Here’s What I Learned From PAX …

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Top Pot coffee
Here’s what I learned from PAX: Gamers love their caffeine and sugar. And prizes.

Well over 125 of you showed up to our PAX PlayStation.Blog Meet-up last Saturday at Top Pot Donuts; making it a packed house and a big success. We quickly ran out of our allotment of 100 swag bags (with T-shirts and PS3 travel mugs), then raffled off copies of WipEout Pulse for PSP, vouchers for Bionic Commando: Rearmed for PSN (thanks, Capcom’s John D!), and a PSP Core System. Vince won the grand prize, a Limited Edition Grey Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3, following a thrilling final round of WipEout competition on PSP.

Winner of the LE MGS4 Bundle!

It was great meeting many of you for the first time, and seeing industry tastemakers from Joystiq, Sarcastic Gamer, Destructoid, Gamervision and Gamerscore Blog in person.

For those of you who weren’t able to make it, take a look at our pics, and the PS3 Fanboy gallery (Jem snapped the best hi-res donut pics). And YES, we’re planning on doing more of these, and not just on the West Coast.

Finally, if you’re ever in Seattle (or live there), don’t wait for us to return to try Top Pot Donuts – best I’ve ever had … ever.

Happy gamers Getting ready for a PSP tourny

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