Join The Force Unleashed Launch Event Tonight, Enter to Win Prizes Now

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Hello PlayStation Blog readers!

I wanted to take a quick moment to remind everyone about the launch party we’re hosting at Best Buy (1717 Harrison St. in San Francisco) tonight. From 7pm to midnight we’ll have the game available to play early, tons of great photo opportunities, and a chance to meet the cast and crew. Please stop by and say “hi” if you live in or around San Francisco; we’d love to meet you.

I’m so excited that we’re this close to launch. Tonight at midnight the world will finally get a chance to play the game we’ve worked so hard on for the last couple years. I’m extremely proud of what the team here at LucasArts has accomplished and hope that you all will enjoy the game. Here’s a developer interview with a deeper look at the PS2 version of the game:

I’ve also been asked to close with a trivia question … My instructions were: “nothing too obscure, but nothing too easy, either…” In the Internet Age, with sites like StarWars.Com and Wookieepedia out there, I think it might be impossible to come up with something that can’t be answered with a three-second Google search, but I’ll try: What type of music do Ugnaughts listen to? (believe it or not, it’s in the game …)

The first person to submit the correct answer will receive a special prize chosen from the Lucasfilm archives, a “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” novel, “The Art & Making of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” book, a Lego Rogue Shadow Kit, a Star Wars: The Force Unleashed t-shirt and an Inflatable light saber.

Correct entries 2 through 5 will receive a “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” novel, “The Art & Making of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” book, a Lego Rogue Shadow Kit, a Star Wars: The Force Unleashed t-shirt and an Inflatable light saber.

And correct entries 6 through 10 will receive a Star Wars: The Force Unleashed t-shirt and an Inflatable light saber.

Email your answers to Don’t bother posting the answer in the comments section – it won’t count!

And now for the required legal jargon:

OFFICIAL RULES – “Star Wars TFU Blog Sweepstakes”

1. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. To enter, visit Answer the question posed by the Star Wars Producer posted on the blog post and email your answer to Sweepstakes starts September 15, 2008 at 12:00 p.m. (PST) and ends September 15, 2008 at 11:59 p.m. (PST). No other method of entry will be accepted. To be eligible, completed entries, including the correct response to the question posed, must be received no later than September 15, 2008, at 11:59 p.m. (PST). Limit one entry per person and valid e-mail address for the duration of the promotion. Entries will be declared made by the authorized account holder of the e-mail address submitted at the time of entry. Subsequent entries will be disqualified. Sony Computer Entertainment America (the “Sponsor”) is not responsible for lost, late, mutilated, illegible, incomplete or misdirected entries. Sponsor is not responsible for technical, hardware or software failures of any kind, lost or unavailable network connections or failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed computer transmissions which may limit an entrant’s ability to participate in the contest. Sponsor reserves the right in its sole discretion to cancel or suspend this sweepstakes should virus, bugs or other causes corrupt the administration, security or proper play of this sweepstakes. Entries not satisfying these Official Rules will be automatically disqualified.

2. PRIZES: The first ten (10) correct answers received will receive a Star Wars: The Force Unleashed t-shirt and an Inflatable light saber (approximate retail value $9). The first five (5) of the above 10 correct answers will also receive, in addition to the above prizes, a “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” novel , “The Art & Making of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” book, and a Lego Rogue Shadow Kit (approximate retail value $119). The first (1) correct answer from the above 10 correct answers will receive all of the above prizes and a special prize chosen from the Lucasfilm archives. (Approximate retail value $319) Sponsor reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal value if prizes are unavailable. Prizes are non-transferable and no substitutions allowed.

3. WINNERS: Winners will be determined based on the first entries received. Winners will be selected among all eligible entries. Winners will be contacted via their emails on September 22, 2008. If winners entered via a mail-in entry, they will be notified by email. Online users, be sure to check your user mail on September 22, 2008 to see if you are a winner. If your name is selected you must respond via email to within five (5) days to accept the prize. Failure to respond within five (5) days will result in forfeiture of prize and an alternate winner will be selected among all eligible entries.

