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So it looks like I’ll be in Florida for a blogger convention (yes, those exist) at the end of the month. Every time we run a reader meetup (ok, both times), we hear from East Coasters that want us to show love to that side of the Mississippi. So allow me to ask: who of you would be interested in a Orlando-area Blog Reader meet-up September 27? Let me know in the comments.

Oh, and if you have a link to share – please do.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 9/1)

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  • Orlando would be too far away for me. Also, you should consider posting more on weekends.

  • I’ve pre ordered the European version of Little Big Planet at Play, they’ve got Nariko whooohoooo :-D Also Pure since the game there is just as expensive as importing the US version, … which I do a lot :-)

  • Still waiting for my beta code email…starting to feel screwed over.

  • @Pyrojack, Jeff is already contributing a lot to this blog during the week. The fact that he also posts in the weekends, which is normally the people’s time off… is really worth the respect :-)

  • @Onna76_NL I guess thats true. But still, weekends are kinda boring without news.

  • @ Jeff – I’m totally down with an Orlando blog reader meet up broseph! Where in O-Town are you guys gonna be? Wherever it is I’ll be sure to clear my calender on the 27th. I live 15 minutes from downtown. Hope to hear from you!


  • If you were to ever hold anything in the DC area, I would be all over it. Not that I think that would ever happen, though.

    Anyway, Jeff can you maybe give any hints as to when we might be hearing from Capcom on the blog? (Mega Man 9 is consuming my mind)

  • I live in the Orlando area, and will be there for sure.

  • yeah baby Orlando is only an 1 hour away from my house …i might see you there jeff

  • Jeff will Nariko be available later for purchase for those of us who wanted Kratos as well?

    I reserved at EB for Kratos, but I’m also a big HS fan.

    Hopefully the answer is yes since I didn’t get Kartos or Nariko in SC4 like I was hoping would happen lol.

  • Thanks Jeff for keeping us update and running most of the blog, even on weekends. :D

  • Thanks for this. i didn’t know Lumines was coming to PSN! Glad I stopped her to read about that!

  • @darkiwonder
    “here” instead of “her”. xD

  • NJ/NYC ftw! Come on out here Jeff, you’re always welcome to stay for the night here. We can bake cupcakes!

  • Jeff I was browsing the Blog acouple days ago and I noticed some very nice information about the new Official Sony Headset, I was curious would the Playstation Network Friends Chat (Chat Room) also support this HQ Mode? aswell is there any updates for a firmware coming at all? (maybe a small *hint *hint*) or something to make us drool over?


    • Juice – I just confirmed that HQ mode will be supported throughout the PS3 experience (games, chat, etc) with the new headset. It\’s something that you\’ll toggle on in accessory settings.

      Hope that helps!

  • I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but for some reason Gamepro won’t let me on any of their Resistance 2-related sites. It just gives me an error message then asks if my internet conection is okay. And whenever I try to go to their site for the Resistance 2 BETA code contest, I get a 404 (file not found) I tried clearing my cookies, and history and all that but it still does it.

  • Sorry for the double post, but I didn’t know if you saw this incase you wan’t to add it :)

    It has a list of games with trophies, to be patched for trophies, and ones that won’t be patched for trophies.



  • I didn’t know two more MGS4 codes came out, good stuff.

  • Nice… welcome, in advance, to Florida.

    Lumines Supernova is the big news of the week to me… I can’t WAIT for that. Word around the campfire is that Puzzle Quest would be a downloadable at some point, which would also be a good addition, particularly given the PSN’s currently meager puzzle game offerings.

    I’m glad to see Capcom so enthusiastic about the PS3… hopefully we’ll get a piece of the Dead Rising IP over here. That was definitely one of the 360’s highlights

  • YES Jeff, me and a couple of my Playstation friends would be very interested in that! Winter Park is close to Orlando. So lets make it happen.

    Peace Out.

  • @17

    If you want to buy the other system so bad for $199 go ahead.

    But you get NO hard drive, NO wireless internet, and WIRED controllers. Plus, it will break every six months. You guys have fun with that.

    Talk about taking a HUGE step backwards from what you currently have…

  • i was wondering if psn would be getting the duke nukem remake or is this another live exclusive

  • Thanks Jeff and i hope to see you there.

  • Here is my own application to get into the Home beta…in rhyme..on the forum..i know…

    I want home, to play in my residential dome
    i do not not want google chrome, iphone, or to be alone
    I do not own, apparently what i need for the invite
    All i want is to download home and socialize, alright?
    Playstation is my life,
    Sometimes i choose to play, to ignore my wife!
    I don’t know what else to do.
    I could buy an Xbox and have an avatar or two.
    Although i would never do..
    I’d still threaten this to you..
    My PSN ID is Raacky and this poem is very tacky..
    But i know someone will read this..hopefully Kutagari
    Or maybe Phil Harrison over at Atari..
    So put in a word or two as i drink this bud light
    If not I will still play resistance and ps3 all damn night!!

