Super Stardust HD Video Tips: Got Trophies?

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Are you lagging behind your friends in the Trophy department? Are they asking you, “Where are your skills?” Well, if you’re looking to get ahead, you’ve come to the right place. Super Stardust HD, one of the most popular (and critically acclaimed) downloadable games on the PLAYSTATION Network, was the very first title to support trophies. So why not start there? The gameplay is simple, but as you’ll see in the videos, the strategy involved is deep.

Check out these videos and get some hints and tips for this hyper-exciting arcade shooter, gather up some trophies and then start a little trash talking of your own. These tips come straight from one of the world’s top SSHD players, and all of the footage is from one of his phenomenal play sessions.

Video 1: Arcade Tips
These 10 tips will get you on your way to absurd scores and, of course, those coveted Trophies.

Video 2: Solo Mode Tips
If you’re playing the Super Stardust HD expansion pack, Solo Mode, these tips will help you rack up the points on the way to the Trophies.

Hope those vids got your trigger finger itching to play. If you haven’t played Super Stardust HD in a while, now’s your chance to give it another try and work on beefing up that Trophy collection. If you haven’t tried it at all, well, what are you waiting for? The game’s a blast to play (pun intended), and it’s a great way to add to your trophy collection. The game is available for $9.99, and the two great add-on packs, Solo and Team, are available for $4.99 each.

Be sure to check out these videos in all their High Definition glory later today on the PLAYSTATION Store. See you on the Leaderboards!

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  • amazing ,
    Really good idea.
    There are couple of very hard trophies ,so a little help is not a bad idea.

  • Is it just me or is it very difficult to understand the person talking in the videos?

  • I think I am stuck at 78%. This might help to getting a 100%. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the tips….A few of my friends that have all the trophies may be a bit miffed to see this after they already got their trophies.

    @2 Engine, a bit hard to understand as it’s robotic and sounds like a bit of an echo, but I understood what they said.

  • I love this game so much. I got all the trophies except for the get 10 nukes one. The bomber one was so freaking hard! What were you guys thinking? Well, it was worth it in the end when I finally saw the trophy in the corner and saw that all 146 tries weren’t wasted. Anyway, do you have any specific tips for the nuke one?

  • @2 Engine
    It sound like he is british. (And the voice is modified)
    I like the british accent.
    Anyway, its a good way to rank up, when i got home i will try some of those tips.

  • i always forget i can zoom/boost through smaller enemies if i get surrounded..

    adding trophies to this game really made it for me…thanks!

    now if my dang busted PS3 will get fixed already and shipped back!

    it’s only been like 4 days but it’s killing me!


  • Must buy this game soon, must buy this game soon. oh wait I can’t. NO PSN CARDS.

  • Humm haven’t watched the videos but I hope they can give me tips on how to get 10x multiplayer without DYING AT 9X!! LOL

  • I could have use these tips a few months ago when the trophies came out. But I had the game since last year, and I figure out some of my own way of playing the game.

  • I already have all the SSHD trophies.

    But seriously, what is this? An advertisement? You haven’t sold enough copies of this game yet?

  • @ 11 lol I think it is suppose to be video tips and advertisement time at the same time.

  • Cool stuff here!
    The year of the PlayStation is back!

  • i hate the hardness of “late boomer” trophy, its a shame.

  • awesome, glad to see a resurgence in SSHD and can’t wait to get my hands on PSP version coming soon.

  • Why does SSHD apear on my trophy screen, if i only downloaded the demo? is there any way to take it off?

  • Please for God’s sake release the two update packs as one cheaper download in the UK (like Warhawk). Also I think you should also release the latest 2 updates for Warhawk as a separate cheaper pack as well (because it seems really unfair that people who were willing to pay full price for the first update have to further pay full price for all the others, but those that waited get all 3 of the for two thirds of the price).

  • 43 lives? 51 bombs? WHAT?! That’s insane.

    These were actually some interesting tips though. The one about boosting through bosses I never even thought of. And the one about getting five weapon upgrades at a time is very handy. These tips might actual be quite useful.

  • I really love this game. I haven’t played in awhile, due to so many great PSN games that have come out recently. I only need 2 more trophies, one I can’t get until I get the MP pack.

