SIREN: Blood Curse Tips Straight From the Producer

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Hey PlayStation bloggers! I hope you are enjoying the authentic Japanese horror of SIREN: Blood Curse. It is the first survival horror game available on the PS3, and is available exclusively on PLAYSTATION Network.

By now, I’m guessing some of you must have beaten the game already. If you have, that’s great! If you haven’t beat it yet, you’ve come to the right place! I have something for those who might be stuck or are having trouble getting through certain parts you might find helpful in getting past those tricky “Shibito” (zombie-like undead people). And if you haven’t tried the game yet, there’s a great demo of it on PSN as well.


If you’re not careful and a Shibito spots you, they normally come after you and try desperately to kill you. But have you ever come across a Shibito that runs away from you in the game? You may have thought it was strange, or felt relieved that you didn’t have to fight it. But there is a reason some of the Shibito in the game run away from you. This type of Shibito is called a Brain Shibito, and if you take it out, the other Shibito in the area will also be knocked out too. Armed with this knowledge, you can play strategically by chasing down the Brain Shibito in any given area and taking it out in order to safely proceed.

Another tip to help you survive in the game is to use the sight jack system to your advantage. You can lock on to a specific view from a Shibito or friend with the square button and continue moving around while monitoring that view. You can also show the viewpoints of multiple Shibito at once, and assign buttons to bring up specific Shibito at will. Assign the views to the X, O, or Triangle buttons by holding the button for a few seconds until the screen flashes. There are many more useful control tips for sight jacking that can be found in the in-game manual, accessible from the main menu of the game. Knowing how to use this feature effectively can make a big difference.


Another very interesting feature of the game is the Archive system. When you’re playing, you may notice pop-up messages saying you’ve unlocked items in the archive. At any time during the game you can view the archive items pertaining the chapter you are currently in. However if you view the archive from the main menu, you can view all of the archive items you’ve collected so far. The archive holds information on all of the weapons you’ve picked up so far, as well as special documents and items you’ve earned or found.

Some of these documents or items are awarded by playing through the stages normally. However, some are a little tougher to come by, meaning you will have to either find them or complete a certain series of actions. Some may even be dependent on actions taken in multiple episodes. Examining the items in the archive will give you a better understanding of the story and the events in the game, giving you a fuller picture of the truth behind Hanuda village and the characters wrapped up in the curse.


I know the game is pretty tough at times, but hopefully these tips will make it a little easier to beat, not to mention understand the deep storyline and plot twists the game has to offer. If you have any other tips or strategies for the game, I’d love to hear them, and I’m sure your fellow blog readers would too!

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  • Will this title eventually get some Trophy support?

  • FATAL FRAME all the way. The FF franchise is the only horror franchise that actually freaked the hella of me. I guess it’s simply because it is the kind of horror i like. I’m not into those gore/monster/ dancing zombies type of horror. I’m into Fatal Frame, Haunting Hround…..anything that delivers that true panicking / scary feeling.

    I wonder how SIREN will turn out..i might give it a try.

  • I played the demo, and I would love to purchase this game. but it scared the hell out of me, and I am a type of person that don’t really like to be scared, only on horror houses :)
    Plus I tend to play games in my room with all the light out, and it pretty dark in my room.

    • That\’s exactly how we recommend you to play! <-- lights out I must admit it is a bit spooky, but it\'s great fun! We\'re sure you will love it!

  • Here’s a few tips:

    1) add Trophy support
    2) make the episodes cheaper OR
    3) release a disc-based version in the US

    …and in the future, use better compression techniques to cut back on the required download times and HDD requirements.

    Decent game, but not worth taking up 14 Gigs on my PS3 HDD–please release a hard copy so we don’t have to re-download the entire game for future play-throughs.

  • This game is awesome

  • I need to give this one a try.. Not too sure about it though.

  • Any chance we will be seeing this title come stateside on BluRay like Europe and Japan? I’ve liked Siren since I first played it on the PS2 but this is kind of holding me back from buying it, I’d rather own it on a disk.

