New PSP’s Battery Life Equivalent to Current PSP

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Hi, everyone, there have been reports about the battery life of the new PSP system (PSP-3000) being shorter than the current model (PSP-2000), following an interview we recently did with Gamespot. I’d like to make a correction and clarify that the new PSP will have equivalent battery life to the current PSP, about 4 to 6 hours for games and about 4 to 5 hours for UMD videos. While the enhanced screen of the new PSP draws a little more power, our engineers in Japan worked to reduce the power consumption of the overall system including its components, so you won’t have to worry about losing any time when enjoying the more vibrant visuals displayed with the new PSP.

We hope this clears everything up, and we’re certainly excited about letting you all get your hands on the new PSP and checking out the enhanced screen when it hits retail next month.

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  • Nifty.

    I really oughta get one of these new fangled P.S.P.’s of which you speak.

  • Might be picking this one up.

  • Eh, really doesn’t affect me and my red God of War PSP, but that’s nice to know anyway.

    Just going to let you know now, if this goes as far as a PSP-4000, I’m going to become quite perturbed.

    By the way, if you happen to be in contact with anyone in the near future, it’d be nice to know if/when we can expect a PSP Store in the US. :D

    Happy Wednesday. :D

  • Thanks was hoping that was the case. Nice to see an official post.


  • Good to know… Thanks :)

  • John, thanks for clarifying that statement made in the GameSpot interview.

    Can you please clarify one additional point for me? I have two of the extended-life batteries (PSP-280) and associated piano black battery cover for my PSP Slim (PSP-2001), and I’d like to know whether the extended-life batteries and battery cover will fit/work with the PSP-3000?

  • Oh Ok thanks for the news

  • That’s cool, but i’ve got a question:
    I own a PSP-2000, and a PSP phat. So yes, i am a big fan of the PSP.

    But i will not spend my money for this model. Why? What is the point of releasing a PSP-3000? What’s the strategy behind this? Just stop ‘upgrading’ (we’re still working for the 2 joystiqs) the PSP and start PSP2 developement.

  • oups typing error. i meant we’re still WAITING for the 2 joystiqs.

  • Im gonna get a PSP 3000.
    So consider Fersis as a new customer.

  • PSP for the win! Sweet! :)

  • Yeah that’s all well and good but when are the core packs gonna be available for purchase? Give me an exact date please.

  • Can someone tell me why the PSP only has one toggle stick?

    IMO there should be two…there’s clearly enough space internally and externally to implement one, thus making game play experiences closer to the flag ship console.

    This feature should have been included in the new PSP – 3000

  • thanks for the clarification!

    I agree, if you guys keep making new PSP’s…WHY NOT INCLUDE THE 2ND ANALOG NUB?

    it just seems so weird to not have feels like most games have to make up for the loss of the 2nd nub..if the PSP had 2 nubs most PS2 games could be ported over alot easier!

    just my 2cents!

  • That’s good to know. One of the bigger downers on the PSP is battery life.

  • will you guys still release the bigger battery this fall/winter?

  • Sounds good to me. Now I may finally upgrade from my current (launch) model.

  • Sweet, gotta save up some money for this…
    Also… PLEASE, bring that Dissidia bundle state side!

  • Thats good to know :)

  • Is now the time for the BIG PSP purchase?

    I think it must draw near as I feel the tug of remote play!

    What is this I here of an aftermarket battery with a 10 hour life? Is it true?

    Possible Future PSP Owner


  • That’s great.

  • How about you guys add life to the PSP by releasing some games for it?

    Honestly, just look at the release list for the rest of the year. It’s mostly ports and multiplatform games which are better on other consoles.

  • Dual Analog and shoulder buttons and I am sold otherwise I am sticking with my fat PSP.

    But thanks for the effort.

    Looking forward to the Ad-Hoc tunneling through the PS3 and PSN access though!

  • pixel junk monster trophies?!!?!!?

  • I would love to know why a new model is being released. I spent 200 dollars on a PSP slim less than a year ago and now it’s outdated. A brighter screen and built in mic is hardly any justification on spending another 200 dollars on a handheld that doesn’t seem to have any good titles coming out anytime soon.

  • Also…is it true you will STILL need a headset when using skype or in game voice chat? What is the point of a built in mic if we are still ball & chained to headphones? Apparently the PSP’s speakers can’t handle voice and game audio simultaneously. What a bummer if that’s the case.