    I still need the Bomber trophy6. The most loathed trophy of them all! I’ve only gotten 14 bombs so far. :-(

  • This game’s over a year old and still better than geo wars.

    I’m only missing late boomer. That trophy is the devil in trophy form. I’ve tried tailing the bomb ships but only got 14 at the most.

    Also you need to put the soundtrack up on PSN, i’d buy it if it were there.

  • This is awesome… Great boost and chaining tips!

  • @9 IceCold
    It happened to me ,several times :(

  • Got them all. Late Boomer was the biggest pain, took me over 8 days and 600 tries to get the darn ding and all it was, was a bronze trophy :-P

  • I lack at Warhawk trophies, because I utterly suck at it and I don’t really find it a fun game to play.

  • Ah how do I spend time between other games?


    Great Tips!

    See you on top the leader board!


  • got all the trophies already… but that bomber one had me wanting to break something… i finally got it one day after having a couple beers and chillin… should have done that from the beginning!

  • The only two I can not get are “Late Boomer” and “Shock and Awe”. These two should of been gold. Not silver.

  • The Late Boomer one isn’t as difficult as say, getting some of the trophies in Eden, you just have to do it a certain way. As soon as you start a Bomber game, get right up close behind the 2xbomb ship thingy, follow it as best as you can (this still takes a lot of practice and plenty of tries) keep following it as it pushes it’s way through the barriers, once the red guys drop you’ll hafta speed around trying to get them to run into eachother and other rocks. Anyways, keep following the bomber ship as best as you can, until a second one shows up, get them as close together as you can, and then use a bomb, you should pick up 4 bombs just from using a single bomb. Now you just have to survive long enough to do that again, or you could try blowing up the ships individually if you can’t seem to get them close together. Good luck! Hope that helps you guys out :D

  • trophies? did i miss something? i want instruktions for late boomer.

  • Late bomber is the only one I cant get… Most bombs I seem to be able to get is 14 then it gets to crazy…

  • I’ve been playing awhile, so I knew about most of that stuff, but the things I did learn will most certainly help.

    Thanks. :D

  • Wow, this guy is a beast!

  • This would’ve been helpful awhile back, but I already have them all.

  • i am kinda ‘meh’ about this game. Idk why but i still haven’t plopped down my money for this game. if my g/f will play it with me then i’ll get it. i’ll be sure to ask her tonight. See you all online!


  • I have them all. They were all relatively easy to get, except for Late Boomer. Man, that trophy was a [DELETED]!

    Took me about 400 tries until I finally thought of a good strategy.

  • JOOU!. Exelents tips!..then I use of bomb and boost in same time…mmm interesting

    Thanks for this world class player!

  • Very usefull information. Thank you very much!

  • I hope I can get the others…..I have several, but the rest are so difficult!!
    I never thought I’d love trophies so much.

  • Already got all of them a long time ago.. but if your stuck on Bomber….. or want to get a much higher score… than check out right at the end of video two….

  • Thanks for the tips. Great idea!

  • I just need the add-on trophies and co-op trophy.

  • @17

    Yep i’m one of those, was waiting for a broken mirror + fallen star combo.

    a SSHD expansion combo would be nice too.

  • Great tips! Some of them will really come in handy.

    DankandSticky…great new alias!!

  • I’m very close to buying this game… another PSN sale with this game at a discounted price will seal the deal for me. The confidential video voiceover guy sounds like the Governator to me.

  • *chuckles* Check my score. I need no help. Cool for those that do, though.

  • @44 Same here. I’ve been waiting for a price drop to buy the game.

  • @30: That [DELETED] bastard Late Boomer trophy boils down to pure luck. I tried for 2 hours once and, like you, 14 is the best I could do.

    I console myself with my 103M high score and all my other trophies.

  • Thess are great videos. I found out about most of these tips myself but there are a couple that I hadn’t thought of.

    Now, when are we getting and online coop and battle modes? Guys, we’ve been waiting for that for a long time. In fact we thought the Team Pack would include it! I hope its in development already.

  • yeah, great videos, i’d like to see more videos like this of other games

  • I got all the trophies from the original release, but haven’t gotten the 2 addons to get all the trophies. I doubt I’m going to get the addons unless they are released in some package deal or have their prices reduced. Great game though, great game!!

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