PLAYSTATION Store Video Content Update

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Since the introduction of movie & TV shows on the PLAYSTATION Store, we’ve added hundreds of new pieces of video content for purchase and rental. As new items are not tied to the weekly PLAYSTATION Store updates, we’ve chosen this time slot to let you know what’s new so you can make a more informed choice for weekend entertainment.

This week we’ve added new video content from the following television series:

  • Everest: Beyond the Limit
  • Family Guy
  • Gene Simmons: Family Jewels
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  • LA Ink
  • Land Of The Giants
  • Miami Ink
  • My Name is Earl
  • Mythbusters
  • Prison Break
  • The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
  • Trinity Blood
  • Weaponology
  • Xam’d: Lost Memories (There’s a brand new episode every Tuesday!)

As well as the following feature films:

  • Fool’s Gold
  • King Arthur
  • Reign of Fire
  • Stay Alive
  • The Eye
  • The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep
  • Unforgiven

And since many of you seemed to enjoy reading what everyone else is watching, here are our top 20 movie and TV downloads for the week:


Have a great weekend!

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  • Nice update! Keep em comin.

    * Where is my Gran Turismo for the PSP? Its been years now!

  • How about an update when its coming to Canada? ;-]

  • Can we have a list of top 10 downloads for the PS store as well? I love to know what everyone else is playing as well :) That would be nice, thx!

  • nice thanks for the update.

  • Will this actually EVER come to Europe?

  • Life with PlayStation Please!

  • Wow, you guys are adding a ton movies. Awesome. Please keep them coming!

    Thanks for posting the top 20 movie and TV downloads for the week.

  • WOW really interesting GRACE….yawn

    Hello, i’m from europe, remember us, we have the antique PSN with games and demo’s no one wants….

    Oh by the way, can you ask the guy from Life for delaystation to maybee write some comments, it is a blog after all or is it just a bulletein board/newsfeed?????

  • @6 more info on life with playstation would be nice but i doubt we will be getting any anytime soon.

    any new on when its coming to use canucks

  • How nice. ;)

    Hello fellow europeans.

    Grace, why cant Europe get a Video Store yet? Is it legal or content issues?

    Any chance of asking why europeans cannot access the store and purchase Video content in the same fashion as buying USA games from Europe?



  • you forgot to update the top games downloads on the Game Store.

  • Yeah, update for the top game downloads would be nice too.

  • Thank Abigail Murphy for the update. I’m hoping its this year?

  • This question was not answered the last time i asked and since this is a new post im guessing someone at sony is reading,

    I noticed now that snakeball in the ps store was released in december, My question is how come i never had it until now, on this recent update was the first i saw of this game, it came up right next to Eden on the new releases menu, and it even has the release date on it as july 2008, whats the deal with that? why did i get it 6 months later?

  • I really hope you guys realize your pricing strategy for rentals is terrible..

    i really want this thing to work out for you guys, Micro$oft recently released info that video downloads were 1/3 of their total LIVE revenue, that’s more that what alot of people thought i’m sure..

    but i’m afraid asking so much for a movie you can watch with severe limits is just not going over too well..

    i know the service just started, so there is lots of time to tweak it, so just giving you a heads up so you can fix it before you get too much bad press..

    noone will use the service if they can get movies

    2)keep em longer
    3)watch em as many times as they want within their rental period

    hope this doesn’t fall on deaf ears


    PSN id: FritoZ


    I just updated my PS3 to the 2.42 and now I cant access the PS store. What happened?



  • damn… i hoped u guys would put up more afro samurai… and while we are on the anime topic adding the dragonballs and naruto would be nice 2… and why are some movies only to buy and not rent like drillbit taylor?

  • So, are there any other studio deals in the works?

  • I like the service, only grips with it concerns the lack of HD movies/show that i can download and actually keep and the fact that some shows like X am’d are only rentals, i’d love to keep u with that series if i could download the episodes and keep them

  • Sweat new video’s Do we get more every Friday now? You guy’s are cheaper than my cable company. Leving my first new message on my new P.C. Awsome new’s

  • Nice, King Arthur phenominal movie! A must get for me.

    Any chance of futurama and or the simpsons?

  • WhereIsMyLifeWithPlaystation


  • Thanks for this. We need to know what’s being added to the store. So is the Video Store going to be updated on Fridays from now on?

    Are you going to offer a subscription deal in the near future?

    I would also like to request that you add Comedy Central as a network.

    When can we expect to see new networks and studios?

    Thanks. :)

  • pretty good, keep it up

  • the entire simpsons collection per episode would cost a hefty penny compared to buying, say, the dvd compilation

  • Thanks for finally putting up the video store update on the blog. It will be very helpful. Please continue to provide these updates on the content that goes up, as well as the lists of top downloads for the weeks.

  • Thanks for the update. I keep track of the entire video list on the forums in a floated thread so this will make updates easier for me.

    PHILY FTW!!!
    (ur missing random episodes from season 3, why is that?)

  • So will this be the new trend? Thursday game updates and Friday Movie updates?

