Qore Episode 3 hits PSN tomorrow

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Episode 03 of Qore hits the store on 8/7 and it is jam-packed….

DC Universe Online
We go behind the scenes at SOE to give you all the latest on this MMO action game set in the DC universe. With Jim Lee’s involvement (he is the Executive Creative Director on the project), this is shaping up to be one of PS3’s biggest upcoming exclusives. Make sure you check out the concept art by Mr. Lee – it is really some amazing stuff.

NBA 09: The Inside
Our new “Qorespondent,” Audrey Cleo, travels to SCEA San Diego to get her game on with the development team behind NBA 09: The Inside. This year’s iteration introduces “The Life” mode to PS3, with developing stories for three different players and an all-new franchise mode.

Lego Batman: The Video Game
Veronica Belmont heads to Hollywood and the Warner Brothers’ back lot to see if she can find the Batcave and get TT Games to tell her all about the Dark Knight’s adventures in the land o’ Legos. Or, is she simply looking for Christian Bale?

Baja: Edge of Control
What happens when a 98 pound woman takes on an 800 HP Trophy Truck with someone named “Pistola?” Check out our feature on THQ’s Baja: Edge of Control.

New Downloadable Content
If you purchase Qore Episode 03, or an annual subscription, you are in for a real treat – with premier access to the Resistance 2 Public Beta. In addition, we’ve got an all-new PS3 Qore theme and new annual subscribers will also get Calling All Cars, the full game, for free!

In addition, we also wanted to answer a few of the questions you’ve had about Qore:

Q: Will I be able to re-watch episodes? How will back issues or previous months content be handled?
A: Yes. When you purchase an Episode of Qore, it becomes available in your Download List. You can then download it to your PS3’s HDD and view it as often as you like. In addition, should you decide to delete an Episode of Qore from your HDD, you can always go back to your Download List and download it again. This, however, may not apply to downloadable content that is associated with a particular Episode, as that content may have its own restrictions (i.e.: beta invitations and timed exclusives). As a side note – when you purchase multiple Episodes of Qore they all download to your HDD separately. So, it is possible to have as many Episodes of Qore on your HDD as space will allow – the latest Episode does not overwrite previous Episodes.

Q: Will Qore be compatible with PSP via remote play?
A: We are currently evaluating the PSP as a platform for Qore delivery.

Q: Does this mean that some older PSN titles will become available to download for Qore subscribers?
A: While we have no announcements to make at this time, we are evaluating other PSN titles as possible bonuses for new annual subscribers.

Q:Do we have to watch advertisements during the Episodes, or will we be able to skip them?
A: Currently, Qore’s advertising model is to allow our advertising partners 15 seconds of interstitial advertising (forced-run) in each individual advertisement before our users are given control and allowed to skip the advertising, should they so desire. Should you want more information on an advertised product, you can then go to the Sponsor’s page and watch a longer version/view additional content from that sponsor. In addition, the forced-run advertising is only active once per session – it will not reset until you exit Qore. This does not apply to advertisements that are delivered as banners or that frame editorial content.

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  • Can i play the beta … if i from Portugal?

    • While there is an R2 beta planned for Europe, you won\’t be able to get into it through North America\’s Qore. More details will be announced as we get closer to the launch of the beta.

    • Hey everyone,

      This is Bryan Intihar, community manager for Insomniac Games. Just to clarify a few points about the Resistance 2 public beta.

      *You must purchase a subscription to Qore–not just episode 3–to gain premier access to the Resistance 2 public beta.
      *As we\’ve stated in the past, there will be MULTIPLE ways of getting into the Resistance 2 public beta. The subscription to Qore is just ONE way. Stay tuned over the next few weeks for more details.

      Hope this helps.

  • @self: Darn, epic fail…

  • Is this next issue the one that comes with the Resistance 2 beta?

  • Ugh, it says video not available…

    And when will we be able to download the Socom beta?

  • I’m tired of being interested in none of the games covered in Qore. There needs to be a feature for the idiots like me that immediately bought an annual subscription to just skip episodes and extend the subscription to accommodate.

    Because I have zero interest in any of those games. The Resistance 2 beta is the only thing remotely appealing, but I could totally live without it.

  • I like Qore, but sadly it should be free. This is stuff we use to get sent to us free all the time in the PS2 days. Now we get charged for it. :-[

  • So even thought this episode allows us to play the beta, when will it BE playable =)

    • The details are still being worked out, but we\’re currently aiming for late September. We\’ll keep you updated on the date and details as they are finalized.

