Paradise City Choppers, Burnout’s Bikes

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It’s the big one.

A huge week here at Criterion Games. We’re just adding the finishing touches to the Burnout Paradise Bikes Pack and wanted to reveal a little about what’s coming.

Bike_social copy

For the first time ever in a Burnout game, you’ll be able to ride motorcycles.

It’s a huge step for us here on the Burnout team, but this year’s all about changing Burnout in a BIG way through continued support. In July, we brought you our Cagney Feature Pack and introduced 3 awesome online game modes, two great cars, a live news page and calendar, 70 all-new timed multi-part challenges, a complete overhaul of our Online Racing System and a stack of other major improvements. In early September, we’re breaking out the big guns.

Here’s what Burnout Paradise players can look forward to, when they get the FREE Burnout Paradise Bikes Pack next month. (This is the pack formerly know by the codename “Davis”.)

We’ve got two rides ready to go – Day 1. Just head for your nearest junkyard in Paradise City to pick up the FV1100 street bike and the stunning Japanese Firehawk racing bike. That’ll do for a start, but there’s more in store once you’ve played a little way through the bike-specific gameplay. We’ll bring you more on these vehicles in a future post.

From the second we added the first prototype bike, we wanted to cruise the streets of Paradise City at night. So, in addition to the bikes, we’re adding night to the game. You’ll see day cycle through to night and see the city change with it. Paradise City takes on a life of its own once the rush hour traffic thins out!

Burnout: Bike at night

During the day, you can play a variation of our Burning Routes challenges. Beat the target times on specific routes to complete “Burning Rides”. The big change here is that these routes feature multiple checkpoints – they’ll take you all over the city. At night, complete a different set of routes – the “Midnight Rides”.

If you’re used to seeing Paradise City swathed in blazing sunshine, you’re in for a surprise. We’ve also introduced a dynamic weather system to change the feel of the city – another Burnout first.

Burnout: Bike in weather

And that’s not all.

We’ve created 70 challenges specially for bikes. 35 of these are timed, multi-part challenges – the kind you’ll have experienced if you’ve been playing last month’s FREE software update codenamed Cagney.

We said we’d support Burnout fans 100% this year. We’re passionate about doing just that. The most radical changes to Burnout since we began the series are coming this year. Support for a game through DLC has never been this good. For more detail, hit and for a great look at how we’re working check us out on Crash TV – our video podcast.

Burnout Paradise. Always changing.

Burnout: Multiplayer Jump

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5 Author Replies

  • Thats awesome. You guys giving a great support to your game

    • Thanks Daver!

      We\’re all about great support from here on in!

      Shipping the game and forgetting about it just feels old-fashioned now. We\’ve changed the way we work; now we\’re changing the way you play.

  • Great I can’t wait for the Bikes on Paradise.

    Will this pack have trophies?

  • I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • You guys are awesome. Haven’t picked up Burnout Paradise yet… but I will, I promise. :)

  • Good god you guys at Criterion are awesome!

    Can we please get an update on the trophy patch and when we might be able to expect its arrival?

  • Wow I have to say this is a complete turnaround for a game published by EA. You guys and your continued support of this game has definitely earned my purchase :)

    • Thanks!

      We\’re getting closer to the fans than ever before. We\’re listening to your feedback, watching how everybody plays and making BIG changes to Burnout. The Cagney update was the start, Bikes are Step 2.

      It\’s an exciting time, but it\’s new territory for us. We couldn\’t do it without EAs continued support.

  • Hey are planes comin to Paradise city? Its been floating around the web.

    Where are the trophies! Bring em out!

    • We have bi-planes running in the game here at Criterion. We showed them a few months ago.

      We want to release them, but they\’re facing stiff competition from a stack of other cool features we\’re also prototyping!

  • So the bike pack and the day and night pack are free? Can the bikes be used offline?

  • Awesome! You guys are becoming my favorite developers!

  • These updates keep getting better and better! Amazing job guys. Can’t wait!

  • I just want to say thank you Criterion! Your the best :)

  • I’ll be picking this game up once I’m done with Uncharted.

    Thanks for the info.

  • Amazing,its all i can say.

  • I’m so glad I picked this game up when it first came out!

  • This has to be the greatest investment I’ve made in a single video game. This is amazing! I can’t wait to see what future updates will hold!

  • Crition, i must say your doing a fantastic job supporting your game with all this new content your bringing all the time. i bought this game the day the codename: cagney update cam out and i was really impressed it is probably the best racing game to ever hit the earth! keep up the good work!

  • Wow, those bikes look a lot better than I thought they were going to! The day/night and weather cycles sound amazing. I can’t wait to see what Paradise City looks like at night! Does this update come with that new island? I gotta check that one thread in the forums again haha…

  • I wish other ps3 game would follow suit

  • my GOD that looks AWESOME!!! will we be getting the trophy patch with this as well, or will that be at a later date (you did mention you would be releasing information about the trophy patch early this month)

  • this is really great… that’s why I bought the game even if was the last weeks, for the support. Just wanted to know when the trophies will arrive. I’m like a crazy with uncharted now so I’m not waiting that much.

