Postcards from Leipzig: Killzone 2 Team

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If you’re like me – you’re not in Leipzig today. You’ve no doubt heard the hardware and software announcements coming out of Games Convention 2008, but what else is going on? I just got this letter from Eric Boltjes, the senior online gameplay designer for Killzone 2.

leipzig postcard Killzone

Today was the first time ever that we showed the online version of the game, hands-on, to anyone outside of the SCEE family and I have to admit, it was quite nerve-wracking. We’ve worked on this online portion for over two years and putting your baby out there is not an easy thing. I am very happy to say though that today could not have gone better and we got some really good responses from all of the journalists we showed the game to.

There is something almost magic about seeing people playing the online game for the first time and more importantly, seeing them really get into it! Some of the journalists were so into the game that they almost forgot to ask questions for their articles! Lots of smiles and lots of good feedback as well.

That is another good part of today; listening to dedicated gamers and hearing what they do not like as well. We are still at a point in the project where we can change and tweak specific aspects of the game so getting this kind of feedback from our audience (even though they might be journalists ;) ) is a tremendous help to getting this project done and out the door.

One more day of Leipzig remains and then it’s onto the Public Beta which is coming soon! Getting even more feedback and putting our game to the test once more. It is a lot of work but it is also a lot of fun and I am really looking forward to getting the whole world to get a glimpse of Killzone 2 Online Multiplayer…

Leipzig Leipzig Killzone

Thanks Eric – more to come!

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