PSN Cards now available at Blockbuster

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Sighted today in Belmont, CA:

Oh, and because my wording might’ve been a bit confusing (we didn’t *practice* this, we just walked in!), you will of course be able to purchase WipEout HD normally via the PLAYSTATION Store. Now, there’s another option as well.

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  • Finally! Maybe i’ll start with Wipeout.

  • Woot! Now people can stop complaining!

  • This is good for those people without credit or bank cards. Hopefully i’ll see a lot of people on WipeoutHD(does it have online?). This is really good news.

  • Thanks Jeff.

    Is this just in the US at Best Buy or is it also Canada, as we have Best Buy here as well ?

    • That\’s Blockbuster, not Best Buy… Colors are the same though.

      I\’d advise calling your local location first to make sure.

  • Finally! Been waiting for these guys, does this include Canada?

  • Awesome to here…..could they be at rite aid as well…..

  • Europe is on the bench, as usual.

  • Hey Jeff, is there any chance to see these card’s reaching the South America?

  • giant-enemy-sackboy

    jeff plz answer me if they are available at mexican bluckbusters ,since im currently living in mexico i have never buy anything from the ps store,if not when are they gonna be available ??

    thank take care

  • Arre they available at all blockbuster stores?

  • Are they priced accordingly or are there extra charges involved (eg. $20 PSN Card = $35 US)?

  • Does SCEE maybe have anything planned for Europe? not necessarily PSN cards but another payment method besides a credit card?

    none of my friends have one, so i cant buy any psn content :(

  • Unless tax is 1 cent, you’ll be forced to buy the $50 PSN card to be able to buy the $19.99 Wipeout HD, kinda sucks for those who don’t want/have a credit card to use on the PS store.

  • Finally!!

    But Jeff two questions:

    1.) If i take one card for $20… does the card cost exactly $20 or will “Blockbuster” wanna have some bonusses by me?

    2.) If i wanna buy something on the Store i have to pay an extra tax (for example Jeopardy! $14.99 + $1.23 Tax)
    So if I buy a $20-card and want to buy wipeout-HD for $19.99, are the Taxes included in this 19.99 or do I have to buy a $50-Card because W-HD will cost $21 ??

    (Hope you understand ^^)

    • I called the store back (I didn\’t actually buy it when I was there). They said all taxes are included – the 20 dollar card is 20 bucks.

  • i might walk up to my blockbuster just to see if they are selling em. do it tomorrow if i remember to

  • Now if they’d only make it North of the border.

  • Sweet, but woould you happen to know if the PSN cards are coming to Best Buy or Target? Oh and add me to your friends list lol! My user is same as PSN id.

    • They will continue to roll out in more stores in the coming weeks and months. I\’ll make sure we announce them when that happens.

  • Will these cards work in non-US PS Stores?

  • so, How about Rite Aid and 7 Eleven stores? Blockbusters are a bit of a walk away where I am in San Francisco, but if it’s only Blockbuster right now, I’ll go ahead and take that walk!

    Thanks for the update!

  • Wow, I love how you made a video to prove that they’re there :P

    And after tax that $20 card wouldn’t be enough for WipEout HD…

  • @ effeff

    just change your address to a different state that doesnt charge tax.if that’s legal? PA doesnt charge for tax.

  • Nice! I want to know if its available at blockbuster canada too, i want to offer these cards as gifts

  • I like the little video you made :)

  • Finally :P

  • Yay!! Now I can stop using my mom’s credit card… :)

  • This is a good step. Now, please have these cards available in majority of retail stores(Best Buy, Circuit City, Wallmart, Target, etc) as well as online retailers such as Amazon, Newegg and such.

    Please make it happen Sony. Thanks :D

  • i’ve got to get my hands on these!!

  • awesome !!
    Jeff there is any news on what Jack talk in E3 about SONY doing business in Latin America ??
    Maybe the PSN cards can come to my country !!

  • When will they be available at

  • Jeff you know the answer to my ever lingering question, you didn’t really answer GGCAN’s question. ARE THEY AVAILABLE IN CANADA? I don’t care if its best buy or blockbuster or jumbo video or sobey’s or dominion or eb or the source or sears or thecorner store down the street. A simple yes or no would totally suffice, atleast now they won’t be overly expensive on eBay……..

    also, no offence, whats the point of getting it on amazon?

  • I think I’ll keep my account linked with my parents’ credit card! they actually haven’t noticed that I keep adding funds to my wallet on the PSN. its a funny vid though Jeff, looks like it almost was meant for youtube. Oh and look out for the poo dolla!


  • Alright! Finaly PSN Cards (PlayStation Network Cards) are Now Available at Blockbuster all we need Now is for them to be Sold on any Store like GameStop or any Video Game or any Stores by the way does this mean PLAYSTATION Store is Active for PSN Services Worldwide Already? U Know US Europe Japan etc. Everywere else on any Country in any Language?

  • Great news! Thanks, Jeff.

    Now then….Life With PlayStation.

  • What about these PSN Cards will be avaible there soon?

  • Are they available in NYC’s Blockbuster too? Actually, shouldn’t these cards be available everywhere at anytime?

  • umm i got this email on sept 12 2008

    so no cards in Canada

    Greetings Dean,

    Thank you for taking the time to write. At this point in time
    Blockbuster does not have plans to carry PSN cards. Please check
    back with us sometime mid 2009.
    We hope this helps, should you require any further assistance please
    do not hesitate to contact us.

    Have a nice day.

    Kimberly Fraser
    Customer Service
    Blockbuster Canada
    Tel. 1-800-900-1656 Ext.1003

  • thats awesome once i get my ps3 back from sony
    ill get buy some of these

    thank god blockbuster is like 4 min away

  • Les Enfants Terribles


    Duvido muito eles lançarem por aqui, só importado mesmo.

    Talvez em alguma loja especializada em games, só resta esperar.

  • Do I need to have a membership to buy a PSN card? I have only been to blockbuster once before, so i’m not sure about it.

  • When will GameStop and other Game retailers get them? It seems really weird that GameStop hasn’t got them yet.

  • Thanks for the update. It’s good to see the cards making their way to retail. I know what I am giving out as X-Mas presents this year!

  • Canada?? Come on there are a ton of Canadians who want to buy a bunch of PSN games,but need PSN cards.

  • now how about that small place called EUROPE!!!

    oh SCEE why dont you want my money :(

  • Well, that does it. I am moving to Belmont, California.

  • Are they in Miami’s Blockbusters?

  • Why not have a 10 dollar card? You know specially for ppl who may just wanna try out buying something cheap on the PSN first. Im not saying 20 is expensive.

  • will they be available in college bookstores as well soon, like for example on college campuses?

  • I’ve been to two Blockbuster stores around the Bay Area, CA and both had them “available” but NOT for “sale”.

    The employees at both locations tried ringing them up but they cannot sell them since it doesn’t scan properly. Apparently this is a franchise-wide problem, and they don’t know when they’ll solve it.

    Yes, the video shows they are “available” but perhaps you should try making a video of you trying to “buy” one and come up empty handed because they can’t ring it up.

    • Hmm, our systems show that people have been buying/redeeming them, but I\’ve got the appropriate people looking into your claims. Thanks for the heads-up.

  • this video seems like a The Office episode lol

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