LittleBigPlanet: SackBoys in the Wild

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With little over a month until LittleBigPlanet hits store shelves, the SackBoys are “stuffed” with joy, because the fans have had so much fun the past few weeks. From Pre-order activity, LittleBigBillboards, LittleBigChallenge 003 (SackBoy costume contest) to tons of community activity on fansites everywhere, like & LittleBigPlanetGuide – it puts a big smile on SackBoys.

But how much do you really know about SackBoy? What type of environment do they live it? What can they do? What do they do? If these questions ever crossed your mind….”roll video”

Stay tuned for our next update…or just head to our LittleBigPlanet News Site.

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  • Can we please get In-Game MUSIC access when playing??? Don’t give people something to complain about when this can be the best game ever!

  • Thanks for the update. I can’t wait to play this game.
    As with the first post, LBP FTW!!!!

  • wow Nice vid. Cant wait to get this

  • I cant wait for this game!

  • Cant wait for this game, it’s a creative playground, I wish gamestop customers had ab option to choose what bonus they wanted, I wanna trade kratos in for nariko

  • I don’t give a crap what other peons whine about. This game is chock-full of 100% pure all-natural WIN, and there’s nothing anyone can do or say that will change that.

  • Brilliant!! Utterly brilliant.

  • OMG! That is 100% INCREDIBLE! What a game! This WILL be the best game ever! :)

  • I can’t tell you how much I love LBP, and the marketing behind the game from the mini billboards, to the cute video ads, its just being pulled off excellently. This is one of those games that needs all the attention it can get, and deserves it. Hopefully it pays off.

    PS- Stephen Fry FTW!

  • …must buy this game…
    Wife is like WTH is so good about this game!?

    She don’t get it orz

  • Please put these up on the PSN store :)

  • @11 – Stephen Fry??!?

  • So awesome.

  • Game of the decade IMO. Can’t wait to create levels. In case anyone does not know, you can check out the LBP manual here:

  • @thor (14)

    Yeah, if im not mistaken that is his voice, as he is the voice actor in LBP. Here is the official manual for the game, he is in the credits I think. (if the link doesn’t show up just wait for it to get approved)

    I could be wrong, I guess I get british peoples voices messed up (without a face) lol, but im sure it’s him.

  • Can you just put me in some kind of coma-like state until the release of this game? The anticipation is killing me!

    Anyone know of any kind of beta testing going on for this game? And can a kind, humble individual (i.e. Me) become a part of it?

  • I would of gone with a different voice actor, seemed too much like a corny steve irwin knock off but that’s just me.

    So is SackBoy going to be the new PlayStation mascot? I miss the old days when Crash was considered the PlayStation mascot. They had some great Crash Bandicoot commercials back then.

  • lolll This game is always putting a smile on my face. 1 month is so far away, but so near lol cant wait to play this game!

  • This is going to be the BEST.GAME.EVER.™

  • Are you going to have a limited edition of this game with all the goodies included? That will represent a huge hit in sales!

  • I can’t wait for this game to come out! :D

    Nice Steve Irwin parody, by the way ;)

  • Just a question: on the OPM (Official Playstation Magazine), you are offering codes to download the limited edition Kratos Sackboy for LittleBigPlanet. And the magazine comes out on September 30th. Now why are you doing so a month prior to the game release? What’s the point? What not giving us the codes on the October issue of OPM?

  • Love it :D Though it makes me miss Steve Irwin :'(

  • @Chaos (18)

    I think people are REALLY mistaking the whole “Sackboy = Sony mascot” quote/topic. As shown at E3 with all those PS3 characters on the big screens (ie Nathan Hale, Drake, etc), Sackboy has been added to that ‘collection’ so to speak.

    He is just now another character no different from Crash on PS1, or Ratchet on PS2, and so on. It’s nothing OFFICIAL as in PS3’s will now have Sackboy logos on them (sarcasm) but you know what im saying.. ;p

  • NA Release Date?

  • I love this game.

  • @6

    Flash player upgrade is something that’s on Adobe’s (creator’s of flash player) plate not Sony’s. They have to license a higher version of flash player before we can see the ps3 browser’s flash player updated.

  • This game needs to come out like Now! I can’t wait!

  • lol AWESOME!!!!

    I’ve already reserved my copy, and I can’t wait to see what kinds of things people can come up with! (Let alone, showing off my amazing creative design skillz!) :p

    This game is going to be big… or should I say “LittleBig”?

  • I cannot wait to make a level on this game, i am hoping to make the following three objects:
    1) BMX bike (Jumps and ramps of course)
    2) Jeep (Suspension is a must)
    3) Old School Chopper (Easyrider anybody?)
    Is there any support for Home? duh…
    Is there any plan to revise the Rules so it takes more than one flag to kill a level? I can see a hater coming in and flagging levels for fun. He could easily create another user name to go out and flag with some more after he is banned from flagging. The kid who is out flaggin cool rooms will be named something cool like LittleBigReaper… Maybe allow for a room to be permanently allowed after it has been reviewed.

  • LittleBigChallenge 002 was amazing… i love the cover-skits by ffhnod on Flickr!

  • Love Love LOVE the video!

  • Just fall more in love with this game for every video I watch of it.

  • @26

    I wasn’t making an implication he was already, I was asking if he was going to be. I wanted to hear it from the horses mouth so to speak.

  • That’s awesome. I’ve already pre-ordered it in full tho. >:|

  • very cool.. i’m totally sold to the concept of LBP.. Mm, you have my money

  • I’m just wondering, about the LBP E3 presentation, how did you guys put the covers of the greatest hits and the PS3’s? I’m sure you can’t do that with the PS Eye and with no HDD picture access, I don’t think we can. So was that an exclusive thing to the presentation? :(

  • i dont want to sound negative here but this game sucks. i mean, whats the big appeal with this?? a little sackcloth creature doing stuff???i just hope i’m wrong and this doesnt flop big time like lair!

  • @40

    I was wondering the same thing when i saw that :/

  • CAn you please add custom in-game music, of all the games out there, this one suits it the best, it would be complete freedom, please let us listen to our own music please.

  • Incredible Video!

    Don’t forget ;)

  • Hey Mark, thanks for the update.

    Although, LBP has a big online following, I hope that by mid October I can ask my little brother what Little Big Planet is. Why? This will tell me that Sony has been flooding potential buyers with TV commercials, and other various public ads. Sony has stated that Sackboy is their mascot, and that LBP is an important release in all markets. Well, let’s make this happen!

  • This game is amazing, I cant wait..


  • .. lol

  • little big planet ROCKS

  • Holy crap this is just the game…

    THE game.

    It’s awesomeness defined in a package on a Blu-Ray.

  • 3 Things…

    I Want my Lara Croft Sackgirl
    I want liquids
    I wourld know what have Protugal for bonus for pre order and else…

    This game it’s more dirt than motorstorm, have more vengeance than Nariko, a lot of adventure to make jealous to Drake….. and lot of lot and more lote of fun than Warhawk…
    And.. gonna be mine :D

  • It has been a long time since I have looked forward to a game this much. Love the video.

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