  • I’m too scared to play the game. Do you have any tips on how I can overcome my fears?

  • I bought the game on Bluray in Malaysia (Imported from Japan,where it is called “SIREN: New Translation”) last week, and I have to say it’s amazing so far. And creepy. But amazingly creepy.
    I’m up to Episode 3, and I will certainly use these tips from now on! I’m trying to get used to the full sightjacking capabilities- it is a bit confusing at the beginning, but I’m starting to get used to it.
    I doubt I will try to find the brain shibito, though…

  • I LOVE Siren: Blood Curse. I hope the Blu-ray version is still coming to Europe including the UK, I haven’t seen a release date, boxart or anything. I hope there’s more SIREN or horror goodness coming from the team in Japan!

  • I really want to purchase this game but I’m waiting for a disc release or upgrading my hdd bigger than 100gb.

  • One of the best survival horror games in YEARS. Can’t wait for the next one.

  • This game is incredible……after I’m done playing a chapter and decide I’m done being scared, I quit the game and try to eject the disk, only to realize that this phenomenal game is a PSN title.

    I’m a huge fan of both survival horror games and japanese horror films, and I could never find Siren on the PSDeuce, so this game was an instant win for me.

    Thanks for the post and the tips, Kumi, but to be honest I didn’t read them. It’s just the way I play survival horror games; I have to figure it all out myself. Adds to the fear to not know what to do and needing to make it up as I go; makes me feel like I’m constantly struggling to survive.

    Again, love the game, and thanks!

  • thanks for the tips. i love this game. oh and dont bother about trophies. horror survival games do not need trophies. they can take you out of the game and make it less scary.

    cant wait for the next one !

  • My Strategy is to only play it alone, all lights out and at night. Add a big near HDTV and surround sound for even more Fun :D

    Though I kinda feel stupid now, I did not know that you can “hotkey” 3 Shibitos, this makes the Sightjack even more usable.

    @Disc-Version: The Asian-Version is completly in english (and of course region free). It needs “only” 5gb HDD-Space which install in exactly 10 Minutes (hello DMC4…) so u can delete and re-install it quite quick if you want to save space.

  • Awesome game!

    I agree with RoyMunson, no need for in-game trophies. The trophy pop-up window and “happy little ding” would be utterly distracting in such an intense, creepy game. Trophies might be ok for *ahem* finishing the game, though. :)

    Which leads me to a pet peeve of mine: Sorry to micro-focus on a small phrase in the original article, but it drives me crazy to hear the phrase “beat a game”. :) I prefer to refer to it as “finish a game” by “beating/defeating enemies”.

    Yeah, yeah… I can hear the collective *sigh* and imagine the rolling of eyes out there, but hear me out.

    I love that video games (like Siren) are becoming more of an experience instead of a series of repetitive, hand-eye coordination tasks. So, from my point of view, I give this sort of game the proper respect by “finishing” the game (like a book or movie) rather than “beating” it, which makes it sound more like rolling the score over past 999,999 in Space Invaders or something. Anyway, I thought I’d chime in with my thoughts on that… :)

    For those of you on the fence about getting this game, I would say that if you like survival horror games, getting immersed into a creepy world, and you don’t mind a little problem solving frustration (I mean that in a good way). Definitely get Siren: Blood Curse!

    • Okay, you got us on the wording there <-- beat the game Thank you for the praising though! We\'re glad you enjoyed Siren: Blood Curse!

  • I already beat this game, so I don’t need tips. Siren is one of the best horror games I have played in a long time, and has great pacing. Please do more episodes for the games.

  • Thanks for the tips. This game is on my to buy list. Space isnt an issue as I can only play one chapter at a time; besides,…why download the entire thing and let it occupy HDD space?
    That being said, this game should NOT come out on BluRay as it will defeat the purpose of what was trying to be accomplished (great gaming presented in episo. form). I think if we started to get a bunch of smaller crappy titles on PSN then we would start complaining about that as well.
    Oh well……
    Can’t please everyone…keep up the good work!

