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Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers


Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

  • Oh no, not again! – In his latest blog entry, Senior Programmer Frank Compagner talks about getting Rickrolled, and also the proper way to comment your code.
  • The First Extrasolar War – Another important piece of Killzone history is revealed in the pages of a recovered Helghast Academy textbook. But how reliable is the source?

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  • ‘Network Initialization Failed’, Glitches, Slowdowns, Disconnections, and Lag. What happens too is that often the sound just goes off. The only solution to fix it is to reset the PS3. Finally, rarely, my weapons just disappear. I had a AK47 wih grenade launcher then BAM..gone. Thanks sony for such a great SOCOM beta experience. You see, I never ever liked SOCOM, but i thought i’d give this new episode a try, and well it turned out worse than all i’ve had seen in the past.

  • Attention Lonely People:
    I’m selling my friendship to anyone who’s got an extra SOCOM Beta Key!
    PSN ID: StupidityTries

  • why don’t you guys post resistance 2 stuff on this post? at least promote the full moon

  • I’m a little upset that I still cannot download the SOCOM beta via Qore as of yet, but I’ll live.

    The Killzone ExtraSolarWar update is freakin’ good, though. All true Killzone fans need to read through all of those.

  • I’m surprised there was little to no coverage of Mercs-2, i’m really enjoying playing it right now!

    It’s like GTA on a tropical island!

    anyway, thanks for this recap!

    I feel sorry for those poor Qore buyers who got jipped with the Socom beta, i guess all i can say is “live and learn”..any beta you actually have to pay for, even if it’s sneaky like Qore, is a bad bet imho..beta’s should be free! we are helping the developers bug test the games!


  • These days you have to be picky about who you let into your betas, I’d think. Since a lot of times you’ll end with people who won’t actually test or report anything. They’ll just play it to play it. Which is only useful for like, stress tests.

  • Will Motorstorm: Pacific Rift have a collector’s edition? If it will, that will be great!

  • Hey Jeff,

    I have an awesome idea for SONY. They should create a software that will come out with an update, that will allow players to video record gameplay to put the videos on YouTube and other sites. Please get the idea out to whoever can make this possible. It will make a lot of PS3 fans (including me) even more happy. PS3 = Future gaming, the future is here.

  • @5

    I agree, but the only thing with Socom is, where do we report the problems? With Home, we were given a room to report issues etc. I think with Socom, our job is to just play.

  • Although Socom has it’s problems with the servers (only 2 days since it’s been out giving it the benefit of doubt) I was expecting a lot more graphics wise. That is not next gen graphics to me.

  • @Slayer612
    They did it is called Life with Playstation but it got delayed and no word on when it will come out…

    Also Home invites went out on Tuesday and how come no word about it on the blog all week…

  • where is LIFE with playstation its been a WEEKS worth of “PAPERWORK” thats a REALLLLLLY long time for “PAPERWORK”

    * is pixel junk monster trophies comming?

    ****firmware update suggestions
    video chat in game
    update ps3 web browser flash player.
    (or use Google chrome)

  • WipEout HD… need… it… info… anything… please… Sept 7th is my 25th BDAY and ALL I WANT IS WIPEOUT HD!!!!!!

  • @10
    what are you talking about? life w/ playstation doesn’t have video recording of games? its only got weather and news? i don’t understand what u r saying…

  • Where is my Socom beta code email?!?!

  • @7: That’s already in the FW. Like custom soundtracks and trophies and whatnot, the devs have to add it in; it’s in the dev kits.

    PJ Eden has it.

  • aside from the server issues, is socom any good? is the gameplay solid? how’s the graphics?

    i’m still waitng for my socom through qore.. really excited

  • Man, SOCOM looks sweet, although I hope the first SOCOM to hit PS3 rocks.. So far i’ve heard about [b]major[/b] glitches…


  • Why have us pay so much for Qore and set us up for a disappointment with the Betas. Socom beta wont download. Can a representative please shed some light on this situation.

  • So how’s HOME and LIFE coming along?
    As well as PSN titles like Fat Princess or flOwer.
    Also any news on already released games getting trophy patches? I’d like to see games like Disgaea 3 get them!

  • @18
    we, qore subscribers r getting the beta between sept d 12th and 14th. i know it sucks men! psn: lebron_accel im selling my friendship to all the people who has the beta now!(socom) please hook me up! i might as well pay u!

  • We want to know why we haven’t received beta yet, I have not even received the gd email. WTF is going on. At least freaking acknowledge your damn fan base.

  • Weird.

    I dreampt I had a PSP that could play PS2 games 0.o

    Anyways, still waiting for my Qore SOCOM beta (I got the single episode) can’t wait :)

  • HOME info?

  • @1
    It’s a beta. You’re going to base your opinions of a PS3 title’s online gameplay on the first 48 hours of a beta? Maybe you should actually look up the definition of beta software:

    Besides, yesterday afternoon the developers published a post on the SOCOM blog regarding the network issues; it also appears on the news page in-game if you can get logged into the SOCOM server.

    If this was a final release I could understand everyone’s frustration (e.g. GTA IV online play not working for a day or two after release), but complaining about problems with a (FREE) beta a day after it is released just makes you look foolish. Have patience.

