The Last Guy Is Here To Rescue You

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Recently at E3, SCEA announced some really cool PlayStation Network titles, including Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic, Fat Princess, Flower and Crash Commando. Well, the goods keep on coming because I’m excited to tell you today about ANOTHER new downloadable title we are bringing to PSN very soon: The Last Guy.

Before I say too much else about it, fire up this first-look gameplay trailer to learn a little bit about the premise of the game:

Pretty crazy, right? The trailer talks a bit about the story, but here’s some more detail. Set some time in the 21st century, a mysterious purple ray hits Earth, turning anyone touched by the light into a monster or zombie. With zombies roaming the streets, unaffected people lucky enough to have been inside a building when the ray hit are anxiously holding their collective breath, waiting for someone to rescue them. As The Last Guy, you are the survivors’ last hope to survive this global crisis. Actually, the hero of the game is himself a zombie from the Himalayan mountains, on a quest to save the remaining humans from the zombies that have infested it.
Go forth and save!!

As for the gameplay, here’s a basic rundown. The Last Guy is a fast-paced and addictive classic arcade style game with simple controls. The game uses real-life aerial maps of various cities around the world, including Tokyo, London and Los Angeles. As the player, you are the last remaining hope in each of these cities to rescue mankind from the zombies roaming the streets. As you navigate the city, you gather survivors hidden throughout buildings and other nooks and crannies in the city. Once rescued, the nervous survivors will form a line behind you. The objective is to lead them back to the Escape Zone so the United Rescue Force can pick them up and whisk them off to safety.

The Last Guy - Mission

To complete a stage, you have to get enough survivors back to the escape zone before time runs out. Which isn’t as easy as it looks, because if zombies get too close, the people in line scream and scatter back into the buildings, meaning you have to rescue them again. So you’ll want to keep everyone as far away from the zombies as possible.

The Last Guy - Escape Zone

Along the way, you will encounter 10 types of zombies , not including tougher “boss” enemies. As the Last Guy, you possess special powers like thermography or heat vision to help you see where survivors are hiding. You’ll also find helpful power-ups, like freezing time, warping back to the escape zone and temporary invisibility, scattered throughout the city to help avoid the pesky zombies.

5 The Last Guy

Well, that’s it for now. There will be much more about The Last Guy in the weeks to come. Thanks!

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  • OMG awesome!!!!!!

  • I want this pretty bad. It looks awesome.

  • haha that’s so great. Typical Sony, unique innovatie fun, crazy, stupid games :D

    Love ‘m.

  • Looks very unique. I really like how the psn has such a wide range of game play titles.

  • This game looks crazy. But certainly an original concept.

  • Will we get trophy support on this title ???Im hoping all new games get trophys just got my 100% on stardust HD and that was a challenge!

  • Will you be bringing The Last Guy as soon as lets say August 7th? at a price at around 5.99?

  • Its already out in Japan.
    Not my kind of game. Seems to be pretty cheap and blurry. But hey! Keep on going with your unique games. Ive found many PSN games fun which ie never seen before in other games. Hopw you will release Fat princess soon and that it includes everything that it should before that fat girl mailed you.

    • Yoshimitsu,

      The version out in Japan is of a much smaller scale than our upcoming version will be. Our will have a full 14 levels.

      And the game is in gorgeous HD. You\’ll be able to see the above gampelay trailer in all its glory on the PS Store later today!

  • I hope its great, another innovative game for the PS3! Woot! :)

  • I want this game so bad! I hope it has trophies and in-game music! This game is awesome the it’s done!

  • I’ve been watching this one for Japan. I’m glad to see that it’s coming here soon.

  • Looks and sounds addictive :)

    I read this was based on Google Earth.
    Will there be any new cities later then for download, or.. will there be any chance for users to create their own maps ?

    (I’d love to see my home town infested with zombies.. well, in the game that is.
    Not that I’m not prepared for Z-day)

    • Sentry,

      This is not Google Earth, just some very nice aerial/satellite photos of major cities around the world.

  • I saw the “Promotional Video”- the one with supposed developing team speaking in what I believe was a dialect of Hindi- and I have to say: hilarious. This should be an interesting game.

    • Jeigh,

      There\’s actually a new version of that interview video with more stuff about the game. We\’ve subtitled it and it should be out on the nets soon. And yes, it\’s hilarious! Even more so when you find out what they\’re actually saying! :D

  • Another day one buy for me.
    Its amazing , the PSN its getting amazing content.

  • I love the innovative titles that you have available and that will be available on PSN

  • This is AWESOME!!!!

  • PSN am awesome.

  • Sony has nailed it by supporting all these innovative titles on the PSN, instead of those regurgitated classic arcade games that the competition has.

    I am looking forward to hear even more.


  • When you say “very soon”, do you mean that this will be coming within the month of August? Ever since I saw this game I’ve been psyched about it!

  • This does look unique and innovative, probably not my cup of tea but good to see more new game ideas on the PSN.

  • Is it coming to EU? Please say so. SCEE is always lazy with new games.

    BTW what the hell was that video filmed in the Himalayas about?

    • Kamakazikenny,

      Yes, this is coming to all territories, including Europe.

      And there\’s a new version of the interview trailer, now with English subtitles, that should be out there on the internet soon. Hopefully today!

