Postcards from Leipzig: Buzz team

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The postcards keep rolling in from Leipzig Games Convention 2008 today. This one’s from Lee Clare, producer on the Buzz! series of quiz games.


So, it’s been hectic today – the stand is looking great, and we’ve had a lot of attention. I type I’m sitting in the Buzz! bus, an area laid out in the shape of a large camper-style van with satellites on the top. There are bench seats and plasmas with room for 8 people, all playing Quiz TV. I seem to get challenged by pretty much everyone who stops by the bus, but I have to turn them down as I’d just win every time (actually, in both the games I’ve played today I came last!).

Buzz himself is walking around greeting people, waving and generally being friendly. It seems everyone is enjoying having their photo taken with him.

Most impressive is the part of the Buzz! area which is set up like an actual quiz show. Eight lecterrns are in place, where people can come up and play against each other with a real host, behind them is a huge screen, laid out quiz show style, very Buzz! and very cool.

There are grassy areas where people are sitting, or lying down playing Buzz! Brainbender, and Master quiz, and even a pinboard with pictures of people getting their Buzz! faces on. Happily, all the games seem to be going down really well – a big convention like this is a pretty perfect way of showcasing the social fun of gaming and quizzing.


Thanks Lee – Team MotorStorm is next!

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