PixelJunk Eden: Oh Glorious Gardens…and Did We Mention Trophies?

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Hey everyone,

Deborah Mars here again. We’re so excited to be releasing PixelJunk Eden tomorrow (Thursday, July 31) on the PlayStation Network. Dylan Cuthbert and his team at Q-Games in collaboration with Baiyon, a Kyoto-based multimedia artist and DJ, have really outdone themselves here.

PixelJunk Eden

Now I know I’m biased with all my PixelJunk love, but seriously…this is one outstanding, addictive, gorgeous, amazing game. So I just wanted to take a moment here and mention some of the really cool “firsts” that the team has achieved with this title, and highlight some of the things that we really love about it.

1. Trophies

This is the very first game to launch with trophies. And just so you know what to be gunning for when you play, here is a complete list:


  • All Seeds 01 – Open all seeds in garden 01
  • All Seeds 02 – Open all seeds in garden 02
  • All Seeds 03 – Open all seeds in garden 03
  • All Seeds 04 – Open all seeds in garden 04
  • All Seeds 05 – Open all seeds in garden 05
  • All Seeds 06 – Open all seeds in garden 06
  • All Seeds 07 – Open all seeds in garden 07
  • All Seeds 08 – Open all seeds in garden 08
  • All Seeds 09 – Open all seeds in garden 09
  • All Seeds 10 – Open all seeds in garden 10
  • All Gardens Clear – Get a Spectra in each garden
  • Combo Ten – Pollen Prowler combo x 10
  • Combo Fifteen – Pollen Prowler combo x 15
  • The Hundred Thousander – Get 100,000 pollen in one garden
  • 500 Dead Pollen Prowlers – 500 Pollen Prowlers killed
  • Ten Minute Grimp – Get all 5 Spectra from a garden within 10 minutes
  • Fifteen Crystals – Get fifteen crystals in a single jump
  • Zero Wasted Pollen – Open all seeds in a garden without missing any pollen
  • Three Play Ping Pong – In 3p mode, trapeze jump between two swinging Grimps


  • All Spectra Found – Get all the Spectra in all gardens

2. YouTube video upload support

How cool is this? It’s a great feature that allows you to capture up to 10 minutes of video footage of your Eden gameplay and then either save it to your XMB or upload to YouTube and share with your friends and the world. So hey, pulled a sweet co-op combo with your friends that you want to show off? Having trouble finding that last Spectra in garden 8? Now you’ve got the proof to back up your bragging rights…or at least accept the fact that you might need just a little bit of – ahem – help. :)

3. PSP Remote Play

OK so this isn’t a first. But it’s worth pointing out anyway so you can take PixelJunk Eden with you wherever you & your PSP go.

4. Accolades

Great news: We’ve just learned that PJ Eden won a Cheat Code Central award for “Best Puzzle / Arcade Game of E3 2008.” We’re really pleased with all positive response on the title, and thank you all for your support. If you haven’t played some of the other titles in the PixelJunk series, be sure to check out Q-Games’ other titles, PixelJunk Racers and PixelJunk Monsters + Encore.

5. Music & Art

We’re really loving the music and visuals that Baiyon created for PixelJunk Eden. You know the music is good when you can listen to it over and over and over again and it is still kicking. There’s more than 100 minutes of music in the game total, and be sure to stay tuned for an upcoming interview right here on this blog with Baiyon and PJE’s game director “Tomi” (Tominaga Shouichi).

6. Druck der Farben

Hands down, my favorite garden.

7. Cannons, teleports, gravity changing, oh my.

Enough said.

8. Top 5 Things Said While Playing Eden

Dylan Cuthbert sent us a link yesterday to a story on about the top 5 things said while playing Eden. Matt Morton, Associate Producer on Eden, and I have our own here while playing co-op, so we’ll leave you with this list as parting thoughts

    – “Seeding!” [And yes, I know I’ve been ridiculed for this one.]