    • Yep. Though note that the new movies aren\’t just available on Friday, we\’ll just update you then (rather than a daily update with a few things each time).

  • Are you planning on adding more TV Stations to the Store? I would love to see some USA Network in the store.

  • If Canada is part of the plan, why has no time frame been announced and why wasn’t it announced that the US would be getting the video store only. It was assumed it was all of North America.

  • Thanks for the update. On a bit of an unrelated subject, do you think it would be possible for us to get the new SAW V teaser trailer on the PSStore in HD nrxt week?

    That would be awesome!

  • “Working on it” isn’t telling us much. What is the hold up with opening the video store in Canada?

  • Are there any plans to make the content..less expensive? especially with the TV seasons? I wouldn’t mind paying a subscription like netflix.

  • Abigail Murphy

    The video service is amazing, and has great content. But I wanted to know do you guys ever plan to offer a monthly rental fee program. Some of us would rather pay 45 or 50 a month for unlimited viewing. If you guys had something like that I would gladly drop netflix.

  • Are there any plans on giving the possiblity of a subscription… like x amount of movies, tv shows, per your level of subscription each month? Or bundle a tv series? Those two things would really get me to cancel my account on netflix. Those traitors went to the other system and I’d rather give you my money than one of Microsofts affiliates.

  • Is there any possibility of HD Podcasts showing up on the Playstation Video Store?

    I’d love to watch my favorite Revision 3 shows (Diggnation and The Totally Rad Show) on my ps3 in HD.

  • Thanks for the update! Will you be doing a list like this weekly now?

  • the rental period is whats keeping me from renting, i rented a movie saw it half ways , then I had to do something . So i had to come back to it the next day and it was expired ;(

  • I love how we’re getting blog updates about these updates. Keep up the great work!

  • Nice! Thankyou, someone said it’s coming to Canada :D

  • yeah i could be happy…if i wouldnt life in germany, yeah thats in europe, you know the guys that found your continent back then…

    For us europeans its normal to be the garbage of the gaming industry for the companys.We dont have nearly us much content as the US.

    Oh i forgot we get playTv first a DVBT recorde…not that ANY of good or HD sending TVCompany in europe is using this old crap signal but nice to get it anyway…

    It seems just a matter of time when we get totally Ass kicked with an IPlock.

    I think you noticed ,we, the europeans are angry with sony because europe will not get it until early 2009 (so announced) but we, especially the eurpoeans knows how much sony cares about us so i think we will get it end 2009 with half the content and doubled prices.

    Just remove the damn IPlock for the video store were is the difference between downloading Music or a game from Us and a video?

    whatmakes me much more angry is the fact that we get ignored.E3 “we will put up the video store!”.dont make Announcements that are completly wrong USA is not the world…
    and of yourse we get no Answer here…

    but when it comes to releases sony is the worst, Playstation card…not in europe of course not…i think our money is not good enough for ya…

    damn im pissed about this and even after writing so much i dont feel better.

    Damn treat us like like US and not as garbage

  • A quick question… there’s will be subs for movies and TV shows? captions maybe?

  • I can walk to my local video store, get everything for cheaper, keep it for longer, and don’t have to wait for the download.

    So, if it comes to Canada, great. But if not, no big loss.

  • I think the pricing for the rentals aren’t horrible, but rather negotiable depending on the market trends of continuous consumer feedback and support of the products. Anything new that comes out, where a demand for it is uncertain, the price will always start high in order to compensate for any offsets. It’s a business they need to start making money somewhere

    You guys can hate it or love it, but I think the DD in the PSN is by the best in the biz in terms of service and continuous updates and it doesn’t cost us much, merely paying our internet bills to continue using the network. The connection should never drop out, you should always have normal download speeds of your game demos and trailers.

    I think many of you are complaining about the wrong things. Stop complaining about what your neighbors complain about, you are turning into trolls. If enough of us fill out the surveys and actually constructively contribute what’s good or bad (without the use of words of “suck”, “horrible”, WTFOMGBBQ Sony stop fraking up”), maybe Sony or the reps on the blogs will want to look into it.

    For many of you who are just trolling seriously you are not needed in these forums. This is where mature people actually discuss the updates as they come, not about something else that is not even posted on the blog.

  • Hey Grace Chen, thanks for the update. I have two comments on the video service.

    First, can you add the audio format of the video meaning whether it is in stereo 2.0, Dobly Digital 5.1 or both in the information/audio section instead of just displaying English? It would be great to know what sound format the video has so I can make an informed choice before purchase.

    Second, I noticed some shows are missing episodes. Examples would be in the Anime section Afro Samurai is missing episode 5 which is the finale/conclusion of the series and Basilsk is missing episodes 15 and 16. Is this just an oversite? I know the service is brand new and you are working out the kinks. Thanks in advance…

  • Sony why is the stay alive SD rental $9.99???

  • i will definately NOT use this service as seen how expensive even the rentals are! :(

    but i’m still planning to use the game section of the psn but the psn cards are still unavailable in most stores!

  • When the video store is coming to PUERTO RICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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