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The PSN took center stage this week with multiple stories coming in about PixelJunk Eden, Siren: Blood Curse, and The Last Guy. On the Blu-ray front: LittleBigPlanet was a ReallyBigHit at E3.

What stories did we miss? Share your links in the comment section. Please note that comments may take longer to appear, as we’re watching David Beckham take on the SJ Earthquakes today.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 7/28)

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  • Quiet week almost. Except for Trophies. XD

  • we need a blog for the EU


    Left 4 Dead coming to PS3, ported by EA! Hopefully, its true! Jeff, is it?

  • I agree, we really do.

  • A lot of good links this week. Though you didn’t include the ones that are still on the side-bar. That Left 4 Dead one and also the FF Agito XIII ones are fairly important ones. Thanks for the summary- I actually did miss a few this week.

    See you tomorrow. :D

  • I got my first trophy in pixeljunk eden it was awesome. But its hard getting them all.

  • Is there an official realease date for little big planet yet?

  • – PixelJunk Eden Contest

    I’ve been posting about this all weekend aroung the web. Only one person has joined. lol I wonder why

    It’s free and I’m giving the winner a new game (see site).

    Any ideas?

  • I just bought PixelJunk Eden. One of my first PSN buys. But Sony you so need to get those PSN cards out. :-p

  • @theossie

    the winner gets a game? Why u didnt say it before :D

    @ gamer_16 : In Japan LBP will be released on 10/30/2008.. because the developer-studio is from europe the release date can be the same too ;)
    @ blog:

    could you PLEASE realize that the links posted above opens in a new window? everytime ( it happend 2 times in the last 5 minutes -.-) if i go to a page and i finished reading the article I close the page and wonder , where the PSB is -.-

    interesting links btw… but i think uncharted is better than GTAIV :P

  • not to much to that i havent read already or known about little big planet getting alot of talk though thats awesome cant wait for it to come out

  • Square Enix actaully shows some love to the Ps3 after having been caught cheating with rival system

    Read this story

  • i can’t wait for LBP to come out, the bad thing is I don’t think I will be able to get away from the game, anyway nice coverage

  • lol jeff u keep excluding s-e announcements!!!!
    like parasite eve on the psp.there also the fact that the psp is getting a king heart bundle in japan.there is a ff13 game coming to the psp also.there even the fact ffvs13 is still exclusive to the ps3!

  • The Earthquakes wins 3-2 !

    I dont like david Beckham so much so congratualions to the 90th-minute-winning-goal, Ryan Cochrane!

  • The story you missed was the one about Sony dragging its feet with PSN cards and the wall of silence customers are met with when they ask about them. It is the one people are talking about all over the Internet.

  • Heh, that Last Guy web game was pretty neat, but totally pointless.

  • so what is the first ever blu ray release that will support trophies?

  • Could you guys put the Siren soundtrack up for download? I don’t mind if I have to pay for it.

  • @effeff

    lol well I was really wanting to have the winner get a PSN Card, but they are like an urban legend.

  • any truth on that ps3 exclusive, hardware 2, that is being developed by incognito?

  • A good week and actually a great July 2008…lots of firmware updates, new games, E3, etc.

    Keep it coming !

  • Capcom ACT game devil may cry4 on pc has a mode.. called turbo. and in that mode. player can move and beat monster faster we really need that mode!!! i hopt turbo mode in devil may cry 4 can comming on ps3!

  • lol I saw “SJ Earthquakes,” and the headline of San Jose Earthquakes and I thought there were Earthquakes in San Jose! Yeah, I don’t follow soccer haha…

  • Please give us some news about WipEout HD! Anything! Release date information??

  • Sorry for the double post but I just thought that the coolest thing ever would be to have an episode of Qore that features WipEout HD media on it. I’d really like some interviews, footage, and other goodies! PLEASE :)

  • I’m personally looking forward to that patch for Uncharted that includes trophies. I can’t wait to go back and play that game. with any kind of luck it will drop sometime this month!