    – “Get off me!”

    – “Where did you go?”

    – “Combo. Combo! Combo!!”

    – “Get on the plant. Get on the plant!”

PixelJunk Eden

Always spreading the PixelJunk love,

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8 Author Replies

  • Thank you for yet another amazing game.
    My wife and i are realy enjoying it, and at times cant seem to stop playing.
    As much as i enjoy playing it, i must admit the trophies seem to be a bit unfair and doesn’t reward you properly for your hard work.I beleave it should have been,


    All Seeds 01 to 10
    All Gardens Clear – Get a Spectra in each garden
    Combo Ten – Pollen Prowler combo x 10
    Three Play Ping Pong – In 3p mode, trapeze jump between two swinging Grimps
    Combo Fifteen – Pollen Prowler combo x 15
    Fifteen Crystals – Get fifteen crystals in a single jump


    500 Dead Pollen Prowlers – 500 Pollen Prowlers killed
    Ten Minute Grimp – Get all 5 Spectra from a garden within 10 minutes
    Zero Wasted Pollen – Open all seeds in a garden without missing any pollen
    All Spectra Found – Get all the Spectra in all gardens


    The Hundred Thousander – Get 100,000 pollen in one garden

    Just my two cents…..Thanks again.

  • @ ur_not_ready

    Would totally agree. Whilst I love this game to pieces, its so clever, fun and creative, the trophies are insanely hard for bronzes. I just spen 1hr 21mins trying to get 100,000 pollen only to get 91,000 in the end. It is unbelivable hard, as it Zero Waste.

    But still a fantastic game!

  • those trophies are wack. i work so hard just for a BRONZE???

  • HELP!!

    Can anyone please help me? I have finished several times the second garden with all 5 seeds and I am not getting the correspondig trophy. I have tried everthing!! I even erased my Eden save file, erased the game, reinstalled it and played it agarin from zero… and still the same: NO TROPHY FOR SECOND GARDEN. It is really weird beacause I got the third garden trophy when I had 4 seeds and I was standing in a plant just beforte getting the 5th seed, suddenly I got the message of getting the trophy withou even touching the las seed. BUT I CANNOT GET MY TROPHY FOR THE SECOND GARDEN NO MATTER I HAVE FINISHED IT MORE THAN 6 TIMES.

    Can someone at Sony please tell me what to do??

    • Hi CyberPunk,

      I\’m afraid you are confusing Spectra for Seed Points. Each Garden has 5 Spectra, but the trophy is associated to Seed Points, or the circles you fill with pollen to grow plants. To get the trophy, you need to grow every plant possible within the Garden.

      Hope that helps!
      Matt Morton

  • sounds to me like you are confusing the spectra and the seeds.

  • I originally confused them too. Two things:

    1. Please NO more multi-player trophies unless you have online support. Now I’ll never earn that one trophy. And if this was a Platinum issue, I would be screwed.

    2. Any plans to offer to sell the soundtrack? I am talking about selling it like in Zune or iTunes, I don’t want some proprietary PS3/PSP music file. Please consider this, until then I am sure someone will just copy the in-game music and upload it for free. So you should just sell it before the free ones hit the web.

  • Where in the world is the Pollen Count….?

    Also where in the world is the Pollen Prowler Count?

  • I also am confused about that.

  • Does Wolf of the Battlefield or 1942 Joint Force have trophies i love them both but cant only get one. PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 100,000 pollen is impossible…I played the game for 4 hours yesterday once I got my pollen count up to 500,000!?!!?! can you believe it??? what the heck man? THERE IS NO WAY OF TELLING HOW MUCH POLLEN YOU HAVE UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE!!

    PLEASE tell me how I can keep track of this as I do it…its really really really frustrating you try playing for 4 hours and getting so close that you are sure you have to have earned the trophy only to be very dissapointed….dang it.

  • Rave music sucks. When playing the demo, the music alone turned me off of this game. Please, can we have custom tunes? Please.

