Penny Arcade Adventures: PSN, PAX details

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Our philosophy at Hothead is to get our games on as many platforms as possible, so gamers can choose where to play them. I know lots of PLAYSTATION 3 fans have waited a long time to see the Penny Arcade game come to this platform. Looking back, I think it’s a shame that we weren’t able to release the PS3 version closer to the initial launch of the game. “Well, what happened?” you may ask.

What happened is that very late in development we realized that the version of the engine we licensed for this game didn’t really have the same chops on console that it did on Windows, Mac and Linux. Imagine essentially rewriting whole sections of the engine to capture the look and feel of Penny Arcade for each console – it added months to our release date! We had to make the tough decision to get the game done and out on fewer platforms, rather than delay the whole thing several months more.

Fortunately, we were able to resume work on the PS3 version right away after that, interspersed with our work on Episode Two. Our engineers and artists have been hard at work getting the PS3 version working just right. Rest assured that future episodes will ship in a more timely fashion, as we get better at porting the code and tweaking the engine. Plus, we have plans to support PLAYSTATION Network with other Hothead games for a long time to come.

The game’s classic comic book look and feel was so well-received when Episode One was first released, it was critical to us to retain that element in bringing the game to a new platform. It truly looks amazing with the PlayStation 3’s graphics, and should be well worth the wait – check out a little of it below:

The PS3 version is going to integrate with a bunch of features on the PLAYSTATION Network, including Score Rankings and the oft-requested Trophies. Plus, don’t forget that you’ll be able to customize your character to appear in both 3D and in the 2D cutscenes and that character (look, stats and inventory) can carry forward to future episodes! Last, but not least, the game supports full 1080p resolution. We’re putting the last touches on everything now for SCEA’s final approval and the game’s launch on the PSN this winter.

With the game looking so good, we’re excited to show it off at the Penny Arcade Expo this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We’ll be demoing the game every day of the show at the Hothead Games booth (#1114) and conducting a panel where we answer any questions you have about the Penny Arcade game or about the PS3 version in particular. Plus, we’ll be giving away a signed PLAYSTATION 3 to one lucky PAX attendee at the panel, so don’t forget to stop by the Walrus Theatre on Saturday at 8:30 p.m. We look forward to seeing you there!

Even if we won’t see you at this year’s PAX, we’ve made arrangements to meet up with Jeff from the blog at the show for a video interview. If you have some specific questions you’d love to get answered, write them in the comments field below, and Jeff will ask me them right then and there.

Look for that interview next week and more updates on the game soon!

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  • wow looks goodd like rpg element

  • Not my type of game, but I’m looking forward to seeing what else you have coming up.

  • I’ve actually heard some good things about this game. I also heard it was kinda expensive, though…

  • Very Cool Joel!!! I’m looking forward to this.

    Again, I appreciate the email reply…


  • The price was the scary point for me. For that price I rather get it on a disc.

  • Just out of curiosity why didn’t you guys build wrapers for the new engine to tie in with your old code? Wouldn’t that have been far less work? Not that I’m interested in this game, I was just curious about that statement.

  • Questions:

    How long is the game and how much is it going to cost?

    Is there extra content for the PS3 version?

    Can it be played through remote play or does Hothead has plans to develop games for the PSP?

  • I don’t know much about this game, could you expand more about what the gameplay is like? Is it a RPG, shooter, mix?

  • While i will definelty buy this awesome game… again… What i really want to know is:

    Deathspank for PSN?? :p

  • I thought the reason why Penny Arcade didn’t come to PS3 was because all the PS3 hate that was going around the time it released on the box? No? ok… well I’ll have to check out the reviews for this one b4 I drop my hard earned cash. I won’t lay down a penny just because it has trophies. yes that’s a nice feature that you guys are supporting but I won’t be blind sided just because of that. we shall see.


  • i dwnloadd the demo 4 xbxlive and loved it. i didnt buy it cuz my 2ogb is already full. so glad its coming 4 psn with trophies!!! day 1 purchase. 1 question tho, y r u guys so awesome? now i hope behemoth will follow ur footsteps n realease alien hominid n castle crashers on psn!

  • Thats a nice game.

    But when is Life with Playstation releasing?

  • Not sure if I want sloppy seconds. Sorry.

  • Questions for the interview:

    Seeing how it’s coming out so much later than the other versions will it be cheaper than it’s XBLA counterpart?

    Can we get a sample of what the trophies are and how we get them?

    How about some PAX T-Shirts for the readers who can’t make it to Pax?

  • Nice. Getting this game.

    Too bad we got it late though..

  • Hm. RPGs are certainly welcome. Thanks for the update. :D

  • The PS3 is starving for some RPG love and I hope hothead and PA reap the rewards of doling out some.

    I’ll bite.

  • No. No. And No. Send the word to game designers near and far. PS3 owners did not shell out hundreds and hundreds of dollars for state of the art hardware, to watch poorly cartooned xbox-esque graphics. Butch it up boys.

  • @18

    Would you mind speaking for yourself there buddy?

    I don’t think you’re on a level capable of speaking on my behalf. Thanks.

  • My xBot friends all have this game and love it, im glad to see that were getting all XBLA’s best games (not the 100s of other bad ones) plus we still have all our unique PSN games that they wont get like Fat Princess, Flower etc. Who has the better network now! I knew I made the right decision when i went against the grain from all my friends and got a PS3 instead. Thanks for finally hitting your stride Sony!

