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As in past years, we once again invited members of PlayStation’s Gamer Advisory Panel to E3 to produce their own video reports on the goings on. This year’s GAP “reporters” are Colin and Trina.


PlayStation Gamer Advisory Panel members Colin and Trina are veteran E3 correspondents, and this year (like always) they’re in top form. Check out their video segments on PlayStation.com.

Here’s their recap on what the experience meant to them:


It’s Friday and I’m back at the office, missing E3 already. The running around, the intense passion, and the small meeting room are all just a memory now. Before E3 started I made a promise to myself to act professional, to not act like a fan girl. But when you meet so many amazing people, and talk about something that you are so passionate about every day, how do you not geek out? It was an amazing week, but there are some highlights that make my inner fan girl happy.

Interviewing Alex Evans about LittleBigPlanet and discussing the excitement for the upcoming release of the title was definitely a great moment. He is extremely nice and very curious about where people will take LittleBigPlanet. I spent about fifteen minutes talking with the guys responsible for PlayStation Home, learning about the decision process around the Home service. The team definitely wants Home to be a constant evolving space which is very exciting. The girl power moment came from my interview with Deborah Mars from PixelJunk Eden. We spoke about women in the gaming industry and our experiences as a female gamer.

I loved every moment. Even when my feet were tired or I couldn’t think of a question to ask. I’ll never forget how to hold a mic or how to sign off. Being on camera is hard work, but it’s so much fun because of the amazing group of people that made it all possible. From the bottom of this girl gamer’s heart, I thank you all. It’s hard to put in words how much I love you all and appreciate this amazing opportunity. So instead, I’ll just say, when can we do this again?




Trina and I have attended E3 through the Gamer Advisory Panel since 2006, the year of the final large-scale E3. That means we got to experience the grandeur followed by 2007’s restructuring that seemed like a blip on the radar. Now that E3 is back at the L.A. Convention Center, it felt closer to what the public views it as: Something to look forward to.

I think that people make games because they want something they and the public can enjoy, and there’s money to be made in that. E3 is a place where developers have that opportunity to show their peers and fans what’s in the works, and the response to their labor is what’s going to inspire them to put extra effort into the games. Developers and publishers take that feeling with them until the next year, and that’s what makes having a proper E3 so important.

This year, I’m proud to say that E3 is taking steps in the right direction to make E3 feel like a “red carpet” event for games and their developers once again. I was a G.A.P. kid in a candy store seeing the newest games being announced and running into developers of the biggest games I love. This year felt great. But don’t stop, E3. It’s not just about the people and press who attend, it’s about those starry-eyed kids waiting to feel like they’re a part of the majesty, too.

All we ask is you dazzle us.
– Colin


Thanks Colin and Trina, and we hope you’ve enjoyed their E3 reports… they’ve worked hard! Check out their video segments as we add them over the next couple days on PlayStation.com.

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