    • Thank you GeminiBoy, have you been tapped into my phone or something?

      Your comments are spot on.
      Thank you for your support, and we certainly hope you get around to playing Siren!

  • 1 – This game does NOT take 14 gigs like someone on here previously stated.

    2 – Loved playing this game. Here’s hoping for a sequel.

  • the demo sure was creepy, but the camera made it feel even more claustrophobic..i’m sure once i played it for awhile i would get used to it, but it felt like it kinda held the game back..

    but i haven’t played the actual game, just the demo…

    maybe someday a bluray version will surface!

  • Here’s a tip. Stop making games with awful cameras. The game is atmospheric and a little creepy but the camera is terrible and detracts a lot from the game.

    • I must admit it is difficult to please everyone, as people have their preferences for camera mechanics.

      Not sure if this applies to you Kenshin001, but we have noticed a lot of people keep their thumb on the right analog stick at all times.

      This can cause the player to move the camera around unintentionally.

      I try to stay away from moving the camera around unless I really need to.

      Hope this helps?

  • I’m buying this game after I finish a few others in my backlog. As you can see by my avatar, I am too busy having fun with Yakuza 2 right now. I’ll buy this one later this year because it looks like a great game. Kumi Yuasa, thanks for stopping by and giving some tips and reminding me that I still need to buy the game.

    Also, note to Sony: Bring other games over from Japan and at least release them on PSN similar to how you did with Siren if you aren’t planning on releasing them here on BluRay. I would love to play Afrika and a few others. At least give them a chance on PSN for those of us who want some of the more niche titles.

  • I bought episodes 1-8, watched 9-12 to see if they where worth purchasing.

    They weren’t.

  • This game it’s really great… and I’m the kind of person that think that every horror games isn’t good enough to scare but this yes, not scaring like hell but more than many horror games. The only one that scare me for moments was the first Fatal Frame but was only in the beginning.

    Just want this game to have trophies…

  • Bought them all and started Ep 1 last night. Was extremely frustrated that I couldn’t figure out where to go at the very beginning. Just kept dying. Gamefaqs told me where I need to go, but I haven’t tried yet. The darkness of the game is awesome and all, but sometimes it damages the intuitiveness of the gameplay.

    Either way I loved the demo and had no problem. I will stick with it and get through them all eventually. :)

    • Try pressing SELECT during game play.

      This will not only pause the game, but will also bring up a map + a reminder of your objectives etc.

      These features should help you navigate your game play.

  • @Koroshiya

    That needs to be reiterated. Afrika, Aquanauts Holiday, Shikitei should have all been translated in English simultaneously as development progressed and released on PSN globally. I hope Japan Studio does this in future instead of continuing to segregate gamers. Simultaneous Japanese/English release with other languages to follow if need be. If Sony are worried about reception/sales just release the games direct to PSN. That is what it is there for.

  • loved the demo
    i would buy it but 14 gigs are too much and theres no replay value
    so a disc for 39.99 would be a great deal

  • @chip14

    Go to and order the region free disc of Siren there.

  • 14GB? What? Try 9040MB. There’s a subtle difference.

    What idiot said 14GB?

  • I meant 9070MB. No edit button sucks!

  • I usually only post on here when I have something to complain about but I am so impresses by this game that I had to make an exception.

    I played some if it over the weekend with my girlfriend and we’re hooked. The part with the little girl in the hospital almost made her cry. All you could here from her was “OMG ITS COMING RUN RUN”

    I can’t really look at the sight jack screen and control the character at the same time. Luckily my GF was there to keep track of the shiboto’s movement on the sight jack while I concentrated on getting the hell out of there. I guess this team work part is one of the reasons we love the game so much.

