Set Your Alarm: PAX PlayStation.Blog Meet-up Details

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In just 3 days, the gaming hordes will descend upon Seattle for the 5th annual Penny Arcade Expo. This year’s event, like every PAX to date, will be larger than the one before it. So to survive among your 40,000+ fellow attendees during the 17-hour Saturday, you’re going to need… caffeine and sugar.

Top Pot Doughnuts

That’s where we come in, dear PlayStation.Blog reader. From 8:30-10:30am on Saturday, August 30th, we’ll be camped out at the nearby Top Pot Doughnuts (5th Ave location). We’ve got the 2nd floor of this Seattle standard locked down for PlayStation fans, and the coffee and donuts will be flowing freely. That’s meant both figuratively and literally – we’re picking up the tab. As those who attended our last meet-up can attest, there’ll be more than just free food; we’ll be handing out swag and running another competition – so make sure to charge up your PSP.

We’d love to meet you, and we’ll still get you out the door and on your way for a full day of PAXness (the doors open at 10am). If you’d like to attend, please RSVP on our Facebook event page or, if you don’t have Facebook (for shame!), please feel free to drop us a line here.

And when you get to the Convention Center, make sure to drop by our booth, where you’ll be able to go hands-on with LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2, SOCOM Confrontation, MotorStorm Pacific Rift, Resistance Retribution, SingStar, Buzz Quiz TV and more. Stay tuned, we’ll share our full schedule of events tomorrow on the Blog.

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  • sweet

  • sounds good wish I could be there. Any chance that you guys will be doing anything in connecticut. Hope everyone has a good time thought.

  • Awsome Sounds Good!!


  • facepalm @ born4soccer.

    Anyway, have fun everyone, try and get hands on with SingStar. YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT!

  • @ born4soccer: No you’re not first… and stop that already

    @Sony : When can we expect more news on: Life with Playstation, Home Beta invitations, Nariko-LBP, FW2.5?

  • @2 born4soccer
    oh well…
    Those things (Top Por Doughnuts) look really yummy yum.

    Jeff if someday you come to Argentina , i will teach you the joy of :
    ‘Churros con dulce de leche’
    cheers man

  • @6
    mhhhh churros con dulce de leche!

  • Damn Jeff that job of yours sure does get you to do some fun stuff… If I had some money I’d more than gladly make it up to PAX, but alas my second college year just started yesterday so it’s back to being broke!

  • You need to hold events like this in Northern California, not up there in the wetlands of Washington.

    I wish I could be there.

    Thx for the info though.

  • i will be there for sure

  • i hate florida, we never get anything cool

    • Don\’t speak so fast. We\’re currently evaluating a Florida meetup, based on comments we received here last week.

  • Have fun guys and gals! REMEMBER EAST COAST NEXT TIME!


  • Dang free doughnuts, does it get any better than that? It sure does, the sad thing is it’s on the west coast :(.

  • Sounds cool, but a gaming conference or expo in NYC would be nice.


    I live in chicago though :( I wanna go to pax. BRING SOMETHING TO CHICAGO. At least bring the little Playstation bus thing.

  • Mmmmm doughnuts, too bad I won’t be able to attend though, but is there any chance of there being any thing new coming from PAX?

    • PAX is less of a venue for announcements, and more for gamers to finally get hands on with the games you\’ve been reading/hearing about from at E3/Leipzig.

  • MMMMMM….In game DNTS!

  • Any update on the next firmware???? :)

    Also, I like the donuts! ;)

  • You really need to bring some shows to Orlando. First we have a massive convention center. Second Orlando has more than enough rooms and quality hotels to host the show (JW Marriott is awesome). Third we have allot of other entertainment when not in the show and all is pretty centrally located.

    So, please come to Florida.

  • MMMMMM. Delicious. Hope the games will be the same.

  • For all those Resist2 ARG fans out there:

    – A letter on’s homepage reveals that an event will occur on December 15 (August 29th in real life) in Seattle.
    – The exact location that the document charters is the convention center where the Penny Arcade Expo will be taking place (August 29-31), hinting at a reveal during the SCEA conference.