  • @Matt Morton:

    Thanks a lot! Yes, you are right I was confused and now I finally got the trophy for activating all seed points in second and fourth garden, but serioulsy; it takes a lot of effort and seems that getting a bronze is just lame. There is no map or a radar or something that indicates how many seeds you have left to activate, all we got is pollen flying towards them, but sometimes they will just disappear if you are not close enough. Uncharted fills you full of bronzes for doing much less and sometimes Eden can be tremendously frustrating…

  • Games like these are the reason I own a PS3. It’s awesome how you do something different with each game.

  • I just have two very small questions regarding this game. If an answer is provided, i would greatly appreciate it. I am sorry if these 2 questions have been asked before in these comments and/or if they were answered.

    1) Does this game have XMB custom soundtrack support that was part of the 2.40 Firmware update?

    2) Does this game have Trophy support that was part of the 2.40 Firmware update? If so, what level (category) of trophies does it have like say bronze, silver, gold, platinum or all 4? I know in your blog post you outline the silver and bronze trophies, but is there a reason why you can’t include gold or platinum or both trophies into PSN titles like this?

    Thank you for reading this and your hard work for making games in the overall sense of things. :-)

  • This game is broken!!!

    Dang, I´m in garden five and I´m in pain… the game that seemed so relaxful has became a true nighmare!! Talk about frustrating! If the demo had just given me a glimps of what was coming… I would not have bought it!

    As I downloaded the demo I and my 6 years old daughter enjoyed every single minute of this game and I decided I really wanted this game just because of so much fun we had, but ALAS! we hit garden 5 two days ago and we just couldnt get the 4th Spectra, then I told her to let me play alone in order to get it thinking that the flawed multiplayer “if someone falls all others do it want it or not” gameplay machanic was responsable… It took me an eternity to get it and when I finally did it… where in god´s place is 5th spectra? only hell knows!! I see it glowin all way to the upper left but I have tried finding a way to get with no results. TALK ABOUT FRUSTRATION ON A GAME THAT SEEMED SO FUN AT FIRST! And I can honestly tell you this: I just loved the music, but the trak of 5th garden has become so irritanting that only feeds my anger an frustration of being incapable of finishing that level. My daugher has gone back to PJmonsters…

  • @ CyberPunk (post #265)

    Does this game suppport the ability to play your own custom music in-game from the XMB that was part of the 2.40 firmware update?

  • @Egyptian_American

    Yes it does but to be able to access the custom music in eden you have to FINISH THE GAME!! So, that means the opcion is not available as soon as you donwload it. It really sucks because I really doubt I will dare to replay this game once I finish it. Bye the way, the techno-soundtrack gets repetitive fast and there is no option for alternate tracks o just switch between the existing ones during those nerve-busting levels.

  • can u get trophies with the demo?

  • Some sort of editor to draw your own garden and distribute it to you friends would be nice. Could not be too hard to do, since the elements are limited and well defined. Maybe for PixelJunk Eden 2.0?

  • Anyone still reading this..

    One day left to join.. Here’s the top 3 with a little less than a week left for the contest.

    KeepundergrounD – 2335419
    Twitch_City – 2151195
    Horrorist – 1620353

  • I hate to say this, but I have finally lost every remaining bit of enthusiasm for Pixel Junk Eden.

    Up to Level 5 it was fun and challenging, but after various “brick-wall” gameplay mechanics were introduced it just stopped being fun.

    I feel this is a forest through the trees scenario where the developers had spent so much concentrated time creating the game experience that they forgot to keep it fun and moderately accessible for casual play.

    As a rule I RARELY (almost never) walk away from a difficult gaming challenge, but my time is better spent with other games/activities. I cannot imagine that this was the intention of the initial design, but gamers (myself included) are frustrated and simply putting Pixel Junk Eden down and now longer returning to it.

    I can’t say that I blame them.

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