THE EYE OF JUDGMENT World Championships Begin Next Week

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As you may have seen last week via the THE EYE OF JUDGMENT Official Sites, we announced the EOJ World Championships beginning August 14th. The winner has the amazing opportunity to get their image on an in-game card as well as compete with Watanabe-san from the Japan studio.

Cardlist Yusuke Watanabe

The EOJ World Championships, the first official global THE EYE OF JUDGMENT PLAYSTATION Network tournament, will start on Thursday, August 14th, 12:00AM PST and run for one week until Thursday, August 21st, 12:00AM PST.

Profile Yusuke Watanabe

This time, there are no special rules. You can play with your favorite deck and take on the world!

You will still be able to play as many “Online Tournament” ranked matches as you like until the tournament closes.

The prize for the overall winner is something really special: the winning player will receive their own in-game card in ‘Deck Builder’ mode complete with their name, picture (if the player wishes) and comments. This will be viewable by all EOJ players for the ultimate champion’s prize!

The winner will also earn the right to play an online duel against the creator of THE EYE OF JUDGMENT, Watanabe-san from Japan Studio. (This duel may be made viewable by the public).

If you finish in the Top 10 players you can earn unique ranking titles for eternal glory!

Taking part is easy, just follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to PLAYSTATION Network and go online with THE EYE OF JUDGMENT in the usual way from Thursday, August 14th, 12:00AM PST.
  • Select ‘Online Tournament’ from the Online mode select screen.
  • Players will be matched up with another player to battle just the same as the regular way of Ranked Match.
  • That’s it – You’re entered into the tournament!

Any points you earn from playing “Online Tournament” ranked matches before the close of the tournament will contribute to your position on the tournament leaderboard. The tournament scoring system is exactly the same as that used for regular online ranked matches. Please note that tournament matches do not contribute towards your regular ranking.

Good luck to you all and please remember, play fair, have fun and may the best player win!

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  • I might enter this. I deck is pretty good but not amazing. Im sure some people have bought every single card possible. lol

  • Cool, I wish I had eye of judgement

  • strange…… my first comment was deleted!

  • Im new, so I’ll join for easy practice :P

  • YES!!! I’m glad you guys are supporting the game with tourneys!! Thanks guys! When can we see more cards???

  • I’m just glad there are no special rules. We can have a real tournament this time.

  • Nice, I should start playing this again.

  • missed the NA tournament but I wont miss this one. My decks stink but I still wanna play anyway heheh. Good times.

  • I love EoJ but these online things really aren’t for me. Never play online- especially not in tournaments. Still, it’s nice for those that do, which as I understand it is quite a bit larger than the crowd I’m in. Though I really can’t know- it’s not like we can meet up with each other ‘not online’ and talk about it. :P
    ‘Course I hear they invented something a couple years back that did something similar. What was it…? Oh, right. Real life. Eh, doesn’t sound nearly as fun. :laughingsmileywhichIdon’tknowthecombinationfor:

  • so… with the success of this game, any chance you guys can land a deal with other card games? like Magic?

  • I would like to know where to buy more cards other than online?

  • Hey that’s cool, too bad I suck at this game right now haha…I need more practice, can’t even beat the computer on Normal, mostly because I haven’t played in a while. I did get a new deck recently, however, from Set 2.

    @11, I’ve seen them at Best Buy, pretty sure they’re at places like GameStop, GameCrazy, etc…

  • yay for tourney’s! boo for tools with popped collars. you guys should know better…

    still great to see this game is getting some love.


  • I guess I am not the only one wondering if you have any plans for Trophy support in EoJ? Brian any chance for any information on that?

  • I’ll need to change up my deck a little and see if I can get some wins..

  • cool cool. i haven’t picked this game up but i still think this tournament and the continued support is cool for those who did.

    i’m not a huge fantasy buff but if this mechanic was used for a cool interactive Chess game (with cool animations on screen) that would be something i’d pick up. there could be options to set different on-screen themes for the game like a Sony Character theme, DC Comics theme (shouldn’t be too hard since PS3 is getting DC online), a LBP theme, etc.

  • As we get closer and closer to the Yu-Gi-Oh cartoon… complete with the match against Maximillian Pegasus.

    But seriously, this looks to be awesome. It makes me wish I actually picked up EoJ, but currently can’t afford to.

  • Are the additional card sets available in Canada yet?

    If so, where?

  • This is cool but I dont want someones personal card in my collection. I hope that we can delete it or something.

  • @TouchyEd
    Rogers Video has the cards. The local card/comic store where I live also has the cards.

