The PSB, & Weekly Recap

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Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers


Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

  • Killzone storyline update – In this week’s update to the storyline, the dispute between the Helghan Corporation and Earth escalates into what will later be known as the First Extrasolar War.
  • Killzone 2 at the Leipzig Games Convention – The Games Convention ranks as the largest event of its kind on the European continent, making it the perfect venue to reveal more about Killzone 2.
  • New Killzone 2 Multiplayer Trailer – The new and improved multiplayer trailer will give you a taste of Killzone 2’s awesome online capabilities. Available in streaming and downloadable versions.

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  • There is no “Earth” in the Killzone Universe!

    Humans live on the planet called Vekta.


  • SHHHH!!! your not supposed to know that…

  • So where’s “Life with Playstation” ?

  • This next week is a big one that is if everything goes according to plan. Life With PlayStation should be out this week,The Blog said “sometime this month” Home Beta invites Moterstorm demo for Qore. Socom Beta starts Sep 1st. Did I miss anything?

  • lol “Oh he’s soooo cute” heh. I agree that Kratos would not like that….. Thanks for the recap

  • So, still no news on Life and other games coming to PSN like Fat Princess or flOwer?

  • Where’s HOME, and for the matter Life with Playstation?

  • When will you be getting any Japanese developers to come post on the blog?

    How about at least the GT team! Maybe give an update on the damage update to GT5P.

  • Guys, seriously get on the ball with this delay stuff. :[ If u dont think u can make a deadline, dont release info so soon!

    Save us the horror of being let down just one more time. :[

    But still, keep up the good work. :]

  • Killzone 2 is looking to be the real deal when it comes to online play. I hope i get into the beta into that game. So you guys have any idea when it will come

  • Killzone 2 really does seem like it’ll be a great shooter next year.

  • hey jeff do u remember the release date of the socom qore beta? i forget. And do u know when the home beta extension will be? will you announce it so that we know if we have made it or not, and we dont just keep thinking that we still have a chance? lol thanks

    Firmware update suggestions***
    Web browser flash player update to 9

    Nice job PSB!!

  • Also yeah, when are we going to be able to link our PSN IDs with the blog here?

    Any plans to make that happen like with’s.

  • @ iReyz (1):

    You my friend, are false. :P

    In fact there is an earth in the Killzone universe, if you have read about the history of KZ at all you would know this. Vekta is not earth, it is a planet the humans colonized to, after earth start going ‘downhil’.. you could say.

    Earth does exist, Vekta isn’t earth, its a different planet. ;)

  • wheres Dylan Jobes post on Warhawk Operation Fallen Star? :(

  • Since you guys posted a story about the PSP 3000 I would love to make a comment about it. You guys are cranking out revisions way too damn soon. Sure you guys had a great 08 in Japan but what about the rest of the territories? It hasn’t even been a year since the PSP slim came out and now there’s a new version with a better screen and built in mic. The PSP’s library as of late is lackluster at best, what on earth would make you think people would upgrade when there’s no good games? PSP’s library is mainly consisted of ports, and horrible multiplatform games (the PSP version seems to suffer most from these) how about some original IP’s? Patapon was great, why not make some more original games with original story lines, not newer versions of PS2 games. I want unique PSP games. Don’t get me wrong some of the PSP games have been great but nothing out of this world.

    I keep hearing that Sony wants the PSP to have a 10 year life cycle, so you guys are going to crank out a new revision every year? Clearly the PSP couldn’t survive on just it’s library for more than 3 years.

  • About Home…….what part of “this fall” confuses you?

  • @ Sentry (14):

    I never said Vekta is planet Earth in the Killzone universe…

    Actually, it has never been said that the human colonized on the planet Vekta.

    It’s the Helghast (faction of humans..) who colonized on a different.. Helghan.

    I am more that familiar with the Killzone universe.

    Vekta is what Sera is for the humans the Gears of War universe. Both Vekta and Sera can viewed as “Earth” in these games, they just gave it a different name.


    I just re-read my post and at the start I said Vecta is not really earth and at the end that it kinda isss. HAHAHA

    I need sleep XD XD

  • for those of us who are waiting for life with playstation, i think we are going to have a rude awakening this 31 because according to playstation magazine the service its slated for october,any news on that jeff?

  • Where are the in-game snacks? I need my in-game snacks so all I have to do is press the PS button and I get instant snacks while I game.

  • lifeless and homeless with Playstation. lol

  • @12
    qore soccom beta is the 8th.

    love the store video updates but still I will say…you guys need to get the boondocks on adult swim, oh and thank you for batman: subzero…sure does bring back memories

  • this is what a poster in the forums said…

    Ok here is a little info that i came across in the October 08 issue of Playstation The Offical Magazine… bottom of page 16 and i quote

    “News junkies will soon be able to get ther fix right on there consoles thanks to the recently announced Life with Playstation program. News and weather feeds from all around the world will populate a real time satatlite image of Earth, letting you browse world events while still surfing the net, listening to custom soundtracks, and Folding at Home. We expect it to drop within the next FEW MONTHS.”

  • Also, can I please know why Sony doesn’t do collector’s editions for their games?

    LBP, R2, M:PR, K2 all should have collector’s editions!

  • cant wait for killzone 2

  • Hi there,

    – Unfortunately, i’m not sold on Killzone 2 yet… Sure it looks really beautifull; i do like GG’s art too… But, dealing with the gameplay (where the real meat is for any game) there’s still so much doubt about K2 right now that i can’t feel letting myself hyped.
    Mainly, floating around questions about the ennemy A.I, the controls and some lack of fun during the demo.

