The Punisher: No Mercy – Your Questions Answered

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Yesterday, Zsolt Kigyossy of Zen Studios introduced the upcoming PLAYSTATION Network exclusive The Punisher: No Mercy on the PlayStation.Blog. Knowing our readers, we expected that you might have a few questions for him about the game…

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Today, Zsolt sent us the answers to those questions from Hungary(!) I hope you find the answers you’re looking for below – I know his response on Trophies will please many of you…

Q: What kind of graphics can we expect from The Punisher: No Mercy?

    A: With so many great looking First Person Shooter(FPS) and Third Person Shooter(TPS) games available, we simply can’t afford not to give gamers the same kind of high quality. We’ve licensed great technology and we’re pushing it to the limits.

    With the overall feel of The Punisher: No Mercy, we’ve included dark, smoky / hazy levels with realistic characters and environments, but we’re still keeping several comic pages impressions that truly capture the essence of what fans have come to expect from the Punisher franchise.

Punisher Action Shot

Q: Why is Zen Studios using the Unreal Engine to build The Punisher: No Mercy?

    A: Unreal Engine is one of the best in the industry, perfect for a multiplayer heavy FPS / TPS game. It was exceptional at the time we licensed it, but over the last months the Epic engineers made drastic improvements for the PlayStation3 code with tons of new special technologies and features. We are working very hard to make sure you see some of these improvements firsthand in The Punisher: No Mercy.

Q: Is there going to be a trophy system?

    A: Yes, the Trophy system is fully supported.

Q: When can we expect to see a trailer?

    A: The first trailer will be available within the coming weeks.

Punisher Character

Q: Is there a single player mode?

    A: Yes, there is a single player story mode where players need to beat hordes of bad guys in different challenging game mode to unfold the original story and unlock all elements of the game.

Q: Is there going to be character customization?

    A: Yes! Players can select special abilities before the battle that can give you tactical benefits on the field if you exploit them cleverly. We’ll have more details at a later time.

Q: How many different weapons will be in the game?

    A: Creating an impressive arsenal in The Punisher: No Mercy has been one of our top priorities. We’ve included different categories of weapons that players can choose from (close quarters, long range, and special weapon). As players collect more and more frags or weapon power-ups, the arsenal becomes more and more lethal.

Q: When can we see the first screen shots?

    A: The first screenshots are currently available on Gamespot, and many more will be available in the near future.

Punisher Barracuda Character

Q: Any idea of how big a download this will be?

    A: Hopefully below 1gig, but it may be difficult as we want to include all the cool graphics and environment that we are currently working on.

Q: Will there be Hungarian subtitles? (from EmThor in Hungry!)

    A: The game is localized to German, Italian, Spanish and French, but unfortunately not to Hungarian. However if you are around Budapest feel free to visit our studio, and we can provide some real time narration :o)

Q: Will the game output at 30 or 60 FPS?

    A: With this kind of huge GFX data only 30 FPS is realistic.

Q: How do you pronounce “Zsolt Kigyossy”?

    A: “Zs” is one letter, same as in Zsa Zsa Gabor. Pronouncing anything in my language is simple: one just needs to try to pronounce each letters (like in German), and it is done :o) thank you for asking.

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  • Thanks for the answers!

    Gotta get this one!

  • I think I might pick this up….

    A little off topic question here Jeff, we were told Sony would be sending out LittleBigPlanet Beta codes today, any word if that is still happening?

  • Oh my goodness ! That fast! Thanks!

  • oh by the way, those are the screenshots that GAMESPOT removed for some unknown reason…….

  • How much is this puppy gonna cost ?

  • The only thing that brings down this game is this:

    Unreal Engine.

  • looks fun

  • any trophies or custom soundtrack

  • This is good. No doubt I will pick this up not just because I’m a Marvel fan but because this looks like a good shooter which uses the Unreal Engine. I think PSN has been due for some heavy action shooter games. Will we see a beta or demo for this?

  • You forgot one question we all need to know. How much?

  • Ah……so it DOES have single player? Excellent!


  • GREAT Info!! Thanx a bunch bro!

  • Sounds like a cool shooter, as long as it doesn’t cost too much

  • this game is officially on my watch list. I’ll wait for the trailer b4 I make up my mind on this one unlike most the people commenting on this post and the previous. if the game sells on the network around $20 then you guys have one more customer here.

    @ chasegamez – HA! evoanubis is right. you didn’t even take the 2 minutes to read the post. use common sense before posting please!


  • jeff, you even been to hungary?

  • great news and great questions hit everything i wanted to know about the will we get a chance to ask the guys that made geon some questions?afyer all i just found out that geon is coming out tomorrow on the playstation store.
    you guys are trying to make me go broke lol.greatest update ever for the playstation store is tomorrow now the countdown begins .

  • any prevision for a release date?

  • most likely 40 bucks i stand by what i said UR engine will sux on PS3. Well this is going to be tuff to plz a lot of people. mainly since its like 20 something games made from UR Engine.

