guys the best of luck :D

  • Even though I’m disappointed that this is an FPS I’m a comic book fan. Particularly a Punisher fan. I read Punisher MAX every month.

    This game is the only thing that has caught my interest on the PSN since late last year. What about the price? If it’s 9.99 like usual then I might be a little more interested.

  • will there be any add-on content? if not oh well you sold me. also you should read Punisher: MAX

  • Freaking awesome. Thanks Zsolt! I’m totally picking this one up. HOW MUCH!!!!???

  • @65 I doubt the price of the game will be less than 20 bucks….

  • I have a serious problem with this sentence:

    “A: Yes, there is a single player story mode where players need to beat hordes of bad guys in different challenging game mode to unfold the original story and unlock all elements of the game”

    Let me explain. I went out and bought UT3 earlier this year and played the single player game. THE MOST disapointed I’ve ever been with a game. The problem? Well, apparently a huge, vicious and evil alien horde attacks some planet. Okay. Nothing new there. But, to defeat them……I must capture their flag?? WTF?

    I’d sit through some really good cut scenes only to find out that I had to CTF, or capture a base somewhere to defeat them. SOOooo stupid!! I don’t even know how to phrase my disapointment with that game. Vomitus comes close…..

    PLEASE tell me you guys didn’t do the same with this new punisher game. I understand that UT3 was MAINLY an online game, but that doesn’t mean they had to wuss out the single player game. Why even have it at that point? Seriously.

    If you (or any other developer) are going to go through the trouble to create a single player game, PLEASE put some thought into it and make it fun. Of course, I’ll hold my final opinion on your Punisher game until it releases.

  • the game sounds cool but will it offer split screen multiplayer also? I’m just dying for some split screen multiplayer goodness.

  • Punisher BETTER be good lol

  • @69… Yeah I agree with the single player of UT3… Tough it was a great game the single player was nothing but a tutorial for the online experience…

    I am sure Punisher will be just like that. Which is ok since i only played UT3 online so thats what i will do with this game as well

  • Wait, you can play as Barracuda.
    You can play… as Barracuda.
    That’s it. I’m getting this game. Just tell us the relase date & Cost, already!

  • Lastly, I like the feedback, thanks!


  • Thanks for the info. I’m looking forward to downloading this one!

  • I can’t wait to get my hands on this game.

  • can’t wait to buy this game! graphics look great! I just hope u put his black leather coat in the game.

  • Is their going to be a way to look at the game from a third person perspective because I would love to stab someone and really drive it in

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