    For example, in my country (France), the most respectable & trustfull gaming website (GameKult) has just wrote their preview from the multiplayer part of the game played in Leipzig… And they really don’t seem convinced by it.

    Some excerpts :
    «Manette en main, force est de reconnaître que le multi de Killzone 2 n’était pas plus emballant que cela.
    Entre le frame rate instable et la sensibilité un rien flottante, qu’il sera heureusement possible de calibrer dans la version finale, viser proprement tenait de la gageure. Comme le jeu multiplie les effets visuels en permanence pour immerger le joueur dans l’action, notamment les mouvements de caméra quand votre soldat recharge ou se fait tirer dessus, maintenir la cible en joue était déjà un exploit en soi.»

    And my rough translation :
    «Hands-on, the multiplayer part wasn’t so fun.
    Dealing with instable framerate and an oversensible control, aiming was really tough. Since the game was providing many camera effects when you were reloading or being shot, keeping a target at aim was heroic»

    And their preview for the single player part isn’t warmfull too (except for the graphics & the art):

    I hope K2 ends well, but all these questions / doubts about the game should be adressed IMO… so that we could wait serenely this game.

  • anything going on with the bionic commando patch?

  • very nice week for KZ2! the news just keeps pouring out for that game and its still almost 6 months before it even releases. I have high hopes for this game.


  • Great week
    Cant wait to get the keypad,LBP and HOME :D

  • HOME, tell us about HOME…. HOME HOME HOME !

  • I wonder what everybody wants 2 know??umm wheres is home!!

  • when are we going to be able to listen music and play at the same time? it’s been a while >_<!

  • Hey all you guys that want to know about home here is an interview out of leipzig, it is full of great news, enjoy.

  • Life with Playstation, anyone?!

  • Where is the new F1 game?

    Didn’t these use to come every year?

  • Weren’t they supposed to talk about the KZ beta a few days ago?

  • – Any News on when can we might get some news on Qore Release Dates for the Beta’s?

    1.Socom Beta date?
    2.Resistance 2 Beta date? (It says Late September but how late?)

    – Any News on Life With Playstation?

    – Any News on Revamping the Whole Web Browser? (I like it to take up the Whole Screen on my 40″ LCD TV please and have it Up-to-date on Flashplayer please! I’d like to watch videos from the Blog here sometimes on my PS3 when im bored)


    Can you Fix it were I can Sign In to Playstation Blog on my PS3… Not sure if anyone complained it Crashes the Web Browser ever time I try to Log In :(


    Thank you Note:

    Thank you for Upgrading the HDD for the Furture of PS3 users :D

    The only thing I need is to back up my PS3 and get a new BIGGER HDD :P

    Oh and if your still lissening Add our Names on the Playstation Blog would get ride of Spammers on here Thank you :D

    Skater_Ricky, 8)

  • Where’s the beef?

  • I would like to see some news on:

    Wipeout HD. Where is it?

    PSN cards. Can’t believe how much Sony is dragging its feet with these. Sony should implement price parity across the regional stores for all newly released games and roll out the cards ASAP. It’s not like people don’t want them and they would make great gifts in the run up to the Xmas season.

    Life with Playstation. After trumpeting the arrival of this service it has disappeared completely off the radar.

  • Oh, is it also true that Mirror’s Edge will be a timed exclusive for PS3 or just Internet rumour?

  • Some questions for SCE:

    – Are we going to have “Eternal Sonata” here in Europe ? (I’m starving for japanese RPG games :( )

    – When are we getting PSN cards in Europe ?

    – I’ve got some friends who REALLY wish Sony would reconsider offering a backward compatibility PS3. Do it, damn !!!

    – Resistance 2 is almost there (2 months to go now).
    Why is it we haven’t seen much so far ? (the grim alley & some leaked multiplayer footage from Youtube… and that’s all)

    Thank you.

  • The Socom Extraction video was rife with screen-tearing. I’d assume the final game wouldn’t be quite so troublesome, but I’m wondering how much of that was the game and how much was the video. The hostage-rescue missions certainly do sound quite enjoyable. Are you guys ready to see the culmination of your work finally released to the public? Definitely getting close. :D

    And Killzone 2 is looking as amazing as ever. I definitely like the medic class thing- it would certainly add some depth if the full-on medics needed to pair up with a soldier to get around- it certainly would add to the team-oriented feel. Though so many games seem to be building off of this team-oriented style of multi-player before it’s even been proved on the market. Must be pretty confident about it. Also, I’m wondering if those turrets can be set up just anywhere. That would feel a little cheap if they could just set it up on one of those stairwells that have a corner to turn.

    @ Yslaire (42)

    Ah, don’t worry. Insomniac are our guys- they get the job done, no problem. But I’ve noticed a trend of games lately to only give so much information away over the internet and other assorted coverage methods- remember how few locations we actually saw for MGS4? And how much have you seen from Killzone 2? As launch is closing in you can be sure they’ve got most of their levels worked out, but they’ve only shown that one. I actually sort of like this trend, ’cause I hate spoilers, but I love getting new footage.

  • Oops, forgot to add:

    Thanks for a great week! :D

  • Wonderful Week
    I’m seeing stars

  • good week, can’t wait to see the rest of this week!

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