Official Bluetooth Headset for the PLAYSTATION 3

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Hey everyone, I’m Anand Agarwal, Product Manager for PlayStation Peripherals. Two weeks ago, we informed you about the Wireless Keypad for PS3, and today we want to tell you more about the official Bluetooth Headset for PS3 that we unveiled during SOCOM Media day.

PS3 Bluetooth

This headset will be offered in one retail version of SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation this October, as well as a standalone peripheral this fall. It features a prominent Mute button and a Charging Cradle. It will work with not only your PS3 but with Bluetooth enabled cell phones. But this is information that you already know about. Today we want to talk about some really cool features of this Headset that we have been working on behind the scenes. These features will be unlocked by the PS3 through a firmware update that is scheduled for this fall.

  • The headset will feature “High-Quality (HQ) mode” with PS3. In this mode, the headset will take advantage of advanced voice technologies and noise cancellation techniques to provide clear and wideband voice input to the PS3. The HQ mode will ensure a much better voice chat quality on the PS3.
  • HQ mode will also enable accurate speech recognition required to support or enhance ‘Voice Command’ and ‘Voice Animation’ features. Voice Command was originally used in SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs for PS2 to administer the AI-controlled teammates using the WHO, WHAT, and WHERE format (example: Bravo, Attack, Nav Point Zulu). Voice Animation refers to the in-game character mimicking you during voice chat. With HQ mode, these features can be enabled on a much larger vocabulary in select PS3 games.
  • PS3 will display an in-game status indicator exclusively for this headset that will show the headset’s connection status, battery charge level, speaker volume level and microphone mute status.
  • Tired of wearing the headset during a long multiplayer gaming session or is your headset battery running out of charge? Just dock the headset in the supplied charging cradle, and the headset will work as a desktop microphone while charging.
  • Last but not least, the headset will automatically pair with the PS3 by connecting with a USB cable.

SCEA was one of the first companies to popularize VoIP technology within a console videogame through SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs for PS2. As you can see, we have made a great effort to expand on this legacy and develop the most compelling headset for the PS3 community. We are really excited to bring it to market this fall with the SOCOM: Confrontation bundle ($59.99 MSRP) and as a standalone peripheral ($49.99 MSRP).

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  • awesome.. how much standalone?

  • just kidding… im retarded… lookkin forward to it!

  • Sweet, the headset looks really good.

    Hopefully comfortable too.

    I’m definetly gonna pick up the Socom/Headset bundle.

    10 more dollars and you get a game too :O

  • This thing is awesome. Getting it with Confrontation for sure.

  • It’s certainly an attractive gadget.

    I won’t be needing it though since I actually have two headsets already. Thanks for the update.

  • This headset look cool and the features even better. Count me in

  • AWESOME! At first, I was thinking that I didn’t need this… but now that I’ve heard about all of its cool features that it’s bringing to the table, this new headset will be awesome! (I can see it now, working with EyePet and Eyedentity…)


  • When is the headset sold separately from socom?

  • The MAIN reason I’m getting Socom :)

  • This headset looks cool! I’ll definitely be picking up Socom so that I can get it!

  • Looks cool and I like the added PS3 functionality.

    Any plans to start bundling this thing with all PS3’s so voice chat can become standard. Communication is important in games and when not everyone has a mic, it takes the fun out.

  • This is sexy.

  • So, any word on when Sony is going to fix their FW so that BT mics work in Warhawk again? Incognito says there is nothing they can do and it has to be fixed by sony. Not much point in getting a new and improved mic if I can’t use it in game.

  • Wow 50$ standalone? I guess SOCOM’s gonna sell a lot of copies thanks to this baby.

  • i was hoping on getting it alone but seeing it at that price dam. But im looking foward to socom any way. Sweet this is a must buy, i like the feature it has, so its like when you push the ps button on the ps3 and displays the battery level. The smart thing was that you can use it when its charging that is a very neat feature.

    anything on pain tomorro?

  • This is beast, I’m getting the mic with SOCOM: Confrontation, period. End of story :)

  • i should buy this THE OFFICIAL PS MIC!! PS3 just gets better and better!

  • Whoa, $50 alone? I would rather get the game.

  • About time!

  • It’s nice that Sony is continuing to put out peripherals for the PS3, however I’m still wondering why a headset has not yet been bundled into the PS3 package?

    If a headset isn’t bundled with the system then a large majority of people won’t bother buying a standalone because of the probability no-one else will have one. It’s really disappointing to see that teamwork games like Warhawk are ruined by the lack of people with a headset when really they should be standard.

    Please try and get this bundled into systems in the future, or at least a cheaper version which will do the basics.

  • ;et me get this right. the headset alone is only 10 bucks cheaper than getting it with the game? So is Socom the game stand alone only 10 bucks? Thats kinda crazy.

  • When in HIGHQUALITY mode, does it diminish the battery faster than normal mode?

    Meaning in highquality it will have a short than 8 hour talk time?

