Warhawk v1.5 Update “Free Never Gets Old!”

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In our ever-changing world, a world where Brett Favre is now a Jet, things can happen very quickly! So it should be expected that another FREE Warhawk Update be released with equal quickness! :-)

OMG…he’s a Jet…I still can’t get over it but, whatever.

We just released our v1.4 Update a month ago and we’re ready to upgrade our players to the latest version–Warhawk v1.5 which is tentatively scheduled for release on August 27th. We’re currently in the final phase of global Sony certification testing and all is looking good so far!

“Tell us Dylan…What’s in the latest Update???”

Custom In-Game Music

This feature was asked for by a bazillion players! Now players can use the XMB music player to play their own custom music. Warhawk will also detect if you are using the XMB player and automatically disable the in-game Warhawk music. Convenience for the win!

XMB Trophies

I have talked about this several times before so this is by no means new-news…especially with the recent leak of our full trophy list – gotta love the internets. BTW, the team and I are really flattered that someone would risk their job to leak confidential info about our game — Makes us feel good in a weird kinda way.


There are 56 trophies included in the Warhawk v1.5 Update. These also include trophies for the booster packs, some of the trophies are, or rather *were*, hidden and some are retroactive based on your server-side stats. Here are just a few of the trophies that are included.

Warhawh - XMB trophies

Training Tutorials

As more and more people join the Warhawk community, we are seeing an even greater difference between skill-levels than ever before. New Warhawk players had to go online in order to learn the game and, invariably, they would encounter enemy players that were, shall we say, not too kind to newbies :) This made it really hard for players to learn the ropes, get familiar with the controls, weapons, etc.

So…The new v1.5 Update includes 4 very simple tutorials that can be played off-line. Each one focuses on the core principals of each of the 3 modes of gameplay: Infantry, Ground Vehicles and Aircraft. Now these tutorials are very, very simple and It wouldn’t surprise me if some of our more hardcore players find them way too pedestrian. But we’re looking to help the *new* player, a player that may not be that familiar with Warhawk or the shooter genre. These tutorials are an invaluable help to a newbie!!!

Warhawk - Drone_1

After completing each of the 3 core tutorials a trophy is unlocked – a nice incentive for new players and, well…all you avid Warhawk players can think of them as “easy-money”.

The forth training tutorial, “Flight Practice” is intended to be replayed over and over again, and help players get familiar with the most rewarding, and most challenging of the 3 gameplay modes: Piloting Aircraft!

In this one, you are tasked with destroying as many attack drones as possible in 3 minutes. These simple, hovering turrets fire swarm missiles at you as you practice flying and “scrubbing” missiles. This tutorial is a huge help for new players by giving them a safe, offline way to practice their piloting skills.

Now I know that there are many players out there that often engage in 1v1 dogfights for fun and bragging rights. And while these tutorials are way, way below your skill-level, you may find it fun to do “speed-runs” and compare kill counts.

Warhwak - Drone_2

Retract Clan Invites

Another feature that players, or more specifically, clan-leaders have asked for, is the ability to retract a clan invite that they have sent to a player. For whatever reason, that player maybe never responded to the invite, was being a…a…what’s a blog-safe term that I won’t get in trouble for using??? How about “tool”, yes I’ll use the term tool. So if a player is being a tool and just camping on your invite…you can pull it back. This is important to clan admins because there is a fixed number of clan invites (64) that an admin can have pending at any one time.

New Paint Schemes & Insignias

Awhile ago you all may recall that we held a competition in the USA where players could submit their own Warhawk and Nemesis paint schemes. We selected the 20 best ones and integrated them with the v1.3 update. Well, we held another competition but this time for our players in Europe. We got some great submissions for paint schemes and insignias, and we’re glad to show you all the winners! All of these, the 20 new paint schemes and 50 new insignias are included in the v1.5 update and of course they are free as are all of our updates.