  • will you be releasing a demo anytime soon?

  • Penny Arcade suck! bunch of PS3 haters.
    they’re not getting one cent of my hard earned money.

  • @Keith K

    Brother. You said a mouthful. Good luck with 4th grade and fractions.

  • I do not read the Penny Arcade comic. Is this game just for fans? I do not like the art and the lack of voice acting would annoy me. So I will pass on this game personally.
    Still looks like a good title for fans of the comic.

  • If you release a PS3 demo, will it be the same content as the PC demo?

    Thanks for the info BTW

  • @18

    Um…Calling All Cars, Fat Princess, Pixel Junk Monsters? Have you heard of them? I think those are done in a sort of “cartoon-esque” style. And the “poorly cartooned xbox-esque graphics” of which you speak, those are actually to make the game look like..*gasp* the COMIC. Omigoodness. It’s CRAZY how these game developers try and keep the appearance of the series the same throughout comics and video games. How dare they!

    …anyway. This looks pretty cool. RPG/Shooter/Adventure mayhaps? Can’t go wrong.

  • Will the trophies be exactly the same as achievements?

  • @10 lakaihigh
    That’s kinda what I thought. PA has never been huge fans of the ps3 or psp. But I guess that’s fair, I’ve never been a huge fan of PA. So I think I’ll pass on this. But I’m eager to see what else Hothead Games has in store for the PSN.

  • Will it be a multilanguage edition for Europe? The PC and 360 versions are only in English, too bad for the non-English speakers. I dont want to miss the hilarious dialogues.

  • Nice work guys. I’m sure the trophy err… hoarders will buy your game IF it comes out soon.

  • @Preacher

    Sorry to deviate but…sweet avatar man.

  • Was the game’s resolution 1080p on XBOX 360 or 720p and you had time to improve/optimize the engine?

  • sorry, but I don’t eat leftovers. I would have gotten this game back in May for the PS3, if it was release back then. Plus I played the demo on xbox live, and didn’t really enjoy it.

  • You guys choose to left the PS3 out in May, so I choose to not give you my money for this game.

  • You abandon PS3? Ill pirate it for PC! THANKS

  • “Off topic: From a developer standpoint, I can understand why they delayed the game, after all hardware/software issues can always set you back when you are developing multi-platform. The real stupid development move in the current generation of systems is when a developer shoots themself in the foot by releaseing the game for multi-platforms and then only releases DLC for one (aka GTA and Fallout 3)”

    Back on topic: The game looks great and I intend to pick up a copy the day it hits the PSN

  • You guys have a lot of disgruntled gamers to overcome with the PS3 considering the Penny Arcade history of poking as much fun at the PS3 as possible.

    I think most people want to know if they’re going to have to shell out $20 to play it on the PS3, since that was the biggest issues on the 360. I think it would be a mistake to not go for the $10 price point if possible considering most people who were interested in playing the game have already done so on the XBox 360.

    Are the Trophies just going to be the Achievements done for the PSN?

    Has the tutorial been looked into for being revamped (lots of people didn’t now about the active blocking gameplay element)?

    How late are the future episodes going to be in comparison to the other platform releases and why (the difficulty of development for the PS3 should be kind of gone once you get the first episode done and the process is solidified)?

    What other existing or future games do you have planned for release on the PSN?

  • This game looks and sounds great. If the price point is right this could be a Day 1 purchase for me.

  • @ #40 Loki_20
    I forgot that these [DELETED] use to trash and make fun of the Playstation 3 every chance they get, and now the expect the Playstation 3 owners to shell out their hard earn money for their game. No thanks, I will pass.

  • glad to see the game coming to other platforms.

    any ETD on how long we would have to wait for episode 2 on the PSN?(im gussing it wont release with the other versions)

  • Good news…i liked to play the pc version of the game. Sure i’ll buy this one too…good work Hothead.

  • And here I was thinking it was because Penny Arcade are Xbox fanboys

  • @42 TheHater
    Yeah, i think that is their kind of humour.
    It was cool until the E3 08 comic strip, after that i wont read it again :'( .

  • Man, I had no idea this was such a contentious title. But you know, if they’ve had their issues in the past with the PS3, I think the fact that they’re bringing it around our way says they’ve had a change of heart.

    I certainly don’t want to run them ‘out of town’ with pitchforks and torches. More developers coming to the PS3 is most certainly something we want. Let’s just wait and see how the game turns out. Fair enough?

  • So does the PS3 version still use Torque Engine Advanced? I am with an indie studio and we are looking to license TGEA to make a tech demo—and we want to make our final game for PS3 so that is why we are jacked about the Torque Engine—Penny Arcade actually convinced us to use that engine because it was affordable and, with the announcement of your game on PS3, it seemed like Garage Games was now adding PS3 support to the engine (or you guys were, one way or the other….)

    Either way–uber cool!

  • I guess i’m just still jaded by all the PS3 hating the Penny Arcade toon used to spit out…

    any PS3 owners who knows what i’m talking about probably feel the same way..

    but i’m glad developers are releasing game son PSN,

    (btw- checked out the demo on Live, while the game certainly can inspire a few gaming related guffaws, as a game in and of itself, it’s not my cup of tea..)

  • @46 Fersis

    you mean the one with Tretton crying and drinking? Anyone who has ever read their comic must know how they rip on the PS3..

    a true PS3 fanboy (which i’m not) would never be caught dead playing this game just because of all the PS hate like that..

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