    The controls and camera do get frustrating at times though. If you get stuck in a bind and try to fight more than 1 of those things at a time there’s really no way to aim so you’ll end up just swinging away wildly hoping you hit something. And if you try to run you’re basically running blind because the camera is all over the place. Not sure if any of this was done on purpose but it kind of makes the game even scarier because you don’t know what the F’ is going on most of the time.

  • why dont ye guys patch in trophy support for us?

  • @3 (TheHater)…you’re not the only one that got scared by this game. I totally agree with you on this one.

    Actually, no worries as I have many others that are keeping me really busy right now.

  • Okay, I fail at this game. Stuck on Chapter 3 (I think it is) with the little girl. How do I get out of the hospital?

    • Same advice as my comments to Mr. OrganicShadow.

      Try pressing the SELECT button during game play. This will not only bring you to a pause, but it will bring up a map that shows you where you are, versus what and where your objectives are in relation to you.

      The objectives are written out in steps. You should manage to clear this chapter if you follow the steps.

      Are you by chance stuck with the Nurse downstairs?

  • @15

    HELL YEAH! that’s the best way to play it…

    Anyone with a negative opinion either doesn’t like horror or doesn’t know how to survive because it’s a pretty good game if you catch yourself INTO it.

    Any zombie fan would love this game…

  • @34: Here’s a freebie.

    When what’s-his-name is on a different floor (I know his name, but to say it would be a slight spoiler), go into the room adjacent to the one the nurse is in and activate the kitchen timer. Haul ass back to the incinerator and wait for it to go off. Once it does, she’ll go to investigate the sound. Haul ass through the room she’s normally in, unlock the door straight ahead, go through it, then continue down the wallway to complete the scene.

  • ive been wanting to buy this game but there are so many other awesome ps3 titles coming out to,
    rest assured I WILL BUY THIS GAME!!!
    i just dont know when
    also im kind of a pansy

  • I only dare to play the game in bright daylight, preferably with the sound muted and the sun reflecting on the TV screen, so I can’t clearly see what’s going on. Well, perhaps not that big a wuss, but not far from it. I find the controls a bit frustrating, though, especially difficult to handle in a panic — a GTA, Resistance or Unchartered way of control is preferred in my humble opinion. That said…

    …The game is awesome! A scary adventure-ish game with a great atmosphere! And I much appreciate that it’s downloadable (and that the chapters are individually re-downloadable) — nice move, and great use of next-gen console technology!

    I haven’t finished the game yet, so I didn’t read much of the article btw =)

  • I am absolutely in love with this game. I am torn on the trophies issue, though, as I do love collecting them, but I think the little pop-up window would really kill the tension. Still, might be nice for some that only pop-up after you’ve beaten a chapter.

    Are there any plans for a sequel? And if so, would it be a remake of Siren 2 or a whole new story? I know I, for one, would love to see a PS3 take on the Yamibitos.

  • !!!!!!!!HEY HEY LOOK HERE READ THIS PLEASE!!!!! how come you dont reply to any comments about trophy support? why not just give us an answer? ok the game was released too early for trophy support so your excused but any chance of a patch?? please please please!!!

    wait wait wait i have a crackin plan!!!! heres what we will do ye guys go make a trophy patch nice and quick and send it to me and ill test it and make sure it works fine and when i unlock the platinum ill give you a ring and say “hey good news the trophys work nice and handy, send it off to sony there and get them to release it for ya”

    then you pop back onto the blog here and give everyone a heads up “hey me and dan1066 sorted out a trophy patch for ye all it will be out soon enjoy” and everyone will love you for going to all that effort just for them

    gow does that sound for ya?

  • i’m only half way through the game and it’s so awesome. i’ll have to replay it to get the Archive things i’ve missed and find all the weapons to add to the list. 50 items and 50 weapons.

    there were a few bugs i’ve run into while playing but more humorous and takes the edge off of this really creepy scary game.

    playing it in the dark with 5.1 surround sound is so awesome!

