Here’s What I Learned From PAX …

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Top Pot coffee
Here’s what I learned from PAX: Gamers love their caffeine and sugar. And prizes.

Well over 125 of you showed up to our PAX PlayStation.Blog Meet-up last Saturday at Top Pot Donuts; making it a packed house and a big success. We quickly ran out of our allotment of 100 swag bags (with T-shirts and PS3 travel mugs), then raffled off copies of WipEout Pulse for PSP, vouchers for Bionic Commando: Rearmed for PSN (thanks, Capcom’s John D!), and a PSP Core System. Vince won the grand prize, a Limited Edition Grey Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3, following a thrilling final round of WipEout competition on PSP.

Winner of the LE MGS4 Bundle!

It was great meeting many of you for the first time, and seeing industry tastemakers from Joystiq, Sarcastic Gamer, Destructoid, Gamervision and Gamerscore Blog in person.

For those of you who weren’t able to make it, take a look at our pics, and the PS3 Fanboy gallery (Jem snapped the best hi-res donut pics). And YES, we’re planning on doing more of these, and not just on the West Coast.

Finally, if you’re ever in Seattle (or live there), don’t wait for us to return to try Top Pot Donuts – best I’ve ever had … ever.

Happy gamers Getting ready for a PSP tourny

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  • Nice. Were the donuts delicious as Dunkin’ Donuts?

  • Hooray for the PAX! I wish I could have gone. I’ve never gotten to go to any kind of game expo. But this one looked like it was a ton of fun. I really like it when gamers can meet one-on-one with the people who are directly involved in the creation of their favorite games. Game expos really should be held more often in various places throughout the country – including the southeast. We’ve got several great venues in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida, so maybe sometime we’ll get considered as a host! Lots of gamers hail from this part of the country, you know! =)

  • I’m always amazed that you guys have the guts to meet blog commenters in person :)

  • So, Jeff. You are definitely going to be at Digitallife ’08 in New York starting Sept 25, right? I’ll be there.Hope SONY is there too.
    Thanks for the great job you are doing!

  • @4 krae_man
    No you cant yet ;D

  • Dude, I’m still salivating over those cinnabon donuts that you guys had posted up. I had to run over to dunkin donuts to grab myself a coffee roll because I was so enticed!

  • Man I wish you guys would come to Dallas!

    How do we get shows like this to come our way?

    {Oh wait, guess we should have something to offer! :|}

    I should move!


  • @1

    no body does it like Dunkin’ ;D

  • That looks like a blast. Sorry I couldn’t make it this year, Jeff. With all of the other stuff I had to while in Seattle (i.e. sleep off sickness), I missed out on the doughnut fun.

    Maybe I’ll see you at TGS this year? I will be looking for English speaking people to talk with, for sure. ;)

    • It\’s cool, Samit dropped by at the end. I\’ll look for you at TGS…

      BTW, killer rendition of \”Livin\’ on a Prayer.\” Yes, I saw that!

  • Man, sounds like I missed out on some great fun / prizes. Floriduh gets nothing but hurricanes.

  • Jeff I had to work that morning unfortunately. I was looking for you at the booth, but you seem to be a busy man.

  • Congrats on the win Vince! You’ll love the MGS4 bundle…

    Also, that may be the most posh donut shop I’ve ever seen. Two floors? Wow..

  • Where are the women? :)

  • Sorry I couldn’t make it laudes, as I had to watch college football across the city. I truly wanted to be there but alumni football requires I watch blowout games live. Each of those toppots burn my soul with goodness. For those of you who haven’t had them -they’re like a cake donut, a party in your mouth in the morning!

  • Man I wish I could of been there. Looks like awesome Playstation fun! Jeff where can I get that PS3 travel mug? I want one of those lol

    Also any plans on doing a meetup in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan say Escanaba or Marquette? Pretty please lol? :D


  • oh Jeff when will you be posting the video interviews you did with the people from inFamous and R2?

  • Sorry that I couldn’t be there. Hopefully you’ll be coming around next year when I’ll (hopefully) have more leeway wallet-wise.

    Though I’m not sure how comfortable I would’ve been with that many people around (in such a small area no less). I’m more of a small-crowd kind of guy. You must have certainly had plenty of people crowding around you though.

    So how did the questions go over for inFamous? :D

  • Any pictures of doughnuts we can download? :P

  • To our PSP*

  • Oh wait, that one was deleted too.

    Its big brother up in here!

    Good job Sony, censoring your customers.

  • So the donuts are better than ‘churros’ ?
    damn , i need to go to US.

  • @24 krae_man
    NDA , do you know what it is ??

  • Looks like everyone had fun.

    Now just get one in Toronto and I will be there. ;-]

  • @ Blingblong

    I’m playing the world’s tiniest violin for you right now. A fairly strong amount of developers are from Japan and the “west coast.” A good majority the entire game industry rings “west coast.” (M$ is based in Redmond) Don’t go whining about this one site. At least you aren’t suffering from the same problems of those who are “north coast” (Canada) or “really far east coast” (Europe). Just by being in the US you have a status a lot of other people on this blog aren’t getting.

  • i want some free schwag! alas i don’t have the money to make it out to these things. If you guys are ever in the Central Florida region i’ll be sure to be there.


  • Second to last photo. Top left. There are the women :D

    Yeah, you’re right. The massive nerd-fest is just outnumbering them ;)

    Still looks like lots of fun though. I really whish I could have gone :(

    And as always, don’t forget Boston! :D

  • Jeff, next time you have an event at a donut shop, can you bring me a donut back? Maybe some coffee, too. I need some sugar and caffeine if I’m going to keep staying up all night trying to get these PJE trophies!