4. ODDS OF WINNING: The odds of winning depend on number of valid entries received.

5. ELIGIBILITY: Open to legal U.S. residents only aged 13 or older. Return of any prize/prize notification as undeliverable will result in disqualification and an alternate winner will be selected. The prize winner may be required to sign an Affidavit of Eligibility and Release within fourteen (14) days of receipt or forfeit prize. If the prize winner is a minor, then prize will be awarded in the name of the minor’s parent or legal guardian. By acceptance of prize, winners agree that Sponsor, their affiliate companies, subsidiaries, parent companies, advertising and promotion agencies, and their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives and agents will have no liability whatsoever for and will held harmless against any injuries, losses and damages of any kind alleged to or resulting in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from acceptance, possession, misuse or use of any prize or participation in this game. Winner agrees to the use of their name and/or likenesses for purposes of advertising, trade, or promotion without further compensation, unless prohibited by law. Employees of the Sponsor and its parent, subsidiaries and affiliated companies and their immediate families living in their households are not eligible to participate in this sweepstakes. Neither the Sponsors nor its affiliates, subsidiaries, division or related companies are responsible for any damages, taxes (federal, state or local if any), or expenses that winners might incur as result of entering or participating in this sweepstakes or upon receipt or use of prize.

6. WINNER LIST: To obtain names of winners, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Star Wars TFU Blog Sweepstakes, 919 E. Hillsdale Blvd. 2nd Floor Foster City, CA 94404. Prize winners name request will be fulfilled within four weeks after prize has been awarded. Requests for winner list must be received by September 22, 2008.

7. RESTRICTIONS: Void where prohibited or restricted by law.

8. SPONSOR: Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc., Foster City, CA 94404

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  • Hi great cant wait.

  • number 2 hmm

  • I want blood :D

  • i want to drink blood!

  • Hmm Star Wars I never did like the movies much but I loved Lego Star Wars.

  • There should be more contests like this, like whenever a first party game launches.

  • PS3 must have multiplayer! and launch trophies later please!

  • Just one more reason I wish I lived in the Bay Area. Sadly, I’m on the other side of the country.

  • Yet again a contest for US only.

  • Too bad I have school.

  • Def not in Cali…

  • Well, I’ve looked for the past 20 minutes for an answer to the trivia question and have come up blank. Oh well. I’m excited to play this game. I loved the demo and while reviews haven’t been great, I think this will be a fun game to play.

  • Don’t have the game and you are correct, google has failed lol, so I took a wild guess haha (since I figured by the time I did figure it out you’d already get a correct answer submitted soo might as well submit 1 now with a guess and just cross my fingers and hope I get it right lol)

  • dont forget to make us a quick trophy patch when ye get back to the studio

  • No trophies and meh reviews = No Buy

  • I’ve never even heard of an… “Ughnaught”… Is this from one of those animated series or something? Doesn’t really matter to me anyway. The game is the main story here. That extra stuff doesn’t really interest me. The PS2 version does look quite impressive.

    Have a fun launch! :D

  • we won’t be able to get this get this game yet since our priorities are water food and electricity, Houston has a problem help us.

  • Thanks for the post.

    As others have and will state…this contest is only for the US.

    We need more contests that are regional and not just US related.

    Maybe a good idea to have other countries Sony sites put up a contest too.

  • thats the hardest contest ever… i’ve checked like 4 sites already and nothing

    damn i want to win something so badly

  • Wasn’t this mentioned in an interview? Gotta find it!

  • Sent my answer in! Hope it’s correct xD

  • I will buy the game.. because i’m looking for power.. , and the dark side have it :D

  • This game is not Wipeout HD.

  • long shot.

  • submitted =) good luck to all

  • Screw the contest and Princess Lea give me the game
    I got the demo and it is dope ,finally I must say a Star Wars game worth my hard earned cash , for rental

  • Looking forward to playing the game! I think I tracked down the correct answer as well… we’ll see! Good luck everyone! :D

  • haden evey year or so playboy has a virtual vixen spread will juno eclipse be in it if they ask

  • If I come later than 7, will I miss out on a a bit of stuff?
    I’m thinking about going, but I won’t be off until after 7!

    I’ll try to see you guys down there!

