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Pain Character: Kenny
The Amusement Park is OPEN FOR BUSINESS! I’m really happy to announce the release of PAIN Amusement Park today. If you have been on the “PAIN Train” since the beginning you know this has been a long time coming. If you have never played PAIN before, it’s about time you found out why we have so much fun hurting ourselves and others.

The NEW PAIN Amusement Park represents quite a bit of gameplay evolution from the development side and substantial input from people who post here and on our community site:

We also took a long hard look at the trophy requirements and after your extremely candid reactions to them decided that it was much better to dial them down. Not everyone who plays PAIN is as good as the top 10%.

Today, we have four NEW content additions:

  • One new PAIN Environment: The Amusement Park ($5.99 USD)
  • Three new launchable characters: Tati, Yeony and Kenneth ($.99 USD)
  • The Amusement Park: A new PAIN environment means you have new modes to cause PAIN, havoc and mischief all over again. Some familiar modes are back (HORSE, Fun With Explosives, Abusement Park) Some brand new modes are here to mix it up (Call da Shot, Clown Toss, Trauma, Hot n Cold) There’s more content in this add-on than there was in the original PAIN release!
  • We also have a fantastic new experimental PAIN mode called PAINLabs. PAINLabs will be our chance to give YOU new PAIN-Based experimental environments EVERY WEEK. FOR FREE! Here we will work with the community (you guys) to build new and improved game modes that will make their way into future expansions. Make sure you are there to grab those Lab experiments when they are posted. We will change them every week! And when you see something you like, post to our boards. I can assure you we read them.

We’ve spent enough time in the incubation stage now. PAIN content is now starting to hit a stride. I hope you guys enjoy The Amusement Park. We have a lot more in store. See you very, VERY soon.


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  • I’ve been playing since 8 AM PST and I love it.

    Thanks for the early release!

  • About the trophies requirements ..
    it was the right thing to do.
    So cheers for that one.

  • Heck yes, good to see, I’ll probably pick it up today, seeing as I just found out the gas station I used to work at now carries PSN cards.

  • Pain isn’t my type of game, but I just wanted to comment and say I appreciate the continued support of your game well after it was released. Pain, Warhawk and Burnout Paradise are examples of what other developers and publishers should be doing to keep the games alive. Keep it up!

  • Can’t wait to get home and give it a spin. Thanks for the hard work travis (and team). When will you announce the next big thing?

  • Maybe I’m not paying attention, but will the trophy support be included via a patch when the game boots up or ONLY through the purchase of the add-on?

  • The trophies aren’t working for me. I’d get a 17x combo and it won’t unlock the 15x trophy :/

    I’m going to try re-installing the game and patch, I also deleted my old save data and tried it again, didn’t work.

  • Wait, wait, wait, do we NEED the amusement park to get the trophies?

    If we do this is some serious BS!

  • I have the original. Not sure if I should expand.

    Thinking about it though!


  • Thanks for all the hard work. I’ll be updating when I get home!

  • I don’t know why but I guess I mistakenly thought it was called the “Abusement Park”
    Anyway it looks fun!

    And I add my voice to the question…Does the original Pain have trophies now or do you have to have the expansion to get them?

  • @7

    you do it in paindemonium, aftermath, block party and in demolition? you have to make sure you made it in all of them.

  • A little dissapointed that the updates for PAIN aren’t free to be honest with you. I Paid the $9.99 and it felt pretty light, especially when stuff like Burnout Paradise is getting MASSIVE updates for FREE.

  • This game is such a huge rip off. You guys ask $10 for a game that is nothing but one level and stripped to the bones and then want us to pay for different characters?

    Talk about a bad blow job from Sony.

  • After looking over the Trophies it seems like the majority of them require you to buy the characters and the Amusement park to obtain them. There aren’t a whole lot of them that you can get just by playing the core game.

  • And for the record I have no problem purchasing new environments for this game as I personally feel they are worth it and fun.

    But charging money for these rinky dink generic characters is a little much.

  • Definitely buying this one! Love the PAIN game and a new environment will more than enough fun for quite some time!

    Couple questions…
    Are trophies only for the Amusement Park or are their some for the city?
    And, for PAINlabs, the things you add each week, they will expire after we try them out or do we get to keep them on our PS3?


  • I’m not able to check PAIN at the moment, but has AAC track playback been implemented yet? 90% of my music is AAC, so ‘in-game music’ has been somewhat moot for me thus far.

    I’m definitely glad to see the PAIN world is finally expanding. It has been a long time coming, but it’s better late than never, right? :D

  • I the online play part of this package? That is what I really want, I want to be able to play against friends online. Also is chat enabled?

  • Why is it delayed in Europe?

  • Can’t wait to get some trophies!

  • I may buy this someday, not sure why i am not more excited. Maybe it just took to long to come out. I would think that you could slap this together in less time. I was under the impression that this would be a bigger, better level but the original level seems like it more dynamic from the videos i have seen.

