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I think we’ve narrowed down our PAX meetup parameters. We don’t wanna take you away from the festivities – so how about breakfast? PAX doesn’t kick off until 10am on Saturday (August 30th), so we’re looking into getting you fed, caffeinated, and schwagged up before heading into the convention center for 17 straight hours of gaming goodness. More details to follow next week.

Meanwhile, we’ve waded through a mountain of stories that you won’t care about this week, in order to find the ones that you might wanna read. You know, so you don’t have to. Did we miss anything?

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 8/4)

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  • The first story you guys have listed, have you read the PS3fanboy version where they tried to replace the confiscated PS3 with a Xbox 360? My inner fanboy tells me Microsoft had something to do with all of that.

  • Time to pre-order Resistance 2, LittleBigPlanet, and Socom this week :D

  • finnaly a update ive been bored :) :( :P

  • Chance you guys may hold a PlayStation event somewhere in Toronto, Canada?

  • There’s this one about parents letting this kid drop out of school to focus on Guitar Hero. Can’t find the link though.

  • you guys forgot that the American/Canadian HOME invites has been send out. Two of my friends from my buddy list got into it :(.
    Sadly I didn’t. :( And I got my ps3 three weeks after it came out in the States, got over 34 games for it, have over 1000 hours on Resistance and almost 17 days on COD4. I also have over 100 hours on Warhawk. But I guess that wasn’t good enough to get in.

  • @ 6 North American invites for Home have not been sent out yet. :-p

    And looking forward to the events next week.

  • @7 Stoffinator
    yes they have. Both of my friends are located in the NA. One live in Canada and the other live in NYC

  • Wow, Little Big Planet all over that building looks insanely awesome!

  • Preordering Little Big planet hope its good.

    Jeff, do you know how can i erase some items from my download list, for example some free demos and leave the games i bought only? its a mess. thanks buddy

  • Apparently PSN is better at tracking things than amazon. Which is taking forever with my ps3 games >:0 HURRY UP AND SHIP! Sigh.

    And I’m really amped for valkyria chronicals :)

    • Dude, me too. Hoping to head over to Sega for an update on that game. Meanwhile, there\’s a nice piece on it in this month\’s PTOM.

  • @10
    i will agree with you mybe the download list should be sorted with catagories like “item bought’

    So can we exspect more of GOD3 at GC?

  • So when are the HOME beta invites going to be sent out. I know of 2 people that got it and I do not believe that they are the only two.

  • @5 i saw that to that was stupid

  • This week has been quite quiet.

  • Thanks for the update Jeff but
    when are we going to get one for LifeWithPlayStation?

  • Here is a Siren: Blood Curse Review from Kombo. This game has been getting glowing reviews from the media. I hope the sales are doing just as well. It’s one of my favorite PSN titles, currently.

  • Yeah, where in the world is Life With PlayStation? :-S You guys like being so quiet on stuff. :-p

  • will you be cover leipzig and pax on the blog

  • i want HOME BETA! damnit i already have a platinum and wasted god knows how much money on the store and im on every night since i had my ps3 since launch that should be a ticket in I WANT TO GO HOME!

  • Awww… i wanted a cool party at gameworks since i have yet to go and my friends all rave about it.

    But it may work out better for work because i work that day but i might be able to get the morning off. So its all good.

    Still cant wait to meet some REAL Sony fans!
    I need more hardcore gamers on my PSN friends..LOL

  • @Home gripers
    Home expanded beta will open vary soon then you can complain that you did not get in.
    And if you did not get in dont fret Open beta will come soon after anyway.

    P.S. Yes some new beta testers have been added but the Big wave of invites have not been sent.
    Trust me we will all know when that happens look at how big it was in Japan and EU.

    P.P.S. This is Waaaayy off topic.

  • @ gat35, you say you “WASTED” your money? Well your PS3 then because it’s obvious to me that you are not really a Gamer. Whenever I’ve bought something in the store, I’ve never considered it wasting money hard earned. Chin up man, they’ll never give it to you that way. Heck I wouldn’t if I were the deciding factor.\

    Alot of good links in this post. Thanks some things I didn’t know before were in those.

  • Thanks for the update Jeff!!

  • Good going on getting that stolen PS3 taken care of. Now maybe you can pull up my file and see where my stolen 60gb PS3 is at. You’ll see where I reported all the necessary details to you about six months ago, and, so far, nada. Not that it matters to me anymore, I guess, the machine now legally belongs to the insurance company, but I’d love to see the rotten sh**s who broke into my house in cuffs.

  • Thanks Jeff. Cant wait to get my hands on LBP.

  • waiting patiently for signs of HOME beta US invites out. nothing yet. hope it comes this week.

  • All you can do is Hope for HOME Soon!! I Will!!

  • Yeah, Jeff, you forgot that thing on Tuesday when you let slip the date when the Home Open Beta comes out. Sure you were a bit intoxicated, but you STILL said it, and the people deserve to know!!

