Penny Arcade Expo 08: Sucker Punch Interview

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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. When we asked what you wanted to know about inFamous (and developer Sucker Punch Productions), you didn’t disappoint. Those questions were posed to Ken Schramm of Sucker Punch on the show floor at PAX – here’s the video:

We’ll have more on inFamous for you (of course!) as we draw closer to the Spring 09 release timeframe.

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  • Another must buy for me.

  • Sucker Punch rules! Can’t wait!

  • Really looking forward to this game!

  • Good stuff. Loved Sly Cooper and can’t wait for inFamous.

  • Thanks for the info. You do great interviews.

    I still want your job!

  • How about some exclusive game play videos Jeff? ;-]

  • Have infamous come out in march so I can get it for my birthday SP.

  • Come on Jeff, you could have at least ask him when the game is coming out, and if there will be a demo on the Playstation store before the game was release. Other than that, great interview

    • Well it\’s scheduled (as he mentions) for Spring 09, and there\’s not been anything more specific than that yet (we\’re still technically Summer 08!)

  • Cool update!



  • This looks like a pretty good game for as little as we know about it. Please snd some full HD movies so we can see how polished this is getting!!

  • @10 MrCamo
    I think that you can get some HD footage from the PSN Store, i think tough.. im not 100% sure

  • @10

    HD Vid:

  • thirteenth

  • I am really excited about inFamous, i’m glad Sucker Punch has been given some extra time to polish it. The game looks better and better each time i take a look.

  • I didn’t like inFamous before, but I have to say after seeing a few iterations of the trailer.. it’s looking really good lately. Suggestion to Sucker Punch: Throw in a few other super-hero or villain types that we can play + online multiplayer and it’ll be a MUST buy in my book. Perhaps in inFamous 2 eh?

    lol at 1:57 in the background

  • Polish it up. I think its looking good but animations look a bit off. Also some of the character poses seem too rigid. I think that will be fixed up in the polishing but I notice it in all the vids I see of this game. Hope this game turns into one of those gems of this gen.

  • um jeff my question was how is it like to goes from making a game for kids to a game for for a more mature audience.i know it would a great question i a lil sadden it wasnt asked i think it got over look because i mention the sly cooper game so i guess it was misunderstood.

    if u get a chance can you ask them that one question before game release.

  • I don’t know why, but I always seem to forget how good some of these games look. Any quirks in the animations or graphics as a whole have plenty of time to get worked out before Spring ’09, so I’m not worried there. I just can’t wait to actually get my hands on this game! :D

  • Thanks guys!! Looks a little grainy/momotone, stilll looks interesting enough to try, i like the grappling climb scheme they seem to be employing.

  • Great but short interview but great nonetheless

    Could you bring someone from Motorstorm 2 to talk about it and maybe get the release date? Thanks

  • Oh btw i forgot, its a must buy title for 2009!

  • Good interview Jeff. Keep it up.

    And when is Life with Playstation coming out?

  • just gotta say thank you for a great blog, always nice stuff here. Like this one and the insomniac interview, not too long and interresting!
    The readers ask good questions too, not in here when you ask for them though.
    dont feel like we need anymore than threespeech in europe as long as I get to read this one. Just keep in mind you got a lot of europian readers too!

  • looks good

    can’t wait to play it

    i hope there is going to be a demo

  • game looks so sick guys! I really love the direction that you guys have taken with the whole comic book tie in for the game. really adds something special to it. On a side note who else here thinks that Cole looks vaguely familiar to our hero Hale? I think Cole looks like an urbanized domestic version of Nathan Hale. can i get an amen? anyone… LOL


  • This question is the only reason I made an account on the blog so please answer. Can you tell me that sony has a team working on the bluetooth headset problems and about what time they will be fixed? Thank you.

  • hey im curius is there a way to contact you guys directly like an e-mail ?

  • infamous looks like a fun and must buy game in all. BUT…..

    the game remind me of that cartoon…STATIC SHOCK

  • Should’ve asked him when are they gonna become a full Sony 1st party hehe

  • Some off topic question about another game. ……… Jeff whats Sony imput on digi-guys new game coming soon WARDEVIL:Unleash THE Beast Within

  • you didnt say anything about Multiplayer :(

  • Hah, thanks!

    I didn’t want a shoutout, but that was awesome anyway. I just meant if you were naming the question askers. :D

    Proud mine was, “another good question”.

    Thanks again Jeff and everyone behind the PSBlog for being at PAX.

  • man, these interviews are wayyy too short. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate them nonetheless.

    Anyway, this is one of my most anticipated game of all the officially announced ones. Heavy Rain and Team ICO’s project (even though I don’t know wth it is) are by far the games I’m most excited about.

  • You should have asked why their game looks so boring and slow compared to Prototype.

  • Good interview and #35 got OWNED! :P

  • lovin the PAX interviews Jeff keep up the good work…

    and do you know if there will be co-op online or off on inFamous?

  • will infoumus or however you spell it have trophies ?

  • It’s a sad day to see that gamers care only about trophies rather than gameplay, story and graphics :(
    Anyways it was a great interview. I’m a big Sly Cooper fan (he’s awesome rackoon thief :P). It would have been nice to ask him do they have any other projects in mind like maybe Sly 4?

    Not that I’m not excited about inFamous it’s gonna be crazy fun too.

  • The videos won’t load :(

  • This game looks tight. I also want a Sly 4.

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