Flex Your Skills at The ESPN X Games

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Calling all adrenaline junkies! The ESPN X Games is hitting Los Angeles tomorrow through Sunday, August 3 — and for those that are on the fence about attending, we’ve sweetened the pot with some pulse pounding opportunities to show off your gaming skills at designated PlayStation areas.


Here are a few of the PlayStation activities you don’t want to miss:

  • PlayStation Experience Truck: on hand at the XFest at the Home Depot Center, we will be offering jam-packed interactive and hands-on social gaming and competition areas, including access to some of this year’s most-anticipated titles prior to their general availability like Little Big Planet, and fan favorites like Rock Band (Take the Stage) and SingStar (Show Us Your Vocals).
  • “Play the Pros” competition with Tanner Foust: on Friday, August 1 on the PlayStation Experience Truck, you might have the chance to go head-to-head against former rally racing X Games champion, Tanner Foust, on Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, the fifth installment of the world’s best-selling racing franchise and intense precursor to Gran Turismo 5. One catch, you’ll have to compete on Gran Turismo 5 Prologue earlier in the day and make it into the top five ranking to compete with Tanner and win bragging rights.
  • You may also be the first to watch yourself play MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, the intense racing sequel to MotorStorm, on the STAPLES jumbotron on Friday, August 1.
  • PSP Zones: located at the XFest at the Home Depot Center will offer gameplay opportunities (including Internet Radio and remote play) on titles like Secret Agent Clank, MLB 08 The Show, and Hot Shots Golf Open Tee 2, and entry into a sweepstakes for the “PSP Frequent Gamer” for a chance to win a prize pack including a new PSP and games.

For more information on X Games ticket prices and availability, please go to http://expn.go.com/expn/story?id=3452745

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  • always in california :(

    • we\’ll have a presence at Lollapalooza if you\’re going to be near Chicago soon… More (non-California) places on the schedule as well.

  • Wish I could go, too far for me atm, got too much family stuff going on.

  • Yeah seriously.

  • You guys really need to come to Texas!


  • You need to hold these games in the capital city of California, and not way down there.

    Move the X Games to Sacramento!


  • Again…always on the wast coast……

  • i got to go to one of the winter Xgames once, it was great!

    Hope everyone that gets to go has a great time!

    you know, the PS3 needs a mascot, the 360 has Master Chief, and the Wii has Meat-Fisted Reggie Fills Aime, why not the PS3?

    I propose a giant Grimp from Eden!

    it would simultaneously terrify and confuse people at the same time, thereby leaving them open for pick-pocketing and mind altering rays that beam love for Bravia tvs and UMD’s directly into their weak consumer brains! It’s a sure fire win!!

    i’ll get busy on the schematics, and you guys at Sony just need to send that research and development payment…a few hundered thousand should suffice for start up costs.

    oh, and plutonium, i will need lots of plutonium.

  • “You may also be the first to watch yourself play”

    nice one, out-of- body experiences as a result of PS3 exposure!

    you heard it here first!

  • I wish I lived in Cali Again… was Little when I moved away (Bad parenting LOL!)

    Could you Get some Videos from the Xgames and put them on PS Store PLEASE! :D

    Im a Hardcore Gamer/Skater and im all about these shows and events :D

    Missouri misses out on all the Fun..

    (!YOU SHOULD STOP BY BEST BUY IN SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI sometime PlayStation Experience Truck guys!)

    Hope I have this Channel at home then ill DVR it! :P

  • Will the Playstation Experience trucks ever come to Chicago, IL?

  • What about Boston? :(

  • what about the mid-west were homeless and SCEA eventless

  • Lets get that PS Truck up in Northeast Ohio!

  • “Missouri misses out on all the Fun..”

    Always. :(

  • This sounds fantastic, however, your other regions should get some of these activities going as well.

    Canada is right beside the US and I hardly ever hear anything from the Canadian PS3 team.

  • this is cool and all, but whats going on with life with playstation?

  • Any chance of a docking bay for PSP with a USB port + Bluetooth to let us use SIXAXIS/Dual Shock 3 controllers (and maybe the PS3 bluray remote)? I’d love that for TV out.

  • come to nyc.i want to try out a few other big hitter game that are in my must buy game list.

  • Eternity_Viper_Snake

    i agree w/Scodo_Thope yoy do need to come to Texas the biggest state (i still belive) come one

    P.S. who took that pic you know there were taking cause those 2 chicks LOL… ;)

  • Please tell me there will be highlights/video on PSN for those of us who can’t make it or have satellite/cable, PLEASE!!! =(

  • also make a music store.where we can buy a full cd that we can move over to any portable music player.people back this idea and we will get it.

  • also maybe we can preview a few song before a cd release in home.

  • Everyone knows that Alaska is the BIGGEST state in the Union. Aside from that, AK is where the PS experience needs to visit…

  • is playstation lifestyle still on schedule?

  • i ment life with playstation….opps

    lol thats a website

  • Same photos already used here once before.


  • I live in California so its cool that I could go if I wanted to….its still out of my way though….and I am too high to drive.

    cool though, I wonder if it will be filmed at all? so I can see what I am missing?

  • no love for florida ever =(

  • Any plans to come out and hold an event in Toronto, Canada?

  • Yeah seriously, where’s the sunshine state love (I think that’s what Floriduh is called).

  • Not to brag but WAHOO I’m within an hour of that place, gonna see if I can go on Friday. I’m not really going for the X Games either, I have to try LittleBigPlanet haha! Oh, and maybe I’ll try my hand at the GT5P competition, though I play that with a DS3 much more often than with my Driving Force, simply because it’s an older wheel and I’m usually too lazy to bring it out haha.

  • So the website you linked to says “The Home Depot Center offers free admission and parking on Friday,” and that’s where the PS3 truck is going to be right?

  • Be careful, I hear a super villain named DarkMane is trying to destroy the X Games with conformity and well starched athletic uniforms. Seeing as he has an army of loyal minions, there is a very good chance that all originality will be annihilated.

  • Not sure if anyone from the blog staff is reading this, but I’m gonna go down there very soon! I hope the GT5P tournament either hasn’t begun or is open for a few hours, though all that really matters to me is that sweet, sweet LBP!!!

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