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Hello everyone it’s Travis Williams, PAIN Producer, again and I wanted to take some time to tell you about the new PlayStation Network Trophies being added to PAIN Downtown.

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The last trophy I ever “earned” was in ROTC. That was way back in High School (tragic I know). So, I have been really excited to see PlayStation 3 trophies make their way into games both old and new. It’s a new way to show your “ePump-a-tude”. PAIN already features internal trophies that make the modes challenging. That’s why it’s so awesome to get to make a whole new set of trophies. Here’s a list of some of the Trophies you will see next month. If the names seem sophomoric or juvenile to you, then you clearly haven’t been playing PAIN enough. That’s kinda “How We Do.”

To answer some questions before they come up…

Q: When will Trophies be available for PAIN?
A: When the Amusement Park ships on 9-4-2008 we will update PAIN to include trophies.

Q: When does Amusement Park ship?
A: Duh

Q: Are Trophies retroactive?
A: Most of the trophy requirements are new so we haven’t tracked your progress until now. Some work you will get credit for.

Q: Are you CRAZY?!
A: Yes… Yes I am.

So here they are…a “somewhat” complete list of PAIN Downtown Trophies. I say “somewhat” because PAIN keeps getting bigger and bigger. There are more trophies for the Amusement Park, but I’ll talk about them some other time.

PAIN Trophies

Gold Trophies

  • Affliction Addiction: Get one billion points (Good Luck)

Silver Trophies

  • Dude Abides: Use “The Dude” to score 50 Strikes in Bowling

Bronze Trophies

  • 10 Mill Club: Get “PAIN in the Park” and “D-Town Destruction”
  • Harder Dick’s Balls: Get all of Dick’s Balls in the Block Party Dumpster without resetting
    (Heh heh heh) I really need adult supervision.
  • D-Town Destruction: Get 10,000,000 score in PAINdemonium and Aftermath
  • Combo Mambo: Get 20x Combo in PAINdemonium, Aftermath, Block Party and Demolition
  • Attention Spam: Get every type of PAIN (Groin, Head, Arm, Hand, Leg, Foot and Body) combo in PAINdemonium, Aftermath, Block Party and Demolition

PAIN Add-on Character Trophies

  • Trill: Get PAINful Tosser Trophy with Scurv Dogg or Hung Lo
  • Grenade-A-Maid: Get Exploded 500 times with any female launchable character.

That’s it for now… We’re going to be releasing a lot of information in the coming weeks about the Amusement Park. New modes, new launchable characters and the brand new PAINLabs. When you have some time mosey on over to that’s where you’ll get more info on all the new content!


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4 Author Replies

  • how many trophies all together? any online modes added??

  • I rated this 5 out of 5 I am the first to post today. But I cannot enjoy this nice update because for some reason the kind folks at SOE have decided to delete my copy of Pain from my downloads list. can you tell whoever is in charge of the PSN to give me back my Pain. it Pain’s me not to have it and the circumstance over losing it is a real Pain. I just want to play my Pain. It was supposed to be Castlevania Symphony of the Night that you were supposed to delete not Pain.
    What a Pain in the neck trying to get some Pain back in my life.

    Trophies are nice!

  • Nice to see your back Travis

    I am definatly buying the Amusement Park on day 1. And finally… TROPHIES!! PAIN rocks and needless to say, you and the team do too.

    I’m guessing the Gold Trophy will be only reasonably possible in the Amusement Park?

    And how many trophies will there be total? Or cant you disclose that yet?

    Keep up the awesome work guys


  • Thanks for the update Travis!

  • how is pain? i’ve been thinking about getting it for awhile.

  • Alright!! :-D Got 70 trophies at the moment, hope they’re not a huge pain (lol) comparing to Pixeljunk Eden.

  • Dick’s Balls? HOLY CARP I figured that would get the [censorded] mark. Dick’s balls indeed. WHat a ROt LMFAO @ TRavis

  • This game is not really my style. Great to hear the Trophy support news though.

  • 1 Billion points?? :_: Aw, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to do THAT!

    Any word on when the AAC playback is going to be updated- only a very small handful of songs on my hard drive are MP3.

    Thank you very much! :D

  • great to know that you guys care and are giving us trophy support. thank you very much

    psn id whitwhit

  • Is there anyway to see how many trophies other players have? I have 63 currently. I think the trophy system is a really enjoyable system that helps to bring life back into some games that have been played for awhile. What are the benefits to collecting trophies? Does anyone know?

    If anyone responds thanks.

  • Wow, those are some difficult trophies. I think I’m going to need to brush up on my 1334 sKiLz. :)

  • Travis Williams can you please pass this news down to the FW department.
    Can someone please tell me what’s going with the PSN friend-list? Mine is all screwed up ever since I did the 2.41 update. Messages from one friend is going to multiple other friends inbox. Sometimes it says I have a message and I really don’t. It’s extremely screwy at this point. Will this bug be fixed anytime soon? It’s driving me insane. I know I’m not the only one with this issue.

  • Looking forward to getting more trophies. :-|

  • I like trophies but I am horrible at this game and doubt there are even any Bronze I could get.

