Heavy Rain: Quantic Dream’s Leipzig Experience

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It’s been a few weeks since we brought you any news from Europe, and while this post isn’t the most timely, since it’s about Heavy Rain I thought you’d forgive us ;-)

Guillaume de Fondaumière, the co-CEO of Quantic Dream and Executive Producer of Heavy Rain wanted to share with readers of the PlayStation.Blog his feelings when revealing the title to a huge audience for the first time. As Heavy Rain is a deeper, more emotionally-tied game than we’re used to seeing – it’s actually a good fit. Also, we have a trailer to share with you that you may not have seen.

Take it away, Guillaume!

Leipzig Games Convention Day 1:

Here we are, finally unveiling Heavy Rain to the world after almost two years of hard work on the title. A first showing is always a very special moment, one that gets your heart pounding like the first time you are in love: Will the public react positively? Will it say “Yes, this is what I was waiting for, can’t wait to see more?”

The setting for the initial public announcement of the game could not have been better: David Reeves’s GC Leipzig keynote speech on Wednesday when all important European PlayStation announcements are made.

A first pleasant surprise: spontaneously, when David Reeves pronounces for the first time the words Heavy Rain, the hundreds of journalists attending start applauding, eager to finally see the title. We did not suspect such anticipation. The tension is palpable when David Cage enters the stage and the crowd claps hands again to welcome him. My hands are sweating, from where I am, I see our pre-teaser in pre-roll on one monitor. The time has come, the video is broadcast… and for the third time, the crowd applauds and cheers, visibly satisfied. The moment David Cage, myself and the whole team had been anxiously anticipating for weeks is now over. You can watch the video for yourself below.

A first impression is always very important and I think this one was quite positive. David and I are now anxiously awaiting the next two days, when we will be showing live code to the press. We know this will be the real thing, the real test…

Leipzig Games Convention, Days 2 & 3

The first look at the behind-closed-doors Heavy Rain press schedule for the next 48 hours makes me slightly shiver: 16 presentations of 45 minutes are planned for almost 320 journalists. This is going to be a marathon… While David Cage will be giving an introductory speech and commentary on the demo, I will be playing it. It is live code, I have no safety net. The male character is driven by AI and the two walkthroughs chosen to present what Heavy Rain is imply that I don’t lose the other – female – character half way through the demo…

At the end of the first run through a surprise awaits us: the journalists applaud the presentation, something I had never seen in the past 15 years of my career. Heavy Rain is a very different game, an emotional experience that sucks players and any audience attending a playthrough in. After all, this might be 16 long, but rewarding, presentations!

At 2 pm, the tension slightly raises for us when Shuhei Yoshida, head SCE of Worldwide Studios, and Michael Denny, VP of SCEE Worldwide Studios enter the room. The presentation goes well, we are even rewarded with an additional applause session half way through our demo.

On the following day, despite having gone to bed early, David and I are starting to feel some fatigue and back pain. During the first presentation, I realize my hands are shaking right from the beginning and for the first time, I am loosing the female character during a fight sequence at the end of the demo. David’s speech is less fluid at the start of the second one, but thankfully we regain confidence at the end of this presentation thanks to an unusually long and warm round of applause. The six following presentations all go without hiccups. To pump us up, Alex, Charlotte and Grégory from SCE PR are feeding us regularly with press quotes: Heavy Rain seems to be receiving an exceptional response from the international press. This helps us concentrate on our next presentation and gives us the confidence to always deliver the same level of presentation, hour after hour. When we finally leave the Leipzig convention center at close to 7 pm, we are extremely tired but also very happy.

David Cage and I will certainly remember this Games Convention in Leipzig for quite a few years!

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  • First in-game high-res screens would be sweet deal for the blog to get… *hint* :)

  • Looks good. Keep it up guys.

  • Can’t wait to see/hear more, and I will be getting this game (or “experience”) right when it comes out.

  • I like story driven games ,Heavy Rain its a must buy for me :D

  • Heavy Rain looks really cool. I can’t wait for it!

  • Will this title support Trophies?

    When will it be released 2008 or 2009?

  • WOW this games looks so realistic!

    I can’t wait til 2009!

    Any demo planned?


  • @6
    i dont care for trophies, its useless for me! and the ps3 shouldn’t have trophies… but anyhows all i care about is the gameplay and graphics.

  • I still dont get how it will be played but Im looking for it in 2009, it looks like a must buy, i guess we will get some more infos about it before the end of this year i hope
    Thanks and good job!

