Postcards from Leipzig: Killzone 2 Team

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If you’re like me – you’re not in Leipzig today. You’ve no doubt heard the hardware and software announcements coming out of Games Convention 2008, but what else is going on? I just got this letter from Eric Boltjes, the senior online gameplay designer for Killzone 2.

leipzig postcard Killzone

Today was the first time ever that we showed the online version of the game, hands-on, to anyone outside of the SCEE family and I have to admit, it was quite nerve-wracking. We’ve worked on this online portion for over two years and putting your baby out there is not an easy thing. I am very happy to say though that today could not have gone better and we got some really good responses from all of the journalists we showed the game to.

There is something almost magic about seeing people playing the online game for the first time and more importantly, seeing them really get into it! Some of the journalists were so into the game that they almost forgot to ask questions for their articles! Lots of smiles and lots of good feedback as well.

That is another good part of today; listening to dedicated gamers and hearing what they do not like as well. We are still at a point in the project where we can change and tweak specific aspects of the game so getting this kind of feedback from our audience (even though they might be journalists ;) ) is a tremendous help to getting this project done and out the door.

One more day of Leipzig remains and then it’s onto the Public Beta which is coming soon! Getting even more feedback and putting our game to the test once more. It is a lot of work but it is also a lot of fun and I am really looking forward to getting the whole world to get a glimpse of Killzone 2 Online Multiplayer…

Leipzig Leipzig Killzone

Thanks Eric – more to come!

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  • Nice! How very exciting. Software news.

  • Public beta, can’t wait!

    Just to be clear, public = free for all. Like a general download from the PS store? No Pre-order restrictions etc? Any rough ETA at all? Weeks? Months?

    Groetjes uit Haarlem, keep up the good work and make the Dutch proud Guerilla!

  • Hopefully this title will deliver on all fronts. AI, graphics, solid campaign/online experience and of-course Trophies.

  • Thanks for inviting me to public beta! I so know you are going to and I really am excited that you chose me. Anyways, I won’t let you down :P

  • So r u guys going to post anything about the new Warhawk booster???? U guys seem to be the only one who didn’t say anything about it. Even PS3FanBoy and the UK PS3 blog posted pictures and videos of the new booster.

    • Yes, middle of next week. Dylan will be in with details on controls and other game-specific info that goes far beyond the trailer. Until then… keep salivating at the thought of jetpack-enabled CTF.


  • Another great title to look forward to \o/

  • Absolutely loved the hands-on I’ve gotten from GC! This is my number one game to purchase!

    Now just give me that Beta, and I’ll give you guys my soul!

  • This is a bit off topic Jeff but i think we need a Playstation Blog Podcast or something. That would be awesome.

  • The game is look’n incredible. And the look of the sniper is freak’n cool. Iam so excited about the game and cant wait to play it.
    Thats good news to hear there is a beta come’n. Is it gonna be hard to get into it (beta). Are the Qore subscribers gonna get in? please tell me some of the hoops of fire I must jump through to get it.

  • WOO! Killzone Beta! i’m getting into that…no matter what.

  • nice,

    um just wondering if theres going to be 2-4 player split screen offline or online?

  • ALRIGHT!!!


    now, let’s see some of that actual gameplay footage!


  • Awesome, Public Beta FTW!!

    I would like to know how to go about participating in that beta, but I’m sure when it’s posted, we’ll be informed.

    KZ2 is one of the games I’m really looking forward to. I hope it’s the one to replace COD4 for my online multiplayer wants. So far it looks even better then COD4, and we’ll get way better support unlike those guys from Infinity Ward.

  • To Jeff, or anyone else reading this, have you guys put any thought into providing a PSN Leaderboard, either accesible through a website portal, in-game XMB, or through Home?? If its a secret project that is covered by your NDA at least let us know if you guys have thought about about it or at least whether its possible, even if for a 3rd part website such as what they have for Xbots.

    To me this seems like a no brainer that would cause even more competition amongst the trophy mongers (such as myself). I know right now a leaderboard isnt extremely necessary since most trophy hoarders will probably have 100% in all 3 games enabled in the US, so there would probably be at least 5000 people tied for 1st place, but in the very near future (id say by October) the market should be saturated enough with trophy compatible games to show off some true “professionals”. With the updates for Warhawk and pain coming in the next couple of weeks, and littlebigplanet and Socom coming in September bringing even more trophies, id say its time.

    Anyway I havent really seen anyone ask this particular question any any previous blog posts and im hoping someone would be able to shed some light on the situation, as im sure im not alone on this, but I would like to see how I compare to the rest of the people in my own country (if world leaderboards are not possible), not just my own personal friends in my friends list.

