Get Your First Platinum Trophy as Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Trophy Patch is Released

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Big news today… our eagerly anticipated (I hope) patch to add Trophy support to Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune has officially been released in Europe and North America. For those of you at home keeping score, there’s a total of 48 Trophies, counting the Platinum Trophy.


As we were working to get this patch out the door, I was chatting to various people on the team here at Naughty Dog to get some details on our process. It was easy to tell that everyone is quite proud to have Uncharted be the first and, for the time being, only game where you can receive a Platinum Trophy. Sitting down with Travis McIntosh, our Lead Programmer, I learned that implementing Trophies in Uncharted was a relatively simple task because we had to medal reward system to leverage. He said that since we had medals built into the existing game, the programming team could just tie the existing 47 medals into the Trophy award requirements. Choosing 47 medals during our initial development worked better than imagined because the 47 Trophies, with the appropriate point values for Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies, perfectly equaled the maximum number of trophies that can be awarded.

Since medals and Trophies are essentially the same, anyone who has played Uncharted already knows what they have to do to get any one Trophy. If you’re a better gamer than I am and worked to get all the medals before, then you already know what all of the hidden Trophies are.


Once you’re playing the game, it will be pretty obvious when you get a Trophy. Once you trigger the award, you will get the familiar indication that you’ve been awarded a medal and then a couple seconds after that you’ll see the standard PS3 Trophy pop-up. Screenshots of this in action, along with examples of what our Trophies look like in-game and in the XMB, are on IGN.


One thing everyone should note, as our co-president Evan Wells told Joystiq during E3, is that we weren’t able to award Trophies retroactively through this patch. This was done so that everyone receives their Trophies fairly and can’t take advantage of the game saves we’ve seen floating around. That means you will have to start a brand new game—without any medals or rewards unlocked—and play through Uncharted to get Trophies.

So, if you haven’t picked up Uncharted yet, this should be another reason to do so… you know, beyond our amazing fortune hunting storyline, awesome graphics, solid gameplay and half-tucked shirts that are already in our favor.

UPDATE: You can find the full trophy list at

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  • My First Uncharted Medal! The Headshot Master lols

  • Awesome work guys, thanks. ^.^

  • I imported my version of the game from China – It has a half chinese cover, however the game has all European languages etc in it. Is the patch supposed to be available for me too? I don’t get an update prompt at any point.

  • Alright! Sooner than I expected, and plenty to work towards! Of course I’m now going to have to re-earn plenty of those medals, but I’m more than willing- it’s a very fun game. Thank you! :D

  • swwet just deleted my saves and staring my trophies collections for it in hard mode..

  • Yes!!!!!!!

  • Going to fire up the PS3 to download it right now….ZING!!!

    Thanks ND, now spill some beans about Uncharted 2, or the next Jak game!

  • I’m sorry, but not having trophies granted retroactively is a huge loss from my perspective. I’ve already put in my time with Uncharted. I’ve played it though and beaten it on all the difficulty levels and I know what a huge task that is. The chance of my starting over is very very slim. I may play casually, but I’m not willing to commit to playing the whole game over. Boo.

  • Fantastic News! I was waiting for this to play! Thanks for making it much sooner than the rumored Aug. 22nd.

    Naughty Dog Rules!

  • great news and yes i will pick this up since i havent got it yet (trophy goodness)!

    Question probably wont be answered but it was a thread on PS3fanboy that trophies are coming august 22 any responce

  • I never gave this game a chance because it didn’t have a multilayer. Now I want it for trophies. It always looked interesting but now its a must have. Co-op in this gave would have been sweet!

  • oops sorry already here

  • sweet! I rented it just to play it and beat it but now i’m gonna buy it just cuz of the trophy support :) Its definitly a must have game in my opinion.

  • This is great! Thanks Naughty Dog for comin’ through so fast.

  • Too bad I let my brother borrow this game. However, I was planning on playing through once more when I get it back, so I guess I’ll get my trophies then. I’m very impressed at the speed in which ND got this patch out there.

  • Good stuff. My save game was lost and now I have pretty good reason to start and finish the game again.

    @alpjor: They’ve stated their reasons for not allowing retroactive awarding and it makes perfect sense. It was the same for Super StarDust HD.

  • Awesome, this is great; glad you guys showed this kind of commitment to a game already released (and really fun, to boot).

  • Totally awesome. Congratulations on being the first ‘Bluray game’ to have trophies! Hopefully some devs see the fervor & excitement this creates for a game and decide to patch in trophy support.

  • Sweet!! Downloading update now. Thanks Naughty Dog. Good thing I didn’t sell this game.


  • Sweet! Much love for Naughty Dog! Show those other guys how a real developer does things. I can’t wait to play through this amazing game again.

  • Naughty Dog (or Sony)needs to buy the rights to the Legacy of Kain series so Amy and the excellent Naughty Dog staff can craft another terrific game with a great story.

  • This is a great game with out the trophies. Now that it supports trophies it’s a must have.