  • Thanks Jeff, I am very anxious to see how this game turns out, it looks amazing.

    I also watched the trailer in HD, from the Europe store, and was blown away with the graphics.

    Once we are handed more gameplay elements and information on the story, I believe this is going to be a must buy.

    Thanks again Jeff,


  • @sony
    i think it is time to add Quantic Dream’s to the family.

    yas it will be costly but believe me it really worth

  • I am really exciting about this game. Brining emotion to a game makes it much more satisfying. That is why FFX is still my favorite game.

  • @8 Cypher-Ghost
    If you take out the graphics from your ‘care’ list, you are good to go :D

  • @8: All people can’t like trophies so I respect that, but if you don’t like them, they’re not in the way. Don’t see why you mean the PS3 shouldn’t have them. People that care about it, can enjoy them, people that don’t, just don’t pay attention to them.

  • The graphics in the video you provided look great !

    Thanks for the update.

  • does it rain the entire game or are there moments of sunshine to brighten our days?

  • Why can I never get these videos to work? It seems like any video you guys post never works for me. What am I doing wrong?!

  • LOL that was kinda funny…..ok so some woman breaks into some random house and then some fat guy attacks her…then you press buttons to fight him off? wtf that game looks dull to me sorry for saying. decent graphics but it looks like it has nothing to offer…

    I dont get it…lol so what after you kill the fat guy then what? there are ghosts or something? more fat guys? and then you fight him off and stare blankly and dramatically off into space? WOW gripping storyline! /sarcasm.

  • MidnightBlues

    It has been stated that this isn’t even a part of the actual game. This is just a trailer to show of what the game is looking like. This and the ‘Casting’ video are both tech demos and don’t play any part in the final game.

  • The game looks pretty good, but those QTEs really need to disappear. This is not God of War and it is time for innovation, not random button pressing that removes the player from the experience.

    I haven’t seen anything yet that makes me want to buy this game.

  • The game looks great, can’t wait for it!

  • MidnightBlues, don’t do the hate. Wait until you actually get your hands on the game before mouthing off. Play Indigo Prophecy if you want to understand how this game may or may not play.

    Quantic Dream is doing a wonderful job so far and I certainly can’t wait to get my hands on this game. This game could take the spotlight for 2009.

  • I’m interested to see more of what this game really is.

  • I’ll just watch it on youtube when it comes out.

  • this game look good, cant wait for release

  • @6

    why is that the first question you ask?.. trophies? who cares if it has trophies or not.. doesnt even look like a “trophy” game. you should be more concerned with the actual game than worried about collecting trophies with no value.

  • After playing Indigo Prophecy and seeing clips of Heavy Rain. I am interested in buying this title. Keep up the good work of placing stories that are smaller yet exciting in games. Not every game you have to save the world.

  • MidnightBlues,

    Good to see you’re using this alias today. I miss some of your other account names though.

    Good to see that you’re still negative about everything though. Life must be a bowl of cherries for you.

  • All MidnightBlues does is whine. Forgive him; he lives in a fantasy dream world where every post on this blog must be about something pertaining to him. Hey, MidnightBlues – Enjoy the 4 Burnout posts that got posted in your fantasy dream world so far this week?

    On topic, Indigo Prophecy was amazing, even though it stopped making sense after the construction site incident. If Heavy Rain was more of the same with a better story, it’d be an instant win.

    However, looks like Quantic Dream is going beyond even that! I got the trailer from my EU account, and was amazed! Can’t wait to play this story. No more behind-closed-doors stuff. Just go finish Heavy Rain!!

  • This game looks incredible. The typical response is, “That’s a game??!?” Can’t wait to see more.

    Also, Life with Playstation, por favor? Maybe just an ETA?

  • Looks like a mystery for the scooby gang.

  • I would actually totally dig if Quantic let this side story (for those who don’t know, the demo shown doesn’t have anything to do with the main story) be the focus all the way to release of the actual game.

    A month or two before final release, show one trailer which has bits from the actual plot. In that way we could get the least exposition to the plot as possible and everyone would be going into the game ‘fresh’.

    The side story should show off all the developments and technology more than fine enough. Anyway, just a thought.

  • Thank you for doing this guys

  • Why would it be so difficult for you guys to have recorded one of the presentations and post the video for us to see?
    I mean who is going to buy the game anyway?

