The PSB, & Weekly Recap

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Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers


Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

  • Leipzig Journal – For his latest blog entry, QA Manager Seb ‘MotherH’ Downie kept a journal of all his activities at the Games Convention.
  • Leipzig Games Convention Wrap-Up – We’ve created a quick overview of the press coverage of our Killzone 2 multiplayer hands-on demo. Read ‘em and weep (with joy).

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  • I just came back from Seattle, and saw PAX in development it was great! Good Job Sony at PAX! Keep up the great work!!!

  • thanks for the recap, only a few more days till the SOCOM beta! cool!

    It was also great to hear about some hands on multiplayer action in Killzone 2, that means thing must be on schedule! maybe ahead of schedule? so, you could release the game earlier?

    lol, can’t blame a guy for trying..

    but there are alot of great games coming this fall, maybe a 2009 release date for Killzone 2 is actually the best we will actually have some time for finishing all the great fall games!

    LBP, Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2, ST:TFU, Mercs 2, Fable 2, Gears 2, and the best..FALLOUT 3!!!

    whatever happened to White Knight Story?

    we need some RPG!!! not S-RPG’s or Action-RPG’s…just good ol RPG’S and JRPG’S!!!!

    thanks for listening, have a great weekend PS3Blog!

  • Great week on the blog Jeff (especially the Fallen Star post).

    I reckon Resistance 2 and LBP should tide you over at PAX until you can play Fallen Star. :)

    Also, do you have any news from Insomniac on when (roughly) they will be announcing Resistance 2 Public Beta news? It looks one of (if not the) FPSOTY and I am literally twitching to get my hands on it.

    Also, regarding your video from PAX. Was the car steerable? Or was it basically that it went wherever the rocket wanted to?

    Looking forward to news from PAX and anything else ya got lined up for us :)


    P.S. Bit out of place I know but, has Konami reached a stance on trophies for MGS4? Or is it a definite no-no. That and Elder Scrolls: Oblivion are the two games I really want to have trophy support.

    (Not expecting a reply, but hoping for one…)

  • When will the Killzone 2 beta start? December or January?

  • @FritoZ

    white knight will be at tokyo game show. think its mid september. cant wait to see more of that game. looks really good.

  • Can’t wait for the TGS week round-up

    With Team ICO :D And White Knight Story.

    Some other things too.

  • Sony… i think its time you stop releasing dates for things, because all these people can do is whine, like with the Socom beta being pushed back like 5 days… its not a big deal to me, but alot of other people think like their going to die or something…

    I cant believe how people act.

  • yeah, i was really counting on socom beta on the first of september..

    it were just announced or recently announced i woudlnt be so pissed..

    bad enough Qore members have to wait…. i have pre-order and qore invitation

    but it really doesnt even feel like a beta with it coming out a month after the beta… how much can you fix and tweak in a month?

    but like fallen guardian said, its not the delay, i have faith in sony, slant6 and other developers but these date announcements followed by delayed date announcements is not good..

    Life with Playstation also got delayed since at E3 it was announced for end of august..

    just deliver the news the week of, no more early date announcements please…

    its bad enough the media has a field day with Sony Delays, but i myself as a customer take sony release dates with a grain of salt….

  • good week for sony

  • Please I just want some info on the home expansion, and a RELEASE DATE for Life With Playstation. Or if not a date just tell me it is comming next week or 2 weeks. please try to be specific.

    thanks PSB TEAM Keep it up!

  • Cool. I can’t wait to hear more from Criterion and PSN cards.

    When you say, “The final update coming next week,” do you mean blog update for them or the actual bike pack?
    Thanks! :D

  • Who the heck is the first poster??? He’s been posting that same message on every blog post…

    Anyways, I CANNOT wait until the SOCOM: Confrontation beta!

  • I totally agree with comment 1, I would REALLY like a Kingdom Hearts 3 game for the ps3! :)

    No here comes the frown…where is the home invites…? :(

  • i really agree to all RPG fans here!
    common since d launch of d ps3 there wasnt even one rpg title that interst me!
    looking forward to these games though:
    Kingdom hearts 3
    white knight story
    MONSTER HUNTER 3(my favourite, which they is going 2 be exclusive 4 wii,so please talk to d d sony!)
    and oh im realy lucky, i just got an invite from home beta! :D

  • just kidding!
    cant w8 2 say that 4 real! :D


  • @ 13

    I do not how long you’ve been with Playstation, and believe i do not care. But what’s certain is that you have to understand that people like me, who discovered some of the greatest games of all times, want to them back in High Definition. Judging from the ’92’ on your username, i assume that you are born on that year. I was born more long before you my friend..very long. I have played games you’ll never play in your entire lifetime. Please remain silent, and listen to the elders.

  • @ 15

    MONSTER HUNTER 3 you say? My friend, looks like you’re not aware of it…but it has been CANCELED on PS3.