Warhawk - SCEE PaintSchemeWinners_Small

Warhawk - SCEE InsigniaWinners

GGL Ceremonial Blades

The GGL recently held a Warhawk tournament and you probably saw the post from our Sr. Producer at SCEA, Harvard Bonin. Below is an image of the new GGL-Ceremonial Knife that participants in the GGL tournament will receive automatically when the v1.5 update is released. You don’t have to do anything to enable it…the global Warhawk server knows if you were in the tournament and will auto-grant you the award.

Warhawk - GGL_01

Warhawk - GGL_02

For you members ARMED^ASSASSIN’s, the next time you player after the v1.5 update is released, your infantry combat blade will be replaced by the Champion’s Blade (seen below) and you’ll be the only players on the planet with this item!

What’s more fun than a Trophy that you can beat someone with? – I submit…NOTHING :)

“Rookie” Server Color-Coding

We also have added an attractive green color to all official “rookie” server names in the server list. Players that are eligible to play on rookie servers will find these servers sorted to the top of the list automagically for easy selection.

To recap the color coding, Blue servers are official Sony hosted servers, Yellow servers are games launched from HOME, and Green servers are reserved for “rookies”.

We have also fixed the exploit that allowed some players to host unlimited flag capture games, get underneath and into the battlefield and act like….like tools. We also fixed the issue with Quick Join that required you to have stats previously posted in order for it to work properly, and a few other items…ohh yeah, and the 1-minute farming of the Winning Team Ribbon has been fixed. Oh…and one more thing, we are going to be rolling-out version checking on the EULA and announcements so if you have already seen them and they haven’t changed, Warhawk will automatically bypass those screens for you.

Some of you may have read some rumors about our next Booster Pack…I can neither confirm nor deny anything…at least for right now :) Keep your eyes peeled for an update here on the blog and the media coverage at Leipzig which is right around the corner!!!

Last hint…and this is an easy one:

With one of these equipped, a soldier can escape quickly…even bail out if needed!

As always – Rock on!


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  • OMFG… I need to play Warhawk again.

  • yahoo!.. now if i can only download the actual warhawk background music, i will then be able to listen to it the whole match.. that music is really good

    Rock on, indeed!

  • Mr. Jobe, I have a question…

    Do you think you guys can implement AI bots in the future? Thanks!

  • this game just keeps on getting better. love the fact you are implementing in-game music. at least you devs care about us, unlike SCEE ;)

  • looks like a great update, makes me want to buy the game just to try it out!

    This might be a little off topic but can sub-accounts still be in either the resistance 2 or home beta?

  • PARACHUTES!!!!!keep all the great stuff coming Dylan and I’ll keep supporting Warhawk.(To think this time last year i was a newbie in Warhawk how i’ve come so far)

    Is there gonna be any 1 year anniversary event?(extra exp) and wheres Tau Crater?(my funds need a spendin)

  • When do we get to find out more about the Jetpacs Mr. Jobe. Also any chance of more maps.

  • Looks and sounds awesome!

    Might pick this game up. I read that Warhawk is part of the Platinum series now, can anyone tell me if it includes the Blue Tooth headset?

    I still use my PS2 USB headset but that one is slowly dying. XD

  • The continued support for this game has been outstanding. Thank you Dylan and the whole Warhawk team for all of your hard work. You have set the bar really high for all that follow.

  • This update looks awesome! I can’t wait for it to be released!

  • Jet pants?

  • Also could you somehow do something to change how if one team controls the skies in a CTF match they control the game I always get on the teams with people who do weird things(Driving away from a flag thats right at our base)

  • http://kotaku.com/photogallery/dylanjobe/1000467770, first kudos on the eva unit 01-02, neat =). Second i asked about the in game music last time, i and i simply can’t thank you enough =D, third, there is a poster on the wall, one for warhawk two, that guy with the red hair i saw in the old E3 demo, etc.., if in any way you can though you probably wont, PLEASE add him under character selection, every other character is short haired, but im long haired=( hehe. Thank you once again, for your continued support for this game, better support than for any other games out there to date =D

  • Awesome!!!!!! Thank you Dylan

  • Awesome! Now to buy Warhawk, brb.