  • So wait does that mean a new FW update soon??? im a bit confuse then, because if the PS3 displays the feature for this head set then was that a hidden feature already added a while ago or what???

  • sorry im stupid for not reading the bottom sorry

  • Hmmm. Sounds like SOCOM is $10 then, the cost of many expansion packs. Clever pricing laudes.

  • Although I already have a mic I am def getting it with Socom.

  • That desktop mic thing is niiiiice. I think I’m sold……but I really am not into SOCOM. I’ll wait for the standalone to come down in price.

    @15: You didn’t hear? The Pain update is delayed for a week, maybe two (but probably just one).

  • Cool. Will give SOCOM a try mainly for this reason (not a big SOCOM fan).

    Got a couple questions though:

    1. Does HQ mode consume more power?

    2. Will it be bundled with other games in the future (like Killzone 2 & Resistance 2)?

    • Good questions!

      The headset consumes comparable power when the HQ mode is on or off. In both cases talk time will be over 8 hours. Also, we have the Cradle using which you can continue using the headset as desktop microphone while charging.

  • kind of strange that it took over a year for an official headset to come out and weve had to deal with crappy ones that dont work well.. but late is most definitely better than never.. it looks good

  • ah fells wonderful to be back on the blog seems like i missed alot but not to much since ive been keeping tabs on the blog through my PS3 you know you guys should really find away to allow us to log in to the blog from the PS3 just one my way to make the PS3 that more awesome

  • I will be getting this stand alone, i’m to lazy to be switching games in and out so I’ll be downloading the game as I recall y’all saying it will be on the ps store, will order headset online…cant wait for beta or game

  • I really hope this will fix the microphone issues that have been plaguing the PS3 since day one. I am a HUGE PS3 supporter but this is something that SCEA really dropped the ball on. If this thing works the way it should, that would answer my prayers. I can’t wait for SOCOM!!!

  • I preordered my Bundle Socom a while back so I’m glade I got my change at geting my freaking kick butt headset Thank you SONY,

    Any word on having Voice Mail for our PS3 yet?

    And Any word on making this work for HOME and Little Big Planet??

    PSN – Skater_Ricky, 8)

  • yeesssss the good news just keeps coming

  • @31:

    Uh……I ALWAYS post here from my PS3.

  • Awesome! I am getting the SOCOM Bundle :)

  • I am ALL OVER the SOCOM bundle. This headset is going to ROCK!

  • nice looking headset …i be getting it with SOCOM!!!

  • Socom bundle paid off today and as a bonus the guy gave me 10 yes 10 beta codes, so now me and 29 of my closest(or newest) friends can all enjoy this. I will now have a PS2 Socom headset, a PS EYE and another BT headset to chat on my ps3. Thanks this is the kind of stuff ONLY Sony can do. Forget the rest stick with the [B]BEST[/B].:) ( hope that comes out right)

  • I love you, Sony. You’re the only one out of the Big Three that isn’t spitting in the hardcore gamer’s face.

  • I have a question please answer if you can.

    Will the SOCOM bundle come with the charger as well as the headset? or just the headset and no charger?

  • Hey, how about a discount for those of us who will buy it from the PSN?

    Anyone? No? Ok.

  • I just pre-ordered the Socom bundle. I love how the PS3 actually reacts to the headset. We’ve needed an official headset. I think it should be bundled with every PS3. My favorite feature is how it can be a desktop mic when it’s charging in the cradle. That’s cool. It looks like you guys did a great job on this mic. I can’t wait until October.

  • I was kind of hoping the standalone price was cheaper…guess i might get SOCOM after all.

  • I wanted to buy Socom on the PSN and buy the headset separately, but it would cost $20 extra… which seems odd considering how you get less content from the PSN purchase. It would be nice if you had the option at your local gamestop to pay $60 for the combo and get a PSN download voucher instead of the disc.

  • First reaction: THIS IS AWESOME!.

    So if there’s going to be the USB cable pairing, does that mean I can connect it to my PC and use it as a USB headset? Or also use it as a USB headset on PS2?

    Can’t wait for Socom, it’s going to be a steal getting the game and headset.

    • Yes, there is USB Cable based pairing but only with PS3. You can connect the headset directly with PS3 using USB cable for pairing and charging. However, use of the headset as a USB headset is not allowed due to safety reasons.

  • Sounds interesting. I’ve been disappointed overall with voice chat capabilities on all consoles. I wish “it just worked” and worked better with the headsets I already have.

    However, if Sony can deliver on their claims (mixed record) then I might be up for it.

    $50 is kinda steep though, no?

    Hoping for the best though . . .

    thxs for the reply
    i believe the game alone cost $40 bucks, its just the sweet bundle saves your allot more.
    40+50= 90 bucks plus some tax and all but you save around 30 $$$.
    its just like with warhawk, you can buy the game alone or not but its cheaper to get it with the headset if you truely want to save money.
    im not a big fan of socom but i will buy it for the headset, and try out the game to.

  • I Might get this looks good

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