PixelJunk in the Trunk: Contest Winners (Part 2)

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Hey everyone,

It took a little while longer than anticipated, but we wanted to revisit those who answered our call for your PixelJunk Monsters + Encore co-op stories.

PixelJunk Monsters Encore

With PixelJunk Eden hitting the PSN this week, we know the PixelJunk love will be spreading in a whole new way, and that even more co-op tales are in the offing.

So thank you for your continued support, and we’ll see you back around here really soon!

When my boyfriend and I first started going out we used to play video games together a lot. Actually, we used to do everything together a lot but especially gaming.

Suddenly we were college graduates who had been going out for almost three years and were jobless, clueless and living in different states on permanent basis. You might be able to guess what happened next. We broke up. Eventually, we got back together but warily, and hoped we be able to find some time to reconnect.

One day we’re sitting in his room and he suddenly turned on Pixel Junk Monsters. He says he thinks it something we can do together. Five minutes in and I’m hooked because not only is it something we can do together but I’m just as good at it as him! Now we turn it on every time I visit. It’s our special thing. Oh yeah, and dancing to level up towers? Totally the perfect time to make out.

– Jasmine, NY


PixelJunk Couples

For the past two years, I have been a dedicated gamer wife. Before I met my husband, Isaac, I had little to no knowledge of any games since I’d never played before. Because of him, I’ve become acquainted with many different worlds. But none so endearing as the world of Pixel Junk Monsters, or what I have affectionately nicknamed the “Tiki Babies game.”

The first time my husband asked me to play this game, I was reluctant to join him. This was mainly because I am terrible at strategy and I can’t do more than two things at once, a problem which leads to repetitive and hilarious videogame deaths.

But I was so taken with the cuteness of the game and the creatures that have to be guarded by cleverly placing and using weapons against the assorted monsters that I couldn’t resist. It took a lot of fumbling, but we made it though a few levels.

This has become one of our favorite games to play together. Sometimes we even dance the upgrade dance! It’s a great way to start our days together; it’s both loving and silly and we get a kick out of it.
Thank you for creating a game that both my husband and I can enjoy!

– Beatriz, IL


On television shows, they do all sorts of crazy things to test a couple’s relationship… getting them lost and having them navigate with a map, etc. The real test should be playing PixelJunk Monsters co-op together.

Let me start out by saying that my girlfriend hates video games. She thinks they are a complete waste of time… until Monsters. The adorableness eventually got to her and she gave it a try, and before long we were up until 4 am trying to get a rainbow on “Double Team”.

We’ve often debated why we both love this game so much. She believes the game brings out her maternal instincts (“Don’t kill the babies!!!” she often yells at me). I think I love it so much just to see the joy in her eyes as an arrow narrowly kills the last spider right before it is about to get a villager. Whatever Monsters is, it’s magic.

Thanks for creating such a fantastic game that has both brought us closer together as a couple and helped solidify our relationship by showing us how much fun we can have when working together.

– Jefferson, CA


Early this year, I purchased a PS3 under the pretense of playing games of all sorts with my girlfriend. In my search to find something we could play together that was easily accessible, I stumbled across PixelJunk Monsters and purchased it from the PlayStation Store one lazy afternoon, not realizing the addictiveness or the enjoyment in store for us.

The quest has been fraught with casualties and arguments, including the countless times when I’ve yelled “Build on THIS tree, not THAT tree!” while gesturing emphatically with the controller. Each time, my girlfriend responds “WHAT tree, there’s nothing BUT trees in the FOREST!” Our playthroughs have not always resulted in heated discussions; the first time we figured out we could combine our dance powers to level up a tower faster, we broke out dancing ourselves in sync with our characters on the screen, hoping to hurry the process even more.

It’s been said that the couple that games together, stays together, and thanks to the endless entertainment given by PixelJunk Monsters, we’ll (hopefully!) be together a long time.”