  • I have to say Killzone2 is on my top ten most wanted games of all time list: Just shy from Halo3 before it’s release, and BF:BC, as well as it ranks right up there for current releases at Number 2, next to SOCOM.

  • Me want:

    1. heavy rain trailer on psn, REALLY REALLY excited about this one.

    2. Valkyria chronicles updates. I know enough about the title to know I’m gonna buy it, but it’s just good seeing posts about it on the blog since I check by here a lot.

    3. Details on Fat princess and other PSN games since I’ve been eating them up lately. Plus I need details on that could basically be described as pixeljunk monsters in space. Started with an S I think.

    • 1. Heavy Rain trailer – not this week, but possibly next.

      2. I\’m meeting with Sega at PAX next week to discuss further coverage of this awesome game. This is a definite.

      3. Also a definite. Are you talking about Savage Moon? We\’ll have an update on that in the next couple of days.

  • How about life with playstation? Any word on that jeff? We,re about 10 days shy of September and we were told to expect a August release. Is this still “a-go”? Or will we have to wait a bit longer? Thanks

  • I loved the single player gameplay that I have seen and played. I am looking forward to being able to try out the multiplayer as well. GG, you all are doing an amazing job.

    Thanks for sharing this with us Jeff.

  • Oh and guerilla knows what’s up, already preordered killzone 2. So if any other random appearances of Beta’s show up(closed or open) I think I qualify.

  • Will the new PSP-3000 be available in pearl white in North America? If not, why not? =(

  • SHWEET!!! Can’t wait for some BETA news!

  • Beta sounds good, just please don’t include it with Qore after the whole Resistance 2 Beta confusion. I’m not falling for that again…

  • I just want that Helghast costume!

  • What a tease!!! Nice Pic’s though!!

  • I just saw the KZ2 multiplayer trailer from my EU account, and all I can say is, “Daaaaaaaaamn.”

  • do WANT! this is one of my most anticipated games for 2009. can’t WAIT!


  • I managed to find some videos of Killzone 2 (or someone at did and I clicked on them which I think I can still take credit for) and I kid you not, the comments I made would most certainly be “bleeped” here. It is looking AMAZING.

    And if they actually managed to fit all of that writing onto the back of that little postcard then they must have impressively/freakishly tiny handwriting.

  • Will a beta for this be Europe Only?

    And Any ideas on how we can get in?

  • That really is very cool to hear the press forgetting to ask questions. It goes to show you all are really on to something special.

    Beta? Did I hear Beta? Sounds good. I will be keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Very nice. I wish I was able to go this year. I hope to see more pictures of the PS booth.

  • Enough with the teasing already I have a weak heart I can’t take much more of this :( Bring on the beta’s already!

  • I truly am were I belong. Please make info available a soon as possible So I can stop checking this and other websites 24 hours a day. Any Life With PlayStation news?

  • Sign me up for the beta! The videos I’ve seen look tight.

  • Please expand on the public beta…or even better, have Eric himself or another member of the development team make a blog post. This beta will be huge so I hope it’s not ruined by stupid restrictions and the like.

  • Awesome news to hear :)

  • So when you say “Public Beta” We mean for EVERYONE right?
    Not pre orderes, or QORE subscribers, you mean anyone with access to the PSN?

  • Killzone 2 Public beta !!!
    I realy want it !!!

  • Jeff, please tell me you guys will be posting all the amazing vids from Leipzig on the store today. I need some HD Heavy Rain :)

  • Awesome game from what I’ve seen so far. Good job Guerilla Games!

    I just have one little critique though…do snipers really need cloaking? I’m just concerned about class balance when it comes multiplayer. Hopefully, it’s just a special type of perk that isn’t standard for all snipers; otherwise, IMO it should be nerfed.

  • I would like to request a killzone 2 beta invite and order of fries….also a large drink.

  • When can we expect information about the Public Beta?

  • the cloaking in limited it only last for so long. The guy in the video says, “Awh man my cloak’s running out!” so it has a limit.

  • By the description you told us about the journalists it really sounds like the game is becoming an amazing title.

    By the video you released yesterday I fell in love with the multiplayer. Finding the class that suits me is really going to be fun.

    AND THEN there’s a single player. Wow you guys should pat your back every single day. lol Hard work and time really achieves greatness.

  • Ah, thanks Seanscythe2. I didn’t catch that. In that case, no complaints from me.

  • Life with playstation

  • Just to be clear your are meaning an open beta which everyone can play yeah? Not one you need to a code or get selected?

  • omg a kllzone beta?! ive been waiting to hear this since like 1980!!! i’d do anything to get in. i havent been so excited about a game since haze…lets just pray my impressions arent the same lmao

  • great job guys more news plz

  • oh yea public beta plz

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