    @omen You can check how many trophies people on your friends lists have by viewing their cards but that is the only way I know of.

  • The only thing that sucks about this blog post is the date :( 9-4-2008 is a little less than a month away (too long away), I was hoping for a “next week” announcement :D, but good things are worth waiting for, right? I suppose it will give me ample time to finish the rest of the ingame trophies off.

  • Can’t wait Travis. Thanks for the update. Did you ever convince anyone else that having multiple PSN ID logins on one local console was a good idea in these multiplayer games. Hope it’s a feature coming soon now that trophies are here.

  • SUPER OOCH!!!!!!

    nice, i just got this game when it went on sale,a nd my girlfriend and i love it!

    can’t wait for a new level to explore!

    ONE BILLION POINTS?!?!?!?!??!

    hehehe, gonna make us work for this one, eh?

    thanks for this update!


  • I like how I own all the games that are being patched with trophies. Yay me! And Yay everyone patching games with trophies.

  • Thats cool to know, thanks for the update!

  • Awesome, can’t wait :)

  • Pain just gets better and better. Great work. Seriously.


  • Travis, any comment on Jeff Litchford’s statements about Celebrity tie-in characters or other Sony IP characters?

  • It’s updates like this that make me want to run through traffic completely naked. Good job!

  • Also, what is the “PAIN Movie Lot” – it was mentioned in the Comic-Con sweepstakes promo material? Is that the nickname for an improved replay editor or hints at an upcoming level?

  • @Darrik, I know that you can view your friends trophies. I want to know how others are doing that aren’t on your friends list or players met list. Most of the people on my friends list has less than 10 trophies.I want to see more people trying to get as many trophies as possible.

  • I’m sorry I really need to say something, to maybe talk to you developers from a 26yr old working man’s point of view.

    As much as I enjoy the trophy idea. The Trophy system needs to be balanced. Instead of adding to the games with (attainable) trophies you (developers) are starting to put trophies into games that are NOT FUN anymore. Stardust, Eden, Pain. Look at those trophie lists. WHat is wrong with making each trophy FUN and ATTAINABLE. Why do I have to spend Countless Nights to attain a Bronze Trophy in Eden on Level 7. Why do i have to spend Days getting “Late Boomber” in Stardust. WHy in the heck do I get to look at “Get a Billion points” and say Whatever, this is assanine.

    TROPHIES ARE NOT FUN. MAKE THEM FUN. GEEZ. Why are tehre bronze trohies that are harder then Gold? Your average gamer should be able to attain ANY TROPHY with-in 2 Days of playing the game for 6hrs a day. I think all of you (Developers) need to do play tests and come up with a STANDARD.

    (Rant over)

    p.s. i have 100% in SSHD, 50%+ in Eden (and counting) and after those two ventures alone i realized that Trophies are just losing there “Fun Factor” because the Developers are just Jamming them in instead of making sure it INCREASES the PLAY EXPERIENCE, NOT DETERS IT!

    • I\’m just going to weigh in with my OPINION here…

      You say that Trophies should make \”sure it INCREASES the PLAY EXPERIENCE,\” right before touting your stats on SSHD and Eden. Would you have gone back to play SSHD (or have played it that much) if not for the trophies? Isn\’t that increasing your play experience?

      I\’ve never been a fan of X360 games that dole out an achievement just for beating each level, and then one at the end. I\’m playing through the game anyway – wheres the achievement?

      If the Trophy has me do something I wouldn\’t ordinarily do, like (citing from Uncharted here) switching up my weapons, or making sure to line up more headshots, or (Eden) making sure to hit all the seeds as well as the spectra – that\’s 100% accomplishing the goal.

      If everyone can get every trophy without breaking a sweat – then what\’s the point?

      BTW, when you say \”rant over\”, try to mean it :-)

  • One more thing.

    Your creating Trophies from a “Harcore Developer” POV to say, “PFffft, try and get this one its a BI!@h.”

    Thats really Poor Design. Seeing as how games are a Release from everyday life. Maybe i’ll start my own game company and start Re-Focusing people on the Fun and Accomplishment that games are supposed to carry.

    (OK rant over for real)

  • Very nice. There’s always something every few months that keeps bringing me back to pain for a while.

  • @Liquifiedart, If the trophies are that easily attainable, then everyone will have them and it will no longer be a “honor badge”. I’ve been working on the trophies and I haven’t gotten the late bomber on SSHD. Kudos to you for gettin it. That shows how hard of a gamer you are. I’m only missing 3 from SSHD but I’m working hard to get them. I think that the trophy system is fine the way it is.

  • I’m in PAIN!


  • Will this be the same date for Europe?

  • Not digging the add-on character trophies. I guess you had to buy the add-ons for SSHD to get some trophies, but they added a lot of new modes, new options, etc. Having people essentially pay $0.99 for a super easy trophy (500 explosions or getting another trophy) is a little bit lame. Not a huge deal, but I hope others don’t go this direction.
    It’d be like giving a trophy for owning all the characters in PAIN. Where’s the fun in that?