  • No beta for North America!!! T_T Why has the world of gaming shunned Canada this summer!?!

  • I got the 2nd Qore subscript now i cant get the full year package does anyone know how to solve this problem?

  • Great news R2 sounds amazing! but WHY doesnt Europe get Qore anyway? seems stupid that they dont. please answer.

  • Awesome can’t wait to try out Resistance 2! When is the date of the launch of the actual game beta?

  • ntpnick… to late… Netweb’s System Always Rock On!

    Abigail Murphy when we gonna see R2 beta for Europe?

    We need Qore at the others store’s.. European, Japan with exclusive contents

    Nive see CaC for free…

  • So can I buy Qore when Resistance 2 beta becomes public to people?

    Or will there be limited space?????????

  • This is cool and all but Where are the PSN Cards and when will they hit stores in Canada? I am getting sick of waiting for something that Doria Bluth told me would be available nationwide at the end of JUNE. WHERE ARE THEY? I would like to buy an ANNUAL Subscription but I can’t. I want to be in the Socom beta but I can’t. I can’t because I CAN’T BUY Quore because I can’t buy a PSN CARD. Because YOU LIED!


    Hello do you even want to make money?
    Why be like my bank and not let me use a service I have already paid for.
    Also you folks deleted my PAID COPY OF PAIN. WHY? it was supposed to be Castlevania Symphony of the Night NOT PAIN. Give me back my PAIN and give us the PSN CARDS!!!


  • WhereIsMyLifeWithPlaystation

    @15 there not in stores in US either

  • @16 or UK :(

  • well this is cool but where are the demos? wheres the cool content we were promised? betas are cool but can we get something better? btw this qore will be great!
    also when will metal gear ps1 classic come to psn?

  • So do we have to buy Qore Episode 3 right away or can we wait to buy it when the Resistance 2 beta is about to start?

  • “While there is an R2 beta planned for Europe, you won’t be able to get into it through North America’s Qore. More details will be announced as we get closer to the launch of the beta.”

    So, North American QORE customers get NO Beta for Resistance 2? That would have been GREAT to know before we all purchased this.

    • We were addressing a customer in Europe

      \”If you purchase Qore Episode 03, or an annual subscription, you are in for a real treat – with premier access to the Resistance 2 Public Beta. \”

  • Or is there a North American Beta? Which is starting when Qore comes out? Can someone clear that information up? Sorry for dupe.

  • @20 i think only eu people cant get it through the american one

  • Hi, Abigail. With Ep. 3, can we expect any other easter eggs? Also, will the “official” Death Orb game trailer, as seen on Veronica Belmont’s website, ever be available to view via Qore? At the moment I’m too extatic to muster up a question about R2 beta because I’m too excited about it. Maybe something might pop up later. :/

  • Abigail Murphy,

    Is premiere access meaning the beta will be up and running to play? with Qore3?

    Thank you for clearing all of this up. Sorry.

  • I feel completely screwed over after buying Qore episode 1 for the Socom beta after finding out I have to wait 2 weeks after the beta starts to actually play it.

    Sorry, not buying anymore unless you can confirm that we will be able to be in the R2 beta at the same time as the people who pre order it.

  • @ 16, you are wrong, they are at select meijer stores and at every single U.S.A. military base.

    I mean how much time do THEY spend on their ps3’s? I’d really like to know that statistic.

    It’s unfair to people like me who had their credit cards ripped off in the store by some [censored] hacker. now I can’t buy anything and it seems that SONY doesn’t give a hoot.

    I do and it’s strange to other people that I am such a Sony fanman (I ain’t no little boy) even though everything that has been promised has been broken.

    Just let me BUY a couple $20 cards and go mad with em in the store. Is that too much to ask?

    Heck my local cheapo dollar store has pre paid cards(dollaramma), why can’t sony get theirs out into the hands of its loyal customers? Why!?!

    I WANT TO KNOW THE REAL REASON! Not some made up technical jargon to confuse people.

    Tell us WHY!!!
    I want to buy every game that has been released on the PSN in the last four months.
    Plus Quore.

    Why do you make suffer Sony, why? Why Abigail, tell me why?

  • What happened to Socom Beta for the 1st Episode of Home? Isnt it supposed to start?

  • Will the beta access be granted 2 weeks after the initial beta starts like with Socom? If so Qore isn’t worth it just for a beta, I’ll stick to pre-ordering.