    *laughs* For the phenomenallly stupid, I’m kidding.

    Actually, it was Wednesday.

    Anyway, thanks for the recap!!

  • Yggdria Union looks like a very solid RPG game. One I’m looking forward to play on my PSP. I hope it will sell good. I also hope Phantasy Star Portable will hit the West. Any idea about that? It sold very well in Japan in the first week.

  • Oh a comment about that huuuuuuuuuge Little Big Planet banner in Germany. Why are the letters of “??? (can’t even read that) to Playstation 3” so little?

  • hopefully sony will anncounce more jrpg for ps3 in TGS. just look at what tales did to the 360 in japan this week!!

  • Wow, you ask what stories you missed so I post one and you delete it? Way to be, Playstation Blog.

    • links have to be approved individually to prevent spam. I don\’t work at 4.37am, so you\’ll just have to be a bit patient.

  • @AhXian, those idiots at SCEI really need to start acting! The PS3 is selling lousy in Japan. With Last Remnant releasing first on the 360, Infinite Undiscovery hitting soon in Japan they’ve got nothing to compete with!!!

  • New PJ EDEN DLC! YES!! Garden 7 was a @#$@#$! But still a great game!

  • Hey Jeff, Is it possible for you guys to bring in the guys of Mirror’s Edge and if possible far cry 2 to the blog? As the reason I visit this blog is for insider information and all those behind the scenes stuff.


  • Hey , I just have one question.. ( would be really happy if you could answer)
    Ive seen that many 360 games has a mark with 60 hz in front of the cover.
    But the PS3 doesn’t, what does it mean the sign with 60 hz ?
    I have a Samsung Le32A656 which i think is 60 hz at least thats what it says when i press info on my tv, still it says 50 hz on the back of my LCD tv.

    so my question is will games lag without 60 hz?
    Ive been having some problems with GTA IV on the ps3. Because it suffers from Low FPS ( approx 24 Frames per secound which is really bad . Normal games like Call of duty 4 has 60 frames per secound , Burnout has 59 fps .
    And because GTA has such a low fps i tend to see lag when much happens at once in gta..
    Is it possible to ask rockstar north if they can patch GTA IV for ps3 so that we can get alittle bit more frames per secound.. i dont care if its a GB update just fix it.

    ( In the future please ask developers to make games with high Framerate )


  • I’d like to see some stories aboutthe new batman game, Arkham Asylum, that was just announced!


  • Don’t forget about Boston :(

  • I know this isn’t the right place to ask this but I figured I had the best chance of getting feedback here so if anyone has any thoughts, please tell me (ANYONE):

    I went onto the video store this weekend to grab a video fro me and the girlfriend and it was taking longer than expected. So at around 30% I canceled the download expected to be refunded my 5.99. As of now, I have yet to see my money? Did the video store really just screw me out of 6 bucks or is there something I am missing? Has anyone else had this issue? I never watched it, never played a single second of it. Just let it download til 30% and then canceled. Any help would be great. I’m really hoping the Sony community can help a brother out.

  • Im not sure dude.. i live in norway :S we dont have that video store..

  • thanks for the list. Here’s a good story from ars technica that you may have missed:

  • @33 Onna76_NL | August 18th, 2008 at 5:19 am

    Whoever thought that 360 would be owning our butts in Asia? That’s a damn shame! Sony needs to do something quick before those flawed 360 takes over Asia. The RPGs announcements are doing wonders for 360.

    Please fix the PSN friend list bug.

  • @ ghostm

    that was the first week ever it sold more then PS3. wont do nothin for 360 in the long run. but sony does need more RPG’s.

  • How come The Last Remnant is not a simultaneously release on both platforms. This is so unfair. We have to wait so long just to play FFXIII ’cause of the 360 version.

  • @ 42 NewYork214 | August 18th, 2008 at 8:18 am

    This is the second week in a row and the numbers are growing. Dude, never say never! Those AAA RPGs are really helping 360 gain grounds in Asian. It’s something that I’d never thought.

  • @GhostM

    yeah, i can’t believe square-enix is going to make PS3 owners WAIT for the 360 version to be done, even though the PS3 version will be completely done..

    if i wasn’t so starved of RPG’s i would almost say boycott square-enix…but who am i kidding? I have to play all FF games…they are the best!

  • Bionic Commando Rearmed does indeed work by remote play, but it doesn’t run so well.

    I wish we could — *hint, hint* — share our remote play PSN games with our PSPs… since we can already share these with up to 5 consoles anyway, it wouldn’t really be a piracy issue, per se. Naturally, I’m ignorant as to what difficulties the implementation would present to Sony, but I’m throwing the idea out there to be considered or not.

    Nonetheless, Bionic Commando Rearmed is a must-own PSN game… highly recommended to fans of the original, who probably already own it.

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