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Mostly Leipzig news here, as that’s how most of us based on this side of the Atlantic got to experience the event. Any links you wanna share? Please do so in the comments below. Just note that they have to be individually moderated to keep out the spam – so that might take a little while.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 8/18)

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  • Mm.. I don’t think I really have anything to add there. There’s a link to a rumor of Mirror’s Edge being a timed exclusive, but I don’t have it, yet alone think it’s reliable.

    That EyePet is an absolutely amazing cross between the ultra-cool and the ultra-adorable. Just a shame it won’t be here ’til 2009. :(

    And that article “A crumbling tower” was certainly a confidence booster, though clearly biased (in our favor, but still biased). It had plenty of good points, though I think Sony can leverage plenty more points on the ‘crumbling tower.’ Just listen to the fans and you’ll get your cues right there. :D

    With that in mind (yeah, self-serving, but a nice segway), that “delete all” function for messages is terribly placed. I’ve deleted quite a few entire messages because of that. Adding the key “Ctrl” and “Alt” or allowing the function to be disabled would help. (Of course, I know you don’t have any control over that, but passing it on would be appreciated. :D )

    This was definitely a good week, and I look forward to Dylan’s post on Warhawk this coming week. Take it easy. :D

  • You have no idea how excited I am about Heavy Rain, more so than I was before.

  • Dude, it’s Sunday. Ever hear of “day off?”

    Anyway, this was a cool week for PlayStation news; lots of excitement! Heavy Rain looks simply amazing, I’ve heard nothing but good things regarding KZ2 multiplayer, and LBP, as always, is full of win.

    No link for this, but a have a story that will be exclusive to the PlayStation.Blog! EvoAnubis has just today been awarded a class A licence in Burnout: Paradise.

    That is all.

    Hey, Jeff, any further word on Life With PlayStation? Not trying to be a pest, but I am HIGHLY anticipating this feature.

  • Why can’t it be October already?
    So many games…

  • SONY! You’re going to burn my wallet! Please stop! :D

  • @6: Masterofallz

    My wallet has been feeling similar pain. However my PS3 and my overall enjoyment have been quite happy. PixelJunk Eden, Bionic Commando: Rearmed, Ratchet & Clank Q4B, next week’s release of Warhawk expansion and The Last Guy. (Demo is crazy fun BTW, if you haven’t… try it!) I think I’m to the point that I own just slightly more PSN games than disc games. Why aren’t these games making it into the top 10 software sales each month?

    Any news on Life with PlayStation?

  • Hey Jeff any plans on bringing Quest for Booty on Blu-ray?

  • Nice selection Jeff, even found something I hadn’t read.

    Just so you know my replacement PS3 arrived a week ago and works like a dream ^^. good to be playing 3 generations of playstation games again. Though I’m a tad disappointed that you guys did not deactivate my old 60 gig PS3 before sending me the new one. I can’t rent movies until SCEA calls me back on monday. Can you talk to someone about this so it gets resolved quickly as I’d hate see this become an issue with Sony support.

    Number of Activated PS3’s for video allowed: 1

    Number of Activated Ps3’s for Games Allowed: 5

    Oh and Bring Back Backward Compatibility in the PlayStation 3. Have to throw that in ya know.

  • OK Sony here is all the games I am buying from you guys this Holiday
    Another PS3 (I currently have a launch 60, now with a 250GB Harddrive)
    Resistance 2 (Two copy)
    Little Big Planet (Two Copy)
    Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm
    Eternal Sonata
    Valkyria Chronicles
    Prince of Persia
    WipeOut HD
    I am also planning on dropping at least $50 Dollars on HOME
    Going to subscribe to Qore
    Planning on buy several PSN games.

    So yeah Sony, you guys will be getting a lot of my money this Holiday

  • I thought there would be a lot more you’ve guys have read being GC this week and all. ;-]

  • Save the girl, save the world. XD

  • cool :D

  • Thanks as always for the recaps and updates.

  • a lot of good Sony news this past week!

    why no love for socom, fallout, and motorstorm? also HOME is $0.00 – FREE

  • Good recap prof playstation (heard it on psnation podcast and calling you that now). Love the psp 3000, HEAVY RAIN, and that Eyepet thing. Oh, and that article on the PS3 gaining momentum, they seem to be more frequent nowadays :)

  • @15 jbat17
    Well I was going to get Socom, but it got delay, and is releasing too close to Resistance 2, and Little Big Planet. If Socom was release in September like it was suppose to, then I would have gotten it. Will be getting Motostorm 2 next year, and I don’t see anything special in Fallout 3. It look OK, but I will pass.
    Second I know Home is free, but you can buy stuff for you HOME Space, and characters clothing in HOME. So that what I was referring too when I said I will spend around $50 on home

  • @#4

    Day off’s don’t exist on the blog we must have our info!

  • *chuckles* Guess not.

  • Man I hope I’ll have enough money to get all these upcoming games, cause right now I’m syphoning every dollar I make onto a pre-paid card I got so I can build my own kick-@55 PC for college :)
    Right now though I only got the case & power supply :(

  • You guys have your heads down running into the holidays with a 399 dollar Happy Meal toy.
    Game content distribution governed by other countries. Game disk data being put on hold to ensure global launches and we have to go gas station hoping in order to find PSN cards.


  • The Eyepet game looks like a game my niece would love, but it hasn’t been announced for North America as of right now, maybe someone from from here can contact Media Molecule and ask them to make an interactive Sackboy like Eyepet.

  • Jeff,

    What game is this at 1:40 its the 2d shooter that looks like Soldat?


  • Just got R&C Quest for Booty : Awesome!

