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This week, we’d like to welcome Bryan Intihar of Insomniac Games into The Recap. See what the boys in Burbank have been up to at the bottom of the post.

And I’ve been out of the office (@ Comic-Con International 2008), and so haven’t had a chance to relay this information, but as many of you have asked, and some have figured out, the song from our E3 Press Conference opening montage is “Burn in My Mind” by Twenty-Four Flowers. Here’s their MySpace page if you wanna take a listen.

Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers

Insomniac - FullMoonShow

Courtesy of Bryan Intihar – Community Manager, Insomniac Games

Hello, PlayStation world! E3 may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean things have slowed down for all of us Insomniacs. In fact, this week has been pretty crazy with Resistance 2 development going into overdrive, not to mention the recent announcement of Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty (which you can download from the PlayStation Network in the coming months).

In other studio-related news this week:

  • Hopefully by now you’ve seen some footage from Resistance 2’s Chicago level, which features a massive amount of creepy creatures known as the Grims. Mike McManus, one of our gameplay programmers, recently posted a blog about working on this portion of the E3 demo and some of the differences between developing for R2 and Ratchet & Clank Future: ToD. Check it out here:
  • Episode 30 of the Full Moon Show podcast is now live. We welcome back to the show Brian Allgeier, design director of the Ratchet & Clank franchise, to discuss the Q4B announcement and other E3-related topics. Also, the folks from Sony Bend join us to chat about an all-new installment in the Resistance universe, Resistance: Retribution for the PlayStation Portable (which arrives in early 2009). You can download the podcast at
  • The Resistance 2 beta has been quite the topic of discussion this week. As my community mate James Stevenson mentioned yesterday on various gaming websites, there will be many ways of getting into the beta. Subscribing to Qore is simply the only one that’s been officially announced. So stay tuned for more details.
  • Our founder and CEO did a number of interviews at this year’s E3, but few proved to be as entertaining as the one he conducted with the HipHopGamer. Head to to see Ted Price discuss Resistance 2’s Leviathan battle, the changes going into competitive multiplayer, and how the president of a major game studio should rock the WWE championship belt.

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  • this week was great and thanks for telling me the song jeff and i cant what to see what happens this and to the people at insomniac keep doing what your doing and cant what for R2 and rachet and clank

  • Is “HardWare 2” fake or a rumor? I heard quite alot about it on a fanboy website “Play station Lifestyle”

  • Thanks for a great blogweek:)

  • @ babybluedb – do you mind sharing the song?

    OT – I’d love to hear more about the R2 beta…


  • so thats the name of the song thanx jeff

  • I like the Insomniac portion of this.

  • insomniac rules (just saying something to be in top 10 of the blog posts

  • When will we hear about exclusive RPGs? I’m tired of waiting for games that aren’t shooters for once. How about some White Knight Chronicles information? That is if the game is even coming to the US.

  • A pretty big week. Any more specific news on the release date of “Life With PlayStation”?

  • burn in my mind is such an awesome song

  • sorry nothing better 2 do 2nite
    than leave pointless posts

  • man i need a girl friend

  • @Insomniac guys
    About the R2 beta, What about ( ) and
    What do they have to do with Resistance 2. Do they have anything to do with the beta?

    I spotted the PA website in the E3 press conference on g4tv footage then saw it again in the R2 trailer on my PS3 and the press conference on my PS3. so whats the deal with this? (it is a cool site by the way finding all the hidden clues and stuff)

  • When does the Resistance 2 beta start? I know in September, but we wasn’t given a date. Oh and for how long will it last? 2 Weeks maybe?

  • why does my comment say its waiting moderation?

  • probably because i put a youtube link. grr

  • OMG Best and most humorous interview I have seen in a long ass time award goes to “HipHopGamer” mad kudos to Ted Price for always being so cool and HipHopGamer for making it happen as funny and entertaining as he made it happen.

    Btw, that belt, you took it to the next level with that. Top Kudos for that.

  • Hey are we going to see a Xam’D theme for the Ps3? Thankz for your time.

  • Well thanks for the answer to the name of the song the people of the forums can stop posting 456 pages or so and move on to the great games we saw at E3.

  • this could only be sweetened if we had skype on ps3.

  • “Sneak Peek – Clarification on Maps – I clear up some confusion, hopefully, on the Regular and Large maps” returns error 404

  • Any word on the PS2 Emulator being placed in a future firmware update jeff?

  • great work with the context this week!!!!

  • Looking forward for Leipzig and TGS.

  • Any word on “Life with PlayStation”? Looks pretty nifty!

  • Hey Jeff, just a few things I caught floating around throughout the week.

