Get Your First Platinum Trophy as Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Trophy Patch is Released

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Big news today… our eagerly anticipated (I hope) patch to add Trophy support to Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune has officially been released in Europe and North America. For those of you at home keeping score, there’s a total of 48 Trophies, counting the Platinum Trophy.


As we were working to get this patch out the door, I was chatting to various people on the team here at Naughty Dog to get some details on our process. It was easy to tell that everyone is quite proud to have Uncharted be the first and, for the time being, only game where you can receive a Platinum Trophy. Sitting down with Travis McIntosh, our Lead Programmer, I learned that implementing Trophies in Uncharted was a relatively simple task because we had to medal reward system to leverage. He said that since we had medals built into the existing game, the programming team could just tie the existing 47 medals into the Trophy award requirements. Choosing 47 medals during our initial development worked better than imagined because the 47 Trophies, with the appropriate point values for Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies, perfectly equaled the maximum number of trophies that can be awarded.

Since medals and Trophies are essentially the same, anyone who has played Uncharted already knows what they have to do to get any one Trophy. If you’re a better gamer than I am and worked to get all the medals before, then you already know what all of the hidden Trophies are.


Once you’re playing the game, it will be pretty obvious when you get a Trophy. Once you trigger the award, you will get the familiar indication that you’ve been awarded a medal and then a couple seconds after that you’ll see the standard PS3 Trophy pop-up. Screenshots of this in action, along with examples of what our Trophies look like in-game and in the XMB, are on IGN.


One thing everyone should note, as our co-president Evan Wells told Joystiq during E3, is that we weren’t able to award Trophies retroactively through this patch. This was done so that everyone receives their Trophies fairly and can’t take advantage of the game saves we’ve seen floating around. That means you will have to start a brand new game—without any medals or rewards unlocked—and play through Uncharted to get Trophies.

So, if you haven’t picked up Uncharted yet, this should be another reason to do so… you know, beyond our amazing fortune hunting storyline, awesome graphics, solid gameplay and half-tucked shirts that are already in our favor.

UPDATE: You can find the full trophy list at

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  • sweet, so im off to get uncharted,

  • Thanks Naughty Dog! I love the game and I’m currently pushing my way through it again for these trophies!

  • Oh my, I so want this patch and so can’t get it… SCE, please release 2.43 – I don’t want to send my PS3 to the service center!

  • Awesome, now I have an accuse to play through this great game again! :D

  • Thank you!

  • You guys from Naughty Dog are just awesome, thanks for being the greatest.

  • Thank you.

  • Quick question to get the Platinum Trophy do you just have to beat the game or do you have to get all the other trophy’s too.

    I so hope it is the first more so then the second I could never find all the little treasures.

    Also any chance of a hint what ND is working on now. Be it a new IP, J&D or another Uncharted game.

    What ever you guys are doing I beat it will be great. You have always made great game. So I have no doubt the next thing you do will be just as great if not greater.

  • Sweeeeet :D

    I’m glad I already have this game :)

    I’m gonna take a shower and then start earning (more) trophies :D

  • so if i got some medal before does that mean inorder to get the trophies i have to delete my old save file???

  • Naughty Dog is more like Naughty Gods.

    I’ll gladly run through Uncharted two times more (Hard -> Crushing)!

  • NICE!!! Very…

    Nice to see the custom background on the trophy collection screen..


    Thanks for your work!!


  • Well I was looking for a reason to buy this game that I’ve heard so many great things about, and you guys just gave it to me.

    I’m buying this on Thursday. Looking forward to experiencing a great game and racking up some trophies as well! Thanks ND!

  • Yeah My PS3 has a new reason to live. I have no problem playing this game again. And for once I agree this game does not need custom soundtracks, though it would still be welcome.

  • Uncharted is still my favorite PS3 game so far, so I’ll have to go back and play through again to unlock some trophies and actualy get a collection.

    This is also the only game that I’m not angry about having to go back through to collect them all, since this game has so much replay value, imo.


    Must get… my insulin shot… [croaks]

  • AWESOME!! i was itching to play this game again and cannot wait to get back into the world of uncharted! This is a great surprise! Way to go Naughty Dog!

  • Awesome Naughty Dog, now we see that it is feasible to put trophies in games after development is done. Of course there is a cost, but I bet the extra punch in sales the games will get are worth it!

    Great work, I have Uncharted since launch but haven’t played it yet :)

    I know… but I was too busy :)

    Anyways, congrats on the awesome work.

  • Oh-ho. First shot of what “hidden” trophies look like. Nice.