  • Why avoid answering the questions about Trophy support?

    Not that I expect to get an answer anyways.

  • Hey i was just wondering when you guys were thinking of a game to make, whos was the one who thought of bloog and horror?, were u guys like one day just like lets make a horror game to scared people..
    anyways this game looks great and i will be buying it! Thanks for the tips

  • Hello ! I finally get to reach you, I`ve been trying to reac you via E mail, actually I sent more than 5 or 6 messages to you guys but I don`t think you received any of them.

    Anyway, since Im a big fan of all Siren games, I`d like to add my strategies that I`ve discovered after finishing the game more than 4 times, but before that I`d like to ask you about some other things that I tried to ask you in the E mails I sent you.

    In the previous Siren 2 title on PS2,there were a stage that appears after you beat the game, the stage is played by Kyoya Suda and the mission is to kill as many shibito and Yamibito as you can, and you have a time limit the more you kill the more you get more points and more time.

    Why not add this idea in Siren:Blood Curse and make a total ranking for it? I mean making a ranking based on that idea that was given in Siren 2. If you didn`t understand me then see Devil May Cry 4 there`s a smililar idea to the one I got, there you have to finish the stages as fast as you can and also finish the game quckily.

    About my strategies, I ALWAYS depened on the sightjack system since it`s the biggest advabtage in the, not only you can see where the shibito is, but also you can see various information that you gonna need like taking a certain numbers through the eyes of the shibito ;)

    Also, when I beat a shibito, I check his weapon immediately and go to menu and see whether the weapon is strong,average… etc. You always have to collect the shibito weapons to make things easier.

    And of course,there`s a strategy that most people forget, which is stealth, you can`t beat the game by running everywhere without taking care of the enemies around you, you`ll be in a big trouble,espically if you`re using specific characters who can`t use weapons such as Bella.

    The last strategy is, I think you mentioned it but I`ll mention it again, which is to EXPLORE the whole stage, there`re all sorts of useful things when you explore the stages, you even can get certain Archive Files that gonna make the story much easier to understand.

    Sorry my comment is SO long I know this, but this`s my first time to get my chance and write somethingand, I sure have more and more things to write but I`ll write them later if you can.

    Thank you

  • I hate spooky games, movies and books and I hate being scared but this changed once I downloaded and played Siren’s demo from the Japanese PlayStation Store.

    I bought Siren at launch from the Saudi/Euro store and loved it. I tried to play it one episode a night (lights off, of course). I kept playing till a certain thing happened at the end of episode six which freaked me out at first then made me stop and reflect on the game and what I’ve been doing all along (I believe MTV Multiplayer’s Stephen Totilo had a similar experience).

    I returned back to the game after a trip for a couple weeks (I think I am at episode eight now). I am just too busy looking for a job right now but I’ll be playing more Siren, hopefully sooner than later.

    Thanks for a great game that changed my mind about all forms of horror entertainment.

  • Hey Sony – here’s a tip for you.

    Give North America a *real*, *physical* copy of the game.

    Downloadable content is *not* ownership. I *will not* buy from PSN. (Or Xbox Live either for that matter)

    Want me to buy Siren? Wipeout HD? PixelJunk Monsters? flow?


    Otherwise, you will not get a cent from me.

  • I know you aren’t releasing trophies for this game, but atleast one trophy for beating it will be nice.

  • Any chance of this hitting the US in Blueray disk? I will buy it in a heartbeat if it comes in a bundled BD disk. If it stays like it is only available via PSN, then I’m afraid I’ll pass on this title.

  • This game dissapointed me, choppy controls and no fun as for gameplay goes. I heard in an interview that each episode was going to be an hour to two hours long. Guess that was wrong.

    Sorry to dog on it, but I didn’t digg it.

  • loved this game

    and it was very scary, i could only play one episode per day

    it reminded me of Resident Evil 4 a little bit but way more twisted and scary

    looking forward to more episodes in the future

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