The PSB, & Insomniac Weekly Recap

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If you only read one PlayStation.Blog post this week, make it this one.

  • More BioShock Trophy Details – Unique trophies and modes surface from Rapture.
  • Get Your First Platinum Trophy as Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Trophy Patch is Released – If my PSN friends list is any indication, you people aren’t wasting any time on this one…
  • Paradise City Choppers, Burnout’s Bikes – The Criterion team continues to support Burnout Paradise (which PS3 Fanboy reports is now found for just $29.99 in a lot of places)
  • LittleBigPlanet: Pre-order Goodness – Us: Sackboy Kratos? You: Yes, please!
  • THE EYE OF JUDGMENT World Championships Begin Next Week – get practicing!
  • Parlez-vous Talkman Travel? Interactive Travel Guide Coming to PSP – on your must list for those travelling to Rome, Paris, or Tokyo.
  • Qore Episode 3 hits PSN tomorrow – Includes entry into the Resistance 2 beta.
  • SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta Info Revealed – Coming next month!
  • Want into the PlayStation Home Closed Beta Test? Here’s How to Apply – big week for betas, huh? Download the Home theme to apply.
  • PlayStation Store Update – Qore edition.
  • PAIN Trophies – OK betas *and* trophies – that’s the theme for this week.
  • LittleBigNewsSite Announcement!!! – the site has stickers. What more do I need to tell you?
  • Bionic Commando: Rearmed Behind the Scenes #3 – coming next week!
  • PLAYSTATION Store Video Content Update – new episodes of Xam’d waiting for you.
  • Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers

    Insomniac - FullMoonShow

    Courtesy of Bryan Intihar – Community Manager, Insomniac Games

    Bryan’s Blog: The Freight Train and Intern Edition
    – Long time no talk, everyone! I know it’s been a few weeks since I served a delicious slice of Bryan’s blog pie (well, I hope you think it’s tasty), but I’ve been pretty darn busy. And I’m hardly the only one. The studio is like a freight train right now—we’ve reached our top speed and this train ain’t slowin’ down till we reach our final destination. That would be finishing Resistance 2.

    P.S. If you’re planning to attend this month’s Penny Arcade Expo (Aug. 29-31), please swing by the Sony booth and say hello. I’ll be there showing off Resistance 2, which will be playable on several kiosks.

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    5 Author Replies

    • Will this be my 1st comment?

    • Hey Jeff, could you plz give us a heads up on the PS globe thing…Life?

    • I re-bought Burnout this week. Awesome game. Going through the road rules challenges, got the timed ones done just have to do showtimes.

      I’am going to have 50 trophies from it the day they release :D

    • What a wonderful week! Still waiting on Life with PlayStation news. I just like those “different type applications”. They add to the day to day entertaining feature of the PS3. Keep it coming.

    • Damn, you guys have been busy :) Well done!

    • Good week, but i think that the week of the Leipzig Games Convention will be better,
      BTW Jeff, are u going to the Leipzig Games Convention?

    • Yeah, these new updates are destracting me from the all-important Beijing Olympics!

    • Great week beta and trophy wise. Hey jeff just wondering how many trophies do you have if any?

    • Looking forward to next week. Hope to hear more about Home.

    • good job guys, thanks

    • Excellent, is that why there was no full moon this week?

    • Just got my first Platinum trophy, can’t wait for other big games with these! :)

    • hey this week was a great week to be a playstation owner i hope i get a beta invite to home

    • This week was pretty good hope next week gets better lol

    • For the reply at number 8

      Jeff has 33 trophies

      and I have 64 trophies.

      I guess I win :D as Jeff better catch up soon!

    • This week has been a week to remember :) Thanks Sony, looking forward to R2, SOCOM, & Home. P.S. keep the trophies coming.

    • Love the trophies for Uncharted. But i find it hard to pick up other PS3 games because there arent any trophies for them. Im really interested in the Home Beta though, been logging a lot more time into the PSN this week. Hope i get in!

    • could you PLEEASE fix it that the links opens in a new window … i always close your blog and miss the next ones -.-

    • If #15 is right it’s still many, many more than what I have. I just got my 6th today, only game I have that has trophy support is PJE. Boy oh boy is it tough to get trophies in that game, but that’s what makes it worth it when getting them.

    • hey Jeff besides Ratchet&Clank and Resistance 2 do you know if insomniac have or working on any other new title. do Sony still have a big announcement at Leipzig

    • To the person who makes the psn avatars. I request that you make a lot more avatars to choose from.

      And to the person who makes the ps3 themes. I request a Disgaea 3 theme.

    • Why do you guys do this to me? I saw the Full Moon logo and rushed to my PSP to download the newest episode, only to find that there isn’t one yet.

      Don’t do that!

    • Thanks Jeff. Do you know if MGS4 or GT5:P will get any Trophies.

    • Man, You guys sure have your plates full. It’s been a great week, hopefully next week will be just as good.

    • jeff so what game you looking forward to get next?

    • Bryan

      Are you going to be visiting 1up yours live at PAX? It would be awesome if you stopped by. Stop GArnet and John from hating on Resistance 2.

    • I recently got my first Gold trophy… from Buzz.

      Answer 3 questions in a row in under 0.5 seconds. Questions about cartoons ftw.


    • where penny arcade?

    • let’s see here…2nd chance to get in on home beta, soccom beta, and r2 beta. looks like i’ll be really busy these next few mnths

    • Please god let me be chosen to play the home beta!! PLEASE I will play it 24/7 the first two days I get it to prove my worth!


    • Sony: “In-game XMB Isn’t a Threat.”

      Microsoft: “No kidding.”

    • Begging’s not gonna get ya far mate ;/ If you’re in UK, SCEE are gonna choose on PSN & PSStore activity, and if you’re USA, you can download the Home Theme, which acts as an application form for the Beta Trials :)

    • I wanna see how many trophies Jeff has, because I’m sure I have him beat lol. What’s online gaming without some friendly competition :)

    • add me up frozoneUSMC my psn is the same as my name here …we can compare trophies :P

      I dont have uncharted though so you probably have more.

      take care

    • when will we find out whether or not we have been picked to particapate in the Home Beta? also will there be another summer sale?

    • Qore annual subscription needs to be fixed or redesigned. I had to access my download account to get this months episode. We should be allowed to easily access the monthly episodes through the PSN Store. Maybe Sony is playing tuff since this episode consists of R2 Beta access. Sony needs to probably give us annual subscribers a Qore icon that will allow us to download or it downloads the episodes for us or do like what Gt5pro did for their so called GTtv.

      P.S. Socom lookk great. R&C add-on should be a big treat when it comes out. R2 rocks!

    • Off topic question :)

      Any news if Konami plans on supporting trophies for MGS4?

      Any chance GTA4 is getting retroactive trophies or anything at all?

      Will Folding@Home get trophy treatment?

      I love to see a $100 Collector’s edition for Resistance 2 and Killzone 2! Make it happen please :):)

    • When will PSN cards be made freely available? Will this happen by 2011 in conjunction with the release of Home, PlaystationLife, Wipeout HD and all the other things Playstation owners have to wait for?

    • ^^^ Wow it wasn’t me this time. It’s been a great week of reading here at the b;log and elsewhere. Can’t possibly wait to play the socom Beta. I was in the FTB for PSP one when I was in GAP. This will be kinda like that but alot more exciting. Hey Jeff, will there be Booth Babes at PAX? If so, PICTURES. Oh and of games and other cool stuff.

    • not saying anything but im wating for my Home beta invite

    • To the one who thinks he has Jeff beat in trophies, Jeff probably has trophies that aren’t even out yet. He IS an insider…, duh.

    • They should host a contest on the blog and get people to guess how many trophies Jeff has. The winner gets to take Jeff on in Jeff’s favorite game. Released or not.

    • Hey Jeff,

      I hear that you’ll be at PAX. I’m going to attempt to go. I think that my interviews that week might prevent me from attending though :(.

      Are you planning to have another event similar to the one for E3?

    • Elefunk Trophies? I’ve been waiting for that information you said you’d get Jeff.

    • sick week! I plan on getting that platinum trophy for Uncharted tomorrow ASAP. see you all on Monday.


    • Will we be getting video interviews from PAX on the blog? Dare I say a Penny Arcade theme for the PS3?

    • aaa….that wasn’t the update I wanted. Like a possible release time frame for the Life?

    • Just have to say this:
      Why isnt there any difficultysettings in most psn games? Games I just want to pick up without spending too much time on like elefunk, pj monsters and eden would win on having an easier difficulty…

      oh, a thought just popped up, why dont put in a few trophies in old psOne games like theme hospital? Maybe just a bunch of bronzes and a silver. Cause I’m still having a blast playing the game and maybe trophies would get more people testing it and eventually maybe result in a sequel=)
      also, old metal gear solid should be downloadable, I just bought the original but if I hadnt I would have got it if you sold it!

    • I’m in S. Korea as a member of the military. I bought my PS3 in the states and I can’t view or watch any of the new videos. Why is that? I can buy games and play Demos from the store but I can’t watch or buy TV shoes or movies. Help me out I want the most of out my $600 investment.

    • Hi jeff ! Is LINGER IN SHADOWS will be available this month in USA ? In europe, this is the case…

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