  • Jeff,

    Got a question. Why is it that the PS One classics on the store differ by region? Japan has Xenogears, Metal Gear Solid, etc. Europe has some that the US doesn’t and vice versa. We get Syphon Filter and Jet Moto. Really? They’re not bad games, but seriously, my PS3 game collection is full of shooters, racing, a few action/platformer titles. RPG or strategy I’m a bit lacking on, why? There’s not many PS3 games in those genres. So Sony, do wake up, how about PS One classics that cover the kind of games that are so few as PS3 titles to hold us over until the upcoming RPGs and RTS games are released? Its as if you’re incouraging me to get a suxbox just for RPGs while I wait for FFXIII….then again if I was in Japan I’d be playing through Xenogears again to pass the time while I wait.

  • @jeigh
    HA HA HA youre so clever! Did I say anything about developers? No I was talking about customers ie. gamers. And this is 2008, we dont communicate by telegraph…I develop products for clients literally on the other side of the world at times, now how do you suppose I do that? I worked for a snowboard company once in a small vermont town that traveled the country doing promos and testing demos that would put this thing to shame, and that entire op was only a handful of people! And yes, I am proud to be an American, because we’re the greatest country in the world, not because of

  • do this in Philadelphia or somewhere near PA on the east coast and i will be there. (not New York tho)

  • Jeff, what donuts did you eat?

  • @31
    STFU viprdude :)
    The should do it in NYC

  • @Jeff,
    Thanks for deleting my post about HOME, we waited for your product, get excited and then you delete the posts…. Nobody goes back and looks for the Home Post, if something like this comes up i try to get it to where people are actually participating…
    Kinda lame if you ask me… What is this post about anyway, some half baked game show that has no new info?

  • The guy in the blue shirt in the second photo looks like he just had a cruel practical joke played on him :)

    Like you told him he won an LE Gun Metal Grey MGS4 PS3, but it was just a photo of one. :P

  • lol @ the hater!

  • is there a game that really wowed you at PAX

  • Wait a minute… That’s you! lol, nevermind :P

  • Hey Jeff, did you happen to get a pac-man hat at PAX? Got any left over coffee cups from that doughnut shop. Top Pot, i mean what a name, top POT. LOL anyways did you get any cool swag from PAX? Meet any of YOUR idols there? Who won the meet up prizes? Were there any? Hey if you did get a couple pac man hats, can I have one. They were the sickest looking hat I’ve ever seen and my geek cred would skyrocket with that on the ole bean. So I’m glad that you all had a great time.


  • Oh and microsoft never does this type of stuff with it’s fans. Never!

  • Jeff, a question for you. (Sorry for double post)

    What was your favorite game at PAX?

    • Hm, I didn\’t get to play a lot of stuff, but I enjoyed Rock Band 2, Valkyria Chronicles, WipEout HD, and Naruto. I didn\’t get a go on Fallout 3, but everyone was pretty impressed with it.

  • Never mind, not a double post since mine was deleted. :P

  • @jeff
    So you delete my post even though it was on topic, just because you dont like what I said? I called the news of your dunut munch event silly, said Sony can do better, you make a comment on it, and THEN decide: “I might as well take away this guys freedom of speech too, why not…! DELETE key. Come on what do you gain from this? I have been a playstation fan from the beginning, all you do by treating your fans like that is hurt your brand, I bet your boss wouldnt like to know that.

  • @blingblong


    You do have freedom to go outside and cry about Sony all you want though. Why don’t u go do that?

  • It’s encouraging to know that other areas in the US are going to receive some lovin’. Being a gamer on the East Coast, I am very envious of the West Coast scene.

    Do you think that the area between Philadelphia and DC might see a little love? NYC is a happening place, but it seems to me every place that is not NYC is the forgotten stepchild.

    Show some Brotherly Love to the city that spawned it, man! Or at least some respect to the nation’s capital.

    Thanks for listening!


  • Hey, I’m not exactly sure where to put this, but i was wondering if anyone knows of a plan to allow users to take screen shots while in game directly from the XMB? It seems like it would not be hard to incorporate a screen capture function into the XMB now that it is viewable while playing.

  • Pax is great, thanks for the coverage, donuts are cool. What donut is better? yay sony, yay SCEA!! …. I wonder if this one will get deleted…. BTW Some other thing that is cool happened, i am not allowed to talk about it here.

  • @ Blingblong

    All right, I’m going to make this last post, since I’m certainly bordering on the limit: it’s not *what* you’re saying per se that’s the problem. It’s how you’re saying it. You’re coming off as extremely hostile and disruptive.

    You want some love for the east coast, fair enough, and they’ve already said that they’re making some plans to that effect. If you’d left it at that,much like SolidSnake500 has just done, you would have been fine. Tone down the angry and people will be much more receptive to you.

    Sorry ’bout the multiple posts, Jeff. I’m done. :)

  • Ha! i like the selective deleting. LOL made me laugh. here’s a link to a pic of those awesome pac man hats:
    selective deleting indeed…..LOLZ @ Jeff. you could give me one, you know ya want to. oh and what was the most popular psp at the meet up, slim or phat?

  • Is this better: Gosh, Jeff thanks SO much for providing us with all that sweet info about the Donut shop meeting, I wish i could have flewn out there from NC, but I couldnt save enough money burning tires to make it, darn! By the way thanks for deleting mine and all those other posts, who do those people think they are, free? I should have known not to be less than praising, I will be lashing myself deep for that one. Sony is so perfect in every way! Long live Sony! Sony will you have my baby? PS- PLEASE let us know when you have another awesome west coast promo, the rest of the world really cares; will you mail me a dirty napkin??

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