  • Do you think that you could put the Heavy Rain 06′ Tech Demo video on the PS Store?

  • (on-topic) well personally i think the game looks rather cool. maybe a little odd but odd typically means new or just not being used to it yet. overall i’m slightly confused about the trailer and more concerned with something slightly off topic.

    why does everyone here think midnightblues is whining when he just gives his opinion or think he has multiple accounts? like this one is mine, even linked to me PSN account and it’s still not goon enough for some.

    @jeff can you please ban touchyED? please? i’m sick of his allegations and childish remarks on this blog. he won’t let others just be. i’m sure he’ll be saying something about me soon which is why i (as well as others i know form here) don’t post much on the playstation blog.

    I could be talking about a game right now but i think this needs to be addressed!

    people like him have turned this “place” into a circus and being the clown that i am, i’d rather be in a ditch than hang around somewhere that people like him are allowed to talk to others the way he does.

    HIS COMMENTS ARE COMPLETELY OFF TOPIC!!! ALWAYS!!! #28 and his first post on this thread and he’s already attempting to take his childish problems out here and it’s starting to reflect on you Mr. banswordsman… where are you with this mighty ban-hammer.

    STRIKE DOWN THOSE WHO TRY TO RUIN YOUR KINGDOM (of give me the ******* thing so i can do it for you) i’m sick of this guy. ruins every post he can if not the whole thread for many people. please help Mr. ban-man. (i’ll even draw you a cartoon character of “the Ban-man” if you do, cape and all!!!)

  • The game looks great, but SIXTEEN PRESENTATIONS? That must have been rough. Hopefully they fed you more than quotes- like lots and lots of sugar! I look forward to seeing more.

    @Violater (34)
    “I mean who is going to buy the game anyway?”

    Well, apparently not you, but I guess they don’t really have to care what you want then anyway.

  • @20

    Because mashing buttons to pull off combos in other games is so much more engrossing than QTEs? The idea behind those is the timing and the idea that with each button, an action is performed which, in my opinion, adds a little to the intensity. This isn’t the whole game though. There was an article that outlined the controls and how it will use all sorts of different control methods from the use of SIXAXIS to the sticks to different buttons performing various tasks. Honestly, I can’t really think of a way a control system can get innovative unless you mix up different systems that have been presented in the past.

    But really, this footage and the tech demo before it have really piqued my interest. Indigo Prophecy was fantastic (up until the bizarre ending at least) so I’m very interested to see how Heavy Rain plays out.

  • already saw the vid, its great! what bothers me is i still have no clue what this game is about… immersion alone has my eyes dead set on buying this game. story plot is important to me too. I guess i’ll have to wait. anyone here know when this one drops?


  • the game looks very awesome, keep up the good work

  • Dude, this game looks SWEET! I am totally psyched for it.

  • Keep up the great work Quantic Dream! I’m playing Fahrenheit at the moment to prepare a bit for Heavy Rain, and I’m enjoying it a lot. Tho imagine a game like this with state of the art graphics is awesome.

  • I have to be honest, but I wasn’t as impressed with Heavy Rain so far as the media. I was really looking forward to some innovative gameplay and graphics in the actual gameplay footage but what I saw looked like Silent Hill. Somewhat related: There seems to be a lot of similarity to me between Heavy Rain and another PS3 exclusive game that sought for a cinematic emotional response from gamers- Heavenly Sword, both of which seemed to employ state of the art motion, facial capture techniques, a strikingly beautiful, yet non-conventional female main character. I sincerly hope that the public embraces Heavy Rain more than it did for Heavenly Sword. I am all for cinematic experiences in gameplay, in fact, (I love it.. when it’s done right- MGS4 gets close) but please also be sure that the game itself is fun and replayable.

  • i myself am very unimpressed with the game play in heavy rain. Graphics arnt everything. Having to hit stupid button presses to get out of situations is very last gen and not push game play forward at all.

  • Just wondering…is this game exclusive?

  • How soon can we expect this demo on PSN????????? :)

  • @45: Yes, it is exclusive.

  • I’ve seen this clip before, but it’s nice to see the developers take on its presentation.

    Looks good to me :)

  • Is that the only kind of gameplay there will be in this game? or will there be more diferent kinds beside pushing a button it tells you to push? not trying to be mean or anything but i don’t quite understand how that would be fun… Besides if it has a Great story, then it may be fun to play.

  • Hot damn! This looks amazing! The gameplay looks beautiful

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