  • Great, I just downloaded and I will be playing it for the next few days to get all the trophies.

    Thank you Sony and Naughty Dog for getting this out.

  • I’ve played the game once and just about when I wanted to play again this trophy news popped up, so I waited for a bit. I have a question though, once you’ve finished the game once do you need to look out closely for those treasures again, because I seem to have missed a few “again”.

    When can we expect Uncharted 2 and any chance of Jak & Daxter on the PS3?

    Also I’d like to mention that you guys are my most favorite Western developer ever since the first Crash Bandicoot game :-) Too bad Jason isn’t there anymore :-(

    You’re the best :-D


    P.S. Oh yeah, a tip to you all, if you’ve already played the game at least once, and there are treasures and medals recorded, then don’t forget to delete the “save data” under the “saved game utility” on your HDD. Or else you won’t be getting trophies for the things you’ve already earned.

  • Thanks for the patch Naughty Dog!

  • Already finished what is, by far, my favorite PS3 game last year. Now I just have an excuse to play through it again! :)

  • Very nice. No2 waiting on Incog’s Warhawk and hoping insomniac will surprise us w/ R&CF trophies. :) Can’t wait to see what ND is working on for the near future.

  • Great! Look forward to playing through this again.

  • I really love this game.
    I beated playing on a lousy TV.
    Now … on my new bravia and DS3
    Bring Uncharted 2 please !! (In fact, im gonna write ‘plz’ from now on then until you give us some Uncharted 2 info)

  • I have 2 trophies already. Need to get the rest asap

  • Beautiful!! I’ve been waiting for over a month now to play Uncharted for the third time. Figured I might as well wait for the trophies to be implemented before starting another playthrough.

    Great work on such a fantastic game and THANKS for implementing trophies for us Naughty Dog. Now… where is my Uncharted 2? *looks around* ;)

  • Great job Naughty Dog! Another reason why you guys are my favorite developer. Feel free to announce Uncharted 2 or Jak 4 any time.

  • Oh hellz yeah.
    I know what I’m picking up from the game store today!
    Been meaning to get it anyway, but not I can’t wait any longer.

  • Thank you Naughty Dog!

  • Cool…I need more cups.

    But it is going to hurt to delete those rewards from finishing the game on hard.
    I guess all the more reason to play it again…you guys are lucky this game is sick.

    Again, thanks for the cups!

  • It’s sad that I loved the demo and still don’t own this amazing game (funds are all over the place) :(

    Will this be hitting the Greatest Hits lineup this year?

  • Finally !!!, i´m only going to buy games whit trophies.

  • Cool. Although sadly I must express my disappoint that the trophies are just the medals ported over. I was hoping that we would see some new original trophies for the game.

  • yes now i can track up all ready good trophy count

  • Thanks guys. Great reason to play through the game again.

  • Repurposing the existing medals for on-line trophies makes sense on the surface until you consider the position that puts all of us who have played the game and made it so successful. I loved this game, but now I’m irritated with it.

  • I’m so sad…… My PS3 is on its way to SCE for repair…. I’ve been dying for this patch for well over a month now. *sigh*

  • All of the challenge of playing the first time combined with the awesomness of trophies. At first, I was pissed about not having retroactive trophies, but I can see that it’s for the best in hindsight.

    Okay Naughty Dog, you win this one. I’ll play along this time.

    Now, just one more thing that wasn’t really addressed in the post…I remember that in the game, if you played it at a higher difficulty, the game read it as if you’ve played through the lower ones (e.g. Playing the game on Hard is the same as playing the game on Normal and Easy). Will the Trophy System work the same way?

  • Hey Arne, or anyone for that matter,

    When you beat the game on Brutal first, do the Easy, Medium, and Hard rewards/trophies automatically unlock? I dont remember, but I think I had to go back and beat it on easy and medium after I finished hard to get 100%

    I hope my memory is deceiving me, but I love the game and will do it for a Plat. :)

  • I very much appreciate this patch. I’ve already got a few trophies. Keep up the great work ND.

  • Awesome, thanks for the trophy love! I’ve been wanting to replay Uncharted for a while but have been waiting for this update. Mucho thanks!

  • Oh yeah, forgot to ask a very anxious question. Where can I download (against payment) or buy the Uncharted soundtrack? I don’t have an I-pod. The sound in the game is so amazing!!!

    Thanks in advance.

    PSN Onna76_NL

  • I expected trophies for the game but instead IT BROKE THE GAME.
    It’s frozen twice since I’ve downloaded it and it isn’t registering when I get trophies. In fact, they aren’t even registered on the XMB.
    Try to help me, I’m pretty pissed and bummed.

  • Sweet… IM glade I didnt finish the Game lol :P

    Im glade to know ill just have to start all over from scratch!

    Makes a reason to Pick up the game and Actually Finish the game LOL..

    Once I heard about them making Trophies for it I Stoped playing it tell this Patch :D

    Thanks Guys at Naughty Dog :D

    Now time to Give that Dog a Treat 8)

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