  • great guys!!!!! every game publisher should add trophies to “old” games…

    *THUMBS UP*!!!!!!!!!!

  • @1 that was my first trophy :-)

  • Can I pass a request to the playstation team to include a way to disable the trophy icon popping up ingame in a future firmware update? Not urgent, but definitely something I’d like to control in the future.

  • Not at home to try out the Patch or else id post up on here that it works or didnt work for me…

    I think we have a Spammer because no one else is complaing about problems but that one guy ((((( @63 Chaos_Bladez )))))

  • Great, more trophies!!!
    Does anybody know if Devil May Cry 4 or Metal Gear Solid 4 are getting trophies too?

  • Cant wait to replay it :D

  • Yes! I’ve already completed once and now I get to beat it again and collect some trophies. Thanks ND!

  • Nice, thank you ND!

  • Sweet I am glad a game finally got the platinum trophy…..I wont buy uncharted though, I rented it and generally didnt like it….hey though, you cant please everyone.

    The gameplay and story just got old to me very fast….oh well if it was a fps u could have counted me in!

    good luck getting your trohpies guys….100 headshots will be VERY tough

  • Sweet!

    Playing through again should be fun, as well.

  • Sorry, skaterricky, I’m not spamming (even though I will admit caps was going too far) I just was pissed and wanted to let ND know that there might be a problem with the patch.

    I was being a jerk, I know, I’m sorry. I had to wipe my harddrive though… it’ll take a couple hours. I just wish they would have made this foolproof. :(

    Anger got the best of me. Again, sorry to all. I really feel like a jerk now…

  • awesome,the trophy pictures look great too.

  • Reminds me just how fantastic this game was now I’m going back to it – its also one of the few games my girlfriend doesn’t mind watching me play!

  • Love the game. Thanks for the update! I swap out many of the games I finish playing, but just like a great movie, Uncharted will remain in my collection. Excellent work Naughty Dog team.

  • My favorite game this generation. Will play through it a 4th and 5th time now.

    Looking forward to Uncharted 2… ;)

  • Thank you guys sooo much for giving us a reason to once again play this wonderful game!

  • great,the pictures of the trophies look awesome too.

  • I don’t get how this is great news for the people who has painstakingly spent hours acquiring the Trophies that were already in the game? Stating that the reason the patch isn’t retroactive because of game shares circling the net is simply silly and is penalising the folks that legitamitely acquired the trophies. So after spending many hours playing this game on almost all the difficulties(exception of easy) I would have the greatest honor to replay the game in its entirety to acquire what I have already acquired previously. Simply brilliant. :|

  • Been playing and loving it for hours! Thanks so much for the early release. This in my opinion really got the ball rolling for trophies. It was basically nonexistent until we could get some good trophy hunting action on a top tier game like Uncharted. Now hopefully we can get some updates from other big games like Warhawk soon!

    Naughty Dog=Awesome.

  • Well I’ve been meaning to pick this up (all my friends say it’s a must buy before trophies) and now that it has trophies I am sure it will have even more replay value. Since I’m cheap I’m already bidding on eBay :-).

  • they need to make the trophy earned sound a lot louder. can hardly hear it. and i got my speakers loud. but i already did all of these when it was first released. but doing them again right now. have 20% of the trophies at the moment. hope more developers start releasing patches for older games. naughty doig kicks ass.

  • Yes for trophies great job Naughty Dog.

  • Thank you so much for patching this game. I love trophies, Uncharted and Naughty Dog. Best day so far this year. No reason to look forward to christmas, because it won’t beat this day:P

  • Nice surprise, I was actually expecting to wait a few more weeks and get all the Eden Trophies, but not Eden has to share. :D

    Thanks ND, the game rocked without the trophies, but it’s always nice to get a new initiative to play it again!

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    This is a great news, I’m just sad I won’t be able to enjoy it. I ordered it to ship to my hotel, but it didn’t get there before I left, and all legitimate games in Venezuela are amazingly expensive, some even up to $250!!!

    Please keep on coming to the PSB, Naughty Dog! You guys are one of the best developers, if not The Best, around.

  • this is out you do it!!!!
    good job in supporting this game and trophies!!!

    all other lazy devs/publishers out there take note

    if you dont support your games and dont care about your game after its released and also dont support all the the ps3 has to offer, trophies rumble blue ray space.. dont expect me to buy it

  • Thank you so much Naughty Dog :)

  • Thank you sooo much naughty dog, revisiting uncharted today was so much fun.

  • I’ve got 23 trophies so far, Lv. 2!

    Awesomeness! =D

  • this game is also but im a lil piss that we have to unlock the medals again!

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