  • Is it possible for you guys to stop being awesome for once? You’re stepping in my spotlight! ;)

  • I love you guys and this game. I can’t wait for this update!!!!! Thanks!!!

  • I got Warhawk 2 weeks ago, and everytime I play I get smashed because of the veteran players… but they never seem to learn that the mines are placed wherever the Flag is… I get so many kills that way.

    NOTE: I still suck at flying though.
    NOTE2: I played for one full day until I realizes there was two different fly modes, I was always wondering how the hell do they fly so fast. LOL

  • Best update ever.

  • With one of these equipped, a soldier can escape quickly…even bail out if needed!

    OH SNAP Jet packs or parachutes! Bailing out of jet confirmed??!?!?! Dylan please dont mess with out minds and emotions like that! lol :P :) :D

  • I may start playing this game again, I know it would be better if we could get jetpacks. The fact you are adding Parachuts is sweet. I don’t do well with the warhawks and would rather having a jetpack to get to a mountain top for sniping. Give it a fuel gauge or limit and make it so you have to get refills for them and make it so we can use weapons with them.

    The main reason I quit playing was that me and a few friends that never played before didn’t like online splitscreen. They wanted to play offline for awhile before jumpping into a game with others. There needs to be an offline lobby so we can pratice and just shoot it up until we are ready to play the more skilled online players.I was a Beta tester for this game and I had a lot of fun with it but back then learning to fly was easy but after it came out you can’t spend 30 seconds in the air before you die.

  • @9

    The warhawk with the Bluetooth is $49.99 in the US. Price dropped from $59.99 since the Greatest Hits launched.

  • Ps3 is officially going to stretch on its lead…all the updates to support our new features is GREAT! I mean HOME UPPORT!!! In game music..and of course the addictive TROPHIES! Things really are looking great!…thanks for all the hard work, and keep it up! Play B3yond!

  • Wow I’m definitely going back to Warhawk now, the music and the tank cheaters made me stop and now that both of them have been taken care of I can happily return.

  • Dylan, may I take this opportunity to ask, I see a lot of empty official servers, which is sad, BUT I think these servers could be put to better use by having some official, dedicated, unranked, 32-player split-screen servers. Please? This would really make it awesome to play with friends.

    Also, I would like (especially on vapourfield glacier map) to see the “large” servers use some “medium” layouts; they use archepelago medium on CTF and it works nice, very intense. “small” maps on “medium” servers wouldn’t go amiss either :P

    Keep up the good work, loving all the expansions/free addons to this game :)

  • Dylan, this new update looks amazing. Warhawk is still one of my favorite games on any platform, and it just keeps getting better all the time.

    Thank you so much for supporting it as much as you guys and gals have!!!

  • So jetpacks can be used to bail out of Warhawks? Say it’s so… PLEASE say it’s so! :D

  • Any Chance of Us Not-So Skilled Players to get some kind of cool knife?

  • HOLY SH- I mean tools are we getting PARACHUTES?

  • Ohhh I want that warhawk 2 poster UPLOAD IT!!!

  • Thanks for the update Dylan, we’re all pretty excited about this update, the trophies and whatnot should make for an interesting event.

    I myself, used to play Warhawk constantly, as I bought it when it first came out. But as many people know, when it launched there were server side glitches for a while which resulted in stats being reset and things. I stopped playing after a few months because of these issues, and then returned a couple months later (about the time the Omega Dawn expansion came out, which I purchased). Upon my return, the community had turned into a clusterfudge of loud obnoxious rookies playing against clans and highly experienced players leading to one sided matches for hours on end. I wasn’t technically a ‘newb’ at the time, but the lack of teamwork and communication between team mates drove me INSANE! Still does to be honest. For a game that had a retail SKU that CAME WITH A HEADSET (which is also what I use) people do nothing with it but complain to each other and call each other names. They never use it for strategy and this is unsettling. As of the last month, I began again playing Warhawk. I don’t know what drove me to it, I think it was the fact that the game you guys built is simply amazing, and I still love the core idea of it, but those issues still remain. There is still a horrible lack of cohesion between team members, resulting in one-sided matches that are more frustrating than fun. I started to slowly realize that I may have to buy the broken mirror expansion just to get a balance recheck, as well as the ability to play with some intelligent players. To say the least, disappointment, to the max.