  • Sounds like a great game…kind of reminds me of that one that Charlton Heston was in a long time ago called Omega Man and Will Smith just did a remake of.

    Thanks for the post.

  • The game looks awesome.. and the title is very original :p

  • It’s weid that they are using a Zombie himself as the hero…. I hope it makes sence once the gaem si out.

  • The story would be more awesome if you actually were the last “guy/man” on the planet and you had women chasing you because they umm.. want your baby..? And you have to shake em off as you run around in the city.

    But this is great too! =)

  • TheInfectedBy590

    I was hoping this game would come to the american PSN :)

    Any new info on Fat Princess?

  • The Evolution of Pac-man… lol Pac-Guy 09′

    The google maps thing is pretty cool, hopefully we will be getting life with playstation tonight also!

  • Brilliant idea, all else depends on execution I suppose.

    I hope some really serious quality assurance goes into this, It has ‘HUGE’ potential for future applications/expansion.

    I’d like to see some more DLC games use actual cityscapes like this, It intrigues me to see topical maps of places I’ve either wanted to visit, or have just never visited in general.

    Is there possibly going to be custom scenarios? User generated content based on google earth maps?

  • Looks pretty insane too just like the creators xD Will it come with the goat that we saw in the interview? :p

    I will buy it for sure

  • i like the new concept of taking real time pictures of the world and making them into levels i doubt that that has ever been done before.

    is there going to be a demo

  • Never thought I would be excited for a PSN game but damn this looks hot

  • now all we need in Europe are other payment options like paypal or click&buy…

  • When will this be released?

  • Too funny, looks like a blast. Any word on pricing? If the maps aren’t HD (which I’m guessing they aren’t), I would think this would be around $5.

    Definitely keeping my eye on this one.

    • ISEMAN,

      Actually they are HD, and look gorgeous. These are very hi-res aerial photos we\’re using. :D

  • This sounds awesome. There has to be some kind of online play and I bet that is going to be innovative. Maybe your online players can be the zombies. I love the music by the way.

  • I can see my house from here!


    so, can we ever play this in other countries/locations of our choosing, like in google earth, or are we stuck in the locations you described? and how about playing in our home towns?

    It would be neat to go kill zombies using a map of my!


  • Sounds like an awesome concept, love the music too.

    Will there be any night levels??

  • Nice, original idea. Bravo Sony for promoting original games. Looks sweet enough although it reminds me of an online flash game and the HUD looks a bit amateur.

    I hope this comes to Europe with a price that is fairly equivalent to the $ price. Don’t just replace the $ sign with a £ sign – it gets people’s backs up and hardly anyone will buy PSN games at those prices.

  • eh, i’m not too dazzled, makes me feel like a cheap flash pc game in my opinion. and how can i tell if the last guy is a zombie or not? i can’t see anything in a person, they look worse than fans in the stadium of a sports game.

  • So how accurate are those maps?

    Can I save my neighborhood?


  • been waiting for this since i saw the Japanese trailer. Cant wait!

  • Sold. Thanks for not making PSN the retro/rehash palace.

  • This looks like it could be fun, but I’m really concerned about visibility. It looks like your character is really, really small, and I just don’t know how well that’s going to show up against the cities on my admittedly not-huge TV. I can imagine that if I blink or look away even for a second, I might lose my position and if I don’t have a long trail of survivors behind me, it might take me a little while to find myself again.

    So just keep that in mind please.

    • whatisdelicious,

      I understand your concern about visibility. You will be able to zoom in and out of the map, plus when you use your \”thermography\” heat vision to see where survivors are hiding (they show up as green blobs), it shows your current location as well. Plus, you\’re always kept in the middoe of the screen unless you pan the camera manually with the right thumbstick.

      Check out the larger views of the screenshots in the post – full size is 1920×1080. I zoom in most of the time, and zoom out to check zombie and survivor locations.

  • very tight! more addictive innovative games for PSN are always welcome by me. hopefully the price point will be just right so that i can add this to my list of games to buy.


  • game looks super confusing….looks fun if it doesnt confuse the balls out of me…

    no trophies= probably wont buy it…but honestly I love innovative little $10 games on psn so I might pick it up even so….

  • Cool! I am not a guy tho :P You play a tiiiiny little dude?

  • im tired of waiting…always waiting, i want the games now…. i cant wait forever

  • Ok that’s like one of the weirdest games i’ve ever seen…lol. When i saw the big city i got excited and thought it would be some kind of big free roam superhero game like Spider-man or something. So the only point is to lead people to safety through what basically is a city like maze infested with creatures? Hmmmm….don’t know about all that…plus the graphics looked kind of bad but it prolly looks better when you’re playing it. I don’t know but just kind of seems like something of Sim City or something. I prolly won’t be picking it up but it would be interesting to see if there’s a demo so i can proof myself wrong.

    • Greystone,

      The trailer in the post is very low-res and very compressed. I hope you check out the HD version when it hits the PS Store today.

      And there will be a demo of the game, coming soon. So you\’ll get a chance to try it out for yourself.

  • So glad this is coming here. I was gonna ask about it in the PSN post today but now I don’t have to.

    Now if only we could get dark mist too!

  • Last guy number one game! LAST GUY KEY GAME!!
    … sorry

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