    BTW, Jeff, hook us East coasters up with a convention in NY! I would love to throw down to some HSG PSP with you guys! We can meet up at Dunkin’ Donuts :P

  • mmmm free donuts and coffee? Nice!! too bad I can’t attend lol.

    I’ve seen the Sony truck’s here in texas on Fort Hood Texas. By any chance, will you guys be here in Austin? for a gaming convention.

    Would be NICE!

  • If only they had something like this in Australia.

  • ………wha….oh sorry, never got around to reading this post, just got caught in a gaze over those pastries…..i will read it, though……eventually……

  • ok….i finally read it……
    there are thousands of pure gaming dudes over here that would love to attend that. We got starbucks, coldstone, mexican restaurants, buffalo wild wings…..all the places you guys could want. My hometown of Danville VA needs something like that.


  • Aw, such a shame. I actually am within driving distance of this thing, but I have pretty much no disposable income on top of the fact that I’d die sitting in a line like what I’d see at PAX. I look forward to hearing from this event and hope all enjoy that attend enjoy it.

  • hhmm…..donuts……. Man I wish I could go.

    Jeff any plans for a meetup in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan( ) :D

  • Sounds fantastic! I wish I could be there :(

    Have fun guys!

  • Someday I’ll get to go to an event and maybe then there’ll be a get together! Sounds like a blast! Live it up for me and get all the swag ya can get fellow gamers!

  • I wish I could make it to these things but I’m too young :( .

    Although young, I run a kick ass blog!

    check it out!

  • Hey, are you going to be giving out any PAX passes for those who are nearby but haven’t had the bread to pony up for the convention? :-)

  • Well, looks like you got your work cut out for you, Jeff. You have to somehow have a convention in South Virginia, Florida, New York, and about seven other states while not spending millions… :S Good luck with that. XD

  • I want free donuts and coffee =( but I’m far away over at the Jersey shore T_T

    The closest thing I got to seeing Sony here was that truck that was at Bamboozle but wasn’t really interesting though tbh only games they had there were Singstar PS3 and some other one which wasn’t anything “big” like LBP, Socom, etc

    So yea Sony step it up here on the east coast! =D

  • Hey Jeff i know NYC is pretty close too me but not really cause 7 hours is pretty far and ive neever been there before but do you guys think that mabye there might eventually be a meetup somewhere around Buffalo New York? Come on we got some good sports teams itll be a good time for everyone if you do i gotta get myself a PSP then so i can fit in at these meet-ups thanks for reading and can you please respond. :)

  • what about texas Jeff, you allways be wellcome in houston, please

  • What about Texas? We could use some love. :)

  • @Jeff “Bring a parent, you’re both welcome to attend. People over 18 love donuts. I know this.”

    Hey man, I wish I could, but it’s not that easy haha. I live in Canada, so getting my parent to fly out to Seattle is no easy task haha!

    Maybe if you guys come down to Toronto for some kind of an event, you will definitely see me there!

    I sent you an email at your Playstation e-mail adress, I hope you get to see it my friend. Thank you!

    ~ Stallone1993

  • Email sent..I’m in…ummmm….BEAR CLAW & lots of java ;)

  • Nope, something else bizsnatch haha.


    Let me know if I should contact you at another/different e-mail. I hope I contacted you at the right one YIKES!

  • @Jeff

    Big thanks to all of your responses to the comments. Not all of the users that post articles to the blog do that.

    As for events in SF, I’m only 90 minutes away but I can never make an event there. That’s my bad though.

  • what part of NYC.. ill be there…??????????

  • Anything in NYC and I’m there!!!


  • Sweet!…. first time at a game convention!

  • Cool, you took my suggestion for a breakfast meet-up.

    Next suggestion: Release Wipeout HD in september.

    • Your breakfast idea was a good one. Now I\’ll have to pass your WipEout plan on to the producers :-)

  • Will they be handing out PSN cards at Top Pot? Cause myself and thousands of PS3 owners would like to get their hands on them.

  • Safeway carries donuts! Thats where I got mine that im eating right now…glazed…they don’t have any psn cards though..

  • Also I have diabetes, so I hope you got something I can eat…maybe Ill just watch everyone else enjoy themselves like I always do..

  • should do this more often in europe as wel darn it

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