  • @20 forget about them talking about disgea3, it just wont happen.i think that they are ashamed that the game graphic’s are “subpar” with the ps3…i used to care about them promoting the game but i dont care anymore since i have already have the game,so whats the point in talking about it now that it has been a few days out? on lifewithplaystation, i just think that the main reason why we dont have it yet is because they A) dont have the official ok from japan or b) they could making a few enhancements to the program or maybe c)they are just making a patent of the program so nobody else will copy them or d)they are just beign just plain lazy and decided to release the service after tgs…pick your choices lol

  • ok, has anyone else been having problems with sony sending emails to them? I did a test just to see if there emailing was working and I didn’t receive anything from them. I went to the sign in for the blog and/or playstation forums. I clicked on lost/forgot password. It says to enter in email address and they will send you an email with the password. Well, I must of done it over 10 times and I’ve received no emails!!! I know what ur gonna say, spam filter is on. Nope, its off! I made sure of that. Also, I have multiple accounts with the forums. For my girl and another one for me to be exact. Anyhow, I tried with the other email addresses also and to no avail. Believe me, everything is good on my end but, I just wanted to make sure I’m not the only one this is happening to before I contact Sony and explain my situation. Can someone please try to retrieve their password the same way and tell me if they got an email or not. By the way, I do know my password, I just wanted to see why I wasn’t receiving any emails from sony. Thanks!

  • cause alot of people haven’t gotten the home or socom or other betas. so maybe the email server isn’t working.

  • Life With Playstation???

  • The first Resistance link is messed up just FYI…

  • socom beta working much better
    gonna buy the 39.99 version
    i bought the hard copy of warhawk
    so i have a headset

  • whats with the Socom Blog? Can’t post? which is totally lame. The game is horrible LAGGGY I wish that Zipper was still doing Socom, Slant Six IMHO has kinda ruined the franchise. Now Sony FIRE THEM and get ZIPPER back on the job, also fire Seth Luisi. Thanks in advance. Oh and Jeff did you or could you find out why I received a Japanese Home Beta invite?? That’s really all I have to say this week but if if Socom corrupts my ps3, watch out cause the Lawyers will be called. I’ll pull out the BAN HAMMER as I’m about half a tick off to calling them right now for other reasons.

  • “Is next week soon enough for an update?”

    People are sick of updates. People just want the game.

    Now that Sony have recently shut down using Entropay cards does this signal that PSN cards will become easily available? Will PSN cards be able to be used by international customers, people living in regions with no PSN or people who have imported US (English language) games and want to buy DLC? Can Sony give a clear, straight answer on this for a change? Thanks.

  • Thank you Jeff! So many AG Pilots are waiting super hard for that price and release date. Give us the gusto!

  • @34 (FIXED)

    Feisar. Paul Jackson sleeps with your mother even while Chuck Norris is in the same room.

  • @33

    I’ve used my Entropay card with the playstation store just 3days ago…

    Are you sure that its not working anymore?

    If that’s the case…Then Sony has done something seriously stupid..
    Shafting us internation customers who crave Playstation Store content.

  • @36

    Old cards are OK, they are already in the system, however if you make a new card it will not work.

  • Qore users: be thankful that you’re not in the SOCOM beta yet. The whole experience has been a glitchy, laggy, mind-numbing fiasco.

    People are waiting upwards of 10 minutes to get into games, and then experiencing constant lag, frame-drops, glitches, and freezing.

    At SOCOM.COM they’re blaming “overwhelming demand” for the abundance of problems. Man, they should be thankful that they’re not beta-testing a game like HALO or something…where “overwhelming demand” might actually be an accurate statement.

  • hows this for stupid funny, there is a video recorder/encoder built-in to the ps3’s firmware. there is a game currently supporting this with the upload function to youtube. ps3 browser won’t play youtube videos found on youtube? irony, no. stupidity, yes indeed. we need a full browser for the ps3 already. this was a request by many people since before the ps3 release. due primarily to the fact many feared it would have the same lamed browser as the psp. i bet their kicking themselves in the arse everytime they realize they were dead on correct.
    i reciece my playstation emails, late, waaaay late. but i get them. the store update email usually arrives on saturday, 3 days after the update. maybe sony should consider hiring people from outside goodwill industries to handle the emailing of information?
    another suggestion, incororate life into home. oh, and fix the forum for testers of a certian beta. :)

  • Hey Jeff, whats up? Completely off topic, but is there a way to change my email address to a new one for this blog. I always receive updates on my old email and would like to transfer it to my new one. Thanks in advance!

  • @ TheVesra

    When I signed on to the Internet from my PS3 over the weekend I was pleasently suprised to find a YouTube button right on my home page. Granted the flash still needs some updating but I was able to actually watch the videos even in full screen:)

    I have something going on with my PS3, too. I am having some minor issues with the DNLA servers. I keep getting error messages when trying to stream videos from the computers which are recognized by my PS3. Can’t figure out what the problem is. I prefer to stream since when I was copying all the stuff I filled my 60 up in no time.

    Thanks for the weekly recap, Jeff! It’s a handy way for me to find stuff when I want to see it again. Now just fix or do away with the fricken Gravitars. Mine has NEVER worked, no matter what I do and they never contact you!

  • @ TheVestra:

    The REAL irony is that you’re complaining about the PS3 not being able to play YouTube videos, when in fact, the PS3 browser plays YouTube videos just fine. And has been able to do so for ages.

    Have you even tried it?

  • @Solidus_Dave would you not post that hear if you have a problem with something you should email Playstation directly not post that there

  • @touchie ed
    no, the real irony is it won’t on my ps3. have i tried, yes. did you think to ask before making such a comment. nope. upon talking to sony, they said “sony makes no garuntee’s as to the functionality of the web browser. i also can access the youtube site from the ps3’s start page (not my start page) but alas, no video unless it’s off another site other than youtube.

  • @ TheVesra:

    Well, then that’s an issue with YOUR setup, not the PS3, because YouTube works just fine on the PS3. I use it all the time. So do many other people.

    Did you think to ask before making such a comment about it not working?

  • Will I be able to buy the official Sony PS3 bluetooth headset with SOCOM only or will I have the option to buy it with other games as well?


    PS. There should be an e-mail notification system if my post has been replied to. It would make life a little easier and much more efficient, lol.

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