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In just a few short hours, PAX 2008 will be but a distant, awesome memory. Next week, we’ll be posting the interviews we shot (featuring the questions you asked) with Insomniac, Sucker Punch, and Hothead Games. We’ll also shed a little more light on the gameplay of Resistance Retribution for PSP, and recap today’s Blog Reader Meet-up (spoiler: it was awesome).

PAX isn’t really a “news generator” in the way E3 and Leipzig were, but if you read anything you’d like to share with the class, link out below.

In the meantime, I hope you have a good, relaxing Labor Day (if applicable). See you Tuesday.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 8/25)

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  • Looking forward to the Insomniac news loads.

    Resistance 2 and Retribution are gonna be absolutely awesome.

    Also, looking forward to the Sucker Punch news too. inFamous is looking one of next years best titles

    See ya Tuesday Jeff


  • go Resistance 2 go.

  • PAX 2008 is over,now it is will about TGS 2008


  • Sony tell insomniac the Resistance 2 LE needs to come with poster of some kind or else I’ll hate them forever. But will still buy it.

  • When does the Resistance 2 beta start? I am a Qore subscriber, and I yet to receive the email for my beta code

  • Did that (no destroyed) site mean anything? I signed up and was expecting a beta code from it…;)

  • So what about the Closed Home Beta invites? Any clue as to when those are going out yet?

  • Wheres HOME can u please give us an update today on the clsed expanded invites, how come europe, and japan (consideriering europe got invites twice alredy)are done and hong kong people get to buy their way in and we have yet to hear a word?

  • A very stressful week! Hoping to here “good news” sometime soon.

  • wheres Home i thought expanded beta was 2 start this month

  • Here’s hoping the PSP3000 brings with it a price drop in the near future. I spent 200+ on my PSP1001 almost 4 years ago, time for another price drop. 170 is the going price for the core and I still need to buy a new remote for it. Was hoping we would be at 135 by now.

  • This week’s blog was boring, Hopefully we get some nice updates next week.

    @ PSBLOG

    If HOME beta invites were given out, please say so then you could prevent thousand of people posting the same comments and helps us know at what stage we’re on.


  • some TGS 2008 predicted games.


    2-The Last Guy

    3-GRAN TURISMO 5 Prologue


    5-paiapon 2

    6-MotorStorm Pacific Rift


    8-LocoRoco 2

    9-white knight chronicles

    10-dark cloud 3

    11-ICO 2

    12-new Ape Escape(ps3)

  • Jeff,

    About this Home application…

    People are losing their minds on the forums. There are people that are counting down until the end of the day, in hopes that invites for the Home Beta will be sent. There are many that are defending Sony, and taking much heat for it. People are very hostile. This lack of information is making the boards no fun to be around.

    Can you please give us any bit of news to end this insanity? Any information on Home, Jeff?

    A lot of people are going to be very disappointed, and that sucks for them. You know who your consumer base is, and it’s not cool that so many hopeful, optomistic young people, whom are trying to defend you… are going to end up wrong and disappointed. Not to mention the obvious hazing with ‘I told you so’ and ‘noob’ because of a lack of information sharing.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you very much.

  • I can’t wait to find out more about Resistance 2, and see some pics of the collectors edition that I have to buy.

  • So, you guys are gone till tuesday. I am guessing no update on home? Can clarify whether the new invites will be sent soon, or was it delayed since its the end of the month and no new invites have been sent?

  • check out the latest show you will lose your mind. here’s the title Will Microsoft copy off of little big planet?

    Yo jeff was going on man great weekly wrap – up hey maybe you can add my shows in your weekly wrap – up man that would be great but if you can’t it’s no big deal i look foward to playing you in socom man we gonna go at it. everybody check out

  • Wait hold on, We were told that the home beta invites would be sent out by the END OF AUGUST! the end of august is LABOUR DAY and if u “Will see us Tuesday” then that means YOU DID NOT EXPAND THE BETA AT THE END OF AUGUST!

    Why, why, why, cant you guys stick to what you say. If you have a deadline to meet, you meet it not exceptions, its a buisness.

    please dont tell us ever again that “if you dont here it here on the blog, take it with a grain of salt”

    ^^ because you dont even tell the truth.



  • I agree with comment 18, I am not listening to someguy named the hip hop gamer, sounds ghetto and cheap.

  • Its the end of the month, where’s my Home beta invite?

    Countdown till delay blog post 5…4…3..2…

  • are the rumors about home not being able to play your own media on TVs true?

  • wow, HOME is going to be huuuuge if this many people are freaking out and it isn’t even out yet..

    It seems Sony has decided to strip the Europe only PLAY-TV digital tuner/video recorder of its most useful and “reason to buy it” feature, the saved “recorded” content no longer transferable…even though it was promised as part of the package at first..won’t carry on to the HOME launch..

    I hope that doesn’t mean HOME will go the same way and not allow our own content to stream in our own apartments like they said we could at first.


    I am really beginning to hate big record companies, movie companies, and publishing firms taht only see $$$..

    they just fuel the fire for pirates, modders, and scene kids out there..[/rant]

    I’m guessing we should hear an announcement soon about HOME..

  • Can someone please tell me why there isn’t an option to pause in-game music for supported titles?

  • Wow You guys complain about HOME a lot. You are all going to be up in arms when you realise that they took out streaming of media from the HDD :(

    Jeff. Would your team be adverse to choosing one of the external articles each week for highlighting for us to read or perhaps a short commentary? :-D

  • I agree with TXNY. Visit the Home forums and it’s really not a pretty thing. And it’s hard to blame ’em. You really do owe them(us) some news about Home. We’re all OK with the delays considering we trust that it will be a fine product in the end. But, we need some news guys. It’s unfair to keep us on the edge like that, especially after such a long delay.