– David, TX


PixelJunk Couples

Okay, I’m not going to make any excuses for Sarah and me. Since showing her PixelJunk Monsters, it has occupied all of our time when we’re together, she adores it. We open a bottle of wine and settle into the couch for a few hours of rainbows and towers.
As a couple, especially a couple that plays games, we just have times where we want to do something silly for the sake of “just because.”

My award winning letter contains some Romeo-approved language like, “No golem as tall as a mountain, or army of overweight bumble-bees could prevent me from adoring you with the most precious gems. 5 gems for a kiss…” I even drew some characters on there, relying on my middle-school art skills. I gave the blue dancer some feminine touches like lips and a pony-tail.

She loved it. We laughed out loud. No excuses.

– Michael, TX


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  • Good times!

  • Congrats to the winners!

  • All thats left now is to give us a level editor and trophy support! *wink wink hint hint*

  • here’s my story: my girlfriend sucks at it.

    lol, now I should duck

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    thanks for the entertaining stories. :)

  • “the first time we figured out we could combine our dance powers to level up a tower faster, we broke out dancing ourselves in sync with our characters on the screen, hoping to hurry the process even more.”

    That’s what SixAxis should be used for. Player/Character in-sync dancing.

    Dance with SixAxis for MORE POWER.

  • congrates thats funny how games can bring a couple toheather i hope one day i can find a trophy wife who loves video games

  • I’m inspired.. I’m gonna go download PixelJunk Monsters and try it out on my fiance.

  • Ive Tried to get my Fiance to play the Demo Of Pixal Junk Eden.. she didnt like it :(

    Should I get a diffent women haha!

    It sucks when you dont really have a women or person that will play with you :(

    Thats why Im glade we as gamers invented Online Multiplayer Games :D

  • Awesome. I’m addicted to this game. You guys should really bring this game to PSP.

  • I hate sappy stories, but I LOVE PIXEL JUNK!


  • So is this the proper place to reinforce that we all would like Deb to get the ball rolling on PJM trophies?

  • Bought it finally :D

  • Hi Deborah,

    Trophies in PJ Monsters please.

  • Mother/son relationship anyone? XD

  • Oh yeah, I’d love some Trophy Support for PixelJunk Monsters myeself. . . .

  • Hahaha nice stories, this game is so much fun

  • Stinkin Mushroom

    reveal Pixeljunk Dungeons please!

  • Congrats to the winners.

    And yes, Trophies for this game would be cool. Although they should all be gold being how hard the game is. :-p

  • Hey Deb,
    We could really use trophy support and in game music.Dylan told us to bug you.

  • PJM trophies and custom soundtracks plox.

  • Any info on the trophies patch for Pixeljunk Monsters??

  • TheInfectedBy590

    2 days ’till Eden… Just release it already, I can’t wait for 2 days… Who knows how long that’s gonna take?! :p

  • trophies please.


  • One vote here. PRO TROPHY

  • @10 skater ricky

    too bad, my girlfriend and i have been playing 2player since we got hte demo..everytime the demo locks us out we just delete the autosave data and go at it again..

    can’t wait for it to come out!

    My girlfriend also likes PAIN alot and High Velocity Bowling…i even got her to play Tiger Woods 2008 one time!

    i guess i’m lucky, she always lets me play whenever i want, but SHE HATED MASS EFFECT on the 360…it wass all the dialogue and riding in elevators and driving around virtually identical planets…lol, if she saw me playing she would just walk out of the room!

    (i even got bored of that game)

    So bring on more co-op games!

  • @Thetruefiziks #5 – B Unique! :) check out rollerhome.com –

    anyway, I’ve only played the demo of Pixel Junk Monsters. Seems like a fun, but a pretty simple/repetitive game…

    I doubt my GF would enjoy the game at all though… We play a lot of Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (that’s a mouthful), but I think that’s just because of the similarity to Tetris.

  • Deborah Mars please add trophies to PJM! :D :) I will be buying PJE Thursday! :)

  • @28 top_shelf

    what’s your PSN id?

  • Good stories.