  • R2 beta well I’m sold. Also I think when PSP store opens up (hopfully soon) That It should have it’s own version of Qore. And keep them apart. But hey what do I know?any way got to track down PSN card soon(down the road)>>

  • @ THATPSPGUY –Buy a pre-paid Visa or Mastercard from the store = problem solved. Turn that can’t into a can.

  • why isnt qore in europe?

  • Awesome can’t wait to try out Resistance 2

  • can’t wait for the beta. definitely excited about DC online too and Lego Batman might just be a purchase too.

    NBA i’m not that excited about. i love basketball but just keeping it real i think NBA has been a little below average for a few years.

    i’m definitely looking forward to the other content though. can’t wait.

  • why is qore only in america?

  • What happened to Socom Beta for the 1st Episode of Qore? When can we download it from Qore?


  • @ Clippins. Those prepaid cards here in Canada require you to PAY for the actual plastioc card at the outrageous price of $60 before you even load it up with money then another $25 per month just to keep it active.. Also why should I have to go that route when I was PROMISED by the head of Sony online Entertainment. Not in writing but over the phone? Why should I have to go through all that trouble just to buy games that I want to play? How about you buy my games and I’ll reimburse you? No way right.

    This sucks. Now there I said it. for the first time in my life I am telling you honestly that this all sucks and is slowly making me a NON GAMER. How can I even buy DLC without the cards? HUH? Tell me? How?

    Just get with the program and release the cards to all major game retailers all over North America and Europe. even if you could use a pre-paid Sony Style card would be nice or PAYPAL would be even better. Everyone has paypal.

    This is the biggest issue that has to be address by SONY, nothing else but this. You have been saying they are coming soon for over a year, well soon is long over and I bet I am not the only one who feels like this. Most are to afraid to say anything for fear of the Ban Hammer. I am just speaking my mind and the truth that all want to hear.

    Just do this so that we CAN SPEND MORE MONEY!

    There has to be something going dramatically wrong when a company DOES NOT WANT your money.

    I want Quore but you won’t let me.

  • coster…

    not getting a response in 2 minutes doesn’t mean you post again in all caps. that’s call flaming. relax…post your question and wait to see if they respond.

    and if it’s that big a problem create an American account and knock yourself out kiddo.

  • wow, the whole having to still view a 15sec forced view ad seems a bit wrong since one is already paying for the episode.

    i’m really starting to get sick of watching ads, thats the appeal of video on the net. or was…

    i’ll be passing on Qore; just seems like its turning the PSN into XBOX Live and its subscription based setup.

  • so can i go back and purchase previous episodes?

  • @seamonkey

    i agree having to view ads when you’re paying should be an option period.

    but Qore is not turning the PSN into anything at all. it’s extra, premium OPTIONAL content that if you don’t want you don’t need to buy. simple and plain.

  • @20

    read before posting. at least read the blogpost your commenting on. :lol:

  • @ seamonkey420 at least you got the chance to get disappointed. some of us haven’t been able to discern for ourselves.

    Done for the day…………………..

    btw I hate:

    You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

  • It would be nice two get a trophy for beating the R2 game.

    Also a tips(up) and tricks(down) section in Qore.

  • I think Qore is a neat idea for an online mag, but I can’t justify paying $25 for something where I am forced to watch advertisements. At least with a paper magazine, I can flip past them w/o reading them.

  • Ill be going home to download my Qore while im on my 45min lunch ;)

    Hope to hear more as the new Unfolds :D

    Hope this Beta will be much better then the MGO beta because there wasnt much change from there :(

    Get Your Gaming ON!

    Thanks agian Ricky, 8)

  • When is the Socom beta going to start that was promised in the first issue of Qore?

    ~ Thanks!

  • I would also like to know if there’s any info about the SOCOM beta. It was certainly an incentive for a lot of people to get Qore, or at least the first episode, and the actual release date is looming.

  • Will Qore for PSP be just a remote play feature? or a direct download service to the PSP?

  • why cant we have Qore in Europe and have out Playstation Store layout the same :(


    Bro I totally agree with you. They NEED to release those cards, they keep on saying “soon”, but like you said its already been more then a year, I dont want to hear “oh we are addressing it”, because I know that is not true, otherwise they would have been out along time ago. Sony wants us to buy PSN content, I have no problem with that, except when SONY decides to limit the way to purchase said content. I too cant wait until PLAYSTATION4 comes out, and along with it the PSN prepaid cards. Im tired of asking friends for their VISA, Im forced to share my down loadable content with them, since they are the ones lending me the card. Thats another way you SONY people are loosing, you see alot of people buy the content and share it, because thats the only way to acquire it, so instead of selling multiple packets, you only sell one.

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