Parlez-vous Talkman Travel? Interactive Travel Guide Coming to PSP

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The PlayStation Portable is great for making a long plane or car ride go by faster. Starting this Thursday, Talkman Travel transforms your PSP into an indispensible tool once you reach your destination.

Talkman Travel map

Talkman Travel serves as an interactive pocket tour guide for tourists traveling to Tokyo, Paris or Rome. This will really help you “break the ice” with the locals in each of the destinations, with accurate linguistic support in Japanese, French or Italian.

So how does Talkman Travel help you in these world cities?

Talkman Travel Tokyo

How do you say???

For those of you who didn’t take your foreign language classes seriously, Talkman Travel comes to your rescue.

For each of the titles, Talkman Travel provides you a list of roughly 150 pre-selected phrases tourists are likely to use on their vacations. Sentences such as “Where is the tourist information desk?” or “Where is this restaurant?” or even “Where is the restroom?” All sentences can be translated into the respective languages at the push of a button. Push the button again, and the PSP will provide the audio for you as well. Suggested sentences are provided for likely situations involving dining, sightseeing and shopping.

Talkman Travel Rome


Along with the linguistic support, Talkman Travel contains pre-selected photo archives targeted at the likely interests for tourists traveling to Tokyo, Paris or Rome. Each of the photos are also accompanied by detailed descriptions of their significance.

Talkman Travel Rome

Pick-up lines

Okay, maybe this sounds a little bit cheesy, but you never know.

We have kept the phrases to a reasonable level (to keep you out of trouble) with suggested phrases such as “May I sit next to you?” or “Let’s take a picture together!” Use of these phrases along with the mini-games included in Talkman Travel, could possibly bring you closer to that cute girl or guy you just saw at the cafe in Paris, the gardens in Tokyo, or near that pizzeria in Rome.


There are a total of three mini-games that can be played with yourself and with a local you just met. Use them in conjunction with the pick-up lines explained above!

In a nutshell, Talkman Travel is an interactive pocket tour guide and an awesome communication tool for the jet set traveller. This is an experience you just can’t get from a standard tourist guide book!

Talkman Travel comes to the PSN this Thursday, August 7th at $5.99 per city.

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