    Hah!! horrible, im begging you sony. please hook us all up with everything youve been promising already!! We love you guys!! Sony4Ever!!

  • @24 lol WOW

  • yea wow, haha its funny yet serious dude haha! maybe just the buzz in me, some guy in another forum said it was “over the top” but nothing is over the top for the ps3 dudes…die hard sony fans will know, anyways hope ya enjoy, if not oh well, also, needs to be more Tech N9ne songs in games too!

  • If anyone’s interested…

    Burnout Giveaway

    Go To to enter daily..

  • why not be fair and hold in the middle of florida like ft.myers fl fo those of uss that live in key west ?

    Sickk rhyme!!

  • Urggh… sorry to say this but I despite M$. They piss me off so badly that they will never ever earn a single bit of respect of me. Knowing their crap-box was junk to begin with, stealing RPG’s from Sony, telling devs they need to release games on their crap-box at first (Last Remnant on the PS3 not being showed on the TGS, WTF???!)

    Now they’re dumping the price again only to dig a hole for Sony, well I hope the 360 drops in it for itself and swallow in it as it should be…

    Damn… did I just say all of this? Gosh I’m a bigger Sony fan-girl than I ever thought I would be :-D

  • @29 Onna I’m with you too.

    @24 Raacky love your poem….don’t worry Home is coming….Don’t want to sound like I’m rubbing it in, but I got Beta last week and all I have to say or can say is ‘WOW’ you are gonna love it I think.

  • I should be able to make it to Orlando. Lookin forward to more details soon.

  • WHERE IN THE STORE IS THIS: Activision’s Guitar Hero: Aerosmith DEMO FOR psn AND xbl. So where is it?

    • I read some (false) stories that mentioned that. If it\’s not in our store update post, it\’s not on the store.

  • So I read this blog all the time, but I’ve never posted anything…FIRST TIME POSTER!! ha! Anyway, super excited that you’re coming to Orlando, Im in the Tampa area and I don’t mind riding out to Orlando. So I hope to see you there. Thank you so much for all the amazing info everyone puts up on here, it’s great.

    Oh, by the way, HOME is OFF THE HOOK! I got the beta =P and can’t wait for it to go public.
    o0o0o and my PSN = VLIZAD

  • AWESOME! exclusive dlc for mirrors edge!

  • I live 10 minutes away from downtown Orlando. Please provide more details.

  • should have a meetin here on long island. come to port jeff. you have to love seafood right? if not we have the best italian food. and pretty damn good chinese.


    Not sure if this is allowed, it’s the LittleBigPlanet manual, nice to see Phil Harrison got a few shout outs.

  • This question is the only reason I made an account on the blog so please answer. Can you tell me that sony has a team working on the bluetooth headset problems And about what time they will be fixed, just an estimate.

  • Florida is to far I live in Indy. Why don’t they just show love on the blog like giving away some of those PSN card’s or maybe free game. GAS is to high still. I’ll end up paying for all the stuff I won if I drive there. Give it away on blog!!!

  • I’m interested but I don’t live in the East Coast.

  • Any chance we could get some regular updates from the Singstar US team?

    The UK team recently posted on their facebook group is for UK folks only and US owners should use the blog as an opportunity to address our concerns and questions.

    Adding the US songs in with the Playstation Store updates would be a start.

  • I read something today on PS3 Fanboy and will have to definately give this a try tonight….in case others are interested and didn’t know.

    Apparently Qore’s September issue has a game in it that is hidden until you select the right button to push….read below from PS3 fanboy, which was posted Sep 6/08.

    “We honestly can’t remember if this mini-game called Qore Wars has ever been in the previous issues of Qore, but we’re still putting this out and letting you know that it exists. Like Death Orb, another mini-game found in Qore (which has been around since the first issue), Qore Wars can be accessed by hitting the shoulder triggers while on the main menu of the September issue. Tapping L2 brings you to Qore Wars — an alien shooter; tapping R2 brings you to Death Orb — a Pong-like game. Both games are short, five minute diversions that are fun for the weekend.”

  • im all for it…just one thing…how old do u have to be…im 15..will anyone there be my age?


  • B-O-S-T-O-N ;)

  • say when’s the next firmware update? it has to be coming up pretty soon…

  • What about this one?

    Qore Wars hidden inside Qore Episode 004

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