    “Due to high development cost of titles for PS3, we have decided to switch the platform to which we release our Monster Hunter 3 title,” said Capcom’s Katsuhiko Ichii in a report from Thompson Financial News. Monster Hunter 3 will be released on Wii

  • in the next update have the PSN IDs link up to each controller so more then one psn id can be logged in at once Ex: me and i my brother want to play warhawk i am using my username and he is using own so me and him can unlock trophies without one of us logging out

    and be able to change your psn id name

  • put tekken 3 and mortal kombat trilogy on psn mortal kombat 2, and tekken 5 sold a lot on psn

  • …Can it be October/November now?

  • @#1:

    Who the hell is this “we?” I don’t want any of that crap. Crash can go hang himself for all I care, I’d rather have a horse vomit in my mouth than play a SSBB rip-off, and the only unannounced RPG I’d like to see is a Xenogears sequel.

    Learn to speak for yourself.

    On topic, final Burnout update next week? Does that mean my bike pack I can see in two weeks or so? Excellent. And about Life With PlayStation, the sooner, the better.

    Also, I heard about the LBP PS3 pack in EU. When’s that coming here?

  • @ Evoanubis
    “and the only unannounced RPG I’d like to see is a Xenogears sequel.”

    i must be dreaming…do you any idea what the relation between Xenogears and Xenosaga is ? haha you make me laugh man.

  • @23:

    Yeah, Chuckles, I do. I own it, and the two sequels

    Same guy created both, but Xenosaga is NOT a sequel to Xenogears, as SquareEnix owns the IP, not Namco or Monolith.

    See, by “sequel,” I meant another game in the same series that continues the story of the prior game, which Xenosaga certainly didn’t (couldn’t).

    I’m glad you find your ignorance in such matters amusing. I too find it funny that a guy with a name like “lifeRPGs” doesn’t know such a simple fact about a popular role playing game.

    Get your facts straight, Chuckles, before you step to me again. You’re embarrassing yourself.

  • @ 24
    “See, by “sequel,” I meant another game in the same series that continues the story of the prior game, which Xenosaga certainly didn’t (couldn’t).”

    See, what i meant is that EPISODE V was to be Xenogears. Problem is even XenoSaga EPISODE III got canned. Capiche?

  • *laughs* You have your news mixed up, Chuckles.

    First of all. Episode 3 didn’t “get canned.” It’s on my shelf, with the other two, right now.

    Secondly, Xenogears isn’t Episode 5 of Xenosaga. It’s Episode 5 of the overall Xenogears story, yes, but I’ll say this again. SquareEnix owns the Xenogears IP, not Namco.

    Xenosaga planning on six episodes is a nod to Xenogears, but the two are unrelated. Is this really so hard to grasp?

    Xenogears =/= Xenosaga. I really don’t know how to put it any more plain than that.

  • Wow, just got back from PAX and it was wonderful. I wish i could have spent more time there. I got in late due to work so i missed the donuts and a chance to meet the blog crew. But i did get to play LBP, R2, SOCOM, and the PSP-3000. All are amazing games. My fav LBP!

  • @ 25
    “It’s Episode 5 of the overall Xenogears story, yes ”

    That’s what my point from the beginning, no need for your melodrama mate. Took you that long to catch it?

  • Oh and i almost forgot:

    “First of all. Episode 3 didn’t “get canned.” It’s on my shelf, with the other two, right now.”

    I am very happy for you, but guess what mr i-pretend-to-know-everything:
    I ain’t american, nor japanese. I live in europe, and Episode III never ever made it here.

  • I am kinda bummed there hasn’t been any details about a thing you live in.

  • Now you’re changing your statement? Before you said that Xenogears was episode 5 of Xenosaga. You even laughed at my incapability to comprehend this un-true theory. Now that I corrected you (and I trust that by now you’ve researched this and found me to be correct), suddenly you assert that this is what you meant all along? What fantasy world are you living in?

    And I am perfectly aware that Episode 3 didn’t come out in PAL territories, but again, that’s not what you said. Besides, as this a US-specific blog (as the URL and content clearly demonstrate), I felt no need to make the distinction.

    Just admit you were wrong. There’s no shame in that. I’ve been wrong a few times, one epic time which GameFAQs long time members still recall……but I admitted it.

  • Evo owned lifeRPG’s :)

    Mate, you never stood a chance

    And Evo, we forgive you for that previous blunder. Wasn’t your fault. :)

  • Yeah, it basically wasn’t, but I should’ve researched my source earlier. Ah well; lesson learned.

  • cool, but got anything on the home beta?

  • It was great to meet you Jeff, and thanks for the coffee and Donuts.

    I got a chance to play all the content in the Sony booth and would like to say as constructive criticism that too much emphasis was put on R2. You only had two station with the PSN content that was played. Savage Moon was good, as was Rag Doll and Wipeout. Everybody has been saying where is Wipeout, but it was almost a no show. If I hadn’t quit to the XMB on the console at PAX, I would never had gotten the chance to play it.

    I realize this was a chance to publicly show R2, so in all fairness I do understand, just think it was an opportunity missed.

  • I need Direct feed.. into my brain

  • Hello all I am Saudi and I want to know when service will be launched Home Beta Thank

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