  • @24 outkast32
    Come on, lets employ this space to ask meaningful questions about the subject :D

  • Looks like this will be the PSP upgrade my PSP1001 for. The anti-reflective is a big deal to me.

    Will the extended battery covers for the PSP2001 work with the 3001? I have the covers when I upgraded my PSP1001’s battery.

    Anyway here’s hoping this is the last significant change before PSP2. Which I hope you guys consult with us before designing as I have a few issues with the PSP that need to be resolved *cough*Second analog Stick*cough* that I would like see on a PSP2 (NOT on a PSP).

  • Hardware redesigns are awesome but when is sony going to get off their ass and support their handheld with software, instead of making new hardware bundles and redesigning the system.

  • Can you confirm that the extended life battery kit is coming back sometime soon? I just got a Madden PSP and would really like the extended life… but the only ones I can find are either WAY over MSRP, or not true Sony batteries…


  • Would the new screens be compatible with the PSP 2000?

    I have replaced a couple of LCD’s on the slim model for friends that were careless and it’s a pretty easy process.

  • SHould have added this in my prior comment, sorry for another comment but, if you look at the current release list they have one solid title coming out and thats just sad, I like the PSP alot, its much better than the DS and as powerful and great it is, it has next to no software support.

  • Thanks for clarifying that. I’ve too many bogus comments about this already.

  • one sexy psp. its good to know its the same. I’m getting one soon as it arrives, hopes there’s some great fall games to go with it.

  • Is the extended battery returning? With the new screen I will want to use my PSP more than before.

  • awesome. i’m def getting this. the screen looks amazing, i can’t even believe the enhancement. for those of you that havent already seen,

    question though, why has a second analog stick not yet been added?

    also, i think (along with an additional analog) a cool small little change would be too move the home (now PS) button to the middle, similar to a ps3 controller.

  • ^^ sorry for the double post, i forgot to specify that the last part of my comment i was referring to in a future model, like say 4000 (hopefully not later than that)

  • sounds like its time to trade in the ole psp 2001 and upgrade… can’t wait! thanks for clarifying that for us John. that was a real bum ticker but it wasnt necessarily a deal breaker for me.


  • Any chance of us seeing Life with Playstation sometime this month?

  • Sweet. Good job! :D

  • Hey it’s the DelayStation 3 and DelayStation Portable!

    But to be fair we complain if we don’t get any info and complain when we get info and it’s delayed.

    However Sony should keep a line open I don’t think the delays would be such a big deal if they were short and Sony had told us ahead of time not the day of suposed release that a delay has occured.

    This blog post was way late though in addressing the battery issue.

    Hopefully Sir Stringer can streamline things a bit with SCEA and SCEI as a whole.

    2008 is almost over don’t let us down on the year of the Delay … err PlayStation!

  • Ah man I went and bought Daxter Entertainment pack…should have waited for this one lol! Oh well if I didn’t get it than I wouldn’t have had that life changing experience when I played PataPon! ;)

  • What gets me is when you people complain about a 3 day to 1 week delay. If you want to complain about something complain about things that are delayed months.

  • I hope your not referring to me #42
    If you read my post I don’t state any specific example because Sony and everyone else knows what’s delayed beyond the reasonable time frame.

    I have no problm with delays they are a part of the industry but what bothers me is when something is announced than delayed last minute. You can’t tell me no one knew it would be delayed until the last minute.

    I just want a heads up, a little communication that’s all, delays don’t bother me because I know it will make a better or less buggy product when it is released.

  • I know the psp’s video output has been improved so that it works in 480i, but has it been improved to upscale to a higher resolutions so it can display full screen on HD displays? (like a 720p scaler)

  • I want the new models to come out in Aqua, blue and white!!

  • Piracy is killing the PSP, sad but true.

  • I already have a PSP, but it’s not one of the ones with video out… I hear you can play the games with a PS3 controller too, so if I can hook it up to my television and play, say, Crisis Core, Ape Escape OTL, Puzzle Quest, Lumines, etc, that’ll be a sell.

    Speaking of Lumines, I heard Lumines Supernova was announced for PSN! THANK YOU! No more complaints about PSN from me!

  • sorry for being off topic here but does pain get trophies tomorro? and the amusment park?

    im thinking about picking up the psp next month, but mybe not im scared of another model coming out

  • Can not increase the battery life? Look at how the original psp had the regular battery and the extended battery. however the extended battery is too big for the slim. So can’t u make an extended battery thats the same size as the reg slim battery?

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