    Now that my stupid rant is out of the way, which I have to emphasize is really a personal issue with the game, but I wanted to stress how it is being a long time Warhawk player and how hopefully this new patch with the tutorials and ‘rookie’ servers will help to educate casual players and create a better game experience for people like me, who have to overcome those barriers to be able to enjoy such a great title.


  • awesome updates…cant wait to practice flying……i stopped for a while and now cant last 1 minute in the air without getting shot down with every weapon out there……one question tho….what about the new booster pack thats coming out….one of those trophies has a different symbol next to it

  • Wow, warhawk is being incredilbe after every update

  • I’ve been thinking about getting this game for some time but this update is going to make it a must buy now. Gotta love a dev. team that listens and delivers on what the gamers want!

    Rock on indeed Dylan!

  • I love you.

  • finally theres a tutorial mode. i got this game 2 months ago and quit playing in 2 days b/c i kept dying within seconds

  • I really looking forward to this update. I was one of the guys on the SCEA forums asking for Custom In-Game Music. Thanks. This is an incredible update.

    Oh, and guys…..it’s a Jetpack. He just confirmed the Trophy list. Kill someone in a Jetpack while flying in a Jetpack is one of the Trophies. Run over someone in a Jetpack is a Trophy too. It’s a Jetpack. I’m curious about the new map. :)

  • Glad to see a REAL cat type insignia finally (two infact)! Remember they always have to go together: Red/Blue, Cat/Dog, Peanut Butter/Jelly!

  • Hi Dylan!

    Awesome update!

    Can you please tell us if the bluetooth headset problem will be fixed with this patch? It’s really ruining the online community experience when your mic stops working after couple of games and you need to reboot the PS3 to make it work again. Please fix this problem ASAP.


  • Thank GOD or Dylan it is finally coming!!! :)

    Any new bundles coming soon like Broken Mirror and the new Jetpack one? I need both those boosters. ;)

  • @alexbhp

    lol I played for like 2 months before I realised you could turbo boost with the warhawk by double tapping R2 :O

    Tutorial mode would have helped, this one doesn’t seem very in-depth but should help people who just got the game. Flying is the most difficult thing definitely.

  • I am afraid of flying!

    Specifically, I always crash when I play flying games.

    Can someone provide a tip that would make it advantages to pick up a title like this one?


  • This update is an automatic 5! Thank you guys so much for fixing the stat padding for the “winning team”.
    Also, it seems like we will have to buy the jetpack or what ever it is so that’s means I can’t get it until those PSN cards come!!! :(
    Oh, plz Mr. Jobe can you guys please add more medium CTF flag servers?!! I can only join 2 medium CTF servers now cuz of my rank and most of the time only one is filled so pleas ad more servers!
    Once again, thank you so much! This is the best update ever. :)

  • Thanks soo much… will we ever get the ability to record and post on Youtube videos of us on action?

    Or perhaps a spectator mode?

    There have been some epic battles I wish I could’ve witnessed

  • Its looking awesome guys. I was hoping it was a “out now” post, but oh well. Still looks awesome.

  • Wow! That’s an awesome update! Our deepest thanks to the devs for making Warhawk the flat-out BEST online multiplayer vehicle mashup ever! You guys truly rock!

  • Very cool.

    This gives me a good reason to start playing again. This was my favorite PS3 game when it first launched and I remember logging several hours per day. I would even skip some classes just to keep playing. Once you get the hang of it, it really is quite a fun game.

    Kudos on reeling em in.

  • Thanks guys! Great update!

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