    Oh and does anyone here know if Konami is going back to MGS4 and adding support for trophies?


  • Any info on firmware 2.42 causing problems on some units?

  • Pixeljunk made my weekend :)
    cant wait for LBP!!!

  • Lots of good news

  • We are we going to see Trophies for Elefunk.?

    This is one of my Favorite PSN titles.

  • Playstation Network really rules and needs more of the quality stuff which you’re offering now. I also hope to see some sort of RPG in the future. Also I hope to see a lot more Classic games than we’re receiving now in the West. Comparing to the Japanese store, our US / EU stores with Classic games are a joke. I love playing those games on the PSP and since I’m 100% against homebrew or any form of piracy, I only download the originals from the PSN.

  • Kind of a slow week but not a bad one. Quite entranced in PJE stuck on garden two with two seeds left and it’s driving me NUTS!

  • Jeff, you know. I need to apologize also because I’ve been a little mad the last couple of weeks and posting about what I want.

    But you have to realize. Although I can’t expect to be answered every time, since I’ve been in this Blog (And I am here since the beginning) neither the devs or you, have answered any of my questions. And it’s happening to anybody else.

    You can’t answer everybody’s questions, I know that. But sometimes this doesn’t FEEL like there is any feedback involved, and this is just another way for Sony to promote.

    If am wrong, please let me know which is the reason of this Blog because I am confused and it’s why a lot of us left some time ago.


  • You guys should read up on the Square Enix event “DKS3713”


    Positives about the event:
    1. FFXIII demo coming to the Playstation3. (Nothing big but still nice… if you want to pay for it that is)

    Negatives about the event:
    1. FFXIII demo costing money as it is packed with a movie i’ve already seen.
    2. Simultainius release of FFXIII on both consoles except in Japan, making the PS3 version DELAYED untill who knows when… (This is just retarded and I don’t know why they will keep thier loyal fans waiting as it was a ps3 exclusive from the start)
    3. Nothing on team ICO’s new game.

  • For the Europeans among us, not sure if the US version has it too: Uncharted trophies are available! Just start up the game and you’ll automatically will be asked to download the 1.01 update.

  • @34 blizzard182
    Dont get mad man, this is a blog not a chat room or a forum.

    The guys at SCEA are doing a hell of a job.
    But you must understand the PR nature of the posts, so every developer CANT comment or respond without the PR approval.
    Its a common thing, but even with that, the guys at SCEA are really really rising the bar .
    I WUV you guys !

  • Also, Uncharted Trophies are here man.
    (News taken from the site that everyone but me hates,

  • One advice when it comes to uncharted, remove your save data from out of the saved data map so all your found treasures and achievements will be at “0”. You won’t get trophies for things which have been recorded in your game.

  • @38 Onna76_NL
    Im gonna delete the save game, and enjoy this sweet sweet game.Thanks for the tip.

    I hope that later today the NA patch is released, right now is only for the PAL guys

  • jeff i have a question for u
    uncharted trophy patch is out in europe and will it be out in the us?

  • Your welcome Fersis, oh and another thing, the trophies are the same as the medals in the game, you earn first the trophy and right after that the game medal. 2 hits with one stone.

  • When can we see the US update for Uncharted? I’m very shocked that we didn’t get it first.

  • @42
    Haha! Finally Europe got something before you guys. The only problem is that I have the American version of the game. So no update for me. Darn it!

  • Excellent month for PS3.
    Offtopic: Also guys I believe the Uncharted Trophy Patch is out!!

  • @44 Wisdom Wanderer

    Yes sir, im sorry to bring the offtopic subject on the comments :(
    But it is a good news at least.
    I usually dont post offtopic stuff, sorry again

  • @Kuff, yeah about time we get something “first”. Quit the whining already, we have to wait for the Video Channel for at least 6 months, you probably don’t even have to wait for a week.

  • PS3 is already better than X-box(IGN)

  • @49 Mindfuct
    Watch out !! dont feed the trolls and dont start flame wars !

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