  • Holy ships!!! That looks awesome from the screens.

  • Sounds good man. However, the pronunciation of your name is still a mystery to me.

  • freakin sweet will this have a beta and how much will it cost?

  • I am a huge punisher fan, so this will no doubt be a day one purchase. With the graphics and all that this will prob be the same price as WipeOut – 19.99?

    Also, is it just me or are all the comments now in bold? Stands out more!

  • Nice, looks to be an interesting game. I hope there will be a demo.

  • Now I am hyped. Sounds great.

  • “A: Unreal Engine is one of the best in the industry, perfect for a multiplayer heavy FPS / TPS game.”

    This is a joke right?

  • looks fun, i might get it, now that hteres PSN card!!!!!!!!!!

  • cant wait.

  • I bet you wouldn’t wanna to pick UE3 for making a RPG!

    Only 30fps “realistic”! Come on guys!

    Shoot for 1080P @ 60fsp like with WipEout HD.

  • I bet you wouldn’t wanna pick UE3 for making a RPG!

    Only 30fps “realistic”! Come on guys!

    Shoot for 1080P @ 60fsp like with WipEout HD.

  • Wait a minute! You guys made the PX game engine! Why not use that for making the game instead of paying a million or so to license UE3???

  • Yo ! i want to show this ! it’s a big list original for ps3 games of the year and for fans PS3. you will’s

  • Why are you guys using the Unreal engine when the are other engine that is a lot better our there?

  • thank for answering all my questions
    its gonna be great

  • Sounds good! Don’t worry so much about the file size. There are several demos on PSN in the 1.5 Gig range, I doubt anyone’s going to complain. Make it as large as it needs to be…

  • Looks good :)

    Especially for a PSN game ;)

  • w00t, i just <3 the graphics, nice work!

  • I’m so happy Marvel & Sony have teamed up for an exclusive title!

  • The game looks promising! Thanks for answering our questions!


  • ayo this game looks SICK aka AWSOME- (for all you slang ilitteriates)..jus one impotant there gonna be MULTIPLAYER!!?..if so this game is a MUST BUY..

  • I am totally born and bred British.

    But I have a Hunagrian step-sister, and I regularly visit Hungary.

    I can only rememebr the odd word, and Police beign Rendorszeg and weird random stuff like that. And Peaches beign soemthign like Gyumolsc (pronounced djuumolch).

    Yes, I don’t need to be told I rock. I also know the basics.

  • I must ask, will there be a demo? Lately its so hard to buy a game that doesn’t have a demo, and i’ve made so many bad purchases on the PSN because it looked good but turned out bad, that its hard to make a purchase now without a demo.

  • Thx for the answers Zsolt and thank You Jeff, for publishing my question :)

    As for I work in Budapest, maybe with some fellow ps3 fans, we’ll try to make contact with the developers, and put our dirty fingers on this nice game ^^

    lb003g0676, You rock :) The pronuncination is OK :)

    and to say goodby, say ‘szia’ \see-ya\ :)

  • Looking impressive!

    I think a demo would help! *wink wink nudge nudge*

  • @#29 PSPsGTghOost

    Do you not know anything about game programming? It is far, far easier to make a racer run at 1080p/60fps than it is to do the same with a shooter. Why? It’s simple really. (If you take the time to think about it, which you obviously didn’t)

    In a racer, the player can only travel in a narrow “band” of the world and devs only have to worry about what can be seen from this “band.” In contrast, a shooter allows you to go many different places that are not directly on the path from point A to point B (at least, any shooter worth buying is like this). This means that a much larger area of the world must be rendered (and animated; no one likes to see motionless “paintings” in the background of a fierce firefight) than in a racer. See? that wasn’t too hard was it? You don’t even have to know anything about programming to figure that out. You just have to use the ‘ol noggin…

    OT: Awesome graphics for a PSN title. I may pick this up depending on how good the trailer is and how much it costs. Also, It’s great to hear you’re supporting trophies, but I’m wondering if you’ll be supporting the XMB music player. A lack of this won’t dissuade me from a purchase if the game is good, but being able to play my own music in-game is a huge selling point for me.


  • I was slightly disappointed at first when I heard that this was going to be an arena shooter, but I always have to remind myself that this is a PSN title. It does sound good so far.

    I’m really digging the art style.

  • lol, I don’t think anyone will get the “easy pronounciation” thing unless they are hungarian…
    what he means is that, in hungarian there are no silent letters, no tricks… everything is pronounced exactly as it is writtin. You just have to learn their 36 odd letters and you’re good.

  • ok so to answer the name thing, just pronounce his name like this:
    zolt key/joe/shi

    Live commentary sounds like fun, too bad I live in Toronto :-p

  • Oh, one more thing, and its very important!

    Hungarian PS3 users won’t be able to buy ‘The Punisher: No Mercy’ the PSN exclusive hungarian developed PSN, because -though Hungary is a EU country- the PS store is not aviable here!

    We’re asking SCEE to make the PS Store aviable for hungarian users!

    Thank You!

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