  • @21

    Thanks for the info. I’ll check out the Rogers Video in my area. I’d given up on EOJ, as I was never able to find any of the card packs.

  • so what’s to stop people using cards (rare/powerful ones etc) that they have copied and printed themselves off the internet to tilt the balance of their decks?

    i know i have a whole folder full of such cards on my pc. don’t worry though, i don’t play EoJ ;)

  • WhereIsMyLifeWithPlaystation


  • Well its cool for others but its not cool for me im not intreseted in these types of games… Ill stick with all my other games!! Mainly a Shooter guy!

    Peace, 8)

  • wow, now i really HAVE to get my cards out, trufiziks just got his game, and now this Tournament!

    only one problem, i haven’t got any of the series 2 cards, is it even feasible for me to play with only series one cards?

    just wondering, sound like a good time!

  • …”popped collars”, lol

    just read that!

  • Sorry to be like this, but Eye Of Judgement sucks hard.

  • I like Eye of Judgment because it’s so simple in nature bo so freaken hard!!!

  • Has this game sold well at all? I have it but never played it, also you should add trophy support to it.

  • is there a EOJ community online?

  • I just read your response that series 3 cards wil be coming out…

    Are we going to have to pay MORE money to be able to use Set 3 cards?

    if so, count me out, this is starting to get too expensive..we have to buy the cards too ya know!

    times are hard!

    gas is expensive!

    I gots laid off at the meat packing plant, mah truck dropped it’s tranny, mah three legged dog gots the worms from mah ex-wife, mah trailer blew away in a tor-nah-do, i just gots diagnosed with the Turret’s syndrome, i spilt mustard on mah Sunday best wife-beater shirt, and i can only afford to smoke crack 3 times a day now! If you could convince the FDA that these cards are edible i could use mah uncle-grandpa Jebidiah’s food stamps on em..

    times are hard i tells ya!


    but you know what i mean!

    thanks for the tournament!

    PSN id FritoZ

  • @willacuz: There are a lot of fan sites with communities

  • So can we delete that card after the tournament is over or are we stuck with it?

    Because I dont want to have to look at that.

  • I will participate in this tournament using my quite successful Set 1 deck, wonder how it will stack up these days :)

    While I haven’t bought the Set 2 package yet I am not really to upset about the separate pricing anymore of the PS3 part. There are maintenance costs which Sony do need to cover somehow of course. That said I do think it is a bit strategically silly as the ‘commercial secret’ of tradeable card games is that since buying a booster pack is cheap, it is very easy for people to pick up a package on impulse when new sets come out, and through that get pulled back into the game if they haven’t played in a while. But with the set 2 and probably set 3 PS3 update costing money you have a bigger barrier depressing that pulling back in effect, and thus I would assume EoJ have a much higher drop off rate than other comparable card games.

    So while my understanding is that Sony did not negotiate an agreement with Wizards of the Coast in terms of the card sale income, that makes providing the PS3 part for free financially viable, it probably loses both Sony and Wizards of the Coast quite a bit of potential income in the long run.

  • First things first…
    Thank you Sony for showing support to this UNIQUE game. The FACT is there is NOTHING LIKE IT out there.
    i missed the first tourney And i’m most def looking forward to this one. Also Looking forward to SET 3 and TROPHIE support(completed set 1, missing 11 on SET 2).

    Second…@#27…Nah, YOU SUCK.

    Third…@#31…Did you forget to take your daily dosage of RITALIN pills?
    Sony does not make $$ from the cards you know. They HAVE to pay the programmers/artists who make/design the EXPANSIONS. of course we have to pay for the content. Where do YOU get off thinking that it should be handed to you for FREE?
    sony took it/still taking it in the chin for bringing that EXPENSIVE piece of hardware we are playing with at a loss.
    Yes, if times are tough for you…You need to REEVALUATE your priorities instead of asking for handouts.

    PSN IcedDiced777

  • Here’s a stupid question, but I’m late to the party…in order to use Set 2 cards and rules, I’ll need to construct a set 2 deck (or buy a pre-made one) and then download the add-on?
    I’ll be sitting in the corner, facing the wall wearing my Noob/old kook hat.

  • @ charlie’s dad. Yes, you need set2 cards, to make the deck, and you need the expansion to use them. You DO NOT need the expansion to play AGAINST people that have set2 cards. Just if YOU want to use them.

    So, if you don’t own any, and you want to play in the tourny, don’t worry about.

  • since i cant buy my cards like i use too i’m gonna hold off on set 3/ but i will be in this tourniment.. it’ll be my first and i feel my skills with the game are on par with some of the best of them… best luck to all…somebodies gonn need it…lol

  • @gus_gus…thanks for the info.

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