Parsons’ LittleBigPlanet Levels “Blow Away” Media Molecule

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You may have stayed up a bit late last weekend – but not like 150 or so students at Parsons The New School for Design did. That’s how many talented/lucky/dedicated people participated in the 24-hour LittleBigPlanet GameJam.

The goal: produce the best level in that short amount of time.
The results: awesome enough to surprise even the Media Molecule representatives who were on-hand to help judge the results.

I spoke with MM’s Kareem Ettouney and Kenny Young shortly after the presentations. Pay close attention to their excitement – if levels this good can be made in 24 hours, imagine what you gamers will do in a week.

We’ll have the winners (Team Good Sportsmanship) back on the blog soon to share their LittleBigExperience, and best of all – you’ll be able to play all these levels once the game hits stores October 21.

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  • Very nice, can’t wait to play it…

    Also can’t wait for today’s North American Beta info.

  • I’d love to see/read the reviews for this game. There’s a ton of people on my friends list that made it in the beta and they are all saying it’s gody!

  • Where are the Beta keys for US?

  • Nice, cant wait!

  • Thanks Jeff.

    Looks great !

    I’ll bet when this comes out, lots of people will be playing the whole day and night if they have the free time.

  • Unfortunately i wasnt lucky enough to recieve a beta key, but i have friends that recieved one and they are delighted with the game. Congrats to everyone involved in this game,
    This is definatly SONYS year..
    October is going to be a big month i feel..

  • Hey SCEA where are our BETA keys???????????
    No love for the blogspot regulars?

  • @Violater chill… information with sites with keys for NA will be out soon

  • So jealous! I wish I was there

    also the obligatory “where is my beta key pleaaaase” ;)

  • I really enjoyed watching one of the students take on the level they made to be like “Shadow of the Colossus”

    i really like the fact we can use the PSEye to make quick textures of anything!

    I can’t wait to see some of the options to create stuff..


    So, do the objects we place in the game already have predefined attributes like physics and stuff, or is there a language based script we can alter to make th values different?

    kinda like Flash Action Script, with if/thens commands?

    just wondering..

    thanks for this post!

  • Will the Parsons levels be available as DLC from the start?

  • Very cool Jeff… Thanks for the information.

    I read about this yesterday I was hoping we would be able to play the levels created.

    So do you know if it will be all created levels or just the winning levels that are playable.

    Either way I’m ready.. game has been preordered and paid for (twice).

    Can not wait

  • @Everyone asking for beta keys

    “How do I join the beta?

    Unless you are specifically invited you can only join the beta trial of the game by signing up through various games websites. The full list of sites will be provided shortly.”

  • Additionally, I think creativity and overall quality of created levels are suffering because of the image and texture import restrictions.

  • Give me, give me, give me!

    I am blown away and can’t wait!


  • There is no beta the game is GOLD! There is no going back unless you all want to wait even longer for the game to release!

    It had to be a demo!

    Awesome video the game jam looks fun!

  • I’ve been playing the beta of LBP -the hype is justified. This game is 100% magic! Beautiful, different, fun, makes you laugh, the game oozes charm.


  • Looking forward to playing that SotC-like level.

  • Great interview

    LBP rocks! i played the beta and its so fun, you cant play without having a small on your face

  • Hey, I am in the LittleBigPlanet beta and it is probably the best PS3 game i’ve played to date, but I would like to know if our progress (stickers collected, levels unlocked, etc) and created levels will carry over to the full version?

  • Hey..What happened to the Sony Bravia’s??? LOL

  • oh man I can’t wait! But I’ll have enough to keep me busy.

  • I wish I knew about this even ahead of time. I would’ve shown up. My best friend studied Graphic Design at Parsons’. I also notice Ngai in the background. Ngai and I had lunch at the Time Warner building with a girlfriend of mine. Well, we mainly talked about games the whole time. LOL!!!

  • Will the final release be remote playable?

  • Great question on the “blank canvas” Jeff, I’ve seen many artists struggle with this. Kudos

  • I’m in the beta and, I have to say, I’m very impressed by the user created content. I mean, all I made was a Sackboy launcher, some people have made insane levels. In fact, I was playing a lot last night and today and I’m yet to run into a “bad” level, every single one seems to have some kind of quirk to it that makes it enjoyable/fun/interesting and Media Molecule deserve all the praise and sucess in the world.

