Penny Arcade Expo 08: Hothead Games Interview

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Last week, Joel DeYoung of Hothead Games appeared on the Blog to talk about the PSN release of Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness. At the end of his post, he asked you for questions – and ask you did. I printed the questions out, and rolled tape backstage at PAX. Here’s that interview:

Expect Joel to come back closer to release to talk more about this and future chapters of PAA.

Oh, and perhaps to underscore future support of the PS3 platform, Hothead Games gave out this Penny Arcade autographed PS3. Congratulations to Ryan Reid of Medford, OR.

PS3 winner

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  • As always, thanks for the info.

    I want your job!


  • How did Ryan Reid won the ps3? Was he one of the winners in the 3 day contest you were running?

  • That’s a very informative interview. Sounds like it’s going to be the same as other platforms. I’m not sure if I’ll be buying this game. Specially at a $20 price point.

  • GREAT! interview. That the kind a love and support we PS3 fans like have form developers. Keeps us confident knowing that Sony is have a good relationship and support for the PS3 PSN. I look forward to playing the game when it comes out. Thanks Jeff.

  • LOL, now a days it’s like all developers are riding the PS3/PSN train. All of a sudden things are slowly changing!!!

    To bad Capcom has already cancelled Monster Hunter before their change of hearts.

  • lol you know us to well Jeff. ;-]

    Great video, blog keeps getting better.

  • Nice info. PSN games have my heart!


  • @ Ghostm (6)

    Agreed. The Monster Hunter PSP games have been terrible, due by and large from the lack of dual-analog setup. Seeing a new one for the PS3 would have been nice, and I still hold a grudge for that (among other things that we are all well aware of).

    It’s nice to know that HotHead didn’t take the tongue-lashing they received on their last post too harshly. More developers are most certainly welcome, and more RPGs is something that is certainly far past the welcome mark.

  • Jeff appreciate the more blunt questions you asked. Can’t say I really like his answers as it seemed like he just kept saying the same on all platforms…

    Price or features should be modified a bit due to the delay on the release for PSN.

  • some c–ts scribbled all over his new PS3 :D

  • This is one game I wont be buying.

  • Great interview, thanks for all you hard work Jeff. The game sounds great,but the price seems too high.

  • Yes! Localization for Europe! Thank you very much for ask him my question. Im getting a positive answer too, so Im very happy.

  • my question was asked…

    I feel special now! who wants to touch me?

  • Sweet, my question was the first one asked!!! Thanks for getting the scoop for me Jeff, definitely more interested in this game with it’s RPG elements.

  • DEATHSPANK!!!!!!

    tell us about this great upcoming game, DeathSpank, with the art director of Monkey Island!

    This game sounds great- i really enjoyed the crazy sounding armor and item names video on Kotaku..just by those i can tell this is gonna be fun-

    i think “fun”, pure, unadulterated “fun” is kinda hard to find in the games today…alot of ultra-realism and a trend toward darker stories with more emphasis on cinematics…what’s wrong with just having fun?

    thanks for any info, guys!

  • @Jeff- oh forgot to say Hothead is the developer of the game i was talking about- so it’s on topic!

    @Ghost m

    “To bad Capcom has already cancelled Monster Hunter before their change of hearts.”

    never say never, based on the Monster Hunter games sales in Japan, Sony would be crazy to not try and persuade Capcom to reconsider..

    If Microsoft can get Final Fantasy, the PS3 can get Monster Hunter, i hope!

  • Go OREGON! =P

  • @18 FritoZ

    You’re right to a certain point. Maybe M$ might pay Capcom six figures to get Monster Hunter on the 360 exclusively. I’m sure M$ already know how much Monster Hunter is selling PSPs in Asia.

  • Oh never mind. Monster Hunter is a casual Wii exclusive now. Which means it’s going to be straight casual garbage!!!

  • penny arcade won’t see my $20! not for a game taht has been out for awhile now with no new features. I’d rather spend my 20 bucks on two smaller PSN exclusive games. *ahem* fat princess, *cough* Flower. I’ll play the waiting game!


  • @ 22 lakaihigh


  • I want this game, as I’ve played the XBLA version of it and it’s awesome if you’re into that style of game, but yeah, I am still disappointed by the fact that there are no new features, and that even once their engine is up and running on PS3, we still have to wait a probable 3-6 months more than Xbox for the next episode. I love indie games, and I have a lot of respect for small development teams, but it’s so discerning to know that a game I want isn’t going to be in my hands for that long of time.

    Some games, like Bioshock, on the other hand, I can wait for, because they included new features and things to make up for the lack of the title being there in the first place. But for a game like PAA I can’t fully justify a $20 price tag whenever it launches for PS3, because as much as it’s a good game, it’s a shallow promise to the consumers. We don’t even know if the game will run well on PS3 (It probably will, but who knows this day in age) and to vouch that kind of money on a game that is barely longer than the new Ratchet and Clank downloadable adventure and features less than half the gameplay and barely a quarter of the graphical oomph and still costs $5 more, plus tax. It’s really just a matter of how much you care at this point. I mean, I’ve been reading Penny-Arcade since the beginning, and it’s an awesome comic, and I played the game on my friends 360, and it’s good, but to billow out the cash to buy a late, underwhelming version of the game I’ve already played through? I don’t know Sony, it may end up hard for some of your customers to swallow that pill.

  • Thanks for the post Jeff and answering our questions.

    @1…flwrthtx….you want Jeff’s job ?

    Sure it’s nice for the interviews, but are you up for all the flack you have to take from us ?

  • Ok, so let get this straight. The PSN version is going to be release about 8 months after the other version, and Playstation 3 owners get nothing new for waiting? No addition contents, or a lower price. Also the second episode will have PS3 owners waiting for that weeks, if not months after the it release on the Xbox 360, Mac, and PC?
    No thanks, I will spend my money elsewhere, and support developers that actually give Playstation 3 owners additional contents for waiting.

  • It does seem strange that a bunch of these smaller LIVE games lately are at higher prices…LONG LIVE $9.99 PSN games!

    Braid, Castle Crashers, and Penny Arcade are all asking too much, imho..

    I hope Sony doesn’t follow suit!

  • @27 FritoZ
    SCEI (At least SCEA) has a different pricing policy than Microsoft, tough the price also is affected if the developer is independent or not.

  • Why is there a black border around viewable game?

    (Look closely in the video, you’ll see that the TV frame ends but there is still a black bar that surrounds the image)

  • @ 23 Ghostm – did you say amen? lol

  • To me, paying $20 for a rpg that can be finished in one sitting is way to much.

  • How about you guys ask companies why the PS3 always get the shaft when it comes to multiplatform games.

  • hey jeff,
    so who won the PAX PS3’s? Do tell. Thx
    and keep up the good work. it is appreciated.

  • I can recommend a good detergent to Joel if he wants to get that crap off his PS3.

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