  • I was thinking to buy this game, but when i read “no trophy support”, meh.
    U lazy developers. Now i´m downloading your game to my XBOX360 right now. i wont give u my money

  • no trophies, no buy.

  • wow ok that is hard i guess it has to do with the ugnaught bar on cloud city. would the answer be metal? (ugnaughts like the metal you know)

  • no trophies, no buy. Too many games coming out to waste my time on a game the developers were too lazy to implement a basic PSN feature for.

  • IGN: 7.3 + No Trophy support = NO BUY!!!

  • The PSN are great to have thank you Sony for finally bringing them out.

    Is it possible for you guys to put Battle Arena Toshinden and or Streetfighter Alpha 2 or 3 or even Xmen VS SF on the store. Maybe even bump their graphics up to HD. SF alpha one was not the best version of the Alpha series. We should have a wider selection of these games which had different versions of themselves.

    P.S. Battle Arena Toshinden 1 really rocked! Sony should bring back the first one but refined.

  • So when did playing a game become all about the trophies? Whatever happened to playing a game because it’s fun/has an interesting concept? I enjoyed the demo, and granted, there were a few flaws, but being a Star Wars fan, this is a no-brainer purchase for me, trophy support or not.

  • I ended up buying the PSP version. I was greatly disappointed that the PS3 version was limited to 720p. Why is the XBOX 360 version capable of all resolutions? That pissed me off royally. There are too many games on the PS3 at 720p. Why did I buy a 47″ LCD Phillips 1080P TV monitor to play games on a system that can output 1080p. VERY STUPID! I will not buy games that are 720P for $60. I bought the system when it was $599. I want to see games released properly with the option to play full 1080p.
    Who ever made the decision to release BLU RAY games at that resolution should be fired. Send me a check for $200 and I will shut up about it. The 1080p resolution does make a difference how it looks on a larger screen, not much to the smaller screens: 15″ to 32″. Those size of TV’s run 720P/1080i anyways.
    I waited along time for Star Wars: Force Unleased, nearly a year, only to be let down by some a*#hole who decided to put it out on 720p.
    I’m sure I’m not the only one pissed about it! Why would Lucas Arts allow this to be released this way on the PS3?

  • Thanks for the post. I have been waiting for this game for a long time now. Went to Game Stop last night after the Cowboys game to pick this up, and wow, this game kicks ass. With the three game engines running in this title and the way this game make you feel like a GOD as a Jedi Knight I dont understand how it did not get higher review scores. The graphics are great, the game play is solid, and the story seems epic so far. Also, with the environment interaction, and the realness of things like glass and wood breaking I most definitely recommend
    this game to anyone wanting to play a great action title. Thank you Lucas Arts for all of your hard work on this title. I’m looking forward to more games like this taken form other chapters of the Star Wars universe.

  • @ 38 reversewahwah

    You are so right man. I’m said this before so many times.


    Lead platform was the PlayStation 3.
    There are achievements on the 360.
    It would take 2 days to make a patch.
    Yet LucasArts wants to charge the same price for the 360 version despite missing the rewards feature! Are you having a giraffe?!


  • firstly… whoever gave this less than a 4 is a retard =)
    secondly… stop the whole TROPHIES = NO BUY thing. Its really pathetic, people should play the game for other reasons than just 2 hav a little icon pop up in the screen, especially seeing as trophies dont actually mean anything or count towards anything. YOUR VERY SAD IF THE ONLY THING YOU LOOK FOR IN A GAME IS STUPID LITTLE TROPHIES. do they make u feel special or maybe more important or a better gamer than someone who has less than you or something? becuase thats not the case, it usually comes down to who ever has the most money to buy the most games and how much time you spend on the PS3. Just appreciate the fact that you have a chance to win some free stuff which NONE OF THE OTHER GAMES… that do include trophies, have done. People need 2 realise that playing games isnt JUST about trophies. Yeah they r cool… but not essential.

  • Is it just me but if you strip away the cracking visuals you could well be playing Lego Star Wars?? Nothing new or special apart from the storyline if you ask me..

  • Any updates on the winner(s)?

  • I didn’t get an e-mail so I assume my answer was wrong, but is there going to be a post revealing the correct answer?

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