  • Is trophy support coming with this update?

  • Very impressive that Criterion Games have continued to support Burnout Paradise with a lot of additional FREE content, and continue to do so.

    You should be applauded, and other, more greedy developers who nickel and dime us for all they can, should take note.

    It makes me want to buy their next game day 1 without question or hesitation.

  • I love what you are doing Criterion – Possibly the best and only company to fully support their games this gen, and not just wanting to make a quick buck and on to the next project!

    10 out of 10!!

  • Damn I can’t wait for that update!

    Can you elaborate a bit more on the dynamic weather system? Will this include rain, lighting, thunder, fog….what?

    Sounds awesome guys, thanks a bunch!

  • a first blog rating of 5/5, didn’t think i would see the day…i guess it can still go down over time, but atleast I’ve seen it.

  • FREE?? Where are you guys getting your income? Update after update and you guys don’t seem to be charging for anything.

    I bow before thee and lick thine boots clean.

  • Wow, up to 40 votes now with 5/5, well-deserved too (Oh and I figured out when the island will come to fruition, that’s Eastwood! I keep forgetting. Looking forward to both updates of course!)!

  • Impressed that this went from being pay DLC to Free! Amazing guys, the Criterion team impress me more and more every day!

  • This one isn’t free right?
    I wish we could have a retry feature, so we didn’t have to go over the hole map to start the same event.

    • The bikes update will be an automatic update.

      It will be free.

      To access it, please just play the game on release day, and the bikes and all the gameplay I talked about in this blog post will be yours.

  • Shouldn’t a Motorcycle endorsed license be required?


  • hmmm..still haven’t played this game yet, i have the demo, i guess it’s time to try it out!

    I just remember the old games where you simply accellerate for like 10 seconds and then crash into stuff..

    it was just so boring to do over and over, but now i understand there is a free roam option where you can actually drive the car without having to smash it?

    i guess after the uncharted trophy hunt, then i’ll play this demo!

  • sweet. like how you’re supporting this game, still not buying it though due to your free roaming gameplay. burnout belongs on the closed tracks, a-la Revenge, if i wanted need for speed, i would have bought need for speed. sorry guys!

  • Sooo awesome. Your guys continuing free support of this game has made me a believer and I’m going to go pick it up tonight (29.99, how could i not?!?) Looking forward to more Criterion everything (can’t wait for the hype train of black 2).

  • I’ve never seen a more dedicated group of developers. Prop to you guys, Criterion.

  • Will trophies be coming soon for this game

  • Guys love the updates but any thought on a splitscreen patch for offline multiplayer? I love the game but me and my brother only have one ps3 and we hate taking turns to play this game.

  • You guys keep up the good work. Your one of my favorite Dev teams along with Kojima productions and Insomniac.

  • I seriously can’t believe this stuff is FREE!
    I have always loved Burnout and Criterion Games but this is simply amazing!

    While other Devs are publically having a hard time with the PS3 Criterion has showed us what a true multiplatform game can be, running spectacularly on the PS3!

    Keep up the great work!

  • If more game developers followed your ways, Criterion, we’d have many more great games to choose from. Thanks for the ongoing support!

  • Weren’t the bikes originally pay for downloadable content unless this is just a small taste of it? Also with the bikes on their way does that mean we will start hearing details of the new upcoming island soon? I’m really looking forward to this and thank you Criterion for delivering unmatched post launch support!

  • This is awesome, but jw if there’s any news on trophies.

  • you guys are really the best, and i cant believe your are giving this update to us for FREE as well!!

    i will always buy your games even if you make a barbie one just to support you, also i will support you for the rest of my gaming life, you guys got my gamer trust, and that is not easy to achieve

    words are not enough, but other than buying your games it is all i can give, GOOD AMAZING JOB

  • These are great news, Burnout Rocks!!

  • Wow I wasn’t expecting this one to be free. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that you guys really leading the way in terms of supporting a product after shipping. I got into Burnout Paradise very late and only because of the awesome support you are providing. That’s the way to gaurantee fan loyalty and not by nickeling and diming your buyers like some do.

  • Wait…free?


    That’s absolutely awesome, because there’s devs who charge for even less content than this.

  • (p.s. add Trophy support for PS3 please)


    When you crash a bike, does the rider fly off??

    Do the bikes have damage modelling like the cars??

    Any thought of putting drivers in the cars at some point in the future?

  • …and awesome update regardless of your answers! Keep up the great work. It’s nice to own a game that keeps getting better.

  • Be patient guys, they’re giving us a ton in these ‘FREE’ updates, I’d be glad just about that. They’ve already confirmed trophies will be coming,just a matter of time.

  • I heard that your biker doesn’t fly off because they wanted to keep the game at the rating it is…teen? I dunno. But thanks for the continuous support for a great game!

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