    PS: also grzat thanks for clearing the Refion FREE LBP. :)

    October is money-ùonth for Sony, a lot of great games but also great Blu-Rays!

  • omg sorry for the mistakes, i’m not seeing my keyboard

  • @23/24: Typos yes, but funny as hell.

  • Awesome stuff.

  • Wow,Sony,after reading the second to last article, I guess that means that since you guys actually read that, you’re gonna use those advantages greatly, right?

    I just read on IGN that Home is absolutely 100% guaranteed to come out this year. Seriously, the moment the free PSN beats the pre-paid Xbox Live will be awesome.

    Just one thing i BEG of you Sony; PLEASE add more games to your “Old-School Arcade classics” section of the PS Store. Like…WAAAY more. Namely all of the old school games from Konami and Capcom.

    Also, as for PS1 classics, how about all the Crash games, Spyro games, Resident Evil Games, and METAL GEAR SOLID 1!!!!

    Sony completely owns. COMPLETELY OWNS!

  • Killzone2 looks excellent! But what I appreciate is the no hud system. Its about time a game developer recolonizes that all the blinkie blinks on the screen can be quite annoying especially when your playing a shooter, when every split second can mean life or death. For example when I play Battlefield Bad Company and a gold crate has been destroyed they display a crate has been destroyed right smack in the middle of the screen limiting my ability to see the battlefield. And no I don’t suck, in fact I’m pretty good. Peep the stats homie! “ATOMS11” All and all Its still a great game. Looking forward to the coming weeks for they will be HUGE!

  • Hey Jeff do you know if Dylan Jobe is making a post about Warhawk before the update launches?

  • Hopefully you read that people aren’t too happy with the lackluster “next-gen” singstar announcements. The fact that this game has not exploded in the US is wasted potential. At the same time, I also hope you read that people are getting really excited over Warhawk, Life w/ Playstation, and extended Home Beta which are all due in August (that’s next week) as well as finding out when Wipeout HD is going to be in our hands. Lastly, from at least what I was reading, people are stoked about Killzone 2 even more and Heavy Rain is looking super appealing (validate these beliefs with a demo!)

  • please sony, resurrect bloody roar for a loyal cutomer…..oh and I will definetley be picking up the eye pet when it’s released…the child within me will never die and i’m 20 lol. I expect great things for sony in these coming months

  • Nice Job Sony!

  • Just for the record the half trailer from the link
    Save the girl, save the world in LittleBigPlanet trailer – Destructoid

    is kinda old has had the whole trailer (the dream trailer) for a while now (since July 21st).

    But it’s a good trailer nonetheless

  • I hope EyePet does well so they will keep innovating and making games with the PSEye..I really dig all those for parties and what not..

    Whatever happened to the XMB that was navigable by the Eye? like on Minority Report…I remember the mocked-up videos you guys posted when the Eye first came out..whatever happened with that Jeff?

    thanks for the recap as always

  • @Spartancloud

    Yeah, that LBP trailer linked to at Destructoid is way old, that was out during E3 I believe. Here’s a link to the newest trailer from the Leipzig Games Convention. It’s the Sackzilla trailer, maybe the best one yet.

    New LittleBigPlanet Trailer Unleashes the Mighty Sackzilla!:

  • EyePet MUST hit the states! This is PS3’s way to the casual market. Very cool.

  • were are the redeem cards so i can buy stuff from the PSN and the TNA impact demo this is not cool i sold my xbox360 because sony better

  • we really need to be able to log on to psn through the psp!

  • All the Killzone 2 footage that has been hitting the net has looked AMAZING thus far. cant wait for the game to come out. also the LBP making a level video looks pretty fun as well.

  • I read a lot about Heavy Rain.

  • Hey all umm its August and August is almost over and you know that thing LIFE WITH PLAYSTATION I need it cause you said its coming out this month after you delayed it from coming out last month.

  • Word is NZ and AUS aren’t getting the 160gb SKU?
    IGN and many other news sites are saying this.
    Are these rumors true? I havent seen an official announcement, and the only thing from sony (the Leipzig GC (part 2) video’s caption, on the PSN store for nz) Says for Europe, Aus and NZ??

    Please, can someone make an announcement, or at least reply to this comment.. im so confused..
    [I apologise for the repeated comment, but this is a hot topic atm in Aus/Nz, and an official answer would be great..]

  • gonna need a second job to pay for all this cool content coming, nice updates here. cheers.


  • While the 160gb version is great, yet you’re still not doing it right, cause you’ve took away the backwards compatibility from the ps3. Listen Sony, backwards compatibility is important, and I know a lot of people who also says that it is important. It is a good thing I got a 60gb ps3, and a wii.
    1. Bring back backwards compatibility with emotion chip please.
    2. Bring back backwards compatibility with emotion chip please.
    3. Bring back backwards compatibility with emotion chip please.

  • A crumbling tower was a good read. I agree with everything said, which is why I went with a PS3 over a 360, unfortunately the lack of good exclusives is keeping the PS3 from taking off. I hope the list of big name games coming out soon will change this perspective of consumers.

  • BRING REAL PSone classics real gamers played, not that POO POO U GUYS HAVE


    so we can play some RPG’s since you guys shifted towards FPS

    and MAKE OPERA THE PS3 BROWSER, and u call the ps3 the center of the living room?? yeah that crashes at every website visited and cant do and view nothing at every website able to visit

    but youtube works right?

  • I want to know when are going to be able to play yu-gi-oh on the Playstation eye.

  • New PSP Rocks!
    Killzone 2 Wonderful!
    Bioshock Bring it on!
    Sony Blows off Bill gates’ head cool!

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