    EyeCreate update possible in the future?
    hopfully with import capabilities.
    A lot of us have accidentally exported our files before completely finishing them, and it would be nice to be able to import them back into the program, to be able to further modify them or splice video, add imported audio etc. I feel it would make the program a more stable representation of creativity.

    Up here in Cana-ma-duh, we haven’t received access to the shiny ‘new’ Video rental/purchase category via’ the PSN, is there a reason for this?, or is it an unnoticed problem?

    Can you verify at all that another model of PSP is on the way, or possibly the elusive psp2? The rumors abound the net are ridiculous, and probably full of holes at best, if they are indeed remotely true.
    I’ve heard such things as dual analog, which would be nice, etc etc etc…

  • Thanks for the weekly recap Jeff.

  • Thanks for the post.

    July 2008 has been a great month and we’re all hoping the rest of 2008 brings more of the same.

  • HAHA! I did a google search for my blog name, and found an article stating that MicroSoft has made a bid on a company called Kedaro…

    I’m not a company, and If I was for sale, I’d be offering service to Sony first… just for the record.

    I think it was a phishing site, seems Kedaro has made some nemesis’, now how could that be?

  • Yeah the HipHopGamer is getting some props here.
    His interviews are very entertaining. :D

    He’s a very hard worker.

    Hey Bryan, I’d love to buy Ratchet Q4B, but I need those PSN cards! :D
    I’ll give you the money but you guys aren’t letting me! :P

  • Great news especially from Insomniac. Do you guys have any information on PSN cards coming out to more stores like Wal-Mar? I really want some of the content on the store. I am only sixteen so my parents don’t want to give me a credit card just yet.I checked the stores that they are out in but I do don’t live anywhere close to them.

  • just wondering is it possible to get a flash player upgrade for the ps3s web browser.

    you said you would let them know there is a demand for comment #17,

    just trying to help with another demand.

    thanks ps blog team keep it up!

  • @25

    With the deals Sony and Google have worked out, I’m surprised EyeCreate hasn’t got an option to allow direct uploads to YouTube.

  • just woundering but are you guys thinking about getting some way to send messages to our PSN friends through the PSN linking system you guys set up a while back? cause i lost internet through my PS3 and need to send messages to my buddies. i still want to chat with them.

  • Yeah, PLEASE upgrade the PS3’s flash player…Its REALLY bad. :/

  • Hey Jeff, could we do a Q&A about you?
    I dunno, I just wanna know more about you.
    Your name is Jeff and that’s about all I know… :P

  • Is Tekken 6 Going Still Going To Be Only On The PS3 There Is A Rumor Saying It’s Coming To Xbox 360 hmm Answer plz ?

  • GRR
    i’m comment #14 and its not showing because it says its waiting moderation still… I posted it at 12:58 pm (Blog time) 7/26/08 why does that one have to wait moderation? it just has a youtube video???

  • Glad to know Qore wont be the only way to get into the Beta for Resistance. Speaking of Betas does anyone know when the Pre-Order item for Socom Confrontation will be out, supposedly what ever it is a beta comes with it. I could be wrong about this, any clarification would be nice.

  • Do we actually have to subscribe to Qore for the beta or can we just get that one episode?

  • Plus where is life with playstation???

  • Insomniac rules, so does Ted Price.

    Also any chance Sony could get games like Roller Coaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon and Sim City on the PS3. Even if they were just PSN games. I love those kind of tycoon games that you can spend hours on and not even know how long time a flown by.

    May be even see Sony try there hand at making a game like these world be pretty cool.

    @ JordanBlack68 I hope not. I don’t want to see a game like Hardware online Arena 2 unless it really is Warhawk 2. Plus this time it has a story mode too. I my self would like to see more games like RPGs or games like I just listed on the PS3 more.

  • ban midnightblues

  • That HipHopGamer interview with Ted Price was awesome. HipHopGamer has a lot of charisma and knows what to ask, the things we, gamers, want to know.
    It felt like a very natural conversation. Kudos!

  • Did you know that shotguns can be used in bomb disposal robots?

    a bomb disposal robot is a good idea for a war game sprite

  • I will mention again 2 things.

    1) We need Battle Fantasia on the PS3. I love my fighting games, and Ark System Works is an established developer as far as fighting games go, and I don’t want this to only be released in the US on Xbox with their controller that is terrible for fighting games. Aksys Games wants to publish it here, so please approve the game for release on PS3.

    2) When will we see more PSN avatars. I really would like to see ones based on Heavenly Sword, Folklore, echochrome, and Metal Gear Solid 4. We haven’t seen an update there in quite some time.

  • The less said the better? OK, I guess.
    If you don’t wanna do it…

  • Any chance we can get some updates on home please?

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