    Coming from a team that was part of another sucessful studio like Lionhead, I expected nothing less than the amazement factor this game has delivered.

    Stephen Fry was a perfect choice by the way.

  • LBP keeps getting better and better. October 21st can’t come soon enough.

  • Sounds brilliant, can’t wait to try out the creation tools!

  • this game is gonna be siiiick! cant wait.

  • can’t wait to play it

  • Great interview and I can’t wait to get my hands on this! Can you say, “G-O-T-Y”? :D

  • love this game.jeff can i ask you to bring level 5 on the blog during the Tokyo game show?

  • Said this before why the hell is US region not being invited for beta test of LBP through PS STORE??? It was passed in Japan region PS Store since 09-17-08 and beta is starting 09-29-08, thats in 5 days…

    Also why no post about this character costume design contest which was sent out to all JP region on 09-12-08?

    already pre-ordered the game but sucks to see no one posting about these stuff.

    Dengeki Online – JP game magazine website
    1) Beta test application.

    2) Contest Details.

  • It was really exciting to see and hear what we’ll be able to do with the tools. I’m even more pumped than I was before…

  • There is a post about a costume design contest on the LBP blog.

    As well as other cool info..

  • Hey Jeff. Can’t wait on LBP to release. What’s the word on US beta codes?

  • Awesome! I can’t wait to play LBP. Media Molecue, if you are reading, please add as DLC the ability for players to create ‘items’ that can be used to physically interact with the levels. ie; a strap on firehose to put out fires. :)

  • I’m playing right now… and sometimes… lag is obvious…
    But the game is cute :D

    I doing the many tutorials of the game.. and i ask if when i get the final version.. i have to do this again?

    I see most of the created levels by users like me.. is about speed…

    The fisic of the things sometimes dificult the creation.. but.. nevermind :D

    Give me a Lara Croft sackgirl
    Give us the possibility to put in levels the hard drive musics
    Give us water…

    Anything else is wellcome :D

  • I’m in the beta. I’m not bragging or anything. I just want to say that this is the funnest, happiest, most addictive game ever! Everybody who has played it has loved it. This is the game that the PS3 has needed. It will sell millions of PS3s.

    I was reading on Media Molecule’s site and they said the beta is outdated and that the final version is even better. I am shocked by how good this game is. I’m a 22 year old man and LittleBigPlanet makes me feel like a kid again.

    I’m telling you guys, this game is amazing. I spent hours last night playing user created levels four player co-op and I’ll do the same thing again tonight. I’m going to start making a level too.

    I hope you guys wanting to be in the beta get a key. Hook the Blog guys up Sony. :)

  • I saw an XBOX 360 in the background on one of the still shots!!! oh noes!

  • Hope I get into the beta

  • Any chance Mm will upload the Kratos Sackboy trailer that was shown at the Gamestop conference? That trailer was great!

  • BETA KEYS WANTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But great interview Jeff. This truly does seem to be the most innovative game I have ever seen.

  • EricStrattonRushChair

    I’m an excellent Beta tester…
    really and excellent tester.

    *subtle hint over*

  • I’m playing right now in the BETA.

    And The only thing I want to say that this game is:


    game i ever played in my live,This is the game that the PS3 has needed. It will sell millions of PS3s.

  • I’m loving the game so far, it’s addictive, beautiful, funny and just plain fun.

    Couple of issues I’m wondering about, when someone joins an online game, there’s a brief “hitch” when the screen is “refreshed” to allow that person entry.

    Being used to a game like Burnout Paradise where that entry is seamless, I’m wondering if this has/will be addressed?

    Also, when I boot up the game, it’s recognizing my PS3 Sony remote as a 2nd player, which prevents me from moving past a certain point because Sackboy #2 is still sitting at a checkpoint somewhere.

    The only solution I found for this was to take the batteries out of the remote, so the game understands it’s just me playing.

    Great game though guys,m I’ll be buying it one day 1, most definitely.

  • LOL at the pencil analogy.


  • this game will own

  • Please make the levels they created dlc for lbp

  • this sounds really great! hope you make some contest were the participants gets like 2 months in making a level, that would probably produce some heavenly like levels=)

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