  • hey can I get an invite to the beta? cant wait for home see what its all about im just happy that its free cause if it wasent i wouldn’t b able to afford it right now. good lookin out fellas we r the lucky ones them other fools need to get there ungreatful heads out there asses and just chill bliggins–44

  • i’m so glad that LBP is going to be region free. and also The Last Guy is REALLY fun, for anyone wondering.

    also the interview with Pan’s Labyrinth’s Guillerrmo Del Toro was awesome. very very cool


    anyways, if i could tell sony one thing that i want in future PSP, and PS3 firmware updates…

    its an ENQUEUE feature… so that i can look through my songs, and put them in a temporary playlist, so that when i find a song i like on my psp, or ps3, i can enqueue it, rather then having to stop the song i’m already listening to, to hear it.

    then, after i enqueue a number of songs, i could save it as a playlist if i wanted to, or just click on another song, and have the whole enqueue disappear. (like winamp).

    also, i have noticed that if you have shuffle on, it will only shuffle between the songs in one folder before it moves on to the next folder. this can be a cool feature, but i wish there was the option to shuffle between ALL the songs in the music section instead as well.

  • What? You mean you’re actually taking a day off!? Madness!!

    Take it easy, Jeff.

  • just ask 360 & wii owners

  • Hey, I’m not exactly sure where to put this, but i was wondering if anyone knows of a plan to allow users to take screen shots while in game directly from the XMB? It seems like it would not be hard to incorporate a screen capture function into the XMB now that it is viewable while playing.

  • This is gonna be off topic.
    I would like to say our family’s thoughs and hearts go out to the people about to be hit by hurricane Gustav. Please everyone keep these ppl in your thoughts as the storm approaches. Thank You.

  • Just Wondering if possibly You guys could include the E3 2006 tech demo of Heavy Rain video on the Playstation Store because that video is pretty awesome.

  • My TGS predictions.. Jeff what do you think?:

    -Team ICO project unveiled

    -White Knight Stories reintroduced

    -Eyetoy game from Sony Korea?

    -PSN game annoucnements.

    We are safe with Team ICO, the cult communtiy has been buzzing with excitement recently. I was also thinking about the annoucnmeent of a darwinian getaway. Is this for TGS?

  • Here’s another link for you to read coming from pspfanboy:

    Suggestions 2-4 are some that I couldn’t agree more with. Maybe with the psp2 you could include some kind of secure internal storage for downloadable games to assuage fears of piracy.

    Thinking about homebrew and the psp a bit more has led me to the way that Sony will fix their ps3 firmware faster. All that’s needed is for someone to break the ps3 firmware security. Once that happens and people with much less money but much more intelligence than Sony will start to show the indisputable abilities of the ps3. If this unofficial firmware starts to occur faster than the official version, then that could hopefully force the laggards who make the official firmware to end their bullspit.

  • DELAYSTATION delayed everything again!
    as usual!!
    oh LWP end of d month(june or july,delayed twice)
    home beta end of august(delayed twice or 5 times)
    ow SOCOM beta sept.1(a lot)
    killzone 2(delayed)
    and more!


  • @37
    Killzone 2 wasn’t delayed for technical reasons. It was delayed so it wouldn’t interfere with sales from the release of Resistance 2.

  • So, here I am checking the blog, heard this last post said see ya Tuesday! and it sure did, the forums are an uproar (seems usual on the HOME forums) I don’t think there was enough clarification in the “download the theme for your chance to get into the HOME expanded beta” post here. We can see this in the comments already posted above. Any clarification on perhaps when expanded beta invites go out in NA (other than the previous testers getting theirs) would be awesome. I’m thinking it’s been started, but only for the existing beta testers, and y’all are just waiting to figure out the numbers before inviting any of us “regular” people from the mentioned application process. I always seemed to be last picked for anything these days, but would just like some info. Other than that, I love when you post these links, gives us some insight into whats maybe legit out there, and helps me catch anything I missed. Thanks.

  • lol, are they going to keep the toilets fully destructible in killzone 2?

  • 4 letters… H O M E…????

    Someone please let me know something, my email is and my PSN is Id00urmomma

    so someone at sony please contact me directly to let me know wtf…please…

  • I would like to thank you sony for sending me a home beta invitation…thanks you! home is amazing I been using it all day!

  • Just watch the Forums during Labor Day. It will be madness.

  • @44
    It wouldn’t be madness if Sony didn’t want it to be. They’re masochists. One of the few companies in the world that seem to intentionally want to destroy their previous success. Here they have a blog basically telling them exactly what they need to do to make the ps3 better and they delay and delay to make consumers so angry that once they do what’s expected of them they get effuse praise.

  • Just a heads up for anyone who doesn’t know. Pre paid credit cards such as those from Entropay no longer work on the PSN. Sony has decided to block them. This was a way to get content off the US store for those who lived in places with no PSN store or people who imported English language games and wanted to buy DLC. Thanks Sony, you rock!

  • AH CRAP!!!!


    second time this year, my poor 60 gig launch unit just keeps pooping out…

    i just got tiger woods 2009 and burnout revenge…


    now to wait another month…


    i thought the 360 was supposed to be the system that pooped out…I DON’T WANNA A NEW SYSTEM WITHOUT BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY!!!



  • @frito

    Well… in my house is 1 VS 5 lol… but I remember the time when the systems last more than 3 years.

  • @51

    they said 100% sure itll be 2008 not 09 not 2010

  • Resistance,little big planet are at the top of my “b-day list this fall” Go Go Go

  • novastrike patch?

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