Postcards from Leipzig: Buzz team

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The postcards keep rolling in from Leipzig Games Convention 2008 today. This one’s from Lee Clare, producer on the Buzz! series of quiz games.


So, it’s been hectic today – the stand is looking great, and we’ve had a lot of attention. I type I’m sitting in the Buzz! bus, an area laid out in the shape of a large camper-style van with satellites on the top. There are bench seats and plasmas with room for 8 people, all playing Quiz TV. I seem to get challenged by pretty much everyone who stops by the bus, but I have to turn them down as I’d just win every time (actually, in both the games I’ve played today I came last!).

Buzz himself is walking around greeting people, waving and generally being friendly. It seems everyone is enjoying having their photo taken with him.

Most impressive is the part of the Buzz! area which is set up like an actual quiz show. Eight lecterrns are in place, where people can come up and play against each other with a real host, behind them is a huge screen, laid out quiz show style, very Buzz! and very cool.

There are grassy areas where people are sitting, or lying down playing Buzz! Brainbender, and Master quiz, and even a pinboard with pictures of people getting their Buzz! faces on. Happily, all the games seem to be going down really well – a big convention like this is a pretty perfect way of showcasing the social fun of gaming and quizzing.


Thanks Lee – Team MotorStorm is next!

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  • yay first and second

  • keep em coming sony

  • Please delete misteroy’s comment at the very least. At worst, ban him for spamming. Thanks. :D

    Anyway, it sounds like you guys are enjoying yourselves. And I bet I could take you in Buzz! myself.

    Take it easy. :D


  • How about a postcard from the Resistance 2 team, or the Heavy Rain team, or the Sucker Punch guys?

    I also like to know if Mirror’s Edge is a timed exclusive on the PS3!!?

  • @ comment 5.

    i want it to be region locked so i dont get lag spikes because one person from somewhere else wants to play and eats bandwidth.

  • I hate you LBP whiners so, so much.

  • Is there any chance Kratos will be in this game? I will buy this game if he is the announcer or something :) KKKKRRRRRAAATTTTOOOSSS

  • Don’t get me wrong, misteroy. I couldn’t care less what you’re problem is, let alone want to stop you. It’s just that there are rules in this Blog. The chief one I’m dealing with here is “stay on topic.” Your particular issue should remain within posts pertaining to LittleBigPlanet. You can always e-mail the blog, or you can e-mail Media Molecule, but this site isn’t set up for protests or spamming on whatever subject you might happen to have a problem with at any given time.

    No disrespect intended to your particular problem. Hope it goes well for you.

  • *facepalms* This is getting absurd.

    Anyway, good to hear from the Buzz team.

    MotorStorm next? Coolness.

  • I wish I was there!

    That and E3 looked awesome. How bout sending out tickets to loyal PSU members?

    Thanks for the updates!

  • Answering questions in Buzz makes my head buzz when i buzz in Buzz to get one.

    Sony is definitely proving itself KING of the Konsoles!

  • Leipzig was the best just got home about 2 hours home sweet home (belgium) gonna sleep a bit now.
    good going guys no cards for me :d goodnight

  • On the next update can link up your psn id to each controller so my my brother and i can be login in at the same time while playing warhawk

  • deanos> first tie i see another belgian than me here :)

  • Edit using our psn ids (in case you did not understand what i meant)

  • quote ”Stinkin Mushroom | August 22nd, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    deanos> first tie i see another belgian than me here ”

    we get forgotten on ps3 even if we are the NR 1 gamers ^^

  • another trophy game…sweet..

    but u guys have got a long way to go to compete with the 360’s achievements…as you probably know they are included in EVERY 360 game to date.

  • @Jeigh
    shut up man, leave him alone. you folowed him into another blog to tell everyone, thats really sad. i agree that it SHOULD NOT be region locked aswell.

    glad to hear everyones having fun and enjoying the event. i wish i was there =(

  • ok your right about this being the wrong blog to comment in, but just go easy =)

  • Some please release a patch to fix the PSN Friend List.
    Please fix the PSN friend list message system!!!
    I’m tired of my friend’s messages being deleted before reading them.

    Thanks you.

    Ban mistorroy, ghostm, etc.

    Plus, I want to play buzz there to! :(

  • PLEASE BAN Masterofallz!

    Thank you.

  • I’m so looking forward to Buzz PS3. My wife is waiting for it too!

    ps. PLEASE, remove/warn these spammers and off topic repeat offenders.

  • I would love to have one of these events around me. Love to see the show floor with the sets and games around them.

  • How many players is that on screen!?!??! :o

    Is this a special conference version of the game and is there a plan to patch the game to allow more players?

  • Thx for the update. Buzz is one of the titles I’m really looking forward to. I like the PS2 one, and wireless buzzers will make this a first day purchase. Then everyone will just fight over who gets the wireless & who gets the wired.

    I love the GC updates, the only thing I might suggest is to send along more pics so we can see the whole booth & everyone having a good time. Thanks again!

  • Looking forward to this game always wanted to try this with my family!!!

  • I’m really excited for the American release of Buzz, new trophies, plus quizzes are awesome!

  • I was so stupid enough to buy the game “without” the buzzers. Was forced to buy a package of PS2 buzzers (wired), not too expensive. Hope it’ll work.

    Question though, how come I downloaded the 1.01 patch and there wasn’t a list in my trophy collection map of this game? I couldn’t go any further in the game as there weren’t any buzzers connected. Could that be the case?

  • so the Germans loved Buzz, huh?

    is there a part in the German version where someone has to periodically touch a monkey?

  • While the 160gb version is great, yet you’re still not doing it right, cause you’ve took away the backwards compatibility from the ps3. Listen Sony, backwards compatibility is important, and I know a lot of people who also says that it is important. It is a good thing I got a 60gb ps3, and a wii.
    1. Bring back backwards compatibility with emotion chip please.
    2. Bring back backwards compatibility with emotion chip please.
    3. Bring back backwards compatibility with emotion chip please.

  • It’s Ok at the most.

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