    I have to reiterate here…

    Trophies please!

  • Congrats to the winners.

    On a side note (Off Topic)

    Sony with the Rumor that Activision-Blizzard is going to sell Sierra you should buy Sierra. You would also get there studios Massive Entertainment and Swordfish Studios.

    You would get some nice games like World at Conflict: Soviet Assault for the PS3. Plus many more too.

    Also with Ghostbusters getting the pass from AB you should finish the publishing on the PS3,PS2 and PSP games seeing as Sony Pictures made the movies back in the 80s.

    Also how about talking to Tim Schafer about buying his company Double Fine so you can get many of his great IPs like the cool upcoming Brutal Legend. Plus have his hand in making future cool PS3 games too.

    Also how about giving the hand to finish Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena too.

    I think if you could buy Sierra plus Double Fine the PS3 would be so cool and ever one would want to buy a PS3 over a 360.

  • WE NEED TROPHIES FOR THIS GAME!!! sorry for yelling but that just how much i want them.

  • @ 10skaterricky | July 29th, 2008 at 1:51 pm

    I’ve let a few girl friends of mine tried Pixel Junk Eden to. They didn’t like it very much. Thought it was boring! I’ll buy for the Trophies though.

  • PJM Trophies please!!!

  • i like this game, i even enjoyed the demo.where are the now infamous psn cards?:(

  • so when can we expect to see this trophy patch along with the in game music and other features that that pixeljunk guy told us about he said to ask u so….come on spill the beans whats the story when are they coming how many what are the other features??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

  • while everyone request trophies…

    I”ll request PJ Eden soundtrack on the PS store :)

    • We hear you (and everyone else on the blog) loud and clear regarding the request for trophies in PJM. It is definitely something we\’re looking into. And yeah, we really dig the music in PixelJunk Eden, too. Baiyon is awesome. I think it\’s safe to say we fully intend to release the PJE soundtrack…so stay tuned for more info on all of this.

  • I wish those elusive PSN cards would finally hit shelves near me so I can get more PSN games like this…

    Seriously, it’s kinda embarassing to go, “Mom, can you please help me get Super StarDust HD???” :(

  • Oh yeah, also will/could there eventually be a forum section for PSN games?

  • I belive the PSN Cards need to HIT Wal-mart Shelves sometime… I see our competator cards there and I just hate how we dont have them there :( !!!

    But I,m not needing them I have a Debit Card works just the same guys!

  • Someone better tell her husband that she has another woman’s tongue in her ear.

  • that’s right, debit or a prepaid visa from walmart will allow you to buy psn games. the PSN cards aren’t really important to somebody who’s resourceful

  • Thanks for putting us up :)

  • @42 WHAT
    lol, if that’s a girl, then she has side burns!

    I also think the PJ Eden soundtrack would be woth buying, as well as the Everyday Shooter soundtrack!

  • Awesome! My gf and I play our games together at times for example Pixeljunk and CoD4…currently she has better accuracy than me in CoD4 lol i’m not ashamed to admit it…girls have a steadier aim anyway right? XD

  • we need more games that allow 2+ players on the same machine

  • bon’ chica won’ won’ …

    The only thing that would make this game hotter is Trophies…

    and maybe some seperate 3-4 player maps, but meh whatever, this game is great.

    *fingers crossed for Trophies*

  • @ Thetruefiziks – hope you can hold out till thursday because PixelJunk Eden supports up to 3 players on the same machine!

    OT – some great stories there. I should have shared some of my stories. can’t wait till we get some more for Eden.


  • AHA! Well then…

    Good stuff on the PixelJunk in the Trunk stories guys, I have dozens of crazy stories about playing this game with friends, but some of them aren’t PG, and some are really just not as interesting as the winners you’ve posted here, so congrats to all those peeps who got their stories posted!

    Now, with that part out of the way, thanks for the response Jeff, and I do hope that the PJM trophies issue that we all have been beggin for is heard, so that before the end of the year, we all have a patch in our hands.

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