  • Any updated on the most delayed update…the one for High Velocity Bowling? Kinda sad. :|

  • I agree with the question from #20, I thought online was a part of this package? Or what, is that another piece of the game that requires the expansion? I’m utterly confused.

  • I may take a look at this one. Wasn’t on te pain bandwagon..

  • Delayed in Europe for the same reason everything is. Language issues and SCEE sucks!

  • Can you go into more details on how this pain lab bussines works?

  • the trophies are still too hard. ;\
    good work though. (Y)

  • UK too? That’ll be tomorrow though right? Just installing the patch now in anticipation of the Theme Park…

  • First of all, neither the amusement park or trophies are delayed in Europe, I am playing them right now and I am from Scotland.

    Secondaly, while I love the amusement park, great job there, I am really disappointed with the number of trophies made avaliable through the latest patch. There are very few avaliable, there is no satisfaction unlocking trophies from doing only very challenging things. I want to be able to unlock them like you could on warhawk, for doing a variety of things, for example, reaching 2 million points on the amusement should have been included. Why on earth did you not integrate the ingame trophies with the xmb one’s, it would make the game much better and actually make the trophies more accessable and most importantly there would be more of them.

  • Sounds awesome. Guess I’ll have to add this to my buy list for today. ^^

  • Neato! I’ll be downloading this tomorrow!

  • Awesome work guys. Looking forward to purchasing.

  • Garbage. Rip off. $10 for what almost everyone I knew said ‘so that’s the demo?’, and embarrassingly I said no, this is what I paid for. THIS IS NOTHING LIKE BURNOUT AND WARHAWK, they both update for FREE and have SOLID dlc packages. You guys should be embarrassed of yourselves for such obnoxious nickel-and-diming, this is exactly what most people feared about ‘micro transaction dlc’, only giving a small part of a game that should have much much more. For what is given is like only getting the first 20 challenge rooms in Bionic Commando: Rearmed, and that’s it, no main game, no huge amount of challenge rooms. Dev’s go look and a mirror, shake your finger and what you see and learn some shame for this fleecing.

  • @27

    it isn’t delayed, you can download the trophy patch, and then buy the abusement park inside the game.

  • is online play still coming?

  • ‘and=in’ ‘and=at’, wish there was an edit button.

  • #37

    in their blog said very soon… it was delayed because they suppose to bring the online play with this but then they had to delay this so better this first and next the online.

  • What about online play is it in this patch? Hello anyone out there that can answer this?

  • “A little dissapointed that the updates for PAIN aren’t free to be honest with you. I Paid the $9.99 and it felt pretty light, especially when stuff like Burnout Paradise is getting MASSIVE updates for FREE.”

    That sure is a dumb comment. Burnout didn’t cost $9.99. It was $59.99. Don’t be so cheap.

  • @42

    Burnout also didn’t have 1 CAR, and 1 Area to dive around. Sorry but I’ll continue to be cheap and play more Burnout and less PAIN. If you’re happy being charged for more characters….More power to you.

  • Hey Travis,

    How about telling SCEA that us annual Qore subscribers that already have Calling All Cars would like to use that $9.99 PS Store credit to download PAIN, or other PSN titles. Some people purchased Qore for $24.99 and got CaCs for free. Then there are the rest of us that paid $34.98 for the two of them.

  • Yes finally we can be nickel-and dimed for the rest of our money.

    I’m sorry but Pain is crap, 1 level and two skins for $10? Give me a f-ing break. I’d preferr to buy a full game thanks.

    Pain is the biggest rip-off on PSN, plain and simple.

    One level and a few config files for $6. Really? You could have at least thrown in the 3 other skins for free. Boycott this crap.

  • @45

    I agree with you about the pricing of PAIN. TBH £4.99 for the game is ok…but 69p for each character is stupid, characters should be free.

  • Awesome! What a great birthday present!

  • Thanks for all the hard work, I can’t wait to play the amusement park and rack up some new trophies, those things are like gaming crack so addicitive!

  • amusement park is out? uhhh yea, thanks but no thanks. i remember a month after the original release of Pain there was a mention of this being free, and many months later it is finally released and it cost almost as much as Pain did, i’ll pass….

  • Hey TRavis~

    Great update thanks. I heard some Rumors that LBP might allow users playing local multiplayer on one PS3 to log in on thier own PSN ID so each person gets thier own trophies when they accomplish the goal. I wrote to you back a bit when you first announced trophies for Pain and you thought that was an interesting idea and you would ask around about it. Is there a plan to implement this functionality in Pain in the future. It would be cool in local multiplayer games if all players earned thier own trophies and rankings respectively. Thanks for listening.


  • Trophies :D nice we like that :)

    I was just wondering ..

    the backward compatiblility thing that the 60 GB PS3 has..

    Is it firmware or software that makes it possible to read old ps2 discs ?

    I really want to play Jak And Daxter 3 over again before naughty dog’s maybe make a jak and daxter 4.

    Is it possible you guys give us a patch that gives us back the ps2 compatibility

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