  • Holy crap…! a little overboard on trophy difficulty, but hey, a few attainable trophies are better than none. I’m an decent Pain player and these trophies (even bronze… sheesh!) scare the hell out of me. Harder Dick’s Balls sounds like a [DELETED] gold trophy to me…

  • @ LiQuiFiEdArT

    I actually agree with you. Some of the trophies are extremely hard to get. And there for do not make the game fun anymore. Super Stardust HD is a great example of that. Last two trophies are the hardest ever and they are only a bronze, its like the devs slapping us in the face daring us to get them.

    Yes, Trophies should be a challenge, but no frustrating or taking hours upon hours on getting them.

  • @Liqui: I agree with you on some of what you say. Are some of the trophies frustrating to get? By all means. What they’ve done is they’ve made it so there are fun and not too hard trophies to get where you can hop on a game, play for a few hours and get the trophies. Other trophies require some time. I think game developers want people immersed in there game for quite a while. Take Heavenly sword for instance. I beat Heavenly sword twice, once on a regular difficulty and then on the hardest difficulty and unlocked everything within a weekend. That was 60 bucks gone in a weekend. It was fun but it didn’t last. How may hours did you log into SSHD before the trophy system was added? How many after? I think the hard trophies give us something to shoot for. The trophies for Uncharted, in my opinion were too easy. I had unlocked everything on the game long before the trophies came out, so just redid everything I had already done. It still took a couple of days to do it but I learned some new ways to do things that made the game easier on the hardest difficulty.

    In conclusion, I think at least 75% of trophies should be moderately difficult/fun and the other 25% should be for the more elite gamers.(Which it seems you are)

  • Sounds Great! Been dying for another game to come out with trophies!

    I just wonder how much this one is gonna cost..

  • Awesome! I can’t wait for this add-on! Bring on the Amusement Park!!

  • Thanks for the info!

  • These trophies are a joke. One billion point? COME ON, i can’t even get 2 million.

  • @37 JJ555666
    Thats why travis wishes good luck, you have his wish, make it real.

  • Dang-it!! I hate DICK’s Balls. That was one of the biggest “PAIN” in the [DELETED] trophies to attain. To get it without resetting should be real fun!

  • I think the main point of the trophies was the bragging rights. So the complaints that some of these bragging rights are too difficult to obtain is ridiculous. You don’t have to get every trophy out there by any means, and it certainly shouldn’t be so easy that every single person out there is able to get them. If it worked like that they wouldn’t be called BRAGGING RIGHTS. If you’re in the games for the fun then maybe you shouldn’t worry about things that make them stressful for you. The claim that games should be for “fun” seems quite narrow-sighted to me as well, given that it’s been shown time and again that games can be more than toys. But that’s for another time and place. To put it simply: if everyone wins, then everyone’s a loser.

  • pain rules

  • No disrespect for PAIN in the least, but screw trophies. Everything else you’ve said I’m whole-heartedly excited about. I just hate the idea of trophies and what they represent.

    One other poster hinted at what trophies are REALLY about when he asked if there was a way to check people’s trophies not on his list… really? Is it THAT big a deal?

    Anyway, I’m always happy with any info about PAIN, even if it’s hard to swallow(another month, dag-nabbit!), keep up the good work.

    Just say NO to trophies!

  • @42

    You’re against trophies and what they represent?

    So, you’re against having goals and trying to achieve them? You’re against being able to see how well you’ve done in the games you’ve played?

  • @43

    I’m against the “mine’s bigger than yours” mentality that they inevitably bring. I know how well I’ve done in games I’ve played, I do not need some person I’ve never met coming up with “goals” for me that aren’t even needed to beat the game.

    Call it what you want, you’re just dressing up the fact that all trophies are is just another ruler.

    And in case you didn’t get that last comment, see also “mine’s bigger than yours”.

  • I am with LiquiFiEdArt, but really?
    Your griping about the PSN trophies, the in game ones are no better, which explains why most people buy it, love it for a week, then go…. “Wow, this is pure BS!” and never touch it again. I busted hump for all but one of the in game trophies, which is thoroughly not completable without cheating like the top half of the cheate….. er i mean “leader”boards. And to be honest, It’s fun once in a while to poke around in, but there is no way this game has any appeal to 99% of the gaming world past a couple days…. great potential, horrible implementation, why make a fun game that can trancend the “hardcore fan junkie” – “casual” audience boundry? It’s far more fun to cater to the few and rob the many to fund it.

    My PSN tag Said “I want PAIN trophies!” up until 5 minutes ago, now it says “DO NOT BUY PAIN!”

  • Its a hard balance to get.. if you make all the trophies easy to get ,it would lose the importance of getting it.
    If you make it super hard to get, it will frustrate people …
    BUT i dont think that trophies were maded thinking on the casual gamer.
    (Of course that this change from game to game)
    Anywho ,i call myself a hardcore gamer, but i dont like trophies… BUT it dont upset me,because im not forced to get it.Its an optional stuff, a meta game.

  • Sounds great! Been waiting for amusement park